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    T H U R S D A Y 1 5 T H N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8

    I S S U E 3 6

    Thank You Parents Club



    Term 4


    Thursday 15th November Year 12 Graduation Night

    Wednesday 21st—Friday

    23rd November Year 5/6 Camp

    Friday 30th November

    Year 11 Last Day


    Monday 3rd December – Wednesday 5th December

    Year 8 Surf Camp

    Friday 7th December Year 10 Last Day

    Wednesday 12th December School Council @ 6.30pm

    Friday 14th December Year 12’s receives their


    Monday 17th December Grade 6 Graduation

    Monday 18th December

    P-6 Christmas Party Awards Night

    Friday 21st December

    Last Day of Term

    Hopetoun P-12 College

    Phone 5083 3203 Fax 5083 3016 Email: [email protected]

    Hopetoun P-12 College is a Child Safe School

    During our Buddies session on Tuesday, all students participated in planting the new

    shrubs and ground covers that were donated to the school by Parents Club.

  • Principal’s Report

    Exams By the time you read this, the Year 12 exams will be over. There will be a collective sigh of re- lief by our students who have worked hard to prepare for and then sit the exams. It is not an easy task to learn all of the required information then prepare so that answers can be provided to what are often tricky questions. In general, questions are set to enable students to display their knowledge and insight as well as their critical and creative skills. Sometimes the trick is to interpret the words and intent behind the question and then provide the required information. However, I am sure that all of our students have done their very best. We can only await the results which will come through in December.

    Now that the Year 12 exams are over, we turn our attention to the next round. The Year 11s (Unit 1 & 2) exams are scheduled to take place on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th of November. These will be followed by the Year 9 and 10 exams which are scheduled for Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of December. It is an important time of the year for all students to be in attendance to show their skills and knowledge through formal testing which all adds towards their final as- sessment. We are also in the middle of On Demand testing and Progressive Achievement Tests throughout the school so it is an important time for full attendance. Remembrance Day We held a respectful Remembrance Day ceremony in the Glenore Theatre last Friday. It was a special commemoration as it is 100 years since the signing of the peace treaty to end World War I. The ceremony was led by our school captains, Shiarne and Kiana and a feature was the last post being played by a bugler. Yes, Mr Wright brought his bugle along and played the last post and reveille for the ceremony.

    Camps and Activities Two exciting events are coming up shortly. Next week we have the ‘grand finale’ of the Buddies program. This promises to be an interesting afternoon run by the SRC and with our school chaplain, Helen. The session commences with a healthy lunch provided by the SRC, followed by an afternoon of team work centred around some fun games. I believe a change of clothes might be the order of the day. The underlying message is promotion and enactment of core values – respect, responsibility and teamwork. Then the very next day, the Year 5 and 6 student head off to Sovereign Hill. They travel to Bal- larat early Wednesday morning, engage in a series of interesting activities then return Friday evening. It promises to be a wonderful opportunity to not only enjoy a camping experience but to meet up and make friends with students from other schools in our cluster.

    Prep Transition Day The first formal prep transition day was held on Monday. A keen group of young ‘kinder kids’ spent a few hours at Hopetoun P-12 College. They listened to a story about the hungry cater- pillar, did some finger painting, visited the library and had a school tour. They will be back again next week to continue the transition program.

    School Council We held our November Council meeting last night. Main business included approval of the

    draft cash budget for 2019, planning for 2019 and discussions around the teaching of lan-

    guages. Our next meeting will be on December the 12th where the Annual Implementation Plan

    for 2019 will be tabled.

    Mr Graeme Holmes


  • Monday 23rd of April at Lake Lascelles

    Weekly Student Award

    Well done to the following students for receiving

    Students of the Week


    Monday December 17th Grade 6 Graduation

    Tuesday December 18th P-6 Christmas Party

    Awards night

    Check out Hopetoun P-12 College Facebook


    Heidi Gilmour

    For demonstrating team- work and respect as she

    helped lead her team through a group exercise

    in Maths.

    Well done Heidi.

    Neha Kovoor

    For demonstrating teamwork by supporting her peers

    throughout the Reach ses- sion last week. Your contri- bution was greatly appreci-


    Thank you Neha.

    Tahlia Jones

    For demonstrating respon- sibility for her own learning.

    Tahlia is consistently im- proving in all areas of her education and is working

    hard at school and at home to do the best she can.

    Fantastic work Tahlia.

    Transition & Orientation Dates: Kinder to Prep

    Transition Day

    Monday November 12th 11am -12.50pm

    Monday November 19th 11am -12.50pm

    Monday November 26th 9am - 1.30pm

    Monday December 3rd 9am - 1.30pm

    Orientation Day

    Tuesday December 11th 9am - 3.10pm


  • Monday 23rd of April at Lake Lascelles

    Reminder—Parent’s Club Awards Night Raffle

    Our last fundraiser for the year has been put together and we would like people to sell tickets for the hamper up the street prior to Awards Night. If you feel you can help out, please contact Rexanne, Donna or Suzi.

    Thank you. Parent’s Club

    NAME:________________________ PHONE:_______________

    Please note that there is a table and chair at school that is ready to use for selling tickets if needed.

    Money tin and tickets are also in the office to collect.

    Thank you


    Homework Club

    Thursday after school from

    3-20pm until 4-00pm

    Prep-Year 6

    Year 7 –12


    Available to order at



    Ph.: 53827711

    All other School

    Uniform items can be ordered from

    Kayes Kollection.

    An order form can be obtained from the office.


    Any 2019 VCAL student who requires a

    VCAL T-shirt is to have their order in to

    Kayes Kollection prior to

    Monday 10th December.

    Please get your order in ASAP to allow

    time for them to be ordered and printed.


    1 x Necklace with silver chain and black puppy with red collar pendant with the

    wording ‘friends’ above it.

    1 x Necklace with silver chain and yellow giraffe with brown spots with the wording

    ‘best’ above it

    Both necklaces were lost within the school grounds.

    If found, please return to the office

    or Sophie

  • Be creative and come up with an unique

    magazine cover design

    A4 in size

    All entries to Ms. Papadakis

    by Friday

    November 23rd

    Wednesday Sport:

    Basketball & Lacrosse

    Round 1: Round 4:

    Outlaws (14) vs Rattlers (7) BB Outlaws (14) vs Cannons (2) BB

    Duty Team Lizards Duty Team Lizards

    Cannons (5) Vs Hounds (6) LC Hounds (6) vs Bayhawks (1) LC

    Duty Team Bayhawks Duty Team Rattlers

    Round 2: Round 5

    Lizards (17) vs Bayhawks (2) BB Lizards (9) Vs Rattlers (10) BB

    Duty Team Outlaws Duty Team Cannons

    Rattlers (4) Vs Cannons (6) LC Outlaws (1) Vs Hounds (4) LC

    Duty Team Hounds Duty Team Bayhawks

    Round 3:

    Outlaws (16) vs Bayhawks (6) BB

    Duty Team Rattlers

    Lizards (2) Vs Hounds (7) LC

    Duty Team Cannons


        

        

        

        

        

        

      