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  • 1.Ambi PurThough we strive hard to keep ourhomes and our cars clean and tidy, theresults are rarely satisfactory. Odoursthat linger in our homes just beforeguests arrive, or a persistent stench thatnever leaves the car, not only adverselyaffect our mood, but also that of ourguests. With this in mind, P&G expertshave bottled the fragrance of freshnesswith the new Ambi Pur range for bothhomes and cars.Please visithttp://www.rewardme.in/products/product-detail.php?id=ambipur for moreinformation

2. ArielIntroduced in 1991, Ariel was the first tobring the compact detergenttechnology, the enzyme technology forsafe and superior stain-removing powerand the smart eyes technology intoIndia, with an aim of becoming Indiasbest stain removal detergent. Arielcontains safe ingredients for all fabricsunder recommended usage conditionsfor laundry. The Ariel product range inIndia includes different variants to meetyour specific needs like Ariel OxyBlu,Ariel Oxyblu Ultramatic, Ariel Front OMat, Ariel 2in1.Global Website: www.ariel.co.uk 3. DuracellDuracell batteries have a history ofproviding dependable power whenand where you need it the most. Ourrange of Batteries gives you the rightpower for all your device needs,providing up to 10x performance. Theproduct range in India includesDuracell and Duracell Ultra. Duracellis available in sizes AAA, AA, C, D, and9-volt while Duracell Ultra is availablein sizes AA and AAA sizes.Global Website:http://www.duracell.com 4. GilletteGillette has been at the heart of mens grooming for over 100 years. Each day, morethan 600 million men around the world trust their faces and skin to Gillettesinnovative razors and shaving products designed for the unique needs of men helping them to look, feel and be their best every day. The razor range in Indiaincludes Gillette Vector, Gillette Mach3, Gillette Mach3 Turbo, Gillette Guard andGillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive and Gillette Fusion. The Shave Care range includesGillette Fusion HydraGel, Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Foam, Gillette Series AfterShave & Gillette Classic Shave Foam Sensitive Skin.The Gillette Skincare regimen is a no-fuss and efficient solution in caring for thehealth and appearance of mens skin and includes a special range of designed-for-men Gillette Skincare Foaming Wash, Gillette Skincare Scrub, Gillette Skincare FacialMoisturizer with Aloe Vera, Gillette Skincare Facial Moisturizer with SPF and GilletteSkincare Lotion 100ml.Global Website: www.gillette.com 5. Head & ShouldersSince 1950, Head & Shoulders has been at theforefront of scalp and hair science, significantlyadvancing the treatment of dandruff and scalpproblems. Along with professional advice and expertinsight we have a wide range of products to care foryour scalp and nurture your hair.Head & Shoulders is available in 8 variants in Indiaincluding Men Hair Retain, Complete Care for DryScalp, Anti Hair fall, Smooth & Silky, Cool Menthol,Clean & Balanced, Thick & Long & Silky Black.Global Website: www.headandshoulders.com/ 6. OlayOlay is a product truly born in love created by Graham Wulff forhis wife Dinah in 1950s to address her frustration with the thenthick and waxy beauty creams. Today, Olay is one of the mostrecognizable brands in the world. Yet through all the changesand innovations, the philosophy upheld by Graham Wulff remainsjust as relevant as ever: Help women look and feel beautiful andChallenge whats possible with their skin. The Olay portfolio inIndia covers Base Moisturizer, Anti Ageing and Olay Whitening.The Anti Aging range includes Olay Regenerist, Olay Total Effects,and Olay Age Protect. The Olay Whitening range includes OlayWhite Radiance and Olay Natural White. The Base Moisturizerincludes Olay Moisturizing Lotions and Creams.India Website: www.olay.in 7. Oral-BOral-B continuously strives to work closely with the dentalprofessionals and deliver high quality products, which make usleaders* in the $ 4.5 billion toothbrush category, marketingtoothbrushes for children & adults, as well as inter-dentalproducts such as Dental Floss. In India, Oral-B has an innovativerange of toothbrushes including CrossAction Pro-health 7Benefits, CrossAction Pro-health Superior Clean and AdvantageSensitive toothbrush. Oral-BS floss range includes Ultra Floss &Essential Floss.*Based on global value market share for June-July 2006-07, globalNielson Audit.Global Website: www.oralbprofessional.com 8. PampersAs a result of constant research and innovation inunderstanding the needs of babies at various stagesof development, Pampers Active Baby has beenvoted as the best diaper by Indian moms with theguarantee of superior dryness for an uninterruptedsleep of 12 hours. Pampers has an answer for all yourneeds with its innovative product range that includesPampers, Pampers Active Baby, Pampers Active BabyPants, all designed especially for providing a night ofGolden Sleep for the baby.India Website: www.in.pampers.com 9. PanteneThe New Pantene Amino Pro-V Complexrange of shampoo & conditioner comes inthree variants suited for individual needs -Pantene Nourished Shine, Pantene Hair FallControl & Pantene Smooth & Silky. Enrichedwith the goodness of pro-vitamins and threeessential aminos, Pantene restores your hairwith its lost beauty while making your hairten times stronger.Global Website: www.pantene.com 10. TideTide is the Worlds Oldest & Most Trusted Detergent brandand is the Market Leader in 23 Countries around the world.Launched in India in mid-2000, Tide provides OutstandingWhiteness on white clothes & excellent cleaning oncoloured clothes as well. Tides Fabric Whitening Agentsclean clothes without bleaching or removing colour from agarment. The Tide range in India includes Tide (Detergent)and Tide (Bar with Whiteons). Tide Naturals was launchedin India in December 2009. Packed with the benefits oflemon and chandan, it provides great cleaning whilekeeping the hands soft.Global Website: http://www.tide.com 11. VicksVicks has long been invested in the science andresearch of respiratory health and through thatdedication has developed a wide range of therapeuticproducts that offer effective relief for all the majorsigns and symptoms of the common cold, flu andsinus pain and pressure. The Vicks product range inIndia includes Vicks Cough drops, Vicks Vaporub,Vicks Inhaler, Vicks Vapocool, and Vicks Action 500Extra.Global Website: http://www.vicks.com/ 12. WhisperWhisper understands that were each very different, andoffers a wide range of sanitary napkins to suit every girl orwomans needs. With the right menstrual pad, you couldtake the first step to having a Happy Period. Whisper has awide range of products in India which includes WhisperUltra Regular Wings,Whisper Ultra XL Wings, Whisper UltraHeavy Flow Overnights Wings, Whisper Maxi Regular,Whisper Maxi XL Wings, Whisper Choice Regular, WhisperChoice Wings and Whisper Choice Ultra Wings.Website: beinggirl.co.in 13. WellaWella Kolestint with it deep, long lasting colour hasmesmerized Indian women. No doubt, 96% Indian womensay that it is the best hair colour they have ever used. WellaKolestint packs are available in 12 vibrant shades in beautystores across India. Each pack comes with a complete haircolour kit to give deep, long lasting colour.India Website: www.wellaindia.in/