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<p>PPT TITLE</p> <p>OVERVIEW OF BRANDING &amp; COMMUNICATIONSCase studies of Indore &amp; Bhopal BRT projects</p> <p>10th March 2014Arnab RoySr. Project Associate Urban Transport, EMBARQ IndiaWHY BRANDING/MARKETING IS IMPORTANTEspecially in Public Transport projects</p> <p>Creates awareness, especially for the new systemBuilds confidence in the new systemApprises general public of the benefits of the systemEncourages public participation and sense of ownership2</p> <p>Initiated2007Length of route11.46 kmRoad section31.6 / 60 metresSystem typeClosedMedian stationsStations21Headway5 minutes (average)Type of busStandard, 12mAir conditioned900 mm Floor245 hp, BS III engineCompleted31st March 2013Operations10th May 2013INDORE BRT (iBus): SYSTEM OVERVIEW</p> <p>RIDERSHIP GROWTHUnprecedented increase within mere months</p> <p>300% Increase in 4 monthsBUT THINGS WERENT ALWAYS POSITIVE!Project faced immense criticism</p> <p>Renewed approach towards garnering public support was the need of the hourInnovation and Creativity</p> <p>6INVOLVE THE GENERAL PUBLICCreate sense of ownership!</p> <p>Ahilya MargHighline CorridorMalwa BuswayMetro SuperfastIndoLinkiBusMetroshineTransMalwaUdaan</p> <p> Indore IntelligentInnovationEVOLVE THE BRANDEvaluate options</p> <p>FINAL BRANDING LAYOUTAesthetics and Sensibilities</p> <p>OTHER BRANDING ELEMENTSDont stop just at the bus</p> <p>WHERE TO DO MARKETING?External as well as Internal</p> <p>ExternalInternal</p> <p>MULTI-TIERED APPROACHEach element with an objective</p> <p>Raise general BRT Awareness include other road usersReach out to student, professional and community groupsActively engage with and inform mediaKeep internal flock togetherUse of print as well as video mediaMulti-phased system launch12</p> <p>BRT WILL BENEFIT ALL ROAD USERS!</p> <p>Extensive Outreach EffortsMulti-tiered approach</p> <p>14</p> <p>EXTERNAL MARKETING PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT</p> <p>FOCUS GROUP SESSIONS WITH STUDENTS</p> <p>FOCUS GROUP TOURS WITH STUDENTS</p> <p>FOCUS GROUP TOURS WITH LOCAL POLITICIANS</p> <p>FOCUS GROUP TOURS WITH LOCAL COMMUNITIES</p> <p>FOCUS GROUP TOURS WITH LOCAL COMMUNITIES</p> <p>EXTENSIVE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIAHigh impact on youth acceptance of iBus</p> <p>www.facebook.com/IndoreBRT21</p> <p>FOCUS GROUP SESSIONS WITH INTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS</p> <p>FOCUS GROUP SESSIONS WITH INDORE POLICE</p> <p>USE OF PRINT MEDIALeaflets for wider public dissemination</p> <p>24USE OF PRINT MEDIAPeriodic Newsletters (MyBus, Bhopal)</p> <p>Courtesy: C Shukla, BCLL25USE OF PRINT MEDIAPassenger Information Handouts (MyBus, Bhopal)</p> <p>SPACE FOR ADVERTISINGCourtesy: C Shukla, BCLL26USE OF RADIOLocal FM Radio Chat Sessions (MyBus, Bhopal)</p> <p>Courtesy: C Shukla, BCLL</p> <p>27</p> <p>USE OF HIGH QUALITY IMAGERYHelps in creating bigger impact in peoples perception</p> <p>INDORE BRT28</p> <p>BHOPAL BRTCourtesy: C Shukla, BCLL29</p> <p>ENGAGE WITH MEDIAMedia interaction is key for reaching out to the general public</p> <p>30</p> <p>FOCUS GROUP SESSIONS WITH LOCAL MEDIA</p> <p>CHANGED REACTION OF MEDIASlightly changed post the marketing efforts</p> <p>32Phased project launchGradual introduction to the general public</p> <p>33</p> <p>19th APRIL 2013: DRY RUN LAUNCH</p> <p>10th MAY 2013: FREE PASSENGER TRIAL LAUNCH</p> <p>12th JUNE 2013: PAID SERVICES LAUNCH</p> <p>BUT THIS DOES NOT SEEM TO BE ENOUGHLegal Hurdles</p> <p>37BUT THIS DOES NOT SEEM TO BE ENOUGH!Litigations surround both the BRT projects at present</p> <p>38BUT THIS DOES NOT SEEM TO BE ENOUGH!Litigations surround both the BRT projects at present</p> <p>39WHILE ON THE OTHER HANDProject has been recognized at the international level recently</p> <p>CONCLUSIONSWhat can we learn?</p> <p>Have a planCohesive, Comprehensive &amp; Transparent</p> <p> Communicate the plan and keep updatingTo stakeholdersTo general public it has to be peoples projectTo media very important!To internal stakeholders: core work group</p> <p>Use diverse media channelsPrintVideoRadioSocial</p> <p>41</p> <p>THANK YOU!</p>