Overview and Scrutiny Outline of Procurement Processes Contract Monitoring Single Tender Actions and Waivers.

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<ul><li><p>Overview and ScrutinyOutline of Procurement Processes Contract Monitoring</p><p>Single Tender Actions and Waivers</p></li><li><p>PROCUREMENT PROCESSES Identify Contract Need (PID) Review Contract ProvisionAmend Spec If RequiredFramework Agreement (OGC, FireBuy, Blue Light, Regional Collaboration)CSO 15 RestrictionsTimescales - Determined by Process OJEU (6-9 months) Full Tender (3-6 Months), Mini Tender (2-3 Months), Collaboration (variable)</p></li><li><p>OJEU Tendering ProcessOJEU Process - 6/9 monthsAgree evaluation criteria part of the noticeDetermine if straight to tender or requesting expressions of interest (PQQ)Determine Time Table i.e. tender to be issued, tender return date, tender evaluation, Interview date, award of contract (TUPE, CFA)Finalise Documentation</p></li><li><p>OJEU Tendering Process cont</p><p>Agree SpecificationComplete OJEU notice, place on websiteAdvertise contract on SECE website and/or specialist publicationsComplete Register, Expressions of InterestCompetitive Dialogue (before final tenders)Despatch Tender DocumentsClosing Date For SubmissionsOpen &amp; Evaluate TendersChallenge Processes</p></li><li><p>OJEU Tendering Process contInterview ProcessSelect Overall Best Provider (MEAT)Consider Standing OrdersAward ContractComplete award of contract notice OJEU websiteFinalise contract documents</p></li><li><p>Non OJEU ContractsThe processes is the same as OJEU, however no need for the tender to be advertised on the OJEU website.</p></li><li><p>FRAMEWORK AGREEMENTSCSO 15All Office Government Commerce (OGC)All Central Buying Consortium (CBC)All FireBuy ContractsMini Tender Process</p></li><li><p>COLLABORATIONThames Valley ClusterSouth East RegionRegional Procurement StrategyRPE, PPE, Work-Ware, Appliances, IT Solutions, Property, Utilities, Agency/Consultancy, Training, Occ Health, Insurance, Smoke Alarms</p></li><li><p>Tendering Process ProjectsPremises Projects (Capital and Revenue)Babcock provided with project briefing sheetDesign meeting with surveyor and PFMOutline feasibility proposal submitted and discussed with PFM and Customer</p></li><li><p>Tendering Process ProjectsFeasibility agreed, tender documents prepared by surveyorTenders sent out by Surveyors in line with standing orders, using the approved supplier listingTenders returned to RBFRS in line with standing ordersOpen Tenders returned to Surveyor for evaluation</p></li><li><p>Tendering Process ProjectsTender Evaluation returned with recommendationsContractors SelectedRBFRS raise purchase orders Contract issued for approval by Contractor and return to RBFRSInitial pre- start project meeting </p></li><li><p>Tendering Process - ProjectsCommencement of projectFuture review of project meetings arrangedProject completedSnagging undertaken</p></li><li><p>Contract MonitoringFrom Award of Contract-Arrange implementation meeting with supplier for commencement of contractAgree programme of monthly, quarterly and annual contract review meetings-Agree method of reporting Key Performance Indicators Monitor and Manage</p></li><li><p>Contract Monitoring ContMonthly review meetings RBFRS contract manager i.e. Senior Accountant + contractors day to day contract manager. PFM would attend the 1st meeting of the contractQuarterly review meetings RBFRS contracts manager + i.e. Treasurer +senior contracts manager Annual Contractual Review meeting As above, + Procurement &amp; Facilities Manager + Director of contractor </p></li><li><p>Contract Monitoring ContFormat of meetings Agenda standing itemsAgree minutes of last meetingsUpdate on items outstandingKey performance indicatorsAny Other business</p></li><li><p>WAIVERS3 Waivers to Standing Orders 12 months</p><p>Grounds Maintenance Contract</p><p>Cleaning Contract</p><p>Training Centre Refurbishment</p></li><li><p>ANY QUESTIONS</p><p>Key performance indicates have are already agreed within the tender document and the contract should be monitored against these indicators PFM can attend any of these meetings if guidance is needed on managing the contract.Discussion should be around any issues that have arisen in the month or how poor performance is to be managed.Depending on type of contract i.e. premises contracts we would also check quality of work. Projects capital projects are mainly undertaken under CDM (Construction Design Management regulations) and are subject to specific ways of working and monitoring. These are monitored by Babcocks as the CDM Administrators. - It does not absolve us of responsibility.</p></li></ul>


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