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Over 27 years of project management, design experience with meat processing and construction industry leaders. Proven leadership, exceptional communications abilities with impeccable track record of success in a highly technical environment. Remarkable problem solving and teamwork skills. Design, proposal development, drawings preparation, sales presentation of various equipment systems bids totaling in $84 million in Sales in the United States and Europe. Strategic planning, contract negotiations, scheduling of crews, on sight supervision. General contractor responsibilities.Projects realized a combined savings of over $6 million through value engineering and negotiation processes.

1. Developing comprehensive knowledge of contractual obligations Working with engineering and sales departments to develop a final project budget Coordinating the completion of plans and specifications for construction purposes Reviewing all contract documents for conflicts, errors and omissions Developing due diligence and design schedule, as well as the overall project completion schedule Resolving all budget variances and preparing budget revisions to reflect actual projections Manage the entire bid process and develop final scope descriptions by vendor/trade in conjunction with project team Issuing all subcontracts and purchase orders Setting up and monitoring project controls including changes, submittals and contract documents.2. Manages and administers the construction phase of the project including: Managing entire project team to ensure team is performing in accordance with contract requirements. Marel operational policies. Directly supervise the project coordinator and project superintendent(s) Facilitating project meetings Reviewing and approving subcontractor payment requests Assuming primary responsibility for overall project quality control in keeping with the companys established guidelines Developing and maintaining good relationships with clients, client representatives, design architects/engineers and subcontractors Managing the change order and claims processes Interfacing with subcontractor and suppliers Controlling and reporting project progress Reviewing costs and implementing cost control procedures.3. Manages all project close-out activities including: Ensuring completion of items from completion lists and punch lists Managing the preparation of all close-out documents and requirements Completing all warranty work as required with service team.4. Resolves unfavorable variances from established budgets or schedules.5. Communicating and working with European teammates on a daily basis.


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