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  1. 1. OUTLINES
  2. 2. TWO WOR LDSLA girl thought that ere were two different ways of looking at the world i.Her parentworld.A II) Seorita Lulsa's world. li. Her time with Seorita Luisa was in the evenings when she got back from school. Activities between the girl and Seorita Luisa.La) The girl would 3o lor a snack of hot chocolate and a cake.l I. b) Seorita Luisa told her many ouiraseous stories.Lc) Seorita Luisa read her fortuna.I. c.1) She used hot wax and cy water to readrrs little future.i. c.2)1'he prcgnostications were designed to teach her to behave.z, i. c.3) Seorita Luisa occasionally told her about her big future.id) Scorlk Luisa told the girl ghost;stories about the almas,the saul:at the dead that come to visit at night.. d.1 The girl felt scare with these stories lll.Saturnina:role. Lsaturnina styed with the girl until she fall asleep.litsaturnina had roots and herbs to perform any kind of miracle,especially scaringaway the evel eye. "lV. The girl was Confused about what she should believe.i.5he wanted believe to Seorita Luisa. i.5he wanted believe (o Saturnina./iLShe wanted believe to her mother. w(l!n oil N. - x ,
  3. 3. l UCKY HA IS AND OHER FISHING SUPERSIH IONS las!January.a man went to Brazil on a shing trip.Lwhen he was boarding the vesseLhe saw a hug bunch of ripe bananas.iLFor more than 20 years,he has been told again and again that bananas and boat:iustdon't mix., ,1iiLNot one of his fishing carnpions had ever heard of such a superstltion.ira) He had read a paper about the banana superstiiion, i. b) He read that dangerous Creatures lurk inside the banana bunches.fi. c) Hawever,the banana didn't affect the shing n Brazil.il.He thought about other superstitions regarding fishing.Llor example,lucky hats.La) He caught a lot ol fish and a lot of big sh with a hat and a red cap that he had.z iILA friend e-mailedlist of "10 Fishing Superstltions" that appeared In a magazine l.Flrstthe lucky hat issue was addressed along with bananas.. n)The right hat can make or break a shingtripbut it can't be one you bought yourself.iLSecond,rabbits Crossing your path is bad luck.. s/iIi. ThIrd.it's good luck to spit on your bait, but if lt is a fish you should kiss it.It's like a spray on sh attractant. ivfourtinkeep the rst sh you catch. Laheepshead shermen don't like to release their fish until they prepare to leave anzarea because II will scare the rest of the school.J/v. Fifth, spll a soft drink in the boat. La) it should be done accidentaliy.
  4. 4. A SUPERTITION ABOUT NEW CALENDARSLA man picked up his share of superstitions growing up, and several of them are connected with the new year. LFor good Iuchdon!forget to throw that quarter into your pot of black eyed peas.Another southern superstition is making sure a man is the rst person to cross the , " threshold of your home on New Years Day iii. He and his family believe it's bad luck to ata new calendar before the start of the new vean i. ae)He couldn't ignore this superstltlan because efficient administraiive assistants at work hand out new Calendars in late November or early December.Lbll-lowevenif he saw one, he avened hls eyes oor while talking with colleagues or studioslv examlnlng a spot on the wall far away from a new calendar.l ILOn Decembenthe administrativa assistant at work asked if he wanted a calendar for next vear.i. The man said yes , l:iut nally decided to rid himself of this silliness.Li-ie called to hls mother.i. a)He asked his mother about puttlng a quarter n the black eyed peas on New Yeafs Day.iblhe mother said t wasn't a superstltlomshe did it for the kids of the man. She A/ wanted that they eat peas.i. c)Later, he asked about Calendars and hls mother said that hand il means badIuck. but look it doesn't mean anything. i. d) Finally , he stop staring at his feet ln the face of a new calendar. (alt n ' 1
  5. 5. HEALTH DIETS OF THI WORLD.LFoe Intense avor and a healthler body.there are some dieta of the wodd.i. The Chinese diet.i. a)lt's prirnarily vergetarian.i. a.1)1 here are a lot of vegetablesgioe and soybeansAIso contains shaving of meat for avoring.. b)This diet is heaithier that the traditional diet in the United States. rcmccording to Campbelrs researcmthe Chinese diet consists of 20 percent animal foods-far less than the amount in the American diet. iLThe French diet.Lalirench people eat aky croissants.frogs iegs swimming in butter and chocolate ITIOUSSQ.i. b)According to research about 10 percent of the French qualify as obcsemompared to over 30 percent of Americans. i. c)The French tend to snack less and savor their meais more slowly. Ldrrhey traditionaily don't take lunch lightly. i. e)ln a studyfrench participants consumed 60 percent oftheir day:calories before 2prn. i. i)ln the studyirench participants didn't snack generally dened as consumlng one totwo between -meal foods.l. g)The French ete less than one snack a daymonethelessjn the U. S they have about three snacks a day.iii. The Mediterranean diet.i. a)There was a sclentist named Ancel Keys who lived to be 100 years old. i. a.1)When asked him the secret of his long life, he explalned that a typical nlghrs
  6. 6. DRINK, BLINK, AND REST. I. Our eyes are under a great deal of strain these days as computer worictelevisronyuewingnlght dnving, and even sunshine. Lsunlighnespecially in the surnmenis the cause of cataracts. i. a)The ultravioleta rays are reaching the eartmand these are the biggest risk factor farclouding the lens of the eye. i. b)The rays can be shielded only by anti-UV lenses. li. our eyes are not sufficiently protected by fashion sunglasses.i. a)The more common s the poor night vision and eye fatigue.i. a.1)Dr. Mlrellle Bonnet said that the six muscles of the eve should learn to exerciseand allow them to rest.,-/Recent studies suggest that up to 80 percent of school children n the U. S and western Europe are nearsighted.I. a)Most children to became at least slightly nearsighted bythe age of 10. iv. Problems with night vision.. a)lt affected around 25 percent of people and it {sia iscaused for the computes use.vLoncentrated visual work also slows down the rate of blinklng.i, a)At least 15 percent of people suffer from dry eyes.ll. There are two simple remedles to eyestraln.Drink more and blink more.Lciosing the eyes for a minute every hour to rest them and retaln their humidity.Ill. How help your eyes.x i. When doing close up workJift the eyes occasionally to focus on objects in thedistance.
  7. 7. AZERI HIUS HOLD SECRET OF LONG LIFE.I. Aeri mountalns ls a place where people have long lives.Mnlbadov ls at least 105 years old.. a)He locked after the sheeps . b)He prepared the wood lor winter.Il. There were hundreds of herbs on the mountains.Jsmailws family use these herbs in their cooking and for medicines.i. a)They were their own doctors.iLThese herbs were used to some illnesses.l. a)For high blood pressure.i. b)For Kidney stones.l. a)For a hacking cough.llLAzeri sclentlst has isolated a type of saffron unique to the southem mountains.lThis saffron seemed to increase longevity.iLAnother plantmade into a paste increased the amount of mill:that animals are ableto produce. IV. A group of Russian said the theory that local people have also developed a geneticpredisposition to long life.i. The Russlans life span is much shorter than that of the indigenous mountain folk,i. The author believe local conditions have began to have a positive effect on the newarrlvals.
  8. 8. THE MEMORY MAN LMnst of us have reasonable good memories.i. we are able to think back to different periods ln our llves._ _,i. a)we can remember wherc we were and things that happened then.ll.0ur memories are limited.Lwe can't remember everyone we have ever met.Lwe can't remember what we did on every single day of our lives.llLAIso lt would be impossible to read and remember every name and number ln a telephone directory._ - l| l.However, there are some people who do have prodlglous memories. i. They have a rare condition known as savant syndrome.L / VLalsavants suffer rom a developmental disordenbut they exhibit remarkable talems.IV. Kim Peek was a savant who lived in Salt Lake City in the U. S. l. He was born with damage to parts of his brain.u. However, Peeks unique abllltles emerged at early age.. a)He was 20 months old, he could remember every book that was read to him.. b)He could read two pages af a book at the same time, each page with each eye.ili. when he dled, he had memorized more than 9000 books.VrDrDavld Treffert described Peek as "a living Googe".i. For hls astonlshing ability to retain and connect facts.Vl. In 1989.the movie Rain Man won the Oscar ior Best Picture.i. The main character was Dustin Hotfman and it was based on Kim Peek's life. i. a)l. ater, Peek appeared on TV. where he would amaze audiences by correctlyanswerlng obscure questions on a range of topics.'
  9. 9. ALEXANDRA NECHITA LNechlta has been amazing the art world.i.5he held her rst exhibition at the age of eight.ILCrItICS were comparlng the work ofthis child prodigy to Picasso and other great artists.Il. Her colorful palntlngs were felred for more than 550000 each. ll.Alexandra was born In 1985 In Vaslunand moved to the U. S with her family two years later. LHer artistic talent appeared when she began drawing at the age of two.ii. At first her parents were worried that she would become introverted.i. a)Parents took away the colorlng books to encourage her to be interested ln other things.,__ . - i. b)However. et least her parents decided to support her fascination with art.IlLAlexandra has not had much formal art lnstructmn.i.5he seemed to teach herself,i.5he has progressed quite naturally from crayons to pen.iiLFor her there isn't anything particulary special about her ability.IV. AIexandra was a prolie 25yearold artist.I. One art critic has described her as posslbly the most important female American artist of her day.lLHer work has been