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<ul><li><p>Special Offer Inside</p><p>outdoor lighting </p><p>DES IGNGU IDE</p></li><li><p>about architectural and landscape lighting. From your own observation, you may have noticed that outdoor lighting beautifully enhances the distinctive faades and colorful landscapes of some homesand simply throws light against others. The fact is all homes can be sumptuously illuminated, bringing them to life each evening. The difference lies in factors such as the expertise of lighting designers, how a system is installed and maintained, the quality of the fixtures and technology used, and more. </p><p>- as featured in -</p><p>WED LIKE TOENLIGHTEN YOU</p><p>Outdoor Lighting Perspectives wants you to understand the key variables involved in landscape lighting before you make an investment. As the worlds premier full-service landscape and architectural lighting company, we offer unsurpassed knowledge in our field, knowledge that can benefit you. So as you consider installing landscape lighting, keep the details on the following pages in mind. And when you decide to add a custom lighting system to make your home its most beautiful, be sure to contact our professionals in your area.</p></li><li><p>WHY EXTERIOR LIGHTING?Whatever your priorities, there are several compelling reasons to invest in outdoor lighting:</p><p>Sheer Beauty.Nothing brings more warmth and appeal to a home after dark than perfectly balanced lighting.</p><p>Security.Well-lit exteriors are never inviting to intruders, and strategic fixture placement can help prevent falls and injuries.</p><p>Expanded Outdoor Living Space.Exterior lighting is the perfect way to extend the hours you can linger outside.</p></li><li><p>We will be happy to answer additional questions about professional landscape lighting at 800-447-1112.</p><p>Moon Lightingthe illusion of moonlight from a soft fixture shining down from a tree.</p><p>Security Lightingstrategically placing no-glare lighting fixtures to illuminate darker or less-visible areas of the property. </p></li><li><p>ARTISTICLIGHTING DESIGN</p><p>Comprehensive coverage of the areas most important to you: the outdoor living spaces you enjoy and the unique details of your home exterior and landscaping. </p><p>Effect, not fixtures. Your lighting design should hide each light source, keeping the focus on the area illuminated. When fixtures must remain visible, they should be aesthetically delightful in shape as well as finish. </p><p>Consistent brightness throughout. Expert use of the right equipment and materials assures that each of your lights will deliver peak illumination no matter how far away they are placed.</p></li><li><p>Allow us to turn</p><p>Darkness into Light.</p></li><li><p>Step Lightingilluminating a step or group of steps to improve visibility and safety.</p><p>INSIST ON AN EVENINGDEMONSTRATION. Your lighting design must meet your specific needs for appearance, outdoor living and entertaining, safety, security and visibility. Therefore, insist on seeing your home and landscape fully illuminated in the evening before you commit to purchasing your lighting system. A good outdoor lighting provider will visit your home in the evening and</p><p>Design a lightscape for your home, landscape and outdoor living areas; Incorporate your feedback until the design matches your ideal vision for your home; Use identical models of the fixtures and equipment to be used in the installation; and Let you decide whether to move forward with your lighting system.</p><p>An exceptional lighting designer will do all of this at no cost, to ensure that the effect is everything you want before you buy.</p></li><li><p>SUPERIOR PRODUCTSFOR SUPERIOR RESULTSWe use only the highest quality, corrosion-proof copper and brass lighting fixtures and wire and lamps. Every component of our outdoor lighting system is meticulously crafted with the utmost care to work efficiently for many years:</p><p>SOLID COPPER &amp; BRASSfixtures that take on a rich patina over time, blending beautifully into your landscape. Most advanced LED technology featuring Cree chips</p><p>MULTIPLE VOLTAGE TRANSFORMERS to ensure proper and balanced light intensity. Its no surprise that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the best warranties in the industry. Both our transformers and fixtures have a lifetime warranty and our high-performance LEDs carry a 5-year warranty.</p></li><li><p>Area Lighting illuminating a large area without accentuating a specific object or feature.</p><p>Wall Wash Lightingsoft illumination that accents the texture of wall surfaces.</p></li><li><p>what stunning effects can professional outdoor lighting create with your home?</p><p>Be inspired by examples at outdoorlights.com</p></li><li><p>THE POWER OF TRULY PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATIONEvery Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installer has been thoroughly trained, in the classroom as well as in the field, using our rigorous best practices. He or she brings to an installation expert knowledge, creativity and meticulous attention to detail. By treating each installation as a unique eventnot a cookie-cutter appointmentthey deliver outstanding results the first time, every time. Clients often say they have never before seen our level of professionalism in a home improvement service provider. Thats because we not only arrive when promised, but also leave our clients property in better condition than we found it.</p></li><li><p>We will be happy to answer additional questions about professional landscape lighting at 800-447-1112.</p><p>Up Lightingpointing ground-level fixtures upward to dramatically illuminate architectural and landscaping elements.</p><p>Water &amp; Pond Lightingplacing fixtures in the water to add generalillumination or to highlight underwater objects.</p></li><li><p>Spot Lightinglighting to illuminate a specific object, such as a tree, statue, flag, fountain or architectural feature.</p><p>MAINTENANCE THAT DEFINES WORRY-FREEOur clients enjoy one year of free maintenance with the purchase of their Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system. Should any service needs arise (with the exception of abuse to the system), our repair professionals will respond swiftly and complete your service call at no charge. </p><p>After the first year, our top-notch Annual Maintenance Plan or LED Tune Up ensures your system performs as beautifully as the day it was installed. Once a year, we review fixture placement, check voltage levels at each fixture, repair wire, check transformers and connections, trim landscaping overgrowth around lights and more, to keep your system consistently performing at its best. </p><p>With our excellent maintenance plans,all you have to do is enjoy the view.</p></li><li><p>Shadowingcausing a tree, fountain or architectural element to cast a shapely shadow against a wall.</p><p>Silhouettingback-lighting an area to more effectively show an architectural detail or object.</p></li><li><p>realizegreater energy &amp; </p><p>maintenance savings</p><p>In the hospitality industry, having professionally designed outdoor and landscape lighting isnt just smart decor its good business. The success of your enterprise depends on attracting clients and guests, making them feel welcome and providing for their safety while managing your bottom line. </p><p>Outdoor lighting plays a significant role in every part of this equation, underlining the importance of choosing the right company. From design to install to ongoing service and maintenance, we handle it all. We are truly unique in this regard. We use premium fixtures to fit any design aesthetic and specialize in beautiful, seamless property and landscape integration.</p><p>enhancecurb appeal</p><p>elevateyour guest experience</p><p>increasesafety &amp; security</p><p>WELCOME GUESTSWITHSTUNNING FFFECTS</p></li><li><p>NOW THATYOU KNOWwhat to look for in professional full-service outdoor lighting, we welcome your phone call or website visit to request your no-obligation nightime lighting demonstration at your home or business to witness first hand the magical transformation we can bring to light.</p></li><li><p>the OLP difference</p></li><li><p>the OLP differenceSee For Yourself: Use this checklist as you research outdoor lighting providers for this important investment in your home or business.</p><p>installation Field-tested best practices since 1998</p><p> Use of secure and water tight connections</p><p> Proper burial of wire to meet or exceed National Electric Code of 6 inches</p><p> Established standards of care for clients property</p><p> Nighttime adjustment ensures design integrity</p><p>design Customized lighting design for any property or landscape</p><p> The OLP Lighting Consultant will use the lighting principles of safety, security, </p><p>usability and aesthetics to create a cohesive design</p><p> The design consultants focus will be on the lighting effect and not the source</p><p> All systems are designed with expansion in mind for future cost savings </p><p>history 15+ years of experience</p><p> Largest professional landscape lighting company in North America</p><p> More than 50 locations nationally and abroad</p><p> Completion of more than 100,000 residential installations nationwide</p><p> Turnkey solution: design, installation and service</p><p>warranty All fixtures have a lifetime warranty</p><p> Transformers have a lifetime warranty</p><p> 5 year warranty on all LEDs</p><p> Expert troubleshooting on all systems</p><p> One-year warranty on timers and photocells</p><p> Transferable warranty </p><p>products Heavy gauge brass and copper fixture housings</p><p> Most advanced LED technology featuring CREE chips</p><p> Commercial grade stainless steel transformers </p><p>service One year of service included with installation price</p><p> Ongoing maintenance plans</p><p> Expert troubleshooting on all systems</p></li><li><p>Watch us transform an Augusta home with stunning outdoor lighting.Episodes 1-4:</p><p>Free DesignConsultation</p><p>Redeem this gift card for a free design consultation on the exterior of your home. Allow us to show how stunning your home can look after dusk automatically, each evening </p><p>and save you up to 60% in energy costs.</p><p>A GIFTJUST FOR YOU</p><p>To redeem, call 800-447-1112or schedule online at OutdoorLights.com</p><p>New clients only, please.</p><p>Or watch the </p><p>entire series here:</p></li></ul>