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  • Our Peruvian sauces

  • A line of sauces with Peruvian flavors

    Our objective is for these sauces to represent our culture abroad

    We have developed

  • Anticuchera sauce

    Chifa sauce

    Peruvian sauces line

    Olives sauce

    Rocoto sauce

    Andean hotpepper sauce

    Mochero pepperand cilantro green


    Huancana sauce

    These sauces do not contain preservatives and are suitable for a vegetarian diet and, excepting Huancaina sauce, for a vegan diet. Their uses are varied and adaptable to all cuisine needs.

  • Peruvian sauces line

    The sauces are presented in a plastic

    squeeze bottle format.

    We think the product has a great

    potential in the retail sector, as well as

    for the food service industry; in

    restaurants, sangucheras (sandwich

    restaurants), polleras (chicken

    restaurants), among others. .

    To help Atalanta offer this product line

    to its customers, we want to make an

    appealing, attractive and colorful

    presentation similar to the colors of

    the sauces-. Furthermore, we want to

    provide a story for each sauce, to

    highlight the value of their flavors and

    inputs, which reflect our countrys

    millenary culture.

  • Anticuchera sauce

    Anticucho is a dish, which origin

    dates back to the Vice-Regal period.

    In the Pre-Hispanic period the

    anticucho used to be prepared with

    lama meat. When the Spanish

    people arrived, they started using

    beef pieces on a skewer.

    The anticuchos meat seasoning is

    comprised by: mirasol pepper, hot

    yellow pepper, vinegar, garlic,

    cilantro, salt, and we add to it Dijon

    mustard to provide it with a more

    original touch, which makes it similar

    to the barbecue sauce.

    It is a versatile sauce for every-day


    Gnocchi in



  • Chifa sauce

    From 1920, the Chifa cuisine is part

    of Lima tradition. Lima residents,

    captivated by the exotic, sweet and

    sour flavors, adapted the Chinese

    cuisine to the Peruvian palate.

    The Chifa sauce serves to

    accompany all Asian food; not only

    fried rice, or spring rolls, but it also

    combines very well with all types of

    meat: roasted chicken, barbecued

    beef and pork, as well as salt-cured

    fish such as salmon, or white fish.

    Great for healthy dishes, such as:

    stir fry vegetables. Sauteed




  • This sauce was created in a famous

    Nikkei restaurant in Lima due to a

    customers request. One day, the

    customer told the chef that he had tried

    an exquisite octopus dish, served with a

    purple sauce. The story made the cook

    curious, so he started thinking what

    could be that sauce made of. Finally, he

    decided to make a mayonnaise with

    black botija olives and that is how the

    famous Oliva Octopus was born, a

    mandatory entre in Peruvian lunches.

    A fresh and elegant dish.

    The olive sauce is an irreplaceable

    seasoning sauce for all vegetable based

    salads or dishes. It is a tasty and vegan


    Olive sauce

    Olive octopus


  • Rocoto sauce

    Rocoto pepper is a variety of

    pepper from the Andean Area. It

    presents several colors, from dark

    green to intense red, and it

    characterizes for having a very

    strong flavor, and an exotic

    aroma that stimulates appetite


    A sauce for all occasions. And for

    those who love spicy food with a

    capital S. Besides being spicy, it

    has an aroma that leads to a

    unique Andean experience. Marinated fish with rocoto

    Cream of pumpkin

    with rocoto

  • Andean hot peppers sauce

    More than 3,000 years of history

    gathered in a sauce. The Andean hot

    peppers sauce is the result of many

    tests made to achieve a unique

    flavor and spiciness. Hot peppers

    used in the sauce are: rocoto pepper,

    original from southern Peru, and aji

    limo pepper: the father of all

    European hot peppers.

    This sauce was born with the idea of

    creating an iconic South American

    sauce, similar to the Srirasha sauce

    from Asia. We are sure that this

    sauce may become a valid

    alternative for the Asian sauce and

    for Tabasco, replacing them in all

    the dishes they are used.

    Chicken wings in

    andean hot

    peppers sauce

  • Mochero pepper and cilantro green sauce

    This sauce gathers the

    traditional flavors of Center and

    South America. Essentially, it is a

    mix of mochero pepper, the king

    of hot peppers in the Pacific

    coasts, and cilantro, the worlds

    most used aromatic herb.

    This delicious sauce adapts to all

    foods: white meat, beef, fish,

    sandwiches, vegetarian dishes.

    Ideal for those who love fresh

    and aromatic dishes.

    Salad with cream

    pepper and cilantro.

  • Huancana Sauce

    After ceviche, huancana is Perus

    start dish. This sauce is typically

    served to accompany cooked Andean

    potatoes and a hard-boiled egg.

    The sauce is original from Huancayo,

    the most important city of the

    Central Highland area, located in the

    Mantaro valley. This area is famous

    for producing white fresh cheese,

    which mixed with hot yellow pepper,

    olive oil and salt, creates Huancaina

    sauce. Matches great with

    vegetables, as originally used.

    Besides, thanks to its creamy texture

    provided by the cheese- the sauce is

    perfect to be served with pasta, such

    as gnocchi, spaghettis and tagliatelle.

    Gnocchi in

    huancana sauce

    Spaghetti in huancana sauce

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