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Our new market:. ICELAND. An opening we can’t pass up:. Some independent reviews of Iceland’s canned Beers… Viking Lite. 4.4%. A light coloured, slightly malty and sweet beer. Fairly inoffensive. As Lawrence said: "You could drink buckets of it…” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Our new market:ICELAND

  • An opening we cant pass up:Some independent reviews of Icelands canned BeersViking Lite. 4.4%. A light coloured, slightly malty and sweet beer. Fairly inoffensive. As Lawrence said: "You could drink buckets of itViking Lager. 4.5%. Fizzier and hoppier than the Lite. More well balanced. A basic clear lager.Thule. 5%. This is called an export beer, I suspect because nobody else wants it. It is very, very light coloured and has that metallic taste that puts me off a lot of pilsners. Apart from that, there is hardly any flavour at all.(SOURCE: steverogerson. http://steverogerson.livejournal.com/331256.html. Accessed 11.24.09.)

  • Canned beers (continued)Viking Gyllfur. 5.6%. I am not sure of this beer's correct spelling as it was written on the can in a flowy handwriting font that was difficult to decipher. The can also says it has won awards, and I can see why because it is actually quite a good beer. It has some bitterness to it, though quite delicate. Definitely the nicest of the four. I'd like to taste a bottled version of it.(SOURCE: steverogerson. http://steverogerson.livejournal.com/331256.html. Accessed 11.24.09.)(SOURCE: steverogerson. http://steverogerson.livejournal.com/331256.html. Accessed 11.24.09.)

  • Icelandic bottled beersViking Lite (4.4%). This is the bottled version of one of the canned beers from Vifilfell Brewery that we had last time. Moving it to a bottle didn't really improve this slightly sweet, fairly uninteresting beer.Kaldi (5.0%) from Serbruggadur Edal Bjor. This had an awful chemical smell and taste.(SOURCE: steverogerson. http://steverogerson.livejournal.com/353773.html. Accessed 11/24/09.)(SOURCE: steverogerson. http://steverogerson.livejournal.com/353773.html. Accessed 11/24/09.)

  • Bottled Beers (continued)Skjalfti (5.0%) from Ovisholt Brewery. This is a very nice beer. It has a slightly fruity smell and a noticable bitter hit on the first taste. It tastes a bit like a good Czech lager.Viking Jolabjor (5.2%). This is the Christmas beer from Vifilfell. This also had a slight chemical taste and the extra alcohol gave it a taste improvement over the Lite.(SOURCE: steverogerson. http://steverogerson.livejournal.com/353773.html. Accessed 11/24/09.)

  • Bottled Beers (Continued)Egils Malt Jolabjor (5.6%). This was a much better Christmas beer, this from the Egils brewery in Reykjavik. It is a dark ruby red beer, sweet and malty. If I didn't know what it was, I would have probably guessed a Belgian beer.Egils Malt Extract (0%). Yes, that does say 0%. This is a bottle of unfiltered beer liquer. Why anyone would want it, I don't know. I couldn't finish my half a bottle.(SOURCE: steverogerson. http://steverogerson.livejournal.com/353773.html. Accessed 11/24/09.)

  • Its a good potential marketA lot of the things we as Americans think of as Normal, Beer -Drinking activities occur, like:Bar-B-Ques

  • Its a good potential marketFISHING

  • Its a good potential marketBars and Clubs

  • Its a good potential marketMotorsports

  • Its a good potential marketEven the ICE BAR(SOURCE: MSNBC. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25639652/. Accessed 11/24/09.)

  • Its a good potential marketAnd some things we hadnt thought of, like:

    Hot Springs in Winter

  • And some things that our advertising emphasize already:SOURCE: http://www.smh.com.au/news/iceland/finding-valhalla/2007/11/10/1194329560558.htmlSOURCE: http://www.ruggedelegantliving.com/a/003859.html

  • Its a good potential market A beer, for instance, costs $10 a pint. (Yes, that's a TEN, which is a lot for a beer, even if it is really good beer, and even if it is called "Viking," which, let's face it, is an absolutely top name, and a fantastic excuse to shout "raaarrrgghhh!" a lot in bars.) (SOURCE: Stephen Saunders. http://www.internetevolution.com/author.asp?section_id=524&doc_id=161275. Accessed 11/24/09)the nightlife is concentrated around one street: Laugavegur.. The party usually dont start until around midnight. The constant sunshine around the clock in the spring and the summertime helps to keep the party mood going for a long time.(SOURCE: hostels club. http://www.hostelsclub.com/article-en-614.html. Accessed 11/24/09)

  • Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, [is a] pick for top bar crawl city. The tiny city boasts over 100 bars and all are located on or around the city's main drag where locals gather every weekend for an all-night pub crawl known as "the runter."

    [A]lcohol is so expensive in Reykjavik that the party usually begins in someone's living room where guests get good and tipsy before they head out and spend their Krona on $15 beers. (SOURCE:MSNBC. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25639652/. Updated 7/15/08. Accessed 11/24/09.)

    So if we can come in and either import or manufacture a beer in the country at a better price because of our bulk brewing processes, we could take over a good part of the market.

  • Can we beat their prices?We believe so, but must match local standards and the environmental consciousness of the Icelandic people.Advertising must be aimed for above the age of 8, and then aimed at the parent, who decides if the youth can have beer.The trust of parents, teachers, and athletes cannot be used in any ads.

    Since we have not designed a bottle or determined our hops mixture, I used an american example that seems to match most descriptions for Icelands beers as a bullet.