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<p> 1. MUFFINS INGREDIENTS: Flour Sugar Chocolate powder Baking powder Milk Sunflower oil Eggs PREPARATION: Put the flour, the sugar , the chocolate powder, the baking powder, the milk, the sunflower oil and the eggs in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients . Put the mixture in the cases. Put the cases in the oven and bake them, 180 for 20- 30 minutes. Leave them cool and they are ready to eat. 2. CHOCOLATE BISCUITS Ingredients: 150g of black chocolate (in small pieces) 150g of sugar 115g of butter 1 egg 250g of vanilla 155g of flour A little bit of baking powder 100g of nuts Preparation: 1. Preheat the oven 180* 2. Spread some butter on the oven tray. 3. Put the butter and the sugar in a bowl, add the egg and the vanilla and mix all the ingredients. 4. Mash the nuts. 5. Add the nuts to the mixture. 6. Beat all the mixture. 7. Add the rest of the mixture and the chocolate pieces. 8. Take small portions of the mixture with a spoon and put them on the tray making the shape of a biscuit. 9. Bake the biscuits during 25 min. INGREDIENTS 3. 2 eggs 250g. Flour 500ml. Milk Sugar Chocolate cream PREPARATION 1. Crack the eggs and put them into a bowl 2. Add the flour 3. Add the milk 4. Put a teaspoon of sugar in the bowl 5. Stir all the ingredients in the bowl 6. Put the bowl in the fridge for 5 minutes 7. Catch a frying pan and put some butter on it 8. Put the mixture on the pan 9. Leave it on the pan for 30 minutes for each side 10. Then put the chocolate on one side 11. Fold the crepe 12. Put it on a plate. Its ready to eat! oreo cupcakes Ingredients: 4. - 2 eggs - 140 grams of flour - 115 grams of sugar - 120 grams of butter - 50 grams of chocolate powder - 20 grams of baking powder -1 spoon of vanilla extract - 70 ml of milk - 5 oreo cookies crushed -oreo cookies Preparation: 1. Mix in a bowl the milk and the vanilla extract. 2. In another bowl mix the flour, the chocolate powder and the baking powder then add the crushed oreos. 3. In a third bowl mix the butter and the sugar till it is creamy, adding the eggs. 4. Finally put in a bowl all of the mixed ingredients. 5. Put this mix in the cupcake holders. 6 .Put it in the oven at 180 for thirty minutes. 7. Take it out of the oven and decorate it. Now you have your oreo cupcakes!!! 5. PAELLA IngrEdients: 4 prawns 4 crayfish 4 prawns 1 squid 16 mussels 16 clams 1 small greenpepper 1 small redpepper 400 g rice 1.6 l of fishbroth 1 onion 2 clovesgarlic 2 tomatoes artificial colouring preparation: 1.Slightlybrowncrayfish,shrimpsand prawnsto the pan. 2.Cut 2 small cuttlefishandbrownitinthe pan,remove it. 3.In the same oil,brownthe garlicand then the onion,chopped.Letitcook onlow heat 30 minutes,whichcaramelised. 4.Addthe peppers.Cook2min. 5.Addthe choppedtomato. 6.Whenthe tomatoesare cooked,addthe squidandrice. 7.Bring the brothto boil and pouron top of the rice. 8.Put inintoa dish.Addsalt to it. 9.Bake it at 200 C 10 min. 10. Addthe prawns,crayfish,shrimp,peel, and bake it for 3-4 minutes. 11.Remove fromthe ovenand letitrest. 6. INGREDIENTS: - 600g of potatoes. - 300g of onions. - 6 eggs. - Olive oil. - Salt. PREPARATION: -Peel the potatoes. -Whisk the eggs. -Add the oil into the frying pan. -Add the potatoes, eggs and onions. -Wait 2 or 3 minutes. -Turn it over. -And put the Spanishomelette on the plate. ENJOY YOUR MEAL!!!!!!! 7. SUPER HAMBURGER INGREDIENTS ( for 4 people ): Cheese Tomato 2 hamburgers Lettuce 1 fried egg Bacon 3 buns Ketchup Fried potatoes Chilli pepper Ham PREPARATION: 1. Take the first bun and toast it on a pan. 2. cut the potatoes in small squares, and then fry them. 3. Place the fried potatoes on the bun. 4. Fry the hamburger meat, when it is cooked, place it on the potato. 5. Cut the cheese into thin slices. 6. Put the ham on the cheese. 7. Cut the tomatoes in thin round circles, and put them on the ham. 8. Place the second bun on top of the tomatoes. 9. Fry the egg and put it on top of the second bun. 10. Put the lettuce on top of the fried egg. 11. Fry the bacon and put it on top of the lettuce. 12 . Cut the chilli pepper in small pieces and put it on top of the bacon. 13. Then, put as much ketchup as you want. 14. Place and put the third bun on top of the ketchup. </p>