our constitution the rules we live by. eq: what is the constitution? the law is the set of rules...

Download Our Constitution The Rules We Live By. EQ: What is the constitution? The law is the set of rules that we live by. The Constitution is the highest law

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  • Our Constitution

    The Rules We Live By

  • EQ: What is the constitution?The law is the set of rules that we live by.

    The Constitution is the highest law. It belongs to the United States. It belongs to all Americans.

  • The Constitution says how the government works.It creates the President.It creates the Congress.It creates the Supreme Court.

  • Our RightsThe Constitution lists some of the most important rights. Rights are things that all people have just because they are alive.

    By listing the rights as part of the Constitution they are made special.

  • Bill of RightsThe Bill of Rights is a part of the Constitution.

    The Bill of Rights lists many rights of the people.

  • RightsYou have the right to be treated equally.

    You have the right to think for yourself

  • Rights It lets you go to the church that you wish.

    It lets you gather with your friends to talk.

  • RightsIt makes sure you can read newspapers.

    It keeps the laws from being too hard.

  • RightsIt gives rules for the police.

    It also protects your home.

  • History of the ConstitutionThe Constitution was written in 1787.

    It is over 200 years old.

    We actually have copies of what was created.

  • The FramersIn 1787, a group of men met to write the Constitution.They did not like the way the country was going.They fixed it by creating the Constitution.We call these men The Framers.

  • FramersSome of the framers were famous.George Washington was a Framer.Ben Franklin was a Framer.

  • Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaThe Framers met during a hot summer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.They had a lot of arguments.But in the end, they agreed to the words in the Constitution.

  • States VotedIt took some time but all of the states voted to approve the Constitution.Some people didnt like it because they felt it didnt protect the rights of the people.So the Bill of Rights was added then.The Bill of Rights was the first 10 changes to the Constitution.

  • FinallySo, finally after declaring their independence in 1776, the new country had its Constitution, the law of the land.

  • 200 Years LaterOur Constitution is still followed today.It is thought of as one of the greatest documents ever written.


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