other theories for why crime happens psychological, biological, sociological, classical

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  • Other Theories for Why Crime Happens Psychological, Biological, Sociological, Classical
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  • What is the difference between Mass and Serial Killing? GENERALLY serial killing is over time and mass murder is considered four or more victims at one time (or within hours).
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  • Mass Murderers Fall into 3 Types Family Annihilators Individuals with mental defects Disgruntled Workers (going postal)
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  • Mass Murders Different sources will say that genocide qualifies as mass murder.
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  • So what was Charles Starkweather? Psychopath or Mass Murderer?
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  • Other Psychological Theories Behavioral conditioning The right rewards and punishments must be offered to get the desired behavior.
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  • Behavioral Conditioning Crime is the result of inappropriate behavioral conditioning. We can condition people to act another way.
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  • Bedford, New Hampshire 2006
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  • Crimes Associated With Behavioral Conditioning? Domestic Assault Burglary / Theft? Gang-related?
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  • Classical Theory Another Psychological Motivation for Crime Crime is caused by individuals free will. It is a choice people consciously make. Punishment must be swift and certain to stop the behavior.
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  • Classical Theory and Types of Crimes Theft / Burglary / Assaults? Juvenile Crime? Domestic Violence? DUI offenses Drug offensives Prostitution / Panhandling?
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  • Classical Theory Believes that ONLY punishment deters crime Crime is only deterred IF punishment is more painful and swifter than any potential reward or pleasure that was expected.
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  • Two Types of Crimes in Classical Theory Instrumental Crimes Murder, Burglary, Fraud PLANNING and financial rewards seen Expressive Crimes Murder, Rape, DUI, Drugs Where pleasure is the primary goal Which should receive a harsher punishment?
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  • Biological Reasons for Crime Criminal genes cause deviant behavior??? Chromosome Theory XYY Syndrome Environmental contaminants influence on body.
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  • Biological Reasons for Crime Hormonal changes, nutrition and physical trauma reasons for crime.
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  • Sociological Reasons for Crime The structure of society creates crime. Rich v. Poor Higher crime where rich / poor mix. Laws created to protect rich from poor. Michael Milken v. Vernon Webster

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