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<p>AOTA T H E</p> <p>AMERICAN</p> <p>OCC U PAT I O N A L</p> <p>T H E R A P Y</p> <p>A S S O C I AT I O N</p> <p>JULY 23, 2012</p> <p>Time Well SpentEmpowering Communities to Help At-Risk Youth Engage in Healthy Occupations</p> <p>PLUS</p> <p>Researchers in Action iPads, Apps, &amp; Social Media News, Capital Briefing, &amp; MoreCE ARTICLE</p> <p>CESPECIAL2012 Continuing Education Directory: See page 26.</p> <p>Creating an Ethical Climate in Your OT Department</p> <p>essential learning on Mental Health Practice with children and Youth!Mental Health Promotion, Prevention, and intervention with children and Youth: a Guiding framework for occupational TherapyEdited by Susan Bazyk, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA</p> <p>New Self-Paced cliNical courSe</p> <p>earn 2 aoTa ceus (25 NBcoT Pdus/20 contact hours)Occupational Therapys Role in Mental Health Promotion, Prevention, and Intervention With Children and Youth is a critically important professional development tool for occupational therapy practitioners who work with children and youth. It provides a necessary framework on mental health that can be applied in all pediatric practice settings and lays a foundation for conceptualizing the role of occupational therapy in promoting, preventing, and providing mental health intervention for children that may or may not have disabilities, mental illness, or both, in school and community settings. Chapters take a public health approach to occupational therapy services at all levelsuniversal, targeted, and intensivewith a clear emphasis on helping children develop and maintain positive mental health psychologically, socially, functionally, and in the face of adversity. Learn how to contribute your occupational therapy expertise to mental health promotion, prevention, and intervention with children and youth through AOTA learning!</p> <p>order #3030. aoTa Members: $259, Nonmembers: $359</p> <p>CE-205</p> <p>Shop online at http://store.aota.org/view/?SKu=3030, or call 877-404-aoTa</p> <p>Chief Operating Officer: Christopher Bluhm Director of Communications: Laura Collins Director of Marketing: Beth Ledford Editor: Ted McKenna Associate Editor: Andrew Waite CE Articles Editor: Maria Elena E. Louch Art Director: Carol Strauch Production Manager: Sarah Ely Director of Sales &amp; Corporate Relations: Jeffrey A. Casper Sales Manager: Tracy Hammond Advertising Assistant: Clark Collins</p> <p>AOTA THE AMERICAN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSOCIATIONV O L U M E 1 7 I S S U E 1 3 J U LY 2 3 , 2 0 1 2</p> <p>FEATURESTime Well Spent</p> <p>Ad inquiries: 800-877-1383, ext. 2715, or e-mail sales@aota.orgOT Practice External Advisory Board</p> <p>Donna Costa: Chairperson, Education Special Interest Section Michael J. Gerg: Chairperson, Work &amp; Industry Special Interest Section Dottie Handley-More: Chairperson, Early Intervention &amp; School Special Interest Section Kim Hartmann: Chairperson, Special Interest Sections Council Gavin Jenkins: Chairperson, Technology Special Interest Section Tracy Lynn Jirikowic: Chairperson, Developmental Disabilities Special Interest Section Teresa A. May-Benson: Chairperson, Sensory Integration Special Interest Section Lauro A. Munoz: Chairperson, Physical Disabilities Special Interest Section Linda M. Olson: Chairperson, Mental Health Special Interest Section Regula Robnett: Chairperson, Gerontology Special Interest Section Tracy Van Oss: Chairperson, Home &amp; Community Health Special Interest Section Jane Richardson Yousey: Chairperson, Administration &amp; Management Special Interest SectionAOTA President: Florence Clark Executive Director: Frederick P. Somers Chief Public Affairs Officer: Christina Metzler Chief Financial Officer: Chuck Partridge Chief Professional Affairs Officer: Maureen Peterson 2012 by The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. OT Practice (ISSN 1084-4902) is published 22 times a year, semimonthly except only once in January and December, by The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc., 4720 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814-3425; 301-652-2682. Periodical postage is paid at Bethesda, MD, and at additional mailing offices. U.S. Postmaster: Send address changes to OT Practice, AOTA, PO Box 31220, Bethesda, MD 20824-1220. Canadian Publications Mail Agreement No. 41071009. Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses to PO Box 503, RPO West Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill ON L4B 4R6. Mission statement: The American Occupational Therapy Association advances the quality, availability, use, and support of occupational therapy through standard-setting, advocacy, education, and research on behalf of its members and the public. Annual membership dues are $225 for OTs, $131 for OTAs, and $75 for student members, of which $14 is allocated to the subscription to this publication. Subscriptions in the U.S. are $142.50 for individuals and $216.50 for institutions. Subscriptions in Canada are $205.25 for individuals and $262.50 for institutions. Subscriptions outside the U.S. and Canada are $310 for individuals and $365 for institutions. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of the first issue. Copyright of OT Practice is held by The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. Written permission must be obtained from the Copyright Clearance Center to reproduce or photocopy material appearing in this magazine. Direct all requests and inquiries regarding reprinting or photocopying material from OT Practice to www.copyright.com.</p> <p>Empowering Communities to Help At-Risk Youth Engage in Healthy Occupations</p> <p>10</p> <p>Joseph Brunner, David Valvano, and Alexander Lopez describe how Stony Brook University students and faculty contributed to a local communitys effort to help at-risk youth find occupations that positively influence health and well-being.</p> <p>CESPECIALContinuing Education 26 DirectoryA handy reference guide to CE offerings nationwide.</p> <p>DEPARTMENTSNews Capital BriefingAOTA and State Associations: Collaborating on Local Reimbursement Issues</p> <p>2 5</p> <p>Researchers in Action</p> <p>A Look at the Influential Studies of Three Occupational Therapy AcademicsAndrew Waite profiles three occupational therapists who are conducting research in an array of specialty areas and contributing to the Centennial Vision of occupational therapy as a widely recognized, science-driven, evidence-based profession.</p> <p>14</p> <p>Practice Perks</p> <p>Fieldwork Level II and Occupational Therapy Students: A Position Paper</p> <p>6 7 18 19 21 41 48</p> <p>Tech Talk</p> <p>Touch the Future: Using iPads as a Therapeutic Tool</p> <p>Social Media Spotlight</p> <p>Updates From Facebook, Twitter, and OT Connections</p> <p>CE ArticleLeading With Ethics: Creating an Ethical Climate in Your Occupational Therapy Department. Earn .1 AOTA CEU(1 contact hour or 1.25 NBCOT professional development units) with this creative approach to independent learning.COVER PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF ALEXANDER LOPEZ. COVER ILLUSTRATION ALEX STSJAZHYN / ISTOCKPHOTO</p> <p>Continuing Competence</p> <p>Decisions About Doctorates: Deciding Whether, When, and Where to Go</p> <p>Calendar</p> <p>Continuing Education Opportunities</p> <p>Employment Opportunities Questions and AnswersCheryl Bregman</p> <p> Discuss OT Practice articles at www.OTConnections.org in the OT Practice Magazine Public Forum. Send e-mail regarding editorial content to otpractice@aota.org. Go to www.aota.org/otpractice to read OT Practice online. Visit our Web site at www.aota.org for contributor guidelines, and additional news and information.OT Practice serves as a comprehensive source for practical information to help occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants to succeed professionally. OT Practice encourages a dialogue among members on professional concerns and views. The opinions and positions expressed by contributors are their own and not necessarily those of OT Practices editors or AOTA. Advertising is accepted on the basis of conformity with AOTA standards. AOTA is not responsible for statements made by advertisers, nor does acceptance of advertising imply endorsement, official attitude, or position of OT Practices editors, Advisory Board, or The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. For inquiries, contact the advertising department at 800-877-1383, ext. 2715. Changes of address need to be reported to AOTA at least 6 weeks in advance. Members and subscribers should notify the Membership department. Copies not delivered because of address changes will not be replaced. Replacements for copies that were damaged in the mail must be requested within 2 months of the date of issue for domestic subscribers and within 4 months of the date of issue for foreign subscribers. Send notice of address change to AOTA, PO Box 31220, Bethesda, MD 20824-1220, e-mail to members@aota.org, or make the change at our Web site at www.aota.org. Back issues are available prepaid from AOTAs Membership department for $16 each for AOTA members and $24.75 each for nonmembers (U.S. and Canada) while supplies last.</p> <p>OT PRACTICE JULY 23, 2012</p> <p>1</p> <p>NewsAOTA News</p> <p>Association updates...profession and industry newsSIS Call For Nominations (Chairperson Positions)ominations are being accepted until September 15 for the next chairperson of four SISs: Education, Gerontology, Physical Disabilities, and Technology. The term of office is 3 years, beginning July 1, 2013. The chairperson coordinates the projects and activities of the Standing Committee, including the sections program(s) at AOTAs Annual Conference &amp; Expo, SIS Internet activities, and the topics for the SIS Quarterly publication. The chairperson represents the SIS with all bodies of AOTA and is a member of the SIS Council. Each nominee will submit the information outlined in the SIS Chairperson Nomination Form (Attachment E of the SIS SOPs) to the Nominating Chairperson via e-mail. This form is available on the AOTA Web site in the Nominations and Election Areas area of the SIS section. Nominees may also request this form by contacting the SIS administrative assistant, Barbara Mendoza, at bmendoza@aota. org or 800-SAY-AOTA, ext. 2042. Self-nominations are welcome. and occupational therapy assistants to complete continuing competence requirements. The New York State Occupational Therapy Association (NYSOTA) had lobbied in favor of this requirement since legislation to mandate continuing competence requirements was introduced in 2004. The bill, which is also supported by AOTA, will next be sent to the governor for approval. In addition, the New York State Senate passed Assembly Bill 10118, which allows occupational therapy assistants who have obtained appropriate education to acquire a limited permit to practice with direct supervision in certain settings, such as public hospitals and schools. NYSOTA had pursued this legislation, which also is supported by AOTA, to make technical corrections to the practice act. For more information, visit the Advocacy Highlights section of the AOTA home page, at www.aota.org. ters degree in occupational therapy. OR 2. Completion of an entrylevel masters degree in occupational therapy from a government authorized and/ or WFOT-approved college or university occupational therapy educational program. In addition to the masters degree requirement in occupational therapy, applicants must complete the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) Occupational Therapist Eligibility Determination (OTED) review to determine comparability with U.S. occupational therapy educational accreditation standards/ competencies. All internationally educated occupational therapists reviewed under current OTED eligibility standards and approved for exam eligibility with a bachelors degree in occupational therapy must take the OTR examination by July 31, 2014. After this date, only those approved with a masters degree in occupational therapy deemed comparable with a U.S. entry-level accredited masters degree in occupational therapy will be eligible to apply for the OTR examination. For more information, visit www.nbcot.org.</p> <p>Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Reform Law: AOTA Analysis</p> <p>I</p> <p>n a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), including the minimum coverage provisionmore widely known as the individual mandatethat is the centerpiece. For AOTAs analysis of the decision, including information about how it will affect occupational therapy, go to www.aota.org.</p> <p>N</p> <p>Advanced Practice Specialty Conferenceccupational therapy can be an essential service for those recovering from a traumatic event. Join outstanding speakers, leaders, clinicians, educators, and researchers for 2 incredible days focusing on science, innovation, and evidence at AOTAs Advanced Practice in Traumatic Injuries &amp; PTSD: Lessons for Military, VA, &amp; Civilian Practitioners conference, to be held from September 7 to 8, 2012, in San Antonio, Texas. Topics will include upperextremity orthopedic injuries, pain, burns, vision loss, traumatic brain injuries, warrior transition units, amputations, posttraumatic stress disorder, spinal cord injuries, driving and community mobility, technology, and return to work. Early registration ends August 20. Regular registration ends September 4. For more information, contact specialtyconference@aota.org or visit the AOTA Web site at www. aota.org/confandevents.2</p> <p>O</p> <p>New NBCOT Rules for Internationally Educated OTsffective July 31, 2013, internationally educated occupational therapists must meet one of the following minimum criteria to be considered eligible for the OTR certification examination: 1. Completion of an entrylevel bachelors degree in occupational therapy from a government authorized and/or World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT)approved college or university occupational therapy educational program and a postprofessional mas-</p> <p>e</p> <p>Industry News</p> <p>New York Passes Two Bills to Amend the States OT Practice Act</p> <p>AOTF Academy of Research Invites Nominations</p> <p>T</p> <p>he New York State Assembly recently passed Senate Bill 2935. In doing so, the state is poised to join 42 other states and the District of Columbia in requiring occupational therapists</p> <p>T</p> <p>he American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF) Academy of Research invites nominations of individuals who have made exemplary and distinguished contributions toward advancing the science of occupationalJULY 23, 2012 WWW.AOTA.ORG</p> <p>therapy. Both self-nominations and nominations submitted by colleagues are welcome. The deadline for submitting nominations is September 1, 2012. AOTF established the Academy of Research in 1983, and to date 52 individuals have been elected to this organization by its membership. Nominations should include: (1) a cover letter addressed to the Nomination Committee of the Academy of Research indicating the nominees major research contribution(s); (2) three references (the cover letter signed by nominator(s) will count toward references); (3) a current curriculum vitae of the nominee; and (4) three to five representative research publications of the nominee. A sample cover letter can be found on the AOTF...</p>