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<ol><li> 1. Ortopedie si traumatologie </li><li> 2. Sursa foto: Eoedeanery.nhs.uk </li><li> 3. Curriculum de pregatireDurata de pregatire: 5 aniOrtopedia i traumatologia este specialitatea care seocup cu depistarea, diagnosticarea, tratarea irecuperarea afeciunilor congenitale i dobndite ,traumatice i netraumatice, ale aparatului locomotor. </li><li> 4. Pathway evaluation programOrthopaedic surgery is the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis, treatment,rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletalsystembones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Orthopaedicsurgeons are concerned with primary and secondary muscular problems,congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumors and metabolic disturbances ofthe musculoskeletal system. The orthopaedic surgeon manages special problems,diagnoses the injury or disorder, and establishes the treatment plan using surgery,medication, exercise, and/or physical therapy.Orthopaedic surgeons treat patients of all ages, mostly on a short-term basis. Sincemany of theirpatients have been involved in accidents, orthopaedic surgeons also assessdisability in legal actions. The field has undergone notable improvements intechniques and equipment, such as microsurgery and joint replacements. Theirpractice may be broad or limited to an area of special interest, such as handsurgery or sports medicine. </li><li> 5. Traseu curricularCHIRURGIE GENERAL - 6 LUNICHIRURGIE VASCULAR - 2 LUNINEUROCHIRURGIE - 2 LUNICHIRURGIE PLASTIC I REPARATORIE - 2 LUNICHIRURGIE TORACIC - 2 LUNIBIOETIC - LUNCHIRURGIE ARTROSCOPIC - 3 LUNIORTOPEDIE I TRAUMATOLOGIE - 2 ANI 6 LUNI I 2 SPT.OTROPEDIE I TRAUMATOLOGIE PEDIATRIC - 1 AN </li><li> 6. Informatii suplimentare Pathway evaluation program Orthopaedic surgery Curricula de pregatire (RO) Careers in Medicine: Orthopaedic surgery Orthopaedic surgery - What is it? </li><li> 7. Video-uri Knee Arthroscopy Introduction (9:35) Orthopaedic Trauma as a Career (10:37) </li></ol>