ornamental horticulture program update october 27, 2009

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  • Ornamental Horticulture Program Update October 27, 2009
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  • Data Summaries
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  • 2009 Registrations To Date
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  • Crops Impacted by Registrations ** As of 9/30/09; for those known registrations, not all crop impacts are known because EPA has not yet posted certain labels.
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  • Other Activities 2009 Orn. Hort. Program Workshop 2009 Floriculture & Nursery Research Initiative 2009 Central States Horticulture Inspection Society Meeting 2010 SAF Pest Management Conference APS Annual Meeting 2010 Orn Hort Tour
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  • IR-4 ROSA Award Reason: Many people in the ornamental horticulture community have contributed to the success of IR-4 whether through R esearch, O utreach, S ervice or A ltruism. Most IR-4 Awards highlight achievements of internal personnel instead of cooperators and other external people who are vital to our continued success. Potential process: Solicit nominations from peers and IR-4 personnel IR-4 Selection committee (Regional Coordinators, C. Palmer, J. Baron) will recommend awardee to PMC for ratification Single awardee per year, but no award will be granted if there are no eligible nominees Award provided at suitable venue
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  • Ornamental Horticulture Program: 2010/11 High Priority Projects Entomology Thrips Efficacy, Crop Safety, Impact on Beneficials Scale & Mealybugs Mites Pathology Continue Bacteria Root & Crown Rot Diseases (Pythium & Fusarium) Crop Safety (acibenzolar, metconazole, triticonazole) Weed Science Crop Safety for Biathalon, Broadstar 0.25G VC1604, Freehand, Gallery, Snapshot, sulfosulfuron, and Tower Liverwort Efficacy in Greenhouses & Shade houses Early Post-emergence Efficacy
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  • Grant Proposals APHIS 2010 Farm Bill Gladiolus Rust $155K Redbay Laurel Wilt $274K Avocado Redbay Laurels Screen new ornamentals for invasiveness $1,087K 12 sites across US
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