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    Application Part I


    Enrollment Projection Form Provide the following information for each school included in this proposal. Specify the planned year of opening for each (duplicating the table as needed).

    School Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

    Grade Level

    Number of Students

    Year 1:

    Year 2: Year 3: Year 4: Year 5: Year at


















    Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School

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    75 75 75 75 75 75

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    Application Part I


    School Management Form

    Do any of the following describe your organization or any of the school(s) proposed in this application?

    Will contract or partner with an education service provider (ESP) or other organization to provide school management services.

    If so, identify the provider:

    Will have a corporate partner as defined in LA R.S. 17.3991.1.

    If so, identify the partner:

    The applicant has previously participated in the OPSB charter RFA process.

    If so, is the application currently on appeal to the State?

    Already operates schools in Louisiana or elsewhere in the US (indicate which state(s) below)

    If so, which state(s)

    Certification I certify that I have the authority to submit this application and that all information contained herein is complete and accurate. I recognize that any misrepresentation could result in disqualification from the application process or revocation after approval. The person named as the contact person for the application is so authorized to serve as the primary contact for this application on behalf of the organization.

    Signature of Application Primary Contact Date

    Print Name & Title of Application Primary Contact



    Charlotte Matthew Digitally signed by Charlotte Matthew Date: 2017.08.07 10:07:11 -05'00'

    Charlotte Matthew, Principal


    Eligibility and Prospectus


    School Prospectus Form

    Please limit your narrative response to a recommended maximum total of 8 pages (excluding founder resumes and bios)

    III. A. School Founders Information (Recommended 3 pages maximum excluding founder resumes and bios) The purpose of providing information about the schools founders is to document the capacity of the people who will be responsible for the schools success. Your responses should supplement and may reference founder information included in submitted resumes and bios. Definition: a school founder is someone who will either be a founding board member of the approved school or someone who will be in a leadership position on the staff of the school including but not limited to the executive director and/or instructional leader, if identified. A school founder does not include someone who helps develop the charter application unless that person also meets the definition, above. Founders Submission

    1. Attach resumes and a brief bio (150 words, maximum) for each identified school founder (see above definition).

    2. Describe the strengths in terms of experience, skills, and capacity that the founding group as a whole brings to your proposal and will bring to the school. (2 pages, maximum).

    3. Describe critical kinds of experience, skills, and capacity that the founding group still needs and outline your plans for developing or adding these. (1 page, maximum)

    III.B. School vision

    (Recommended 3 pages maximum)

    1. Describe the school you want to create for children.

    What will a typical day look and feel like for children who attend the school?

    What should people who visit the school observe happening on a typical day?

    2. Describe the educational philosophy and program.

    What beliefs will your school reflect about how children learn?

    What are the key characteristics and components of the educational program in terms of learning materials, instructional practices, structure of learning time, etc.

    3. Describe the schools relationship to the District and the community.

    Will your school fulfill any priorities that the District has identified for improving public education? Discuss.

    Will your school make a distinctive educational program or model available to children in the city as a whole or in a particular neighborhood? Discuss.

    Is the school designed to serve a particular student population? Discuss.

    What community relationships and/or support have you secured that are important to the success of the school? Discuss.


    Eligibility and Prospectus


    III.C. School management and finances (Recommended 2 pages maximum)

    1. How will the school be managed?

    Describe the key leadership positions and responsibilities.

    What essential qualities must the school leader have in order for the school to be successful?

    Describe any key third party partners such as a charter management organization or school program advisor that will be integral to the schools success. Explain the partners anticipated role, responsibilities, and reporting responsibilities.

    2. Provide an overview of the financial plan.

    What are the key variables that will determine financial viability?

    To what extent will your plan depend on funding above the public per pupil allocations?

    What are your current plans or prospects for securing the additional funding needed, including but not limited to start-up funding?

  • Ben Franklin ElementarySchool Prospectus


    I. School Founders Information

    Strengths of the Founding GroupCharlotte Matthew has over four decades of experience in education, beginning her career as ateacher for grades four through nine with New Orleans Public School. She later served as aninstructional advocate, curriculum specialist, and staff development associate within NewOrleans Public Schools, and also was an Adjunct Instructor of Reading Methods at SouthernUniversity In New Orleans. She began her career as principal in 1997 and is currently leadingBenjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School.

    Ms. Matthew has vast experience in education outside of the school setting as well. Incoordination with the Orleans Parish School Board, the United Teachers of New Orleans, andthe Southern Coalition for Educational Equity, she served as a Program Coordinator for the NewOrleans Effective Schools Project. She continues to be a senior consultant for the SouthernCoalition for Educational Equity. Additionally, Ms. Matthew has been a curriculum planner andeducational consultant for the Childrens Defense Fund (CDF) where she assisted the BlackStudent Alliance Youth Program with designing their Freedom School Curriculum. She currentlyserves on the advisory board for CDFs Freedom Schools, which are still in implementationaround the United States.

    Ms. Matthew is an instructional leader who has demonstrated success for students byoperating a B-rated school with high parent demand. Ms. Matthew has deep knowledge ofinstructional pedagogy, research based practices and strategies, and student-centeredcurriculum and instruction. She has developed and supported teachers and staff for almostthirty years, assisting with their professional growth and assisting them to improve theirskillsets.

    In addition to her proven leadership and instructional skills, Ms. Matthew also has a wealth ofexperience and capacity with maximizing resources in order to best serve her students. As theleader of Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Ms. Matthew has managed her school budget andallocated limited resources effectively. She has secured additional funding to introduce andcontinue multiple programs within her schools.

    Mr. Tommie Vassel is the other half of the founding team of Legacy of Excellence, the non-profit that is proposing to charter and operate Ben Franklin Elementary. Mr. Vassels strengthsand skills complement those of Ms. Matthew, as he is a distinguished business and servantleader in the community of New Orleans. Mr. Vassel is a CPA with over 36 years of experience,having owned and operated his own consulting firm for the past two decades. His clients andexperiences are very diverse, including governmental entities, health care, construction, movieproduction, school districts, water, sewer, drainage, electric/gas utility companies and a diverse

  • group of professionals. His skills include auditing, fiscal and program compliance, projectmanagement, analytical review, rate study and consent decree, all of which are skills that hewill bring to the Legacy of Excellence board.

    Mr. Vassel has an extensive record of supporting schools and youth as well in multiplecapacities, and also has experience serving on a variety of boards. Mr. Vassel served on theOrleans Parish School Board, beginning in 1997, when OPSB was the largest school district inLouisiana with over 75,000 students in 132 schools. He served as president of DillardUniversitys National Alumni Association and on the Board of Trustees of the University from1996 to 2000. He also served on the Accounting Advisory Board at Southern University of NewOrleans (SUNO) and the University of New Orleans (UNO). In 2003, Mr. Vassel was electedChairman of the Board of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and has served on the Boardsince 1999. He is actively involved with Junior Achievement, and is one of the foundingmembers of 100 Black Men of Metro New Orleans, a National youth mentoring organization.He served as President of that organization in 1997 and 1998 and treasurer in 1996.Additionally, Mr. Vassel has been involved in other mentoring and tutoring programs such asBoys To Men, Inc and the Milne Louis Armstrong Manhood Development Program.

    Mr. Vassel is personally connected to Ben Franklin Elementary as a parent. He serves on theschools Parent Teacher Organization, and frequently volunteers at the school with a group ofother fathers.

    Needs of the Founding GroupMs. Matthew and Mr. Vassel will ensure that they solicit and create a founding board that has abalanced skillset and varied areas of expertise. Additional members of the board will haveknowledge and experiences in the areas of education, community involvement, legal, andfundraising. Two additional board members have already been identified:

    Yvette Alexis is an administrator with vast experience in higher education, havingworked at Delgado Community College and Southern University of New Orleans foralmost three decades. A graduate of McDonogh 35 High School and Southern Universityat New Orleans, and Ms. Alexis brings expertise of education, staff development, andcommunity involvement to the board.

    Angela Wilklow is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked in the social workfield in New Orleans for the past 18 years. Ms. Wilklow has worked with many child-serving agencies within the Greater New Orleans area and has a deep understanding ofchild development and issues that students and families may face.

    Ms. Matthew and Mr. Vassel, with the support of the other board members, will recruitadditional board members in the near future, resulting in a strong board with a range ofbackgrounds and expertise.

  • II. School VisionA Typical Day at Ben Franklin Elementary

    At Ben Franklin Elementary, learning begins immediately when students enter thebuilding in the morning and continues at every moment throughout the day. Everyone at BenFranklin knows that they are part of the Ben Franklin family through the positive culture thatpermeates the school environment. A typical day for a student at Ben Franklin can be seenthrough the eyes of Cedric, a 1st grade student. He rides the school bus to the lower schoolcampus, arriving at school at 7:30. He gets off the bus with his peers and is greeted with a hugone of the schools Master Teachers as he goes into the cafeteria where he eats breakfast.

    At 7:50, the whole school daily morning meeting begins. Cedric is excited because todayis the day that his homeroom is the Class of the Day, which means that they are given thegreat responsibility of leading morning meeting. Cedrics class stands in front of the BenFranklin family in the cafeteria and leads the morning meeting by having different students takeon various parts of the daily meeting. Once Ms. Matthew greets the student body, visitors seethe class of the day and individual students be the leaders of the morning meeting for theirpeers, with the rest of the school engaged and respectful. One of Cedrics classmates then leadsthe school family in the Pledge of Allegiance, another recites the school alma mater, and leadsthe school creed. Cedric then leads the school in reciting the schools mission: We will excelacademically and individually. Ms. Matthew leads the entire Ben Franklin Family in the pledgetogether to: Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours and mine.

    Its now 8:00, and teachers quickly transition their homerooms to their classrooms, witha sense of urgency apparent already. Homeroom occurs until 8:15, during which teachers takerole for the day and students work on a do now activity thats displayed on the classroomPromethean board. At 8:15, music from the Harmony Program comes over the loudspeaker, anonverbal signal for the transition to leveled reading group time. All students in first throughfifth grades participate in guided reading, whether they are in need of intensive readingintervention or whether they are reading multiple grade levels above their current grade.Visitors will see that every staff member who can teach has a guided reading group at this time,including the librarian, computer teacher, and interventionists, so that all students are able toreceive tailored small group instruction at their specific reading level.

    Cedrics guided reading class has 15 students in it, allowing a lot of individual attentionfor every student. Visitors will see that the class is fast-paced, with the teacher starting with theoverview of the day, and then moving into the Reading Roots portion of class, during whichCedric and his peers work on decoding and phonics lessons that serve as foundations forreading. After Reading Roots, students engage in cooperative learning with partners and as awhole group, incorporating technology, reading, and writing into this one class period.

    Music comes on over the loudspeaker again at 10:00, and students quickly transitionback to their homerooms. Literacy instruction continues for Cedric during his 50 minute ELAclass, where his teacher reinforces reading skills and strategies, but focuses on writingstandards and spelling lessons as well. His teacher, Ms. Anderson, introduces the daily focus(capitalization at the beginning of each sentence) by modeling writing on the Prometheanboard, followed by the class working together to edit the model according to the rubric andwith particular attention to capitalization of sentences. Students then move to writing on their

  • own according the days topic. After hes finished writing, Cedric and his partner then edit eachothers writing, helping one another understand their mistakes and improve their writing.

    Cedrics class transitions to lunch at 10:50. As theyre waiting in the hallway to get theirlunch trays, visitors see that all of the teachers are using very minute for learning. Ms. Andersonhas chosen today to have Cedrics class skip count by twos with her, and they practice silentlysaying odd numbers in their heads while whispering the even numbers aloud. Cedrics class sitstogether to eat, with students chatting with one another at their assigned class tables. Oncetheyre finished eating, Cedric and his classmates go out to the play yard where visitors seethem engage in cooperative play activities which are based on the PlayWorks program.

    By 11:35, Cedrics class is back in their classroom with Ms. Anderson, who begins mathclass with a quick do now on the Promethean board based on spiraling back in components ofyesterdays lesson. She then introduces the daily objective and begins active instruction andmodeling. Visitors would notice that shes utilizing the Eureka curriculum and that students areengaged and participating in all parts of the lesson, even the introductory modeling. Cedric andhis tablemates work on practice problems together after Ms. Anderson explains their guidedpractice, utilizing Kagan structures that theyve learned throughout the past two years at BenFranklin. His class then transitions to the independent work portion of the lesson, and studentswork on Zearn and IXL on computers. During the last five minutes of class, Cedric demonstrateswhat hes learned by solving two problems on an exit ticket that he turns into Ms. Anderson,beginning his nightly homework if he finishes early.

    At 12:45, Social Students and Science begins. Cedric loves these classes, as both arehands-on instruction that connects to real life. Cedric is working on map skills through readingand interpreting a map key during Social Studies, and then works with his classmates in Sciencethrough center activities. His favorite center today is when they get to use microscopes to seethe different parts of a plant close up. An integral component of these classes is studentdiscussion, when students articulate, debate, and discuss their learnings with one another.

    The school day at Ben Franklin Elementary wraps up at 3:30, when Ms. Matthew beginsafternoon announcements with Good afternoon, Ben Franklin family. She recognizes studentswhose birthday it was, as well as gives updates on club meetings and other reminders. Studentsare dismissed, and Cedric proceeds to his bus line. Right before he boards his bus, Ms. Matthewasks him what the best part of his day was; Cedric, knowing that just saying recess or lunch isnever an acceptable answers, is ready with his response: When Jamira and I used themicroscope to look at all the tiny plant roots! To visitors, Cedrics response is final reminder ofthe cooperative learning and family focus that are present each day at Ben Franklin Elementary.

    Educational Philosophy and ProgramBen Franklin Elementary is founded in the belief that every student will excel

    academically and individually. The expectation is that every student, regardless of his or herachievement level at the beginning of the year, will make at least one years growth with thedesire that if every student grows at least one year, many will grow more than one.Instructional delivery is based on experiential learning and a hands-on model, with science andmath interwoven throughout all aspects of the school.

    Best practices and research-based models and programs are used cohesively to definethe educational program at Ben Franklin Elementary. Components of Success For All are

  • interwoven into the Ben Franklin model, as shown through the 90-minute guided readingperiod that all 1st through 5th students participate in, with students who are reading belowgrade level put into smaller groups for more individualized attention. In addition to Success ForAll, Ben Franklin Elementary incorporates a tiered continuum of Kagan strategies by grade levelthat students learn and utilize every year that they attend the school, leading to increasedcooperation and communication within the classroom and between students. With cooperativegroups, students hold both themselves and one another accountable for ensuring thateveryone in their group is mastering the material and on the path to success.

    Ben Franklin Elementary classrooms follow Madeline Hunters gradual release model ofinstruction, which slowly increases responsibility and ownership from the teacher to thestudents throughout the course of a lesson. All lessons begin with a do now activity, followedby the introduction of the skill, strategy, or information during the I do, then guided practiceduring the we do when students utilize their cooperative learning skills to work with andlearn from one another, to the you do in independent practice when students are given timeto apply their newly learned skills or strategies on their own. Classes end with an exit ticket sothat students can demonstrate the content or skills that they have mastered.

    Relationship to the District and CommunityThe conversion of Ben Franklin Elementary from an OPSB direct-run school to a charter

    school fulfills a priority that the District has identified for improving public education in NewOrleans. Ben Franklin Elementary currently serves all students from the city of New Orleans as awhole, and is committed to doing so in the future. Ben Franklin currently has twoprekindergarten classes for students with special needs, and will continue to service this high-needs population of students moving forward, both when they begin school asprekindergarteners and as they progress throughout elementary school. Ben Franklin is a mathand science school that hopes to develop future mathematicians and scientists.

    Ben Franklin Elementary has fostered multiple community relationships and supportstructures that lead to its success, and it is committed to continuing them in the future. Tulane University provides support in multiple ways, including students teaching a media

    class for 6th grade students, training the debate team twice per week after school, leadingthe robotics club meeting once per week, and hosting a STEM summer program inpartnership with GE for girls.

    University of New Orleans teaches a reading methods class on campus, with UNO studentsin the class then providing tutoring and instruction to the most struggling students.

    Xavier Confucius Institute is a partnership with university in China that provides twoMandarin teachers to Ben Franklin Elementary, who teach Mandarin to students in PreK-3rd.

    Algebra Project is a grant-funded program with collaboration with Dillard and XavierUniversities that provides two weeks of summer training for middle school math teachers.

    Project Lead the Way is a science initiative that provides intensive summer training for twoteachers (one at each campus) who then lead and implement hands-on STEM programmingand train other teachers to do so as well.

    STAIR is reading program that provides tutors to about 10 2nd grade students afterschool onTuesdays and Thursdays.

  • III. School Management and Finances

    School ManagementThe Ben Franklin Elementary leadership team will consist of the following positions andassociated responsibilities:

    Principal: The Principal of Ben Franklin Elementary will set and instill the overall visionfor the school, and is ultimately accountable for the academic and financial success ofthe school. S/he is responsible for managing, supporting, and developing leadershipteam members, and for evaluating them and all staff members. The Ben FranklinElementary Principal will support discipline and culture, addressing parent concerns andbeing the foremost member for parent communication. The Principal will also supportand coach a small group of teachers, in addition to doing quick pop-in observations forall instructional team members to ensure the overall academic model is cohesive andeffective.

    Assistant Principals: Ben Franklin Elementary will have two Assistant Principals, one foreach of the two campuses. The PreK-5th Assistant Principal at the Lakefront Campusleads all campus discipline matters, manages school-wide academic data, and serves astesting coordinator for both campuses. The 6th-8th Assistant Principal at the NashvilleCampus supports campus discipline matters and manages discipline and culture datacollection, including from Class Dojo and PowerSchool. Both Assistant Principals willmanage, support, and develop a group of teachers at their campus, and will assistMaster Teachers in planning for and assist with cluster meetings.

    Dean of Students: The Dean of Students will lead discipline and culture for 6th through8th grade students at the Nashville Campus, which includes conferencing with students,following up with students, parents, and/or teachers after discipline issues arise, andmeeting with the 6th-8th Assistant Principal so that s/he can stay abreast on the holisticneeds of the campus and its students.

    Master Teachers: Three master teachers will plan and facilitate weekly professionaldevelopment sessions (cluster meetings) for teachers, including reviewing and reflectingon student work and data. Master Teachers will ensure the continuity between clustermeetings and instruction by observing and providing feedback to teachers; they willmainly support and develop teachers who are struggling to provide them the greatestamount and intensity of support.

    Director of Operations and Finance: The newly created position of Director ofOperations and Finance (DOF) will be responsible for leading all back-office functions ofthe school. The DOF will manage all budgetary and financial reporting duties; vendorrelations, including custodial, transportation, and food service, as applicable; studentdata and PEP reporting; procurement and bids; and payroll. The DOF will also managethe front office support staff and other operations employees.

    Special Education Coordinator: Another new leadership position will be the SpecialEducation Coordinator, who will be responsible for all special education and exceptionalstudent services compliance and federal programs. The Special Education Coordinator

  • will ensure that students receive all instruction and services, as per their IEPS or 504plans, and will support and coach special education teachers and support staff.

    In order for Ben Franklin Elementary to be successful, the school leader must have a proventrack record of student success and hold the belief that all students are capable of achieving athigh levels. Additionally, the leader will possess the following qualities and traits:

    Visionary leader who will inspire the students, staff, parents, and community of theschool

    Prior leadership experience in an economically disadvantaged school, withdemonstrated academic and cultural success

    Deep instructional knowledge of learning Proven ability to develop and grow midlevel leaders and staff members Community focus and involvement Passion for math and science education and focus, with ideas that will integrate math

    and science into all aspects of the school

    Ben Franklin Elementary will charter independent of a charter management organization,though its board and partner support (as indicated above) will be integral to its success.

    Financial PlanThe key variables to the schools financial viability are student enrollment and staffing andcompensation levels. The enrollment risk for Ben Franklin Elementary is low because theschool has been in operation as a direct-run school of OPSB since Katrina, its enrollment hasbeen stable for many years, and the school maintains a reputation in the community forexcellence. Ben Franklin Elementary also has a well-established daily schedule that forms thebasis for its staffing model, and its teacher retention rate is consistently high.

    Ben Franklin Elementary will not depend on funding in excess of the MFP and federal funding itwill receive. Furthermore, Ben Franklin Elementary will not need to secure additional funding,but it will seek competitive grants to supplement its proposed budget and provide additionalservices or programs to its students.

  • Charlotte L. Matthew - 1

    Charlotte L. Matthew, M.Ed.

    Objective To make a difference in the lives of students and staff by providing high quality

    leadership geared towards academic and individual success.

    Certification State of Louisiana, State Department of Education Type A 040563

    Principal, Parish or City School Supervisor of Instruction, Supervisor of Student Teaching, Elementary Grades K - 8

    Experience 1997 2017 New Orleans Public Schools Principal Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School

    Avery Alexander Elementary (McDonogh 39)/Sophie B. Wright Middle School

    1989 2017 Southern Coalition for Educational Equity Senior Consultant, Curriculum Planner, Teacher Coach

    1992 2005 Childrens Defense Fund Curriculum Planner, Educational Consultant,

    Staff Development Coach, Program Evaluator

    1995 1998 AmeriCorps Adventures in Excellence Curriculum Planner, Educational Consultant, Staff Development Coach

    1993 2000 LEAP - Yale Law School Curriculum Planner, Educational Consultant, Staff Development Coach

    1997 1998 Jefferson Parish Public Schools Region I School Support Team Member Live Oak Elementary

    1992 1996 Foundation for the Mid South Faculty Fellow for Early Adolescence

    1989 1997 New Orleans Public Schools Staff Development Teacher, Instructional Advocate, Teacher Advocate

    Summer 1990 Southern University of New Orleans Adjunct Instructor Reading Methods

    1987 1989 New Orleans Public Schools Junior/Middle Program Coordinator, New Orleans Effective Schools Project

    1982 1987 New Orleans Public Schools Teacher 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades Self Contained

    Summer 1982 New Orleans Public Schools Curriculum Specialist Academically Enhanced Program

    1980 1982 New Orleans Public Schools Staff Development Associate Secondary Curriculum Improvement Program

    1976 1980 New Orleans Public Schools Teacher 6th and 7th Grades English, Language Arts, Social Studies

    Awards 2015 Principal of the Year - Orleans Parish Schools 2015 Louisiana Principal of the Year - Semi-Finalist

    241 Metairie Heights Avenue Home Office Metairie, Louisiana 70001 Personal Cell (504) 228-6415 Cell charlotte matthew@gmail.com

  • Charlotte L. Matthew - 2

    Professional Development Presentation Topics Book Conferences; Classroom Management; Clinical Supervision; COMPASS; Composition as a Process; Cooperative Learning; Coping as a First Year Teacher; Developmental Awareness; Directed Reading Thinking Activity; Early Adolescence; Effective Teaching Practices; EXCEL; Glasser in the Classroom; Good to Great; Hands On Science; Journal Writing; Learning Centers; Managing Stress; Mastery Learning; New Teacher Training; NIET; Partnerships in Learning; Positive Discipline; Project Based Learning; Reading Strategies; Reciprocal Teaching; Refining our Professional Learning Community; Standards Based Instruction; Student Centered Learning; Thematic Teaching; Whole Language; Writing Apprehension Getting Students to Write

    Education 1982 M.Ed. University of New Orleans

    Curriculum and Instruction/Administration 1976 B.A. University of New Orleans Elementary Education/Language Arts

    College Activities 1975 1976 - SGA President, College of Education

    University Senate Academic Affairs Committee

    1974 1975 SGA Representative, College of Education

    University of New Orleans Board of Directors International Alumni Association

    Institutes NIET; SCIMAST; Project Adventure; Junior Great Books; Teacher Coaching;

    Greater New Orleans Writing Project Fellow; Teacher Corps; Success for All

    Publications Parent Power News 1996 - 2017 Adventures in Excellence Curriculum Guide

    NOPS Academically Enhanced Program Black Student Alliance Youth Program Freedom School Curriculum

    Grants KaBOOM Playground Benjamin Franklin Elementary Success for All School Wide Model Benjamin Franklin Elementary CSRD Wright Middle School Target Teach

    CSRP Avery Alexander Elementary Responsive Classroom SAVE Avery Alexander Elementary Students Against Violence Everywhere Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

    Wright Middle School After School Program

    Professional Memberships/Advisories American Association of University Women - Metairie/East bank Branch Offices Held: President; Educational Foundation Program Chair;

    Scholarship Chair; Womens Issues Chair; Vice President; Secretary Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

    Childrens Defense Fund Freedom Schools Advisory Board HPHP Principal Coach Kappa Delta Pi

    National Association for Elementary School Principals LAP-NESP Phi Delta Kappa State Superintendents Principal Advisory Board Interests Family Church - Elder; Clerk of Session Reading; Outdoor Activities; Music

  • 8/6/2017

    Charlotte L. Matthew 241 Metairie Heights Avenue

    Metairie, Louisiana 70001

    Since 1976, Charlotte Matthew has been dedicated to improving the quality of education for the students of Orleans Parish. She considers herself to be a servant leader and peacemaker. Since 1997 she has been a Principal and is currently at Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School (BFE) in uptown New Orleans. Franklin has expanded under her leadership to two campuses and now serves pre-kindergarten through eighth grades. Ms. Matthew was selected as the OPSB Principal of the Year for the 2015-2016 school term and was a semifinalist for the Principal of the Year for the Louisiana Department of Education. She has served on the State Superintendents Principals Advisory Board as well as was a High Poverty/High Performing School Coach for the LDOE. A New Orleans native, Ms. Matthew enjoys Carnival and has participated in the Metairie St. Patricks Parade, Krewe of Iris and was Queen of Shangri-La. She is also a long time season ticket holder of the New Orleans Saints and is an active member of the Who Dat Nation. Charlotte is married to Timothy Parker and they have two daughters, Irene and Katherine. She enjoys her family, community, outdoor activities, cooking and music.

  • Tommie A. Vassel, CPA, CGMA

    Mr. Vassel is a nationally recognized Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in Louisiana with over 35years of diverse experience. He also holds the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). Heis an alumnus of Deloitte and Touche one of the largest International Accounting firms in the world. Heis currently President of Global Profit Strategies a financial and management consulting firmheadquartered in New Orleans, LA.



    Global Profit Strategies, LLC New Orleans, LA January 2006 Present

    Provide professional financial and management consulting services to governmental, industry andprivate organizations. Experience includes fiscal and program compliance, monitoring, analytical review,rate studies, consent decrees, water, sewer & drainage utilities, project management and disasterrecovery. The firm has experience in FEMA project worksheets, electric and gas utilities, school districts,motion picture productions, home health care, construction, transportation and sports franchises.


    Tommie A. Vassel, CPA New Orleans, LA January 1994 Present

    Provide financial and program compliance and monitoring for various federal contracts to the NewOrleans City Council and the Mayors Office. We assisted local Assessor with the documentation of localproperties and their valuations. Provide accounting, financial statement preparation, review and taxservices to small and medium size companies. Industries include Home Health Care, Transportation,movie industry and non profits.


    New Orleans Brass Hockey Team January 1997 June 2002

    The Brass played in the East Coast Hockey League from 1997 through 2002 season. The team initiallyplayed in the New Orleans Municipal Auditorium before assisting the state in building the New OrleansArena where they played their final three seasons. The team set attendance records and reached theplayoffs in each of its seasons.

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    New Orleans Chamber of CommerceMetroVision Partnership Foundation January 1991 December 1993

    Tommie was responsible for the overall operations of the Chamber, a membership organization andMetroVision, which focused on economic development for the New Orleans Region. Responsible for thefinancial records of a 2400 member organization. Prepared monthly financial statements, maintainedthe general ledger and reported to the Board of Directors. Mr. Vassel implemented a new computersystem and phone system to enhance operations of all organizations. Tommie also managed the humanresource and membership departments.

    Adjunct Professor

    Southern University of New Orleans August 1983 December 1992

    Dillard University New Orleans December 1981 May 1982

    Mr. Vassel taught auditing and entry level accounting courses to traditional and nontraditional students.Tommie was able to bring real life experiences to the students in addition to the theory in the textbooks.

    Partner- In- Charge

    Vassel & Company, CPAs New Orleans, LA July 1983 December 1994

    Tommie managed a local CPA firm that provided auditing, tax, accounting and management advisoryservices to small, medium size companies, individuals and to local and federal government agencies.Areas of expertise included school districts, home health care agencies, construction and utilities. Firmprovided the first ever audit to the District Attorneys Office. Wrote policies and Procedure manuals forthe Student Activities Funds at the 132 schools of the Orleans Parish School Board.


    Montegut & Rabb, CPAs New Orleans July 1981 June 1983

    Tommie managed a staff of 4 accountants on audits of the southern regional school districts. Performedlocal sales tax audits for local governments and audited construction companies and other mid sizecompanies. Tommie also reviewed all tax returns for accuracy.

  • Internal Auditor/Revenue Accountant

    Mobile Oil Corporation New Orleans January 1981 June 1981

    Examined contracts of the local office and reviewed all cost reports of oil and gas producing wells.Reviewed the procedures for the reporting of all expenses related to oil production. Mr. Vasselrenegotiated the building lease contract to produce significant savings for the company.

    Senior Assistant Accountant

    Deloitte and Touche (Formerly Haskins and Sells) New Orleans June 1978 December 1980

    Tommie worked in the audit department on clients such as colleges and universities, manufacturingcompanies, electric and gas utilities, and public transportation. Tommie also worked in the taxdepartment preparing tax returns for high income individuals during tax season.

    Volunteer Board Member/President Pro-Tem

    New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board New Orleans, LA October 2002 October 2011

    I was appointed to the Board by the Mayor of New Orleans for a nine year term. I served on the Financecommittee and the Pension committee. The Board has assets of approximately $2 billion and annualrevenue of approximately $200 million. After Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, Mr. Vassels peerselected him as president Pro-Tem from 2006 until 2011. Mr. Vassel was instrumental in securing billionsof dollars for repairs to Citys levees and over a half billion dollars for direct repairs to the Boardsinfrastructure after Katrina. Mr. Vassel also assisted with the renegotiation of the Boards ConsentDecree and led the board in obtaining rate increases to help stabilize the operations of the Board.Tommie frequented Washington DC lobbying Congress and other federal departments for funding forthe Water Board and City of New Orleans.


    Volunteer Board Member/Vice Chair of Board/Chair of Finance Committee

    Catholic Charities Archdioceses of New Orleans, LA January 2003 December 2015

    Catholic Charities of New Orleans is one of the largest Catholic Charities in the United States with over42 programs and an annual budget of over $50 million and total assets over $40 million. Mr Vasseltenure as Chairman began in 2014. Mr. Vassel has been chairman of the Finance committee since 2006and was elected Vice Chair of the Board in 2012.


    Dillard University 1978 Bachelor of Arts in Accounting (With Honors)

  • Professional Organizations and Awards

    State Board of Louisiana CPAs Licensed CPA -- 1981 - Present

    Society of Louisiana CPAs President, 2006 -- 2007

    American Institute of CPAs Council Member-at-Large, 2002 2005

    National Association of Black Accountants President, 1992 -- 1994

    American Institute of CPAs National Public Service Award, 2001

    Dillard University Distinguished Alumni, 1997

    Orleans Parish School Board Appointed Board Member District 7

    WDSU-TV (NBC Affiliate) Making A Difference Award, 2001

    American Institute of CPAs Chairman of Benevolent Fund, 2004 2010

    Young Leadership Council Role Model Award, 2008

    Family Service of Greater New Orleans Outstanding Person Award, 2013

    WWL-TV (CBS Affiliate) Quiet Hero Award, 2002

    Contact Information:

    Tommie A. Vassel


    Tommie A. Vassel, CPA, CGMA is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant in Louisiana (CPA) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). He is President of Global Profit Strategies, LLC (GPS) a financial and management consulting firm located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tommie Vassels illustrious career began in 1978 with the Big Eight accounting firm of Deloitte Haskins & Sells, currently known as Deloitte & Touche. From 1981 through 1983 Mr. Vassel was employed by Mobile Oil Corporation and a local CPA firm preparing himself for the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur. In 1983, he opened a CPA firm which focused on auditing small businesses and governmental entities. He also served as an adjunct professor at Dillard University and Southern University of New Orleans from 1983 -- 1990. In 1991 Mr. Vassel was named Chief Financial Officer of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce and the MetroVision Partnership Foundation. He remained in that position until opening his consulting firm in late 1994. Mr. Vassel began his education in the New Orleans Public School System and graduated 6th in his High School class from Joseph S. Clark. He is a 1978 honors graduate from Dillard University in New Orleans with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Accounting. Mr. Vassel has actively volunteered in the education arena and was appointed to serve on the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) in 1997.

  • Certificate Type NUMBER VALID


    Certificate Issued To:


    By the Louisiana Department of Education, based upon the following:



    ELIGIBILITY: The holder of this certificate is eligible for the following area(s) and/or terms:

    ELEMENTARY GRADES 1-8, 08/31/2000

    TEACHER LEADER, 03/25/2009



    Holders of an Educational Leader endorsement are required to complete 150 continuing learning units of professional development consistent with the Individual Professional Growth Plan (IPGP) over a five year time period., 08/15/2012

    The Educational Leader Level 1 shall have three years once employed in an administrative capacity to complete the one-year Educational Leader Induction Program., 08/15/2012

    Dr. Gary Jones John White

    7/29/2017 1:03:54 PM

  • Certificate Type NUMBER VALID


    Certificate Issued To:


    By the Louisiana Department of Education, based upon the following:



    ELIGIBILITY: The holder of this certificate is eligible for the following area(s) and/or terms:

    ELEMENTARY GRADES 1-8, 05/18/1992


    Dr. Gary Jones John White

    7/29/2017 1:02:28 PM

  • Certificate Type NUMBER VALID


    Certificate Issued To:


    By the Louisiana Department of Education, based upon the following:



    ELIGIBILITY: The holder of this certificate is eligible for the following area(s) and/or terms:

    ELEMENTARY GRADES 1-8, 09/11/1992

    NURSERY SCHOOL, 09/11/1992

    KINDERGARTEN, 09/11/1992

    READING SPECIALIST (1-12), 12/10/2003


    Dr. Gary Jones John White

    7/29/2017 1:00:39 PM

  • SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONSCompetent and enthusiastic employee, whose experience and commitment to excellence allow for superbimplementation in the coordination, planning, and support of daily operational and administrative functions.

    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Delgado Community College New Orleans, Louisiana 2008 to Present

    Assistant to Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Actively involved in College policy development and revision. Oversees the Colleges Endowed Professorship Award process and the Student Technology Enhancement

    Program Evaluates data from optimal sources and assesses results with College leaders such as DFW Reports, Space

    Utilization Reports and Low Completer. Discusses sensitive information with students which requires advanced knowledge of both Academic and

    Student Affairs Works in partnership with divisions and other colleges and universities to develop and revise Articulation

    Agreements and College Connection Agreements Collaborates and participates in the development, implementation and management of internal policies, state

    and federal regulations, and accrediting standards Member of team that structures and organizes College Councils and Committee that are governed by the

    Office of Academic Affairs

    DELGADO COMMUNITY COLLEGE New Orleans, Louisiana October 2013 to September 2016 Site Manager for Sidney N. Collier Site

    Collaborated with the project manager, CSRS and college administrators to build, design furnish the Delgado Sidney Collier Site

    Managed day to day academic and student operations Worked with contractors and vendors on proper installations and general progress Determined the appropriate courses, schedule and location of classes Established community relations through outreach and inclusion Recruited, advised new, returning and transfer students Served as liaison between students and faculty for both academic and student affairs Provided professional development for staff

    Assistant to the Provost, City Park Campus 2005-2009 Developed and conducted training sessions for staff and faculty including co-founding the Professional

    Development Academy Verified teaching credentials for fulltime and part time faculty per SACS requirements Managed the Student Opinion of Instruction process for all three campuses which provided surveys to each

    face to face course Participated in the annual budget evaluation process including the justification of new positions Assisted students with concerns regarding faculty, staff and college processes

    Academic Specialist 2004-2005 Insured all teaching faculty, college wide, had appropriate credentials per SACS requirements Created database of all teaching faculty which included their teaching credentials and all degrees earned Served as liaison between Provosts and Office of Vice Chancellor for Learning and Student development

    Human Resources Analyst 2003-2004 Conducted training for all college personnel on Sexual Harassment, Violence in the Workplace, Performance

    Planning and Review, and New Employee Orientation Monitored and managed the evaluation process (PPR) for classified employees Reviewed and posted all job announcements on HR website and national publications

    SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY AT NEW ORLEANS New Orleans, Louisiana 1999 to 2003

  • Human Resources Analyst Created process and forms for background checks for all new employees Reviewed and approved all paperwork for new hires Conducted workshops on New Employee Orientation, Conducting Performance Planning and Review and

    Effective Interviewing Techniques Weed and Seed Coordinator

    Managed federal grant for academic and social enrichment for students living in a high crime area THE RITZ CARLTON HOTEL New Orleans, Louisiana 2001 to 2002Employment Coordinator & Training Coordinator

    Actively recruited and interviewed potential team members Conducted two-day new employee orientation classes and other employee related classes

    EDUCATION Southern New Hampshire University Graduate Program Currently enrolled

    Southern University at New Orleans B.A. in English: 1986-1990

    AFFILIATIONSDelgado Community College Unclassified Association President; Louisiana Diversity Council Advisory Board;; McDonogh 35 High School Alumni Board; Past State Representative and Secretary of Louisiana Association of Women in Higher Education; Greater New Orleans C.Y.W. Temple of Daughter of Elks. Elks State Directress of Education, and State Public Relations; Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale Member; Desire Community Outreach

  • CURRICULUM VITAE Angela Henry Wilklow, LCSW, BACS

    ___________________ ____________________ Professional Overview I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who has worked for over 18 years in the field of social work in the Greater New Orleans area. I began my career at East Jefferson General Hospital working with adults with severe and persistent mental illness, substance abuse and outpatient counseling. The majority of my work experience was gained at the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority (JPHSA) where I was employed for 13 years. For 10 years I served as the Director of the Child and Family Services Division. In my career at JPSHA I worked as a liaison to other child serving agencies such as the Jefferson Parish Public School System, Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court & Juvenile Services and the Department of Child and Family Services. I represented the agency on various boards, task forces and planning groups, such as the Jefferson Parish Child and Youth Planning Board. During my tenure I directed the operations of many evidence based prevention and mental health programs such as, Lifeskills Training, Multi-Systemic Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Olweus Bullying Prevention and Nurse Family Partnership. In my private practice I provide counseling to adolescents, adults and families. Additionally, I have experience working with issues such as foster care, adoption, step-families, divorce, supervised visitation, relationship issues and youth behavior problems. I am a Board Approved Clinical Supervisor (BACS) and provide clinical supervision to social workers working toward licensure. Licensure August 2002 - Current Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners #5065 April 2007 - Current Board Approved Clinical Supervisor (BACS), Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners Professional Experience September 2014 - Current Private Practice, Angela Henry Wilklow, LCSW, BACS May 2001 - Sept. 2014 Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority January 2003 - Oct. 2005 Private Practice, Angela Henry, LCSW

    December 1998-April 2001 East Jefferson General Hospital Education December 1998 Master of Social Work, Tulane University School of Social Work May 1997 B.A. Psychology, Newcomb College, Tulane University Professional Affiliations National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Member Supervised Visitation Network Member Community Service April 2012 October 2016 Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services, Certified Foster Home/Parent


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