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    Application Part I


    Enrollment Projection Form Provide the following information for each school included in this proposal. Specify the planned year of opening for each (duplicating the table as needed).

    School Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

    Grade Level

    Number of Students

    Year 1:

    Year 2: Year 3: Year 4: Year 5: Year at


















    Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School

    35 35 35 35 35 35

    75 75 75 75 75 75

    78 78 78 78 78 78

    78 78 78 78 78 78

    84 84 84 84 84 84

    84 84 84 84 84 84

    84 84 84 84 84 84

    84 84 84 84 84 84

    84 84 84 84 84 84

    84 84 84 84 84 84

    770 770 770 770 770 770822 822 822 822 822 822


    Application Part I


    School Management Form

    Do any of the following describe your organization or any of the school(s) proposed in this application?

    Will contract or partner with an education service provider (ESP) or other organization to provide school management services.

    If so, identify the provider:

    Will have a corporate partner as defined in LA R.S. 17.3991.1.

    If so, identify the partner:

    The applicant has previously participated in the OPSB charter RFA process.

    If so, is the application currently on appeal to the State?

    Already operates schools in Louisiana or elsewhere in the US (indicate which state(s) below)

    If so, which state(s)

    Certification I certify that I have the authority to submit this application and that all information contained herein is complete and accurate. I recognize that any misrepresentation could result in disqualification from the application process or revocation after approval. The person named as the contact person for the application is so authorized to serve as the primary contact for this application on behalf of the organization.

    Signature of Application Primary Contact Date

    Print Name & Title of Application Primary Contact



    Charlotte Matthew Digitally signed by Charlotte Matthew Date: 2017.08.07 10:07:11 -05'00'

    Charlotte Matthew, Principal


    Eligibility and Prospectus


    School Prospectus Form

    Please limit your narrative response to a recommended maximum total of 8 pages (excluding founder resumes and bios)

    III. A. School Founders Information (Recommended 3 pages maximum excluding founder resumes and bios) The purpose of providing information about the schools founders is to document the capacity of the people who will be responsible for the schools success. Your responses should supplement and may reference founder information included in submitted resumes and bios. Definition: a school founder is someone who will either be a founding board member of the approved school or someone who will be in a leadership position on the staff of the school including but not limited to the executive director and/or instructional leader, if identified. A school founder does not include someone who helps develop the charter application unless that person also meets the definition, above. Founders Submission

    1. Attach resumes and a brief bio (150 words, maximum) for each identified school founder (see above definition).

    2. Describe the strengths in terms of experience, skills, and capacity that the founding group as a whole brings to your proposal and will bring to the school. (2 pages, maximum).

    3. Describe critical kinds of experience, skills, and capacity that the founding group still needs and outline your plans for developing or adding these. (1 page, maximum)

    III.B. School vision

    (Recommended 3 pages maximum)

    1. Describe the school you want to create for children.

    What will a typical day look and feel like for children who attend the school?

    What should people who visit the school observe happening on a typical day?

    2. Describe the educational philosophy and program.

    What beliefs will your school reflect about how children learn?

    What are the key characteristics and components of the educational program in terms of learning materials, instructional practices, structure of learning time, etc.

    3. Describe the schools relationship to the District and the community.

    Will your school fulfill any priorities that the District has identified for improving public education? Discuss.

    Will your school make a distinctive educational program or model available to children in the city as a whole or in a particular neighborhood? Discuss.

    Is the school designed to serve a particular student population? Discuss.

    What community relationships and/or support have you secured that are important to the success of the school? Discuss.


    Eligibility and Prospectus


    III.C. School management and finances (Recommended 2 pages maximum)

    1. How will the school be managed?

    Describe the key leadership positions and responsibilities.

    What essential qualities must the school leader have in order for the school to be successful?

    Describe any key third party partners such as a charter management organization or school program advisor that will be integral to the schools success. Explain the partners anticipated role, responsibilities, and reporting responsibilities.

    2. Provide an overview of the financial plan.

    What are the key variables that will determine financial viability?

    To what extent will your plan depend on funding above the public per pupil allocations?

    What are your current plans or prospects for securing the additional funding needed, including but not limited to start-up funding?

  • Ben Franklin ElementarySchool Prospectus


    I. School Founders Information

    Strengths of the Founding GroupCharlotte Matthew has over four decades of experience in education, beginning her career as ateacher for grades four through nine with New Orleans Public School. She later served as aninstructional advocate, curriculum specialist, and staff development associate within NewOrleans Public Schools, and also was an Adjunct Instructor of Reading Methods at SouthernUniversity In New Orleans. She began her career as principal in 1997 and is currently leadingBenjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School.

    Ms. Matthew has vast experience in education outside of the school setting as well. Incoordination with the Orleans Parish School Board, the United Teachers of New Orleans, andthe Southern Coalition for Educational Equity, she served as a Program Coordinator for the NewOrleans Effective Schools Project. She continues to be a senior consultant for the SouthernCoalition for Educational Equity. Additionally, Ms. Matthew has been a curriculum planner andeducational consultant for the Childrens Defense Fund (CDF) where she assisted the BlackStudent Alliance Youth Program with designing their Freedom School Curriculum. She currentlyserves on the advisory board for CDFs Freedom Schools, which are still in implementationaround the United States.

    Ms. Matthew is an instructional leader who has demonstrated success for students byoperating a B-rated school with high parent demand. Ms. Matthew has deep knowledge ofinstructional pedagogy, research based practices and strategies, and student-centeredcurriculum and instruction. She has developed and supported teachers and staff for almostthirty years, assisting with their professional growth and assisting them to improve theirskillsets.

    In addition to her proven leadership and instructional skills, Ms. Matthew also has a wealth ofexperience and capacity with maximizing resources in order to best serve her students. As theleader of Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Ms. Matthew has managed her school budget andallocated limited resources effectively. She has secured additional funding to introduce andcontinue multiple programs within her schools.

    Mr. Tommie Vassel is the other half of the founding team of Legacy of Excellence, the non-profit that is proposing to charter and operate Ben Franklin Elementary. Mr. Vassels strengthsand skills complement those of Ms. Matthew, as he is a distinguished business and servantleader in the community of New Orleans. Mr. Vassel is a CPA with over 36 years of experience,having owned and operated his own consulting firm for the past two decades. His clients andexperiences are very diverse, including governmental entities, health care, construction, movieproduction, school districts, water, sewer, drainage, electric/gas utility companies and a diverse

  • group of professionals. His skills include auditing, fiscal and program compliance, projectmanagement, analytical review, rate study and consent decree, all of which are skills that hewill bring to the Legacy of Excellence board.

    Mr. Vassel has an extensive record of supporting schools and youth as well in multiplecapacities, and also has experience serving on a variety of boards. Mr. Vassel served on theOrleans Parish School Board, beginning in 1997, when OPSB was the largest school district inLouisiana with over 75,000 studen