original oil paintings by siesta key - sarasota artist lloyd dobson

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http://www.LloydDobsonArtist.com - Lloyd Dobson made Siesta Key & Sarasota area his new home in 2013 when he moved down from Treasure Island, Florida. Prior to that the was from the Lake-of-the-Ozarks in Missouri. He has a track record of putting together many art events and even owned and operated an art gallery in Laguna Beach and Canoga Park, California. To learn more about Lloyd and his art: http://www.LloydDobsonArtist.com


  • 1. Original OilPaintingsBy Siesta Key / Sarasota ArtistLloyd Dobsonwww.LloydDobsonArtist.com

2. I was born in Kansas City,Missouri and raised inIndependence, Missouri. Istudied art in high school andcollege where I was blessed to winnumerous art awards andribbons. In Missouri I studiedunder the late artist AndrewThoman. After a year in college Imigrated to Southern California. 3. Soon after moving to SouthernCalifornia I continued my passionfor oil painting and studied underCalifornia artist Bert Carter. Ientered many art shows where Icontinued to win ribbons for mywork, as well as selling oilpaintings to hundreds of clientsthroughout the United States andCanada. 4. My work is enjoyed in privatecollections with some of the morenotable collectors are ArtLinkletter, Debbie Reynolds andDebbie Reynold's mother. 5. In 1967 I partnered with threeother artist and opened a galleryin Laguna Beach, California. Thatsame year opened a gallery andstudio in Canoga Park, Californiawhere I taught oil painting aswell. 6. In 2007 I moved to TreasureIsland, Florida where Floridaswest coast now seem to influencemy paintings. In 2013 I moved tothe Siesta Key Sarasota area andclose to my son, daughter-in-lawand granddaughters and theyhave invigorated me to continuecapturing Gods palette. 7. You can find me and my paintingsevery Sunday from 8am to 2pm atthe Siesta Key Farmers Market inthe Village on Siesta Key, Florida..And the 4th Saturday of everymonth at the Lakewood RanchFarmers Market 8. Here are a few of my latest oilpaintingsSiesta Key Beach Time 16x20 #110514 9. Sunset On Siesta Key 24x36 #110414 10. Siesta Key Island 16x20 #110214 11. Tropical Paradise Beach 32x44 #110114 12. Moon Light Night 20x30 #110014 13. Siesta Key Serenity 34x44 #19914 14. Beach Paradise 16x20 #19814 15. You can find more of my art andabout me when you visitwww.LloydDobsonArtist.com 16. Or if you are in the Siesta Key Sarasota Lakewood Ranch area,come by and say hello. You canfind out the times and date byvisiting my website.www.LloydDobsonArtist.com 17. Thank you for watching,have an awesome dayand Ill see you on thebeach or the Siesta Keyor Lakewood RanchFarmers Market!