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<ul><li><p> 2</p><p>015 </p><p>Orifl</p><p> am</p><p>e C</p><p>osm</p><p>etic</p><p>s SA</p><p>Orif</p><p>lame </p><p>Glo</p><p>bal e</p><p>-Com</p><p>mer</p><p>ce, F</p><p>ulac</p><p>hstra</p><p>sse </p><p>10, 8</p><p>200 </p><p>Scha</p><p>ffhau</p><p>sen,</p><p> Sw</p><p>itzer</p><p>land.</p><p> ww</p><p>w.o</p><p>riflam</p><p>e.co.</p><p>uk w</p><p>ww</p><p>.orif</p><p>lame.i</p><p>eco</p><p>de: 1</p><p>1488</p><p>4.1</p><p>ORIFLAMESKIN CARE GUIDE</p></li><li><p>22</p><p>HOLLY GRENFELLDermato-Cosmetic ScientistEuropean Safety Assessor</p><p>Principal Scientist of Clinical Testing</p><p>Skin Research Institute Director</p><p>DR. ALAIN MAVON, PHD DR. EMMA KEARNEY, PHD</p><p>Holly has been work-ing in the cosmetics business for over 30 years with extensive marketing and techni-cal expertise in skin physiology, ingredients, &amp; efficacy. </p><p>We are proud to have 3 highly acclaimed skin care experts. Their insight into new technology and skin care science helps us bring you quality, high performance and innovative products.</p><p>Alain and his team develop the future technologies and patented actives that power Oriflames products.</p><p>Emma uses the latest technologies to discover and understand the benefits of skin care on every layer of the skin.</p><p>OUR</p><p>EXPERTISEOur skin care expertise comes from almost 50 years of product develop-ment and advanced skin care research. Today we have 160 scientists, with diverse technical experience, working together to deliver advanced, high-per-formance products supported by advanced clinical studies or consumer tests.</p></li><li><p>3WHAT MAKES OUR SKIN CARE</p><p>UNIQUE?</p><p>SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN RESULTSAll our products are tested for performance and safety. Product claims are supported by highly advanced clinical studies or consumer tests, giving you scientifi cally proven results.</p><p>PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONOur Beauty Consultants will offer you a personal recommendation </p><p>based on your individual skin needs. </p><p>SWEDISH QUALITY SCIENCEWe offer you the best of nature and science- created in Sweden. Being a Swedish company we guarantee top quality available for everyone. All our products are dermatologically tested. </p><p>NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTSNature has always been our starting point and a source of inspiration. Natural active ingredients are in the heart of most of our skin care products.</p><p>OUR COMMITMENT TO SCIENCE IS EXTENSIVE Almost 50 years of advanced skin care research. </p><p> Over 150 clinical and consumer tests conducted per year . 160 scientists with technical expertise. 7,000 panelists testing our products .</p></li><li><p>4TARGETED, INDIVIDUAL </p><p>SKIN CARE</p><p>Targeted anti-ageing skin solutions with proven results.</p><p>Premium offering including highly performing ranges providing powerful anti-ageing solutions. The products are clinically tested and target specific skin concerns.</p><p>Effective solutions for every day needs.</p><p>Skin care solutions designed to offer every day protection and a milder anti-ageing approach. The products performance is validated by consumer tests.</p><p>We offer you specially developed skin care products, designed to meet your individual needs. </p><p>Our performing skin care ranges fall into two groups:</p><p>PERFORMING SKIN CARE </p><p>ADVANCED PERFORMING SKIN CARE</p><p>Skin care solutions designed to offer every </p><p>performing ranges providing powerful </p><p>are clinically tested and target specific </p><p>ADVANCED PERFORMING SKIN CARE</p></li><li><p>5Do you want performing skin care results? I have no specific skin concern</p><p> Refine range based on skin type I have a primary skin concern</p><p> Refine range based on age</p><p>Optimals</p><p>Do you want advanced performing skin care? I have a primary skin concern</p><p> Refine range based on age</p><p>CHECK LIST USING THE ANSWERS TO RECOMMEND PRODUCTS</p><p>4 QUESTIONS1 RECOMMENDATION</p><p> I want performance to improve my appearance I want advanced performing products with proven results that shows</p><p>What do you expect from your skin care?</p><p> Dull / Tired looking skin Fine lines / Wrinkles Firming / Lifting </p><p> Uneven skin tone / Dark spots No concern </p><p>These are concerns that primarily our Advanced Performing ranges address, as they are targeted solutions with proven results. We suggest you always start by recommending those.</p><p>What is your primary skin concern?</p><p> 20+ 25+ 35+ 40+ 45+ 55+</p><p>What is your age group?</p><p> Normal / Combination Dry Sensitive Oily</p><p>The skin type is not that important when choosing an Advanced Performing skin care range. Tip: If your customer is not sure of her skin type, use the skin type tester to determine the right skin type.</p><p>What is your skin type?</p><p>True Perfection Ecollagen Time Reversing Time Reversing Intense Royal Velvet Diamond Cellular </p><p> Refine range based on age</p><p> Refine range based on skin type Refine range based on age</p></li><li><p>6Committing two minutes, twice a day on your skin care routine is essential for maintaining healthy, younger looking skin. </p><p>The Oriflame Youth Enhancing Skin Care Routine* is an easy to follow four-step routine designed to maximise the effect of your skin care, giving you great looking skin at any age. </p><p>OUR YOUTH ENHANCINGSKIN CARE ROUTINE</p><p>* The routine is developed for our Advanced Performing brands but it can be also applied on our Performing brands, like Optimals. If you cannot nd a serum in the Optimals range, you can use a serum from one of our other skin care brands.</p><p>6</p><p>MINUTEStimes a day2</p></li><li><p>7STEP 1CLEANSE</p><p>EYE CREAM</p><p>Eye creams are lighter in texture and penetrate easier into the skin. </p><p>Use an eye cream morning and evening to target the specific needs of the eye area such as dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. </p><p>Eye creams are fragrance free to minimise irritability.</p><p>SERUMS</p><p>The best way to boost the effect of the day and night cream is to use a serum.</p><p>Serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that penetrate deeper and faster into the skin.</p><p>Use a serum every day under your moisturiser. </p><p>DAY CREAM</p><p>Finish your morning routine with a day cream to moisturise and protect the skin against external aggressors such as pollution.Apply over face, neck and dcolletage for maximum protection. Avoid the eye area.</p><p>NIGHT CREAM</p><p>At night your skin is resting and recovering, so it is more receptive to the powerful ingredients in your night cream. Apply to clean face after the serum to help restore the skins youthful appearance.</p><p>CLEANSER</p><p>Removes impurities, make-up and dead skin cells.</p><p>TONER </p><p>Removes final traces of impurities. Prepares skin for active ingredients.</p><p>STEP 2EYES</p><p>STEP 3BOOST</p><p>STEP 4MOISTURISE</p></li><li><p>8CLEANSE</p><p>25260 Optimals Foaming Gel200 ml</p><p>25210 Optimals Cleansing Milk200 ml</p><p>25258 Optimals Cleansing Gel200 ml</p><p>Choose Optimals cleanser for your skin type</p><p>Choose Optimals cleanserfor your skin type</p><p>Choose Optimals cleanser for your skin type</p><p>Choose Optimals cleanser for your skin type</p><p>Choose Optimals cleanser for your skin type</p><p>SKIN CONCERN</p><p>NATURAL SKIN CARE Ecobeauty is our most natural certi ed offering providing moisturisation and some mild anti-ageing</p><p>PERFORMING SKIN CARE Optimals is our performing range for women who are looking for everyday hydration, protection and a milder anti-ageing approach. </p><p>Skin concern:No specifi c concern</p><p>Skin type:Normal / Combination skin</p><p>Skin concern:Uneven skin toneDark spots</p><p>Skin concern: FirmingWrinklesEye concern:WrinklesFirming</p><p>Skin concern:No specifi c concern</p><p>Skin type:Dry / Sensitive skin</p><p>Skin concern: Dull / Tired looking skin Fine linesEye concern:Fine lines Dark circles</p><p>Skin concern:No specifi c concern</p><p>Skin type:Oily skin</p><p>Skin concern: FirmingWrinklesEye concern:WrinklesFirming</p><p>Skin concern:Dull / Tired looking skinEye concern:Fine lines</p><p>Protection against everyday environmental aggressors. Fresher, healthier, hydrated skin.</p><p>Protection against everyday environmental aggressors. Fresher, healthier, hydrated skin.</p><p>Protection against everyday environmental aggressors. Fresher, healthier, hydrated skin.</p><p>Evens skin tone and reduces dark spots. Skin is protected against sun damage and further darkening.</p><p>Addresses overall fi rst signs of ageing. </p><p>Firmer, smoother skin with improved elasticity and reduced wrinkles.</p><p>Firmer, more defi ned face contours.</p><p>Certifi ed natural anti-oxidant range. Prevents signs of ageing.</p><p>OPTIMALSVITAL DEFINITION</p><p>OXYGEN BOOSTOPTIMALS</p><p>OXYGEN BOOSTOPTIMALS</p><p>OXYGEN BOOSTOPTIMALS</p><p>EVEN OUTOPTIMALS</p><p>SMOOTH OUTOPTIMALS</p><p>SKIN YOUTHOPTIMALS</p><p>ECOBEAUTY</p><p>BRAND &amp; BENEFITS</p><p>ALL AGES</p><p>ALL AGES</p><p>ALL AGES</p><p>ALL AGES</p><p>ALL AGES</p><p>30+</p><p>55+</p><p>40+</p></li><li><p>9TONE</p><p>26000 Optimals Balancing Toner200 ml</p><p>25196 Optimals Oxygen Boost Day Cream50 ml</p><p>25194 Optimals Oxygen Boost Day Cream50 ml</p><p>26001 Optimals Soothing Toner 200 ml</p><p>25206 Optimals Even Out Day Cream SPF 2050 ml</p><p>25198 Optimals Oxygen Boost Day Cream50 ml</p><p>25262 Optimals Purifying Toner200 ml</p><p>25200 Optimals Skin YouthDay Cream SPF 1050 ml</p><p>25205 Optimals Smooth OutDay Cream SPF 1050 ml</p><p>25266 Optimals Smooth OutEye Cream15 ml</p><p>25265 Optimals Skin YouthEye Cream15 ml</p><p>25208 Optimals Vital DefinitionDay Cream SPF 1050 ml</p><p>Choose Optimals toner for your skin type</p><p>Choose Optimals toner for your skin type</p><p>Choose Optimals toner for your skin type</p><p>Choose Optimals toner for your skin type</p><p>23404 Oriflame Ecobeauty Smoothing Day Cream50 ml</p><p>Choose Optimals toner for your skin type</p><p>25197 Optimals Oxygen Boost Night Cream50 ml</p><p>25195 Optimals Oxygen Boost Night Cream50 ml</p><p>25207 Optimals Even Out Night Cream50 ml</p><p>25199 Optimals Oxygen Boost Night Cream50 ml</p><p>25203 Optimals Skin YouthNight Cream50 ml</p><p>25204 Optimals Smooth OutNight Cream50 ml</p><p>25209 Optimals Vital DefinitionNight Cream50 ml</p><p>Choose Optimals Smooth Out Eye Cream</p><p>23406 Oriflame EcobeautySmoothingNight Cream50 ml</p><p>23407 Oriflame EcobeautySmoothing Eye Cream15 ml</p><p>25264 Optimals Seeing is BelievingEye Cream 15 ml</p><p>Eye concern:Puffi nessDark circles</p><p>EYES MOISTURISE</p><p>How to choose: There are 5 sub ranges in this brand. Oxygen Boost and Even Out is for all ages and provides moisturisation choose based on your skin type or skin concern.</p><p>Skin Youth, Smooth Out and Vital Definition include moisturisation and overall anti-ageing properties choose based on your age.Ecobeauty is our most natural certified skin care brand. Its for all ages. Choose by skin concern.</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>This is our premium range offering highly performing products with powerful anti-ageing solutions. The products are formulated to treat specific skin concerns. </p><p>ADVANCED PERFORMING SKIN CARE</p><p>ADDITIONAL SOLUTIONS these brands offer more specialsed solutions</p><p>Choose Ecollagen cleanser</p><p>Choose Time Reversing cleanser</p><p>Choose Ecollagen toner</p><p>Choose Ecollagen toner</p><p>Choose Ecollagen toner</p><p>30141 Ecollagen Foaming Gel Wash200 ml</p><p>25261 Time Reversing SkinGenistTM Multi Cleanser150 ml</p><p>21339 Diamond Cellular Micellar Solution Cleanser 200 ml</p><p>22423 Royal Velvet Soothing Toner200 ml</p><p>30139 Ecollagen Skin Perfecting Toner200 ml</p><p>30140 Ecollagen Triple Cleanser200 ml</p><p>22421 Royal Velvet Creamy Cleansing Milk 200 ml</p><p>Improved Radiance, Tone, Texture</p><p>Look up to 8 years younger**</p><p>33% Wrinkle Reduction*</p><p>Skin concern: Dull / Tired looking skinEye concern: Fine linesDark circlesPuffi ness</p><p>Skin concern: WrinklesDull / Tired looking skinUneven skin toneDark spotsEye concern:Dark circlesDeeper wrinkles Crows feet</p><p>Skin concern: Firming / LiftingEye concern:Dark circles Fine linesCrows feet</p><p>Skin concern: Fine linesWrinklesEye concern: Dark circlesFine lines </p><p>Skin concern: Deeper wrinklesDull / Tired looking skinUneven skin toneDark spotsEye concern:Dark circlesDeeper wrinkles Crows feet</p><p>Skin concern: WrinklesDull / Tired looking skinUneven skin toneEye concern:Dark circlesCrows feet</p><p>CLEANSEBRAND &amp; MAIN BENEFITS SKIN CONCERN</p><p>* Clinical tested over 12 weeks on 31 women ** Consumer self-grading after 4 weeks using day + night cream</p><p>TRUE PERFECTION</p><p>ECOLLAGEN</p><p>TIME REVERSING SKINGENISTTM</p><p>The perfect solution for post menopausal skin</p><p>TIME REVERSING INTENSE</p><p>Smoother, younger looking skinROYAL VELVET</p><p>Radiance and all signs of ageingDIAMOND CELLULAR</p><p>25+</p><p>35+</p><p>45+</p><p>55+</p><p>40+</p><p>40+</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>They contain highly innovative technologies and the results are proven by clinical studies and consumer tests. </p><p>How to choose: Select the range that is most suitable foryour age and skin concerns. Skin type is not as important.</p><p>Choose Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting and Lifting Serum and Overnight Perfector</p><p>30874 True Perfection Refreshing Eye Illuminator15 ml</p><p>26687 Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream15 ml</p><p>24667 Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistI ITM Eye Cream15 ml</p><p>24185 Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistI ITM Day Cream SPF 1550 ml</p><p>30836 Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistI ITM Rejuvenating Face &amp; Neck Serum30 ml</p><p>24188 Time Reversing Intense SkinGenist I ITM Night Cream50 ml</p><p>24181 Time Reversing SkinGenistTM Day Cream SPF 1550 ml</p><p>24184 Time Reversing SkinGenistTM Night Cream50 ml</p><p>24665 Time Reversing SkinGenistTM Eye Cream15 ml</p><p>13659 Diamond Cellular Anti-Ageing Cream 50 ml</p><p>18437 Diamond Cellular Night Restorative Treatment 30 ml</p><p>22419 Diamond Cellular Multi-PerfectionEye Treatment 15 ml</p><p>26690 Ecollagen Overnight Skin Perfector 30 ml</p><p>30030 Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting and Lifting Serum30 ml</p><p>24217 Time Reversing SkinGenist Day &amp; Night Essence30 ml</p><p>24189 Time Reversing SkinGenist Instant Smooth Capsules30 pcs</p><p>26685 Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Day Cream SPF 1550 ml</p><p>30028 Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Day Cream Light 50 ml</p><p>26686 Ecollagen Wrinkle CorrectingNight Cream 50 ml</p><p>30871 True Perfection Perfecting Day Moisturiser50 ml</p><p>30873 True Perfection Miracle Perfecting Serum30 ml</p><p>30872 True Perfection Renewing Night Care50 ml</p><p>22815 Royal Velvet Firming Eye Contour Cream15 ml</p><p>22424 Royal Velvet Firming Day Cream SPF 1550 ml</p><p>22814 Royal Velvet Repairing Night Cream50 ml</p><p>22817 Royal Velvet Lifting Elixir30 ml</p><p>24547 Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules28 pcs</p><p>EYES BOOST MOISTURISE</p><p>30871Perfecting Day Moisturiser50 ml</p></li><li><p>T I P S A N D A DV I C E We always recommend our customers to use products fromthe same brand, as these have the same underlying technology and are formulated to work in synergy. Moreover, in order for you to experience the difference in their skin, it is important to use the routine for at least 6 months.</p><p> Weather and environmental changes directly affect the balance ofour skin either by accentuating an existing problem or causing new ones. Therefore we suggest that you adapt your routine accordingly. For example, if you have normal/combination skin but your skin tends to dry out in the winter then try a range suitable for dry skin.</p><p> Protecting your skin from the suns harmful rays is a vital partof your daily skin care routine. Most of our products have SPF protection. However you should always use additional protection from our Oriflame sun care portfolio, when necessary.</p><p>YOUR DREAMS OUR INSPIRATIONTM</p><p>http://orijen.co.uk/</p></li></ul>