Organizing and Registering a Cooperative

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This presentation shows how to organize a cooperative and how to register a cooperative.


<ul><li>1.FIRST Get organized. You must have at least 15 members to do that. </li></ul> <p>2. Thrift and savings mobilization among members Fund generation and providing loans to members for productive and provident purposes Systematic production and marketing Providing goods and services Developing the expertise and skills of members 3. Acquiring lands and providing housing services Promoting and advancing the economic, social and educational status of the members Establishing, owning, leasing and operating cooperative banks, wholesale and retail complexes, insurance and agricultural/industrial processing enterprises and public markets 4. Coordinating and facilitating the activities of the cooperatives Advocating the cause of the cooperative movement Ensuring the viability of cooperatives through the utilization of new technologies Encouraging and promoting self-help or self-employment as engines for economic growth and poverty alleviation 5. Common problems to be solved and basic needs to be provided Classify your cooperative Who may become members of a primary cooperat What are the kinds of memberships in the cooper Can government officers and employees join a coope 6. SECOND Reserve your proposed cooperative name. 7. THIRD Prepare a general statement called an economic survey. 8. FOURTH Prepare the cooperatives by-laws. 9. By-laws contain the rules and regulations governing the operation of the cooperative set of rules that determines how a cooperatives is to be run without confusion 10. FIFTH Prepare the articles of cooperation. 11. SIXTH Secure bond of accountable officer(s). 12. SEVENTH Execute Treasurers Affidavit. 13. EIGTH Complete the Pre- Membership Education Seminar (PMES). 14. NINTH Register your cooperative with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). 15. 30 days considered approved if no action was made, unless application himself causes the delay </p>