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Here are a few tips to Organic Gardening.


  • 1. Organic Gardening Tips

2. Bring yourgarden to life!Plant flowers toattract birds.birds will help tokeep pests 3. Bring yourgarden to life!Encouragebeneficial insectssuch as Ladybirdbeetles. These 4. Dont useharmfulchemicals!Keep your familysafe. 5. HomemadeInsecticidal soaprecipe:mix 1 tablespoon ofplain soap into twocups of water andspray on plants. 6. Companion PlantingPlant theright kinds ofplants nextto eachother. 7. Plant Rosemaryand Sage withyour carrots andtomatoes torepel pests. 8. Catnip deters andrepels manydestructiveinsects, includingaphids, beetles,weevils and ants. 9. Dont plantTomatoes nearpotatoes orbroccoli theywont do 10. Rotate yourcropsDont plant thesame plant typesin the sameplaces every year. 11. Want to learnmore? Sign up forour Free OrganicGardening e-course here.The Organic