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<ul><li> 1. 101 Stanton Street, between Orchard and Ludlow.Lower East Side. NYC <ul><li>Selling Hemp &amp; OrganicClothing, Raw Food Stapleproducts, Holistic HealingRetreats, pet products </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Offer member base collectivecommunity for members toget discounts of purchasing </li></ul> <ul><li> Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food </li></ul> <p> 2. </p> <ul><li>The store is environmentally sound. no plastic and everything biodegradable.</li></ul> <ul><li>All food made in own kitchen (specialty juices &amp; other snacks). </li></ul> <ul><li>Shopping bags made out of corn.</li></ul> <ul><li>All clothing is 100% organic cotton &amp; silk.</li></ul> <ul><li>Customers are asked to leave a $2 bottle deposit, once drink is finished and bottle is returned, customers get their money back.</li></ul> <ul><li>Cleaning products used are all natural. </li></ul> <ul><li>Use energy efficient light bulbs throughout the store. </li></ul> <p>Organic Avenue 3. </p>


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