Org 536- Assignment #6- How to Make Better Presentations

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  1. 1. Charge toward better PowerPoint presentations
  2. 2. Overview Slides Images Content Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Clare Boothe Luce
  3. 3. Overview Slides Images Content Slides are for support (Guffey & Lowey, 2015) The focus should be on you (Carter, 2005) Use images intentionally (Carter, 2005) Graphics and icons enhance (Sales Insider, 2009) Avoid word distraction (Gray, 2007) Have a clear strategy (Gray, 2007) Make the content crisp (Gray, 2007) Bad slides = Bad presentations
  4. 4. Overview Slides Images Content YES NO Lots of wordsSimple Clear Concise Clean (CSU Global, 2015)
  5. 5. Overview Slides Images Content Use iconography (Sales Insider, 2009)
  6. 6. Overview Slides Images Content Images can help get to the point (Carter, 2005)
  7. 7. Overview Slides Images Content (CSU Global, 2015)
  8. 8. Overview Slides Images Content Decide you key message for each slide- and make it clear! (Gray, 2007)
  9. 9. Overview Slides Images Content Use supporting graphs and data whenever possible. Dont explain the graph on the slide, but summarize. (Guffey & Lowe, 2015)
  10. 10. Final Tips Guffey & Lowey (2015) recommend when presenting to: Be Engaging Be Knowledgeable Use a clicker to free your movement Blank the screen to drive focus to you Dont let the slides take-over (Guffey & Lowey, 2015)
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