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  • Oregon State University LibrariesInformation,Service,Innovation

  • Budget for the University FY09Base Budget: $10,453,192 $550,000 Technology Resource Funds$157,663 budget reduction November$128,265 budget reduction March$286,265 ongoing reduction $11,750 one time reductionTotal - $10,419, 249

  • Budget from the University FY10Base Budget $9,441,279TRF $550,000$157,663 -budget reduction November 09$128,000 -budget reduction March 09$100,000 targeted cuts$6,291 UABCNew base budget $,9,048,723

  • Budget with add backs FY2010Base - $9,048,723OUS targeted programs $59,022 Productivity - $143,651Sales & Fees - $135,000Endowment Match - $110,727ICR - $567,000

  • FY10 BudgetFY10 - $10,064,123FY 09 - $10,453,192Difference - $389,069

  • How do we spend it?Salaries with benefits $5,810,600Books/journals *$3,200,000Service and Supplies $1,053,522*Supplemented through gift funds

    Total: $10,064,122

  • Gift FundsMcEdward - $2.6 million. Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services earnings $135,000 (salary/graduate student).Campbell Chair earnings $110,000/yr.Major sources of gifts are individual book endowments usually the interest on these are around $100,000.Friends of the library is usually $300,000.Annual Giving - $180,000.

  • What gifts provide$600,000 to add more books and journals to the library.$50,000 to fund the Autzen classroom upgrades.$7,000 to Special Collections Residential Scholar Program.$5,000 to fund library faculty research projects.$2,000 to fund the undergraduate research award.Specialized preservation/conservation work.Digitization equipment to make theses, dissertations, archival photographs and other materials digitally available.Support for publication of new OSU Press titles.

  • Who are we?Library faculty 42Library staff 43.75Library Students 36 (full time equivalent)Grant positions 3-4 varies with grant cycleOSU Press 5 faculty/staff and 1 student worker



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