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<ul><li> 1. 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 1 </li></ul> <p> 2. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oraclesproducts remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 2 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 3. 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 3 4. Dr Donald MowbraySenior Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential4 5. Oracle Fusion Middleware 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 5 6. Oracle Fusion MiddlewareUnrivalled Customer Growth90,000+ Application GridEnterprise Content ManagementBusiness SOA SuiteIntelligence Enterprise PortalsBPEL Process ManagerDevelopment Tools IdentityManagementApplication Server 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential6 7. Introducing Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gINTRODUCINGThe Foundation for Innovation 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 7 8. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g 1Unique Design Principles Complete Broad approach to middleware Integrated Within the family, suites, across Oracle products Hot-pluggable architecture Protect investments Best-of-breed products No compromises2Infrastructure for Agile &amp; Intelligent Business Applications and Processes 3Optimized for Modern Data Center Architectures and IT Efficiency2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 8 9. Current Challenges Limitations of Existing Systems, Processes &amp; ApproachesDisparate Teams, Static Applications, Process Silos, Ltd.Disconnected Lower Engagement Event VisibilityRelationships??? Delayed Time-to-Business Risk andIT Complexity and Change, Brittle SystemsManual Compliance Sprawl ?? ? 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 9 10. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 Designed to Solve Important Business Requirements Rich InternetBusiness Process Enterprise Team &amp;Applications Management Social Computing ApplicationIdentity &amp; ComplianceSystems ConsolidationCustomization Management 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 10 11. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g by the Numbers Individual Software Development 1,987Projects Customer-Driven5,420 Enhancements Person Years of7,350 EngineeringHours of Quality Assurance &amp;13 MillionTesting Most Sophisticated Release Ever Delivered by Oracle Middleware Engineering 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential11 12. Certified with Oracles Applications Industry Applications 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 12 13. Developer Tools Section HeaderDeveloper Tools 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential13 14. JDeveloperSingle, Integrated Enterprise IDE Lower Complexity, Higher Power and ProductivityJava EE ESB BPMBusinessDevelopment DevelopmentDevelopmentRules JavaPortalDevelopment Development Metadata Manager Application Lifecycle Management Business CatalogDBMS Desktop &amp; Modeling MobileModeling FrameworkIDE Framework 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential14 15. Application Development Framework (ADF) MVC Development for Multiple Channels and Technologies Visual and Standards-based UI/Layout,Controller/Flow, Model/O-R Development Device View ControllerModel Device &amp; JSF Components JSF Page Flow O-R Mapping Browser Adaptation Ajax &amp; DHTML JSR 227 Data EJB 3, JPABinding Flash Web Services2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 15 16. Common Metadata Management Transparent Application Customization &amp; Upgrade Protect user-level customizations Consistent experience after upgrade Java ESB &amp; Web BusinessBusiness Enterprise Business BusinessServices ProcessesRules Portal AnalyticsLogic JDeveloper ComposerMetadata ManagerMetadata Directory Access &amp; Versioning Extension &amp; Customization 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential16 17. Application Lifecycle Management Complete, Integrated, Open ALM Productivity and Choice for Development Teams Entire Application Lifecycle DesignDefine &amp; DevelopTrack Project Collaborate with OthersCheck-in, Change Build &amp; Version ManagementProfile &amp; Test2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 17 18. Service-OrientedArchitecture 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential18 19. Business Agility and IT Efficiency Unified SCA Event &amp; Service Infrastructure Rapid, Standards- Accelerated Time-To-based Development Market Service Bus Business CEP &amp; BAM B2B ProcessIntegration SCA Mgr CompositeEditor HumanImaging &amp;Business Workflow DocRules Workflow CustomizationPackaging &amp; LifecycleDesign/Run Time MetadataMetadata Packaging, Deployment, MonitoringDesign Time Service Invocation &amp; Event DistributionService Component Architecture Run Time Events SOA Infrastructure JAX-*, WS-*, WS-IJMSRules EditorProcess Editor Routing EditorRequest ApplicationsDB, Files Web Services, RESTReply 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 19 20. Unified Business Process Platform Single Unified Process Platform for People, Systems, DocumentsUnifies automating disparate process typesIncreased Automation and AccuracyRich Business Editors1.DefineIntegrated Process Analytics2.DeployNative BPEL and BPMN Enterprise Scale SOA3.Monitor4.OptimizeBPEL4People, BPMNCapture, Forms Recognition, WorkflowDeveloper Rich AJAXWeb-basedTooling Workflow Forms Business Editors 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 20 21. Imaging and Process Management Converged on Unified Orchestration PlatformPaper Documents Scan &amp; Capture (Invoices, AR) Document &amp; Web Capture Imaging WorkflowUnified Process EngineERP system2009 Oracle Corporation 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 21 22. Increased Return on SOA Investments Integrated Governance and Policy Management End-to-end lifecycle governance Comprehensive SOA visibility and controlSOA Management Registry/Repository Policy Manager Pack Publish, Discover, Change Federated Policy Manager Provision Services &amp; Manage Services Monitor SLAs 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 22 23. Enterprise Portal 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential23 24. Enterprise Portal Framework Oracle WebCenter Framework Unified, standards- Unified Developmentbased portals All types of applications Single point of integration RIA Easily customizable, Web SiteEnterprise Portal context-richDeclarative Design &amp; Visual Assembly applications Integrated Content Management &amp; Search Consistent experience Metadata Management &amp; CustomizationStandard Data Binding &amp; Portlet Interfacesacrossmultiple channels Reuse &amp; efficiency Content Management Identity Management 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential24 25. Content Management Integration Rich Content Management &amp; Search Information-enriched user experience More context for decision-making Content, Application and Business Process Integration HTMLEditingWSYIWYG Content Contribution MSFT OfficeDigital Asset &amp; Rights ManagementContent Indexing &amp; Secure SearchContent Versioning, Foldering, Workflow Content Integration: JSR-170BLOG Third Party 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential25 26. Oracle WebCenter Spaces Group and Community Sites Business users quickly build dynamic, group-based communities Scalable to team, department, enterprise &amp; beyondPre-Packaged, Rapidly Customizable Team SitesPre-Packaged Team Web Site Browser-based PersonalizationPre-Packaged Folders &amp; Communities Pre-Packaged Content Management ProcessPeople Information2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential26 27. Identity Management 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 27 28. Directory ServicesIdentity Infrastructure Unified Management and AdministrationChallenges Silos of identity dataOracle Virtual Directory Oracle Internet Directory Oracle Directory Services EE Difficult to:Standard LDAP &amp; Java APIs AdministerUnified Administration Console ConfigureDirectory Deployment AcceleratorsVirtualized Access to ID StoresServices Deploy Manager Applications require single LDAP instanceMultiple Mainframe / Multiple DBMSApplicationsDirectoriesLegacy2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 28 29. User &amp; Role AdministrationAccount Provisioning &amp; Role ManagementOracle Identity ManagerGRANTREVOKEGRANTREVOKEGRANTREVOKE EmployeeHR SystemApproval Workflows Applications Joins / Departs ChallengesBenefits Costly to administer user privileges Automate Provisioning/De-provisioning No central visibility on access Identify orphaned accountsrights Who has access to what Reports Manual compliance reporting Self-service account requests2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential29 30. Risk-Based Access ManagementComprehensive Authentication &amp; Authorization Oracle Access Management SuiteSecure MutualRisk-Based Risk ScoringAuthenticationAuthorizationDevice GeographyTime Activity Challenges Benefits Modern threats Phishing, Key Real time fraud prevention Logging, Malware Auto Learning behavior profiling Need to adapt to evolving threats Pattern and anomaly detection Traditional Web SSO not adequate2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 30 31. Application Grid 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 31 32. WebLogic Server Leading Java Platform for Business Growth and Reliability Unified foundation for Java EE development Easily address database access bottlenecksService Component Architecture JPA Web JavaServer Security (TopLink)ServicesFacesWebLogic Server (Java EE 5)Clusters, Messaging, Transactions, Workload Mgt, JMXMicrokernelSmart Upgrade10g 11gGridLinkfor Oracle RAC 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential32 33. Latest Performance Benchmarks Relentless Leadership SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS@Standard28,60026,400 28,46324,20026,65522,00019,800World 22,63417,60015,400Record13,20011,000 8,800 6,600 4,400 2,20000 OracleOracleIBM WebLogic Server 10.3WebLogic Server 10.3WebSphere V7 HP-UX Integrity HP-UX IntegrityApplication Server BL870c Server BL870c ServerBladeCenter HS2117 nodes16 nodes16 nodes136 Cores 128 Cores128 CoresItanium 9100Itanium 9100 Xeon 5470 See: 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential33 34. Application Grid The architecture for the futureCustom PackagedSOAC/C++/ LegacyApp AppService COBOL Automated, dynamic adjustmentApplication GridPooling and sharing of resources Lowest Best foundation operational for entirecostssoftware stack Outperform with speed and flexibility2009 Oracle Corporation2010 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential34 35. Coherence In-Memory Data Grid with Zero Data Loss Extreme scale-out terabytes of data Hot-pluggable support for heterogeneous environments Java EE onJava EE on POJO C++ .NETWebLogic other AppServerServer Application Application Application Higher Throughputand Lower LatencyGuaranteed Zero Data Loss Dynamic Database Access &amp; O-R MappingCapacity Adjustment Efficient Data AccessMainframe Offloading 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential35 36. Oracle Fusion Middleware and Private CloudEnabled for public cloud Enabler for private cloud Public Cloud: Private Cloud: Lower upfront costsPublic and Private: Lower total costs No infrastructure setup Deployment agility Easier integration Minimal management Resource efficiency Greater control Quality of service Elastic capacity Security2009 Oracle Corporation2010 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 36 37. Introducing WebLogic Server Virtual EditionEliminate the OS from Appliances for Even Greater Agility Standard Virtual MachineWebLogic Server Virtual Edition Image AppliancesAppliancesApplication WebLogicApplianceMiddlewareApplianceServer VEOS Smaller appliances Faster deployment Higher utilization OSOVM OVMOVM More secure Higher performance Faster live migration2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 2010 Oracle Corporation 37 38. The Next Level: Assemblies Applications Are Often Multi-Tier And Distributed Web TierWebWeb AppTierAssembly OVMOVMSOA WL WLSvcOVM OVM Metadata RAC RACOracleAssembly = Assembly appliances +Builder metadata describing: ConfigurationDatabase Tier Connections Startup sequence2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential 2010 Oracle Corporation 38 39. Final Thoughts/Conclusion Final Thoughts 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential39 40. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 Designed to Solve Important Business ChallengesStatic Applications, Rich Internet Lower Engagement ApplicationsProcess Silos, Ltd.Business Process Event Visibility Management Disparate Teams, Disconnected Enterprise Team &amp; RelationshipsSocial Computing Delayed Time-to-Application Change, Brittle Systems Customization Business Risk and Identity &amp; ComplianceManual Compliance Management IT Complexity andSystems Consolidation Sprawl 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 40 41. Oracle Fusion Middleware The Leader in Middleware Gartner Magic Quadrants Enterprise Application Servers Application Infrastructure Application Infrastructure for Composite-Applications Application Infrastructure for New Service-OrientedBusiness Application Projects Application Infrastructure for Back End ApplicationIntegration Projects User Provisioning Web Access Management Horizontal Portal Products Enterprise Content Management Corporate Performance Management Suites Business Intelligence Platforms 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential41 42. Oracle Fusion Middleware The Leader in Middleware Forrester Waves Application Server Platforms All Application Server Platforms Web Application Server Platforms SOA Application Server Platforms Java/ J2EE Application Server Platforms Independent SOA Platforms Enterprise Content Management Suites Identity Management Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suites Business Performance Solutions Enterprise Business Intelligence Tools Enterprise Search &amp; Reporting Information-As-A-Service2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential42 43. Best of Breed Middleware The Leader in Middleware - The Worlds Leading Companies90,000+ Global Customers29 Dow Jones 3098 Fortune 100 2009 Oracle CorporationOracle Confidential43 44. Oracle Fusion Middleware Complete, Integrated, Hot-Pluggable, Best-of-Breed 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 44 45. 2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 45 </p>


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