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<ul><li><p>In a fast-moving highly competitive business environment, your organization should remain dynamic with extension of existing business procedures or formation of new ones. The real test is to deliver more, and cost efficiently. In order to achieve this, you need solutions that are flexible, predictable and meet your ever-growing demands.</p><p>Addvantum offers </p><p>Oracle Fusion Middleware </p><p>based solutions to enable </p><p>organizations to extend </p><p>their business processes, </p><p>evolve, be connected, and </p><p>remain agile. It offers both </p><p>advisory as well as </p><p>implementation services.</p><p>Our vast experience in </p><p>implementation of Fusion </p><p>Middleware, in addition to </p><p>SOA Suite and its various </p><p>components, adds to our </p><p>proficiency in this area. </p><p>Todays Top IT ChallengesKeeping pace with growth and change</p><p>Delivering a Business Intelligence and Performance Management </p><p>Strategy</p><p>Mitigating risks and complying with regulations</p><p>Dealing with organized crime, identity theft, intellectual property </p><p>theft and constant global threats </p><p>We Assist you withFlexible business processes that help meet changing market </p><p>conditions providing you with SOA-based agile solutions</p><p>Organization-wide real-time business intelligence for enhancing </p><p>decision making</p><p>Enhanced ownership experience by reducing total cost of </p><p>ownership, decreasing implementation time and cost, </p><p>streamlining upgrades and curtailing idle time</p><p>OracleFusionMiddleware</p></li><li><p>User Access Requestand Approve</p><p>ITResources</p><p>Identity</p><p>Access</p><p>Provision/de-provision</p><p>Enforce</p><p>Report &amp; Audit</p><p>Review &amp;</p><p>Reconcile</p><p>What We Offer?Addvantums Oracle Identity Management provides unified, </p><p>integrated security and identity services designed to manage </p><p>user identities</p><p>Addvantums integrated solutions take advantage of Fusion </p><p>Technologies to extend your business processes increasing the </p><p>value of your present outlay</p><p>We are a leading provider of Oracle SOA Suite that helps you </p><p>design and assemble, deploy and manage highly flexible business </p><p>applications</p><p>Addvantum is a leading Oracle Partner with a team of </p><p>consultants available for implementation, integration and </p><p>support services</p><p>Addvantums implementation of Oracle Business Process </p><p>Management (BPM) allows user-amiable modeling and </p><p>up-gradation tools that improve time to value and reduce total </p><p>cost of ownership</p><p>Addvantum has sound expertise in the following broad categories of FMW:</p><p>Identity management</p><p>Content management</p><p>Enterprise application server </p><p>Integration- and process-management </p><p>Application development tools </p><p>Business intelligence </p><p>Systems management </p><p>User interaction </p><p>Increase efficiency and expand </p><p>current investments</p><p>Addvantums Oracle SOA Suite </p><p>delivers the most comprehensive </p><p>foundation to give you what you </p><p>need. It provides intuitive </p><p>development, process organization </p><p>and management and security </p><p>capabilities for SOA. SOA-based </p><p>operations help accelerate </p><p>development cycles, reduce costs, </p><p>and fasten your response to the </p><p>changing environment.</p><p>Organization-wide analysis for</p><p>real business insight</p><p>Addvantums Oracle Business </p><p>Intelligence (BI) Suite offers you an </p><p>integrated foundation for providing </p><p>BI solutions. Highly popular user </p><p>features such as dashboards and </p><p>reporting, alerts and workflows, </p><p>real-time decision-making abilities </p><p>and mobile delivery speed up the </p><p>decision-making process.</p><p>Mitigate risks and reduce </p><p>compliance costs </p><p>Oracle Identity Management </p><p>enables organizations to effectively </p><p>manage the end-to-end lifecycle </p><p>of user identities across all </p><p>enterprise resources, both within </p><p>and beyond the firewall and into </p><p>the cloud. The Oracle Identity </p><p>Management platform delivers </p><p>scalable solutions for identity </p><p>governance, access management </p><p>and directory services. This </p><p>modern platform helps </p><p>organizations strengthen security, </p><p>simplify compliance and capture </p><p>business opportunities around </p><p>mobile and social access.</p><p>Certify</p></li><li><p>Deliver an industry leading Business Process Management (BPM) Suite</p><p>Addvantums Oracle BPM Suite includes business user-friendly modeling </p><p>and optimization capabilities, tools for system integration, business </p><p>activity monitoring dashboards, and rich task and case management </p><p>capabilities for end users. </p><p>Ensure scalability and end-to-end performance</p><p>Addvantums Oracle Enterprise Application Server provides capabilities </p><p>for enterprise portal, real-time business activity monitoring, business </p><p>intelligence, identity management, and wireless deployment.</p><p>Implementation of a host of Oracle middleware </p><p>applications including WebLogic Suite, SOA </p><p>Suite, Oracle Applications Adapter, SOA </p><p>Management Pack, WebLogic Management </p><p>Pack, Enterprise Service Bus and Oracle </p><p>Enterprise Gateway at Saudi Arabias largest </p><p>public utilities company</p><p>Implementation of Oracle IDM Solution for a </p><p>branch of the Saudi Arabian armed forces </p><p>including the following software components: </p><p>Oracle Internet Directory(OID), Oracle Identity </p><p>Manager, IDM Management Pack, Access </p><p>Manager, Adaptive Access Manager, Oracle </p><p>database, ESSO and Web Server (Oracle </p><p>HTTP Server)</p><p>Implementation of Oracle Web Center Suite, </p><p>consisting of Content Management System </p><p>and complete Portal at a leading public sector </p><p>university in Saudi Arabia. For all integrations, </p><p>Addvantum suggested Single Sign-on, using </p><p>Oracle Identity Manager that took care of all </p><p>security concerns as well. In addition, a custom </p><p>integrated mobile application was also </p><p>developed for students and faculty at the </p><p>university</p><p>Implementation of Oracle Internet Directory </p><p>at a leading public sector organization in Saudi </p><p>Arabia over half a million end users</p><p>FMW Key Benefits</p><p>CompleteIntegratedHot-PluggableBest-of-breed</p><p>Success Stories</p><p>1Identity &amp; Access Management</p><p>2Business Process Management</p><p>3Service Oriented Architectures</p><p>4Business Intelligence</p><p>5Web Center Portal &amp; Content Management</p></li><li><p>LAHORE</p><p>NAIROBI</p><p>LAGOS</p><p>CHICAGO</p><p>HOUSTON</p><p>KARACHIDUBAIRIYADH</p><p>DOHA</p><p>Chicago Office300 North LaSalle Street Suite 4925,Chicago, Illinois, 60654Tel: 312 803 0363Fax: 312 803 0363Email:</p><p>Dubai OfficeOffice # G 01 - 02, Building # 11, Dubai Internet City,Dubai United Arab EmiratesTel: +971 44483026Fax: +971 44469085Email:</p><p>Lahore Office10th Floor, Arfa Technology Park,Lahore, PakistanTel: +92 423 597 2005Fax: +92 423 597 2006Email:</p><p>Houston Office11300 West Road, Suite PHouston, TexasTel: 281 212 3064Fax: 413 778 9573Email:</p><p>Riyadh OfficeOffice # 506-B, 5th Floor,Lulu Olaya Tower, Olaya Road,Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaTel: +966 11464 4129Fax: +966 11464 4814Email:</p></li></ul>


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