Oracle Fusion Middleware Offering US mandates an IT infrastructure that is ... Oracle Fusion Middleware and ... To know more about TCS Oracle Fusion Middleware offering, contact oracle

Download Oracle Fusion Middleware Offering US   mandates an IT infrastructure that is ... Oracle Fusion Middleware and ... To know more about TCS Oracle Fusion Middleware offering, contact oracle

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<ul><li><p>In a dynamic business environment, where the market conditions are ever-evolving, enterprises seek scalability as per market needs. This mandates an IT infrastructure that is equipped to match market expectations and align your processes to market goals. In addition to this, businesses seek enterprise application integration to support legacy applications, an integrated best-in-class application portfolio, and support for disparate application landscape needs. </p><p>Understanding these IT infrastructure needs, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), presents Oracle Fusion Middleware offering. TCS offering brings agility to IT systems, enabling responsiveness amidst a shifting business landscape. We integrate diverse applications across the enterprise, introduce real-time integration solutions, improve utilization of shared services, and enable faster implementation of integration engagements to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).</p><p>Overview</p><p>In a marketplace governed by change, you seek ways to enhance your IT systems to maximize your productivity and profits. You need a solution that securely manages a complex and integrated set of applications, provides business-users with a clean view of data with real-time integration, and builds a robust, scalable, agile, and cost-effective integration framework. Also, it should address your enterprise-wide integration needs. In addition, such a solution should be holistic, averting complex and risk-prone upgrades and constant application of patches, and should be able to overcome the pressure of managing ever-increasing costs for application integration.</p><p>The Oracle Fusion Middleware, which is a next-generation business platform from the Oracle Corporation, addresses these critical issues faced by IT departments across enterprises world-wide. We, therefore, leverage the principles of the Oracle Fusion Middleware and the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to bring you our complete, </p><p>Oracle Fusion Middleware Offering</p><p>Enterprise Solutions</p><p>scalable, and next-generation enterprise business process integration platform, which holistically approaches your concerns and addresses them seamlessly.</p><p>TCS Oracle Fusion Middleware offering is backed by our strong consulting expertise. This enables us to envision and offer you comprehensive solutions on the service orientation of an integration platform. We help you create a roadmap to successfully implement Oracle Fusion Middleware and maximize returns from your investment. Leveraging TCS superior delivery model, we integrate your disparate applications, tying your legacy and next-generation applications, to create an integrated and best-of-breed application portfolio. Additionally, our real-time integration solution helps you achieve faster order cycles, improves utilization of shared services across multiple business units, and enables faster integration implementation.</p><p>DiamondPartner</p></li><li><p></p><p>All content / information present here is the exclusive property of Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS). The content / information contained here is correct at the time of publishing. No material from here may be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted, posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from TCS. Unauthorized use of the content / information appearing here may violate copyright, trademark and other </p><p>applicable laws, and could result in criminal or civil penalties. Copyright 2012 Tata Consultancy Services Limited</p><p>IT ServicesBusiness SolutionsOutsourcing</p><p>TCS </p><p>Des</p><p>ign </p><p>Serv</p><p>ices</p><p> M</p><p> 07</p><p> 12</p><p>II</p><p>I</p><p>About Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)</p><p></p><p>Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to globalbusiness, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match.TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled infrastructure, engineering and assurance services. This is delivered </p><p>TMthrough its unique Global Network Delivery Model , recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata Group, Indias largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has a global footprint and is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. </p><p>For more information, visit us at </p><p>The TCS Advantage</p><p>We collaborate extensively with the Oracle Corporation, by participating in regular training programs, beta programs, and partner advisory forums such as the Oracle Fusion Middleware Champions forum. This makes us a partner of choice. We also offer you value through our:</p><p>Center of Excellence (CoE). Our CoEs explore the possibilities that can be derived from the critical components of the Oracle Fusion Middleware. These include the Oracle SOA Suite, AIA FP, and PIPS. As a result, we are better equipped to offer you optimized solutions. </p><p>Domain expertise. We have extensive project execution experience on Oracle Fusion Middleware, components of the SOA suite, and development tools. These enable us to offer you proven and accelerated implementations. </p><p>Research and Development (R&amp;D). Our dedicated Oracle Fusion Middleware Lab develops Proofs of Concepts (PoC), methodologies, and tools using the Oracle Fusion Middleware technology. This gives our implementations an edge, enabling you to stay ahead in the market.</p><p>n</p><p>n</p><p>n</p><p>Contact</p><p>To know more about TCS Oracle Fusion Middleware offering, contact</p><p>Benefits</p><p>Backed by significant expertise and experience, our solution brings you benefits such as: </p><p>Aligning your enterprise IT architecture with your business objectives to orchestrate optimum and agile business processes;</p><p>Providing you a single-view and standardized enterprise-wide key entities, such as customer experience and product lifecycle across business units, using Oracle Master Data Management (MDM) products;</p><p>Leveraging your existing investments to help you evolve into the Oracle Fusion Middleware architecture; </p><p>Helping you take another step towards adopting an SOA orientation in your enterprise.</p><p>n</p><p>n</p><p>n</p><p>n</p></li></ul>