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Download Oracle Exadata Database Machine - nbsp;· 12/1/2013 · 2 Oracle Exadata Database Machine One architecture for •Data Warehousing •OLTP •Database Consolidation Exadata is Oracle’s

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  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine

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    Oracle Exadata Database Machine One architecture for

    Data Warehousing


    Database Consolidation

    Exadata is Oracles strategic database platform for ALL Oracle Database


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    Exadata Evolution Three generations of experience

    HP Oracle Database

    Machine (V1)

    Sun Oracle Database Machine


    Oracle Exadata Database

    Machine (X2-2 and X2-8)

    Data Warehousing + OLTP (Flash)

    + Hybrid Columnar Compression

    + Consolidation

    + 64-core SMP Nodes (X2-8)

    + 2 TB DRAM (X2-8)

    2008 2009 2010

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    Exadata Architecture A complete system - compute, storage, networking

    Database Grid

    Intel-based database servers

    Oracle Linux or Solaris 11

    Oracle Database 11g

    10 Gig Ethernet (to data center)

    Storage Grid

    Intel-based storage servers

    Up to 336 terabytes raw disk

    5.3 terabytes Flash storage

    Exadata Storage Server Software

    InfiniBand Network

    Internal connectivity ( 40 Gb/sec )

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    Complete Family Of Database Machines From quarter-rack to multi-rack configurations

    Oracle Exadata X2-2 2 to 8 (12 core) database nodes

    Oracle Exadata X2-8 2 (64 core) database nodes

    2 TB DRAM

    Quarter Half

    Full, Multi-Rack


    Multi-Rack Exadata models and configurations

    span the full range of enterprise database deployments

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    Exadata Storage Expansion Rack Big Data for less

    Pre-built storage-only rack*

    Connects to an existing Exadata DB Machine

    For applications that need more space but

    not more compute

    On-disk backups (27 TB/hour)

    Historical or archive data

    File data, LOBs, XML data, documents

    Images, and other large unstructured data

    Attractive pricing ( ~ $7,000 per TB )

    6 Copyright 2011, Oracle Corporation - Confidential

    * Equal to DB Machine with compute nodes replaced by Storage Server nodes

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    Exadata Storage Expansion Racks Scalable, pre-built storage

    Copyright 2011, Oracle Corporation - Confidential 7

    Multi Rack

    InfiniBand Connected

    8+ Racks

    Quarter Rack

    96 TB Disk 1.5 TB Flash

    4 Storage Servers 48 CPU Cores

    Half Rack

    216 TB Disk 3.4 TB Flash

    9 Storage Servers 108 CPU Cores

    Full Rack

    432 TB Disk 6.75 TB Flash

    18 Storage Servers 216 CPU Cores

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    Exadata Innovations Exadata Storage Server Software

    Intelligent storage

    Smart Scan query offload

    Scale-out storage

    + + +

    Hybrid Columnar Compression

    10x compression for warehouses

    15x compression for archives








    Smart Flash Cache

    Accelerates random I/O up to 30x

    Doubles data scan rate

    Data remains

    compressed for scans

    and in Flash

    Benefits Multiply

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    The Exadata Difference Dedicated to running the Oracle Database

    Exadata DB Machine Custom Configuration

    Storage scans, filters data Storage just ships blocks

    Storage offloads DB* DB-unaware storage

    Flash caches relevant data No DB-aware flash management

    40 Gb/sec network 8 10 Gb/sec network

    Pre-built for DB workload Assembled by customer

    Redundancy built-in Build-your-own HA

    Compression built-in Compression optional

    Workload mgmt built-in Workload mgmt optional

    * Backups, compression, decryption, data mining

    Exadata is not a general-purpose system, Its a Database Machine

    168 CPU

    cores in storage

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    The Exadata Difference Pre-built and optimized out-of-the-box





    e A









    e A





    Time (Days)

    Time (Months)


    Measure, diagnose, tune and


    Test & debug failure modes

    Assemble dozens of


    Multi-vendor finger


    Custom Configuration

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    9 11 *



    IBM XIV NetApp 6080

    IBM DS8700

    Hitachi USP V


    Exadata Disk

    Exadata Flash

    Query Throughput

    Gigabytes per Second

    * Undisclosed by vendor

    Sequential I/O Performance Best disk, best flash throughput

    50,000 IOPS

    1,500,000 IOPS (I/Os per second)

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    Exadata Delivers Extreme Data Capacity Greater than 10x data compression is common

    Exadata 10x compression

    Teradata 2650 1.4x compression

    Netezza TwinFin 2-4x compression

    EMC VMAX 3x (Oracle) compression

    Competitors require multiple racks of storage

    to equal 1 rack of Exadata storage*

    * Using largest disks and best compression for each vendor

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    Exadata Delivers Extreme Consolidation Create a Database-as-a-Service platform

    Large Memory

    Many databases can be consolidated

    Extreme Performance

    OLTP, DW, data mining, batch, reporting, loading,

    backups, files in the database

    Encryption, compression

    Workload Management

    Manage SLAs via Quality of Service (QoS)

    CPU and I/O resource management

    Instance caging

    Shrink data center costs, increase system utilization and promote

    application integration

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    Exadata for Oracle Apps Customers


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    Exadata for SAP Customers Certification announced June 10, 2011

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    Exadata Changes the Equation A major leap in performance, capacity and value

    Eliminate systems integration trial-and-error

    Run existing applications unchanged

    Apply existing personnel, skills, Oracle licenses

    Perform database queries 10x faster

    Consume 10x less storage

    Consolidate platforms, databases, power, cooling, administration

    Exadata is the fastest growing product in Oracles history

    Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO

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    Exadata Comparisons

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    Exadata Delivers Extreme Performance Greater than 10x improvements are common

    With our migration to Exadata V2

    we've seen a 17x performance

    improvement, having made no changes

    to our application.

    JIM DUFFY, BNP Paribas

    Our reports are running a computed

    average of 10x faster, using Oracle

    Exadata Database Machine.


    Customers report astounding performance with NO changes to their


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    Turkcell: 10x Compression, 10x Speedup 250 TB warehouse compresses to 25 TB

    1 Exadata rack

    25 TB compressed data

    50,000 Reports run 10x faster

    each month (avg 27 min to 3 min)

    1.5 Billion records (2-3 TB raw)

    loaded daily (data doubles yearly)

    Redundancy/HA built-in

    10 storage racks 1 large SMP server

    250 TB raw data

    10:1 advantage

    Hitachi USP-V

    5 Racks

    EMC DMX-4

    5 Racks

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    Softbank Replaces 36 Teradata Racks 3 Exadata racks up to 8x faster

    3 Exadata racks

    150% more data capacity

    Billions of CDRs processed in 7

    hours (from 25 with Teradata)

    Power, cooling, space savings

    Maintenance charges slashed

    36 total racks

    Twice the operational cost of Exadata

    12:1 advantage


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    Exadata Delivers Extreme Value 1/6 the price versus IBMs latest


    2 Exadata X2-8


    More CPU cores

    More I/O performance

    Same storage capacity

    (excludes compression)

    HA configuration

    IBM P795 + 4 DS8700s w/ Flash

    6:1 advantage*

    * Hardware list price comparisons

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    Exadata Outperforms HP Superdome for Less 1/9 the price versus HPs latest


    1 Exadata X2-2


    More CPU performance

    More I/O performance

    More storage capacity

    (excludes compression)

    HA configuration

    HP Superdome 2 + XP24000 w/ Flash

    9:1 advantage*

    * Hardware list price comparisons

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    Spectacular Customer Results

    Performance improved 17x with

    no changes to our application

    Jim Duffy, BNP Paribas

    Turkcells largest 250 TB DB is now only 27 TB

    with Exadata Compression

    Ferhat Sengonul, Turkcell

    Softbank created a warehouse up to 8x faster

    while reducing costs 50%

    Keiichiro Shimizu, Softbank


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