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Brief overview of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery



2. ENDECA INFORMATION DISCOVERYRapid, intuitive exploration and analysis of datafrom any combination of structured and unstructured sourcesUnstructured Analytics Unique Features Contextual Search, Navigation, Analytics Dynamic Data and Metadata In-Memory Performance Benefits Unprecedented Information Visibility Leverage Existing BI Investments Self-Service Data Discovery Reduced IT Costs, Better Business DecisionsAorta business intelligence 3. WHAT IS INFORMATION DISCOVERY? Velocity Value VarietyQuicklQuickly ExploreAll Relevant DataRelationshipsAdvanced searchStructured undefined or unknown Contextual Semi-structuredNo pre-defined model navigationUnstructured required AnalyticsMessy data is okRapid, iterative Not in the datachangewarehouseAorta business intelligence 4. EXPLORE ALL RELEVANT DATAAdvanced Search Search look-ahead Spell-correction+ Faceted Navigation Select attributes, like a website+ Visual Analysis Charting & crosstabs Geographic visualization Data-driven filtering Tag clouds User experience optimized to foster discoveryAorta business intelligence 5. THE CHALLENGES WITH UNSTRUCTURED DATAMOSTLY TEXT, AND DATA CAN BE DIRTY OR ADIVERSE SCHEMAS DATA IS GROWING OF UNCERTAIN VALUE IN VOLUME AND DIVERSITYXML20% STRUCTURED 80% UNSTRUCTUREDBusiness Intelligenceand Data WarehousesText in Enterprise Enterprise Content Systems, Websites Social Media Big Data Applications File Systems, EmailAorta business intelligence 6. ENDECA & TRADITIONAL BI RELATEDAnalysis ProblemsDiscovery Problems Measure, Analyze, Report Investigate, Explore, UnderstandStructured Data Oracle Business IntelligenceModeled and Proven Answers to Known QuestionsconformingOracle Endeca Unstructured DataInformation Discovery Diverse, textual, Fast Answers to New Questions uncertain qualityAorta business intelligence 7. EXTEND BUSINESS ANALYTICS WITHUNSTRUCTURED DATAAorta business intelligence 8. ENDECA PROJECT LIFE STYLEETL, data acquisition,Engine configuration,PortalApplicationdata tidying, pipelineperformance configuration, SSO /composition &buildsoptimization, LDAPrebuilding Structureddeployment, failoverintegration, security, load balancing Semi-Structured Unstructured8 to 12 Week 1 2 3 Deployment Cycle with Multiple Iterations per Business Release!Aorta business intelligence 9. USER EXPERIENCE (1)Aorta business intelligence 10. USER EXPERIENCE (2)Aorta business intelligence 11. PERSONAL DATA UPLOADAorta business intelligence 12. THE BI WIKI APP YOUTUBE CHANNEL business intelligence


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