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  • 1. Endeca Information Discovery Discovery At Work Wim Villano, Oracle
  • 2. Topics Data Discovery with Oracle Endeca Demonstration Chicago Police Agile Data Integration Demonstration Self Service
  • 3. Business Intelligence and Data Discovery Distinct but Complementary Capabilities for Business Analytics KNOWN QUESTIONS Business Intelligence Broad Insight on Modeled Questions Drive focus on data that most impacts the business Structured Unstructured Incorporate new questions and data perspectives into enterprise model Data Discovery Deep Insight on New Questions UNKNOWN QUESTIONS
  • 4. Data Discovery Offers Agility for the Unanticipated Ask New Questions See New Patterns Unscripted exploration across wide range of data characteristics Interactive visualizations that reveal patterns hidden in data Add New Data Rapidly combine new data with existing sources
  • 5. Deeper Insight Exists Beyond Structured Data ------alternator issue--------------------------------------------faulty alternator------------------------------------------------------------------------alternator----------------------------------------------------------------------------------alternator not charging ------------------------------------- Battery related claims increasing.. .. possibly a problem with alternators. + TEXT Structured Data Sources Unstructured Content
  • 6. Unlock Deep Insights with Unstructured Optimizations See New Patterns Ask New Questions + Expose concepts lying latent in text, include sentiment in analysis + Advanced keyword search organizes data at a moments notice TEXT Add New Data + Unstructured Discovery Capabilities Integrate and enrich unstructured and semi-structured content
  • 7. Enable Discovery as an Enterprise Capability IT Provisioned Discovery Self-Service Discovery Evolve Ask New Questions See New Patterns Rapidly Compose Discovery Apps Leverage Pre-Built Navigation Out of the Box Search Ask New Questions Intuitive Analytic Visualizations Detailed Record Characteristics Share and Collaborate Data and Content Provisioning by End-User Implement Deep Discovery Apps Role Based Interaction Highly Tuned Search Add New Data Add New Data See New Patterns Formalize Innovative ETL Unstructured Crawling Higher Data Scale Create Advanced Analytic Metrics Tuned and Customized Text Enrichment Higher User Scale
  • 8. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Agile Platform for Data Discovery on Structured and Unstructured Data Intuitive Exploration Self-Service Provisioning search.. State Drag & Drop Composition Innovative ETL Price Range Brand CA (1,203) NY (512) Nikon (3,453) Source IL (312) Canon (1,512) MA (211) Fuji (322) ORCL (301,203) SAP (11,512) CO (102) Panasonic (211) EDW (10,312) Structured Data Sources Sharing and Collaboration Web and File Crawling Endeca Server TEX T Text Enrichment EID Integrator Unstructured Content Quickly integrate and enrich structured and unstructured data EID Studio Create and share discovery applications that anyone can use purchase intent passionate userfriendly loyalty Discovery Application
  • 9. Topics Data Discovery with Oracle Endeca Demonstration Chicago Police Agile Data Integration Demonstration Self Service
  • 10. Public Security Information Discovery Increase Public Safety Multiple data sources: Police Incidents System, Social Media, News, Fora, etc. Research and Analyze security incidents Identify and Mitigate Risk and Threats
  • 11. Topics Data Discovery with Oracle Endeca Demonstration Chicago Police Agile Data Integration Demonstration Self Service
  • 12. Oracle Endeca Server: A Flexible NoSQL-like Data Model System A unique attributes Present ONLY in System A e.g. Location, Product, Cust Group Global attributes Common across all or many systems e.g. Time, City, Brand, Key Account System B unique attributes Present ONLY in System B e.g. Volume, Trade Area, Category, etc Sales Transactions (Data warehouse/ datamart) Consumer Sales & Market Share (External data) Forecast (Statistical analysis) Supports jagged records for diverse structures, such as product attributes Trade Promotions (Transactional app)
  • 13. Agile Data Integration for Both Business and IT for business Self-Service Data Upload Upload Personal Files without IT Involvement Automatic Data Type Recognition Leverage IT Provisioned Data Sets for IT Load Structured and Unstructured Data File System and Web Crawling Content Management Systems and Email RDMBS and common file types (e.g. delimited, vertical, etc) OEID Integrator XML and JSON Access Internal and External Sources Unstructured Data Oracle BI Server Structured Data Data Warehouses, Enterprise Applications and Legacy Systems Web Services (with authentication)
  • 14. Self-Service Data Load for Any User Discovery Apps in Minutes with Oracle Endeca Upload Personal Excel Files Connect to existing Endeca Server Instances Studio Wizard for Data Load and Metadata Selection OOTB Data Exploration Interface Automatic Resource Allocation Drag-and-Drop Creation of Discovery Applications
  • 15. Topics Data Discovery with Oracle Endeca Demonstration Chicago Police Agile Data Integration Demonstration Self Service
  • 16. Only Oracle Offers Enterprise Class Data Discovery Best of Both Worlds: Innovate with Data Discovery and Decide with Confidence Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Typical Data Discovery Tools Personal Data Files LOW Enterprise Applications (Oracle, SAP, Others) Data Warehouse & Data Marts Decision Confidence BI Common Enterprise Information Model Adapter + Oracle BI Models and Metrics HIGH
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