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Oppimisratkaisut: Kansainvälisten oppimisverkostojen työpaja 28.3.2011, Riitta Smeds, Aalto/SimLab/Global School. Siirretty toiselta tililtä 21.11.2013, jolloin katsojia oli ollut 980 (views).


  • 1.Global SchoolGlobal School Tutkimushanke kansainvlisten opetuspalveluverkostojen kehittmiseksi Riitta SmedsProf., Aalto-yliopiston perustieteiden korkeakoulu, tuotantotalouden laitos Johtaja, SimLab Global School konsortiohankkeen johtaja28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab

2. Global SchoolGLOBAL SCHOOL: THREE CO-PROJECTS Global School and Media Pedagogy Professor, PhD Heli Ruokamo, University of Lapland, Faculty of Education, Centre for Media Pedagogy. Global School and Urban Environment D.Sc. (Tech.) Architect Aija Staffans, Aalto University, School of Engineering, Department of Architecture Global School and Service Networks Professor, D. Sc. (Tech.) Riitta Smeds, Aalto University School of Science, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Business Process Networks, SimLab; also consortium coordination.28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 3. Global SchoolGLOBAL SCHOOL THE INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH, BUSINESS AND BASIC EDUCATION NETWORK Finland Italy ChinaUSA28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 4. Global SchoolINNOSCHOOL 2007-10: THE STARTING POINT FOR GLOBAL SCHOOLINFORMAL THE SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE FORMALPedagogies Places and Spaces Processes InnoSchool: Vlittv koulu (2010) 28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 5. Global SchoolTHE INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH PARTNERSUSA University of California Santa Barbara, Gevirtz School of Education Stanford University, School of Education, SCIL Professor Roy Pea, Assistant Professor Brigid Barron, Professor Hilda BargoUniversity of Hawaii at Mnoa, College of Business, Department of Marketing Professor Judith Green, Dr. Beth YeagerProfessor Steve VargoChina Fudan University, Shanghai, School of Management, Center for Service Marketing and Management Professor Fan Xiucheng Nordic CenterTongji University, College of Design and Innovation Professor Lou YongqiTongji Design FactoryItaly Politecnico di Milano, Industrial Engineering and Management, Architecture Professor Marco Taisch (Industrial Management); Researcher, PhD Alessandro Biamonti (Architecture)INDIRE, Firenze, Researcher Elena Mosa 28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 6. Global SchoolGLOBAL SCHOOL SCHEDULE AND STRUCTURE Three years; 1.9.2011 - 31.8.2014 Each year, one experimental between classroom research intervention cycle, in collaboration with the intervention partners Finland-California 2012 Finland-Shanghai 2013 Finland-Italy 2014 Planning, experiment, transdisciplinary cross-analysis, interpretation, publication, sharing of results; Global School workshop Research collaboration with the local researchers in the intervention partner country 1st intervention cycle scheduled for spring term 2012 Funding Global School partnersTekes and the Universities28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 7. Global SchoolRESEARCH DESIGN OF EACH INTERVENTION CYCLE Time PeriodBetween-classroom teaching experimentsBetween-classroom educational service network co-design Interviews for the simulation startLocal preparation in both schools Week 1Teacher training: 1 day Pretests and attitude tests: 1 hour / studentIn both schools: principals, teachers, other actors in the school network, In the companies: key people from NSD, Marketing, Sales In the educational ecosystem 1 hour / intervieweeTeaching experiments in the substance field of ecological sustainability, testing the services of the Full Intervention Partners 2 x 2 hours / week in both classrooms; 30 +30 = 60 students Out of school projectWeek 2 - 8Students collect data from their daily environment (photos, videos, maps, routes) applying mobile handsetsInterviews for the simulation continue Week 10 -12 The tailored SimLab process simulation of the collaborative educational service network. Realized in the foreign country and/or in Finland (applying telepresence) Participants fromStudents analyze the collected data, and prepare the presentationsBoth schools: principals, teachers, other actors of the education ecosystem,Online presentations, telepresence between the classroomsOther network partners (see partner table)Observation, one week follow up and documentation, QuestionnaireWeek 8Week 104 8 hours QuestionnaireVideo-recordingPosttests and attitude tests: 1 hour / student in both schools Delayed posttests in both schools, conducted by the teachers: 1 hour / studentWeek nAnalysis of tailored simulation results starts. The generic SimLab process simulation realized in Finland Interviews Video-recording QuestionnaireWeek 40-5028.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLabGlobal School Learning Workshop 8. Global SchoolLEARNING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Research interest: out-of-school learning environmentsSustainable development refers to ecological, social, cultural and economical sustainability in our environment. Focus in the Global School teaching experiments: ecological sustainability In what way can ecological sustainability be observed in students everyday environment? What do we learn about sustainability from our daily environment?28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 9. Global SchoolLEARNING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Ventura, CA, USAHelsinki, FinlandHyvrinen, R., Myllri, J., Staffans, A., Krokfors, L. (2010): A Day in My Life.Kirjassa Smeds, Krokfors, Ruokamo, Staffans (toim.): InnoSchool Vlittv kouluSharing localities in global settings 28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 10. Global SchoolFUTURE CLASSROOM A SMART SPACEFuture teaching in the future classroom: a smart space connects students from all over the world and enables rich interaction for shared and distributed knowledge construction.Aija Staffans28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 11. Global SchoolPARTICIPATION OF THE DIFFERENT PARTNERS IN THE SERVICE DEVELOPMENT PHASESResearch phasePartner Category 1. Full Intervention Partner 2. Intervention Network Partner 3. Education Partner 4. Education Network Partner 5. Learning Partner 6. Institutional PartnerPhase 1 Applying and testing the services in the between classroom teaching experimentPhase 2 Co-creating the specific service processes, models and networks in the tailored SimLab simulationPhase 3 Co-creating networked service models in the generic SimLab simulationPhase 4 Co-developing joint understanding in the Learning WorkshopPartnership fee (euro), 36 months three full intervention cycles 1+3 countriesxxxx75 000xxx25 000xxx30 000xxx15 000x6 000x15 000xxx28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 12. Global SchoolSimLab PROCESS SIMULATION METHODIndividual simulation project: 3 monthsKick-offProcess modelingInterviewsPreparing the simulationSimulation DayAnalysis of resultsDebriefing and feedbackCompanies, SocietyCo-development of inter-organizational practices, and learning Empirical data collection Several simulation projects, long term researchScientific research: action research, case studies, also surveys; Qualitative and quantitative methods; Theory creation, theory testing; Publications Teaching: Assignments; Masters, Licentiates, Doctoral Theses Co-creation and transfer of scientific knowledge28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLabStudents, Scientific community 13. Global SchoolSIMLAB BUSINESS PROCESS SIMULATION FOR SERVICE NETWORK CO-CREATION Analysis and visual map of the process Structured and directed process discussion with case project examples Participation: all process actors involved Facilitation, using boundary objects From tacit to explicit knowledge Knowledge sharing and cocreation in team workThe SimLab process simulation28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden laitos, SimLab 14. Global SchoolEXAMPLES OF EMERGING EDUCATIONAL SERVICE NETWORKSUSA Department of EducationPedagogical associationsSchool BoardState Department of EducationTeachers unionSchool site councilCounty Office of EducationOther employees unionsMesa School DistrictTeacher education and trainingNewspapersSecondary schoolsBusiness office and IT supportVocational high schoolsVisiting companiesUniversitiesMuseumsResearch organizationsScience centres NASAMinistry of education Foundations AssociationsReligious communities CongregationsNational board of educationTeachers unionEducation departmentPedagogical associationsClubsParents association Boards of managementTeacher education and trainingMedia centreSecondary schoolsNurkkatie junior schoolFoundations Clubs and eventsInstitutesLearning environment firmsMesa Educational Foundation Parent Faculty OrganizationLearning content firmsParentsLocal development projectsParentsPuistola junior schoolVocational high schoolsVisiting companiesLocal associationsDay careJakomki elementary schoolUniversitiesMuseumsLocal residentsPreschool educationPuistola elementary schoolResearch orgnizationsMesa school: - Superintendent - Principal - Teachers - Secretaries - Library - Kindergarten - Other employeesLearning environment firms Learning content firms Educational project partner companiesScience centresRegional projects Regional communityHealth careSocial services departmentPalmiaSports departmentCultural officeHealth departmentReal estate departmentYouth departmentEnvironment centreBuilding regulation departmentSchool psychologistOther schoolsPolicePersonnel centreCity libraryHigh SchoolsMigrant programsOccupational health centreStudents careFire DepartmentWorkers instituteCity transportRescue departmentMESA NETWORKPoliceKUNINKAANTIE NETWORKOPINMKI FUTURE NETWORKActivities by the City of Espoo Culture (education, activities)Adult education centerCitizen parkSports and exerciseTiedonsilta-librarySchoolsYouth activitiesDay care28.3.2011 Riitta Smeds Aalto-yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden lait

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