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Operational Excellence Backed By Experienced Leadership InFirefighting & Blowouts,Contingency Planning & WellControl Engineering Services

Our experience helps manage the riskwherever you operate.

For more than 25 years, Cudd hasmaintained leadership status by providingquality response to well control events by hiring only the best and most experiencedpeople in the industry. This leadership is coupled with the most advanced equipmenton hand to get the job done.

Our team of firefighters has over 200 combined years experience and are knownfor getting the job done – whether the situation is one well fire in North America or entire fields in danger due to regional conflicts in remote locations around the globe.The senior personnel at CWC have been trainedby the captains of the well control industry.Red Adair, Boots Hansen, Coots Matthews andJoe Bowden have passed on hundreds of yearsof capping and well killing experience to ourcore well control personnel who are, in turn,training our next generation.

We have expertise and knowledge in environmental issues, reservoir managementand field engineering to protect your investmentand get the operations back on track.

And, we can help you prepare for any emergencies through advanced planning and training programs to uncover vulnerabilities and set up procedures for working more safely.

Through our headquarters and on-going operations and training in Houston, Texas, we can respond to well control problems – natural and man-made – anywhere on the globe.

I n T h e W o r l d O f W e l l C o n t r o l , W e C o v e r T h e W o r l d .

Cudd Well Control has the know-how and a proven

track record for successfully confronting blowouts and

problem wells onshore, offshore and underground.

“We can handle anything

that an uncertain world

can throw at the

world of oil & gas.”

We also offer contingency planning and well control engineering

services to help companies improve by identifying procedures and

building upon strengths. Our emphasis is to research, develop, and

create guidelines and standards that are in place for you to respond

when and if the situation becomes a reality.

While well fires grab the headlines, the reality of worldwide

well control services is that a broad range of skills are

needed under pressure conditions. Also, advanced technology,

equipment and tools are essential.

At Cudd Well Control, people, experience and equipment

are the three essentials that are always at the forefront

of our operations in order to be ready to respond with

excellence when you call.

I n T h e W o r l d O f W e l l C o n t r o l , W e C o v e r T h e W o r l d .

Cudd Well Control has a very diverse client base, including the following:• Global Oil & Gas Producers

• Global Drilling/Well Servicing Companies

• National Oil Companies

• Governmental Regulatory Agencies

• Insurance Carriers

• Academic Institutions

• Underground Storage Operators

Our routine operations are both land and offshorebased, strategically located on an international scale. • Land Operations

• Offshore Operations

• Slim Hole Operations

• Swamp Barge Operations

• Inland Barges

• Multi-well Platform Operations

• Deepwater

• Arctic Operations

“Our experience

helps manage the risk

wherever you operate.”

I n T h e W o r l d O f W e l l C o n t r o l , W e C o v e r T h e W o r l d .

• Desert Operations

• Geothermal


• H2S

• CO2

• Hydrates

• Underground Blowouts

“We provide a world

of capabilities.” Firefighting Operations• Oil and Gas Wells

• Storage Wells

• Geothermal Wells

• CO2 Wells

• Marine Applications

Well Control• Kick Resolution

• Blowout Control

• Pressure Control

• Surface Intervention

• Sub Sea Well Control

• Relief Well Control

• Well Recovery Operations

Integrated Services• Reviews, Inspections and Audits

• Field/Well Site Audit

• Drilling/Workover Program Review

• Rig/Platform Inspection

• Well Control Equipment Inspection

Well Control Site Management• Logistics Management

• Site Safety Plan

• Offshore and Onshore Locations

Special Services• Hot Tap and Freeze Services

• Gate Valve Drilling

• Subsea Hot Tapping

• Equipment Design and Fabrication

• Hydraulic Workover (Snubbing)

Well Control Engineering• Assessment of Well Condition

• Dynamic Well Kill Modeling

• Pressure Control and Kick Resolution

• Capping & Kill Plans

• Project Scheduling & Reporting

• Gas Dispersion Modeling

• Blowout Ignition Criteria

Relief Well Design and Implementation• Site/Rig Selection

• Casing Program/Hydraulics Design

• Intercept Design & Coordination

• Dynamic Kill Design & Execution

Contingency Planning for Emergency• Risks/Needs Analysis and Assessment

• Emergency Response Plan Development

• Training and Emergency Drills for Operator

• ERP Annual Review and Revision

• Drilling Plan Enhancement

• Rig Inspections

Project Management• Regulatory Compliance

• Risk Assessment and Management

• Cost Tracking/Schedule Analysis

Services: General Well Control

I n T h e W o r l d O f W e l l C o n t r o l , W e C o v e r T h e W o r l d .

The oil and gas industry knows whom to call for full-service reliability and immediate response in well control. We hope that you will call us TODAY to learn first-hand and well in advance of your needs.

Cudd Well Control, Inc.Headquarters:16770 Imperial Valley Drive, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77060 (USA)

Houston HQ telephone: 1.713.849.2769Houston HQ fax: 1.713.849.3861Toll free in USA: 1.800.990.2833www.cuddwellcontrol.com

Cudd Well Control is a subsidiary of RPC, Inc.; a holding company traded on the NewYork Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol RES. It provides a range of specializedoilfield services and equipment to oil and gas companies engaged in the exploration,production and development of oil and gas properties throughout the United Statesand selected international markets. RPC offers an array of oil and gas servicesrequired throughout the life cycle of a well.

© 2006 Cudd Well Control, Inc.Information included in this brochure is current through March, 2006.

I N T H E W O R L D O F W E L L C O N T R O L , W E C O V E R T H E W O R L D .