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    Y UR Cincinnati Shaperis an accurate tool. This

    manual will help you in its

    care and operation.





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  • Fig. 1 Identification Cincinnati Shaper (Front View)

    1. Tool slide clamp screw.2. Serial number'3. Finished pads for attaching power feed tO head.4. Tool Shelf.5. Start and stop button.6. Hck gear lever.7. Stroke indicator dial.8. Speed indicator plate9. Stroke adjusting shat-

    10. Motor starter.ll. Gear shift love...12. Transmission drain plug.13. Oil sight gauge.14. Power cross feed selector.15. Power rapid tea.verse lever.16. Rail elevating manual control'


    17. Cross feed safety cranlL18. Table Support.19. Table support bearing.20. Apron21. Cross feed screw.22. Cross feed engagement lever.23. Rail clamp control.24. Clutcl| and brake switch lever.25. Column rail bearing.26. ColuI]m throat Chip gllard.27. Oil pressure ga`lge.28. Clapper.29. Tool post.30. Clapper box.31. Tool slide.


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  • -'

    Fig. 2 Identification Cincinnati Shaper (Rear View)

    1. Ra.m guard'2. Ram.3. Ram clamp lever.4. Ram positioning shaft.5. Ball crank.6. Feed screw dial.7. Tool slide.8. Graduated head swivel.9. Ra.mwa.y.

    loo Vise.ll. Table.

    12. Rail top bearing.13. Rail guide bearing.14. Rail support bearing.15. Cross rail.16. Cross rail chip g`lard.17. RIse.18. Drive guard.19. Motor.20. Column.21. Ram gib adjustment.


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    Fig. 3 Lifting Shaper


    Lift your Cincinnati Shaper with a rope Slingl Properlyplaced. The rope should bear against the COlumn, hathfront andrear as iuustrated, and not against the scrapedbearingof the ram. The ram bearing is a finely finishedsurface and must be carefully protected against damage.DO NOT USE CHAIN OR CABLE.

    Adjust the sling to lift evenly. Use a Manila rope ingood condition. A 1;" rope is large enough for 24"standard and s'maller. A 2" rope should be used for24ll Heavy I)uty and larger. If Manila rope is not a-vaLilable, use Jute rope in diameters Of 2" and 2i" re-spectively. If machine is equipped with POWer downfeed to the head, remove power down feed I)racket andguard before attaching sling.


    Remove crate and wrapping. Unpack ram guard,wrenches, and tool post in tool box. Use the enclosedpacking list for checking all items.



    Remove the vise from the table. Remove all covering.Thoroughly clean protective grease from an Parts Withkerosene. These parts include ram bearing} table Sup-port, bearings, on frolut of COl`lmn, Cross I.ail bearings9rocker arm, table, vise, head slide, down feed screw,dove tall in crank gear, dials a-nd indicating Plates, feedbox bear.ingJ COntrOl handles and levers, etC.

    Go over the grease With a Cloth Wet With kerosene andallow to soak. Use a wftying cloth instead Of Waste. Astiff brush will get into the corners. Do not use anairhose--pressure will drive the dirt and grit into thebearing SUI.faces. After cleaning the ram, adjust itforward and remove from the ram bearing any greasethat might have collected at the wiper.

    After cleaning thoroughly) wipe dry a.nd make Sure nOgrease or grit is left. Cm bearing surfaces lightly withfresh oil. clean machine periodically after installation.

    IJOOsenhead tolls and Swivel head into vertical positionoDO NOT RtJN RAM EIACK nITO CO1'UMN "ITH SLIDESET AT AN A)RELE. Be sore ram bearings are Cleanbefore installing ra.m guard at the rear of machine.



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    Fig. 4 Leveling Sharer

    Remove skids and place machine on foundation. A solidconcrete foundation is desirable, but if not practicable,the Shaper may be set on a solid wcod floor and heldwith lag screws. Foundation plans are furnished witheach Shaper, showing the space required and locationof foundation bolts.


    Level the machine with a precision level placed on topof the table and column as shown in Fig. 4. Alwayswipe both level and leveling surface clean. Level thema.chimewiththe level crosswise to the table and length-wise on the column. Be sure rail is securely clampedduring this operation.

    The base is provided with three bearing points for easyleveling. The tiro front points coincide with the founda-tion bolt holes. The back point is halfway between therear foundation bolt holes. Put flat steel shims at thethree points as requiredto bring the Sha,per level withina thousandth of an inch per foot. After the machine islevel, grout under the base.


    On universal machines equipped with an outboard tablesupport, indicate the support guide bar before packingat the corners of the base. The indicator should beclamped to the front of the table. Table bolts shouldbe drawn tight and rail securely clamped. The sup-port g`lide bar should be indicated the full length of therail. The support guide should be parallel with thetop of the rail within.001" perft. Packunder the

    corners as required, to make the support level for thefull length. After machine is level,grout under the -base.

    After three months of operation go over the machineand draw up screws holding the transmission cover,the rapid traverse arm, and the ram guard. After sixmonths of operation, recheck your machine for level.


    Before starting the Shaper, clean return basin. Returnbasin is accessible through column door.

    Fill gear transmission chamber with a high grade, non-foaming machine oil (Viscosity 220 seconds at 100 de-grees F.) according to instruction No. 1I Fig. 5.

    Fill the return basin according to instruction No. 3,Fig.5.

    Oil should not be below sight gauge in the base whenShaper is stopped.

    Check the motor lubrication.

    For complete instruction, see Fig. 5 and Oiling Dia-gram, Fig. 7.


    Change oil 30 days after installation, thereafter onceevery 12 months. \men changing oil, clean ring mag-net and wipe out return basin and main reservoir witha cloth. Do not use waste.


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  • S|CTlII II



    The most important factor in the life of any machinetool is proper lubrication. Your Shaper is equipped

    ob#ePSTefsuirlS::#,ssyt=isim#,intog#:auto*wwhen the clutch is engaged, and a filteI. iS used to keepthe off clean. strict conformance with the followinginstructions is required for long trouble-free service.owl should be a high grade, non-foaming machine oil;viscosity 220 seconds at 100O F. Once a year removeall oil from Shaper and refill with fresh oil.


    Before starting the Shaper the following four itemsmust be performed see Figure 5 and 6 for location ofoiling points.

    1. Pill Transmission Reservoir until oil OVerflowsinto Return Basin. See Figure 7.

    2. Lubricate motor according to motor manufacturerlSrecommendations. Do not over-lubricate.

    3. After filling Transmission Reservoir, cpen columndoor and fill Ret\lm Basin and Main FLeservoir. SeeFigure 7. Fill until oil shows in sight window inbase|

    4. ObservePressureGauge in column near clutch con- ^trol regularly. If gauge fa.ils to show pressure, checkoil level. Check oil filter every sk months.


    5. Clean and oil sliding surface of tool head.

    6. Clean surface of table support.

    7. Clean sliding surfaces of rail.

    8. Oil feed screw bearing.

    9. Oil feed screw

    10.Clea.n and oil sliding surfaces of vise. Fill oil holeson single screw vises.

    ll. Oil clapper pin; clean frequently.

    Fig. 5 Lubrication Points


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    12. Fill oil hole at rear of ram and two oil holes nearram adjustment shaft.

    13. Oil ram adjusting screw through opening in ram.

    14. Oil speed change lever bearings.

    l5. Oil crank clutch.


    16. Remove plug and add oil to feed hex.


    17. Do not allow oil level to fall below sight ga-use whenShaper is stopped.


    Fig. 7 Oiling Diagram

    Fig. 6 Lubrication Points


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  • S|CTIOII Ill


    STARTINGPut gear shift lever in neutral position and see that thestroke dial reads zero. Put feed lever in neutral. Startmotor and malre sure it is running in the proper direc-tion. Arrows on the belt and pulley guard show the cor-rect direction. Engage clutch lever with gears in neu-tral and stroke at zero. Inspect the rocker. arm andsliding block to see that they a.re getting oil. oil pres-sure gauge should lea.d 50 1bs. when clutch is engaged.


    Refer to Fig. 8 for the following reference numbers.The stroke is adjusted by turning the shaft #8 with thecrank furnished with the machine.

    The stro