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JAZZ - document last updated 14/02/22 Accoustic Ladyland Last Chance Disco 2005 Babel Adams (Pepper)/Jimmy Knepper The Pepper-Knepper Quintet 1958 Fresh Sounds Adderley (Cannonball)/Miles Davis Somethin' Else! 1958 Blue Note Adderley (Canonball) Qunitet in Chicago 1959 Verve Adderley (Canonball) Work Song 1960-69 1960-69 Giants of Jazz Afro Cuban All-Stars (see Gonzáles) A Toda Cuba le Gusta 1997 WCD Air Air Lore 1979 Arista Armstrong (Louis) Hot Fives and Sevens 1925-28 Giants of Jazz Art Ensemble of Chicago Nessa 1967/68 (5-CD) 1967-68 Nessa Art Ensemble of Chicago The Spritual 1969 Black Lion Art Ensemble of Chicago Tutankhamun 1969 Black Lion Art Ensemble of Chicago Jackson in yr House/Message.. 1969 BYG Art Ensemble of Chicago Live in Paris (2CD) 1969 BYG Art Ensemble of Chicago The Pathe Sessions 1969-70 EMI Art Ensemble of Chicago Les Stances a Sophie 1970 Universal Sound Art Ensemble of Chicago With Fontella Bass 1970 America Art Ensemble of Chicago Phase One 1971 America Art Ensemble of Chicago Bap-Tizum (Ann Arbor 1972) 1972 Atlantic Art Ensemble of Chicago Fanfare for the Warriors 1973 Atlantic Art Ensemble of Chicago Live at Mandel Hall 1973 Delmark Art Ensemble of Chicago Live in Berlin (2-CD) 1979 WW Art Ensemble of Chicago The Third Decade 1984 ECM Art Ensemble of Chicago Coming Home Jamaica 1998 Atlantic Art Ensemble of Chicago The Meeting 2003 PI Ayler (Albert) Witches & Devils 1964 Black Lion Ayler (Albert) Spiritual Unity 1964 ESP Ayler (Albert) Bells (& Prophecy) 1965 ESP Ayler (Albert) Spirits Rejoice 1965 ESP Ayler (Albert) Live at Slug’s Saloon 1/5/66 LoneHill Ayler (Albert) Black Revolt 1/5/66 Magic Music Ayler (Albert) Live in Greenwich Village(2CD) 1966 Impulse Ayler (Albert) Lorrach Paris 1966 1966 Hatology Ayler (Albert) Love Cry 1968 Impulse Ayler (Albert) Music is the Healing Force of the Universe 1969 Impulse AS-9191 Ayler (Albert) Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, 25/07/1970 2005 ESP Ayler (Albert) Nuits de la Fondation Maeght 1970 Shandar/Water Ayler (Albert) Holy Ghost – 10 CD Box 2004 Revenant Bad Plus Give 2004 CBS Bailey (Derek) guitar,drums `n’ bass 1996 Avant Bailey (Derek)/Pat Metheny The Sign of Four (3-CD) 1996 Knitting Factory Bailey (Pearl) Come On Lets Play.. 1962 Roulette/EMI Baker (Chet) And the Lighthouse All-Stars 1953 Affinity Baker (Chet) Young Chet 1954-56 Pacific Jazz Baker (Chet) Grey December 1953-55 Pacific Jazz Baker (Chet) Best of Chet Baker Sings 1953-56 Pacific Jazz Baker (Chet) Chet Baker/Big Band 1954-56 Pacific Jazz Baker (Chet) Chet Baker (Compact Jazz) 1955-64 Emarcy Baker (Chet) Chet in Paris Vol.2 1955 Emarcy Baptiste (Denys) Be Where You Are 1999 Dune Barbieri (Gato)/Dollar Brand Hamba Khale 1968 Affinity Barbieri (Gato) Fenix 1971 Flying Dutchman Basie (Count) Orchestra Atomic Basie 1957-61 Giants of Jazz Basie (Count) Orchestra Neil Hefti/Bennie Carter 1957-61 Giants of Jazz Beiderbecke (Bix) Bixology 1920s Giants of Jazz Beiderbecke (Bix) Properbox Set (4CD) 1920s Properbox Beresford (Steve)/Zorn etc Signals for Tea 1995 Disk Union Avan Berne (Tim) Empire (5CD) 1979-81 Screwgun 70009 Berne (Tim) Mutant Variations 1984 Soul Note Berne (Tim) Sanctified Dreams 1987 Koch Berne (Tim)’s Caos Totale Pace Yourself 1991 JMT (W&W) Berne (Tim) Diminutive Mysteries (Mostly Hemphill) 1993 JMT (W&W) Berne (Tim)’s Caos Totale Nice View 1994 JMT (W&W) Berne (Tim) & Bloodcount Memory Select (Paris concert) 1994 JMT Berne (Tim) & Bloodcount Poisoned Minds (Paris concert) 1994 JMT Berne (Tim) & Bloodcount Lowlife (Paris concert) 1995 JMT (W&W)

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JAZZ - document last updated 07/05/23Accoustic Ladyland Last Chance Disco 2005 BabelAdams (Pepper)/Jimmy Knepper The Pepper-Knepper Quintet 1958 Fresh SoundsAdderley (Cannonball)/Miles Davis Somethin' Else! 1958 Blue NoteAdderley (Canonball) Qunitet in Chicago 1959 VerveAdderley (Canonball) Work Song 1960-69 1960-69 Giants of JazzAfro Cuban All-Stars (see Gonzáles) A Toda Cuba le Gusta 1997 WCDAir Air Lore 1979 AristaArmstrong (Louis) Hot Fives and Sevens 1925-28 Giants of JazzArt Ensemble of Chicago Nessa 1967/68 (5-CD) 1967-68 NessaArt Ensemble of Chicago The Spritual 1969 Black LionArt Ensemble of Chicago Tutankhamun 1969 Black LionArt Ensemble of Chicago Jackson in yr House/Message.. 1969 BYGArt Ensemble of Chicago Live in Paris (2CD) 1969 BYGArt Ensemble of Chicago The Pathe Sessions 1969-70 EMIArt Ensemble of Chicago Les Stances a Sophie 1970 Universal Sound Art Ensemble of Chicago With Fontella Bass 1970 AmericaArt Ensemble of Chicago Phase One 1971 America Art Ensemble of Chicago Bap-Tizum (Ann Arbor 1972) 1972 AtlanticArt Ensemble of Chicago Fanfare for the Warriors 1973 AtlanticArt Ensemble of Chicago Live at Mandel Hall 1973 DelmarkArt Ensemble of Chicago Live in Berlin (2-CD) 1979 WWArt Ensemble of Chicago The Third Decade 1984 ECMArt Ensemble of Chicago Coming Home Jamaica 1998 AtlanticArt Ensemble of Chicago The Meeting 2003 PIAyler (Albert) Witches & Devils 1964 Black LionAyler (Albert) Spiritual Unity 1964 ESPAyler (Albert) Bells (& Prophecy) 1965 ESPAyler (Albert) Spirits Rejoice 1965 ESP Ayler (Albert) Live at Slug’s Saloon 1/5/66 LoneHillAyler (Albert) Black Revolt 1/5/66 Magic MusicAyler (Albert) Live in Greenwich Village(2CD) 1966 ImpulseAyler (Albert) Lorrach Paris 1966 1966 HatologyAyler (Albert) Love Cry 1968 ImpulseAyler (Albert) Music is the Healing Force of the Universe1969 Impulse AS-9191 Ayler (Albert) Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, 25/07/19702005 ESPAyler (Albert) Nuits de la Fondation Maeght 1970 Shandar/Water Ayler (Albert) Holy Ghost – 10 CD Box 2004 RevenantBad Plus Give 2004 CBSBailey (Derek) guitar,drums `n’ bass 1996 AvantBailey (Derek)/Pat Metheny The Sign of Four (3-CD) 1996 Knitting FactoryBailey (Pearl) Come On Lets Play.. 1962 Roulette/EMIBaker (Chet) And the Lighthouse All-Stars 1953 AffinityBaker (Chet) Young Chet 1954-56 Pacific JazzBaker (Chet) Grey December 1953-55 Pacific JazzBaker (Chet) Best of Chet Baker Sings 1953-56 Pacific JazzBaker (Chet) Chet Baker/Big Band 1954-56 Pacific JazzBaker (Chet) Chet Baker (Compact Jazz) 1955-64 EmarcyBaker (Chet) Chet in Paris Vol.2 1955 EmarcyBaptiste (Denys) Be Where You Are 1999 DuneBarbieri (Gato)/Dollar Brand Hamba Khale 1968 AffinityBarbieri (Gato) Fenix 1971 Flying DutchmanBasie (Count) Orchestra Atomic Basie 1957-61 Giants of JazzBasie (Count) Orchestra Neil Hefti/Bennie Carter 1957-61 Giants of JazzBeiderbecke (Bix) Bixology 1920s Giants of JazzBeiderbecke (Bix) Properbox Set (4CD) 1920s ProperboxBeresford (Steve)/Zorn etc Signals for Tea 1995 Disk Union AvanBerne (Tim) Empire (5CD) 1979-81 Screwgun 70009Berne (Tim) Mutant Variations 1984 Soul NoteBerne (Tim) Sanctified Dreams 1987 Koch Berne (Tim)’s Caos Totale Pace Yourself 1991 JMT (W&W) Berne (Tim) Diminutive Mysteries (Mostly Hemphill) 1993 JMT (W&W)Berne (Tim)’s Caos Totale Nice View 1994 JMT (W&W)Berne (Tim) & Bloodcount Memory Select (Paris concert) 1994 JMTBerne (Tim) & Bloodcount Poisoned Minds (Paris concert) 1994 JMTBerne (Tim) & Bloodcount Lowlife (Paris concert) 1995 JMT (W&W)Berne (Tim) & Bloodcount Bloodcount Unwound (3CD) 1996 Screwgun 70001Berne (Tim) & Paraphrase Visitation Rights 1996 Screwgun 70002

Berne (Tim), Marc Ducret, Tom Rainey Big Satan 1997 W&WBerne (Tim) & Paraphrase Please Advise 1999 Screwgun 70011Berne (Tim)/Michael Formanek Ornery People 1998 Little BrotherBerne (Tim) The Shell Game 2001 Thirsty Ear 57099.2Berne (Tim) Science Friction 2002 Screwgun 70013Berne (Tim) The Sevens 2002 New WorldBerne (Tim) The Sublime and. 2003 Thirsty Ear 57139.2 Berne (Tim)’s Big Satan Souls Saved Hear. 2004 Thirsty Ear 57151.2Blakey (Art) & Jazz Mess.(lus Monk) AB’s JM with T.Monk 1958 AtlanticBlakey (Art) & Jazz Mess. Mosiac 1961 Blue NoteBlakey (Art) & Jazz Mess. Live @ Birdland Giants of JazzBowie (Lester) Fast Last! + Rope-A-Dope 1974/5 MuseBowie (Lester)/Philip Wilson Duet 1978 Imp.ArtistsBowie (Lester) The Fifth Power 1978 Black SaintBowie (Lester) Brass Fantasy I Only Have Eyes For You 1985 ECMBowie (Lester) Brass Fantasy Avant Pop 1986 ECMBrahem (Anouar) Thimar 1998 ECMBraxton/Crispell/Dresser/Hemmingway Quartet (London) 1985 1985 Leo 200/201Brecker (Michael) Tales From the Hudson 1996 ImpulseBrecker (Michael) Time is of the Essence 1999 VerveBrookmeyer (Bob) Streetswingers (Pac.Jazz II) 1957 Pacific JazzBrookmeyer (Bob)/Getz/Hancock,etc Bob Brookmeyer & Friends 1964 CBSBrookmeyer (Bob)/Clark Terry Power of Positive Swinging 1965 MainstreamBrookmeyer (Bob)/New Art Orch. New Works (Celebration) 1999 ChallengeBrooks (Tina) True Blue 1960 Blue NoteBrown (Clifford) Jazz Immortal feat. Zoot Sims 1954 Pacific JazzBrötzmann (Caspar) & Massaker Abend der Schwarzen Folklore 1992 RTDBrötzmann (Caspar) & Massaker Koksofen 1993 RTDBrötzmann (Caspar) & F.M.Einheit Merry Christmas 1993 RTDBrötzmann (Peter) For Adolphe Sax 1967 FMP/UnheardBrötzmann (Peter) Machine Gun 1968 FMPBrötzmann (Peter) Fuck de Boere 1968/70 FMP/UnheardBrötzmann (Peter) Nipples 1969 FMP/UnheardBrötzmann (Peter) More Nipples 1969 FMP/UnheardBrötzmann (Peter) Balls 1970 FMP/UnheardBrötzmann (Peter)/Van Hove./Bennink FMP130 1973 FMP/UnheardBrötzmann (Peter)/Mengelb./Bennink 3 Points and a Mountain 1979 FMP CD-107Brötzmann (Peter) Dare Devil 1991 DIWBrötzmann (Peter)/Die Like a Dog Qt Die Like a Dog 1993 FMPBrötzmann (Peter)/Hopkins/Ali Songlines 1993 FMP CD-53Brötzmann (Peter) & Haino Keiji Evolving Bush/Driving Orig.Sin 1996 PSFD-79Brötzmann (Peter)/Die Like a Dog Qt Little Birds Have Fast Hearts No.1 1998 FMP CD-97Brötzmann (Peter)/Die Like a Dog Qt Little Birds Have Fast Hearts No.2 1998 FMP CD-101Brötzmann (Peter) Octet/Tentet Chicago Octet/Tentet (3-CD) 1998 OkkadiskBrötzmann (Peter)/Hano/Haino Shadows 2000 DIWBrötzmann (Peter)/Die Like a Dog Qt Aoyama Crows 1998 FMP CD-118Cherry (Don) Complete Communion 1965 Blue NoteCherry (Don) Symphony for Improvisers 1966 Blue NoteCherry (Don) Mu 1969 BYG/AffinityCherry (Don) Orient 1971/72 BYG/AffinityCherry (Don) Orient/Eagle Eye 1971 Fruit TreeCherry (Don) Blue Lake 1971? Fruit TreeCherry (Don)/Lowe,Haden Brown Rice 1976 A&M HorizonChicago Underground Quartet Chicago Underground Quartet 2001Cole (Nat) Trio The Vocal Classics 1942-6 capitolColeman (Ornette) Something Else!!!! 1958 ContemporaryColeman (Ornette) Tomorrow Is The Question 1959 ContemporaryColeman (Ornette) The Shape of Jazz to Come 1959 AtlanticColeman (Ornette) This is Our Music 1959 Atlantic Coleman (Ornette) Change of the Century 1959 AtlanticColeman (Ornette) Free Jazz 1959 AtlanticColeman (Ornette) The Art of the Improvisers 1959-61 Atlantic (1970)Coleman (Ornette) Ornette on Tenor 1962 AtlanticColeman (Ornette) Ornette! 1962 AtlanticColeman (Ornette) At The Golden Circle (2-CD) 1965 Blue NoteColeman (Ornette) Love Calls 1968 Blue NoteColeman (Ornette) Friends & Neighbours 1970 Flying Dutchman/RCAColeman (Ornette) Science Fiction (2-CD) 1971-72 CBS Coleman (Ornette) Belgrade Concert 2/11/1971 Jazz DoorColeman (Ornette) Body Mehta 1975 Harmolodic (Verve)Coleman (Ornette)/Charlie Haden Soapsuds,Soapsuds 1978 Harmolodic (Verve)Coleman (Ornette) Of Human Feelings 1982 Antilles

Coleman (Ornette)/Pat Metheny Song X 1986 Geffen Coleman (Ornette)/Pat Metheny Song X (20th Anniversary extended) 2005 GeffenColeman (Ornette) In All Languages 1987 Caravan of DreamsColeman (Ornette) Virgin Beauty 1988 CBSColeman (Ornette) Tone Dialling 1995 HarmolodicColeman (Ornette) Sound Museum I (Hidden Man) 1996 Harmolodic (Verve)Coleman (Ornette) Sound Museum II (Three Women) 1996 Harmolodic (Verve)Coleman (Ornette) Sound Grammar 2006 SG001Coltrane (Alice)/Pharoah Sanders Ptah the El Daoud 1970 Impulse Coltrane (Alice) Transfiguration 1976 WarnersColtrane (Alice) Trancendence 1976 WarnersColtrane (John) Like Sonny 1958/60 RouletteColtrane (John)/Cecil Taylor Coltrane Time (ex-Stereo Drive) 1959 Blue NoteColtrane (John) Blue Train 1959? Blue NoteColtrane (John) Giant Steps 1960 AtlanticColtrane (John) My Favourite Things 1961 AtlanticColtrane (John)/Eric Dolphy Olé Coltrane 1961 AtlanticColtrane (John) Complete Africa/Brass(2CD) 1961 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Coltrane (Deluxe 2CD) 1962 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Ballads (Deluxe 2CD) 1962 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Complete Village Vanguard(4CD) 1963 Impulse/MCA Coltrane (John) Live at Birdland 1963 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Live in Stockholm 1963 -Coltrane (John) Crescent 1964 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) A Love Supreme (Deluxe 2CD) 1964 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) + Archie Shepp New Thing at Newport 1965 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Living Space 1965 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) First Meditations 1965 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Live in Antibes(A Love Supreme) 1965 Le Jazz/CharlyColtrane (John) Impressions (Live) ? Classic Jazz/CharlyColtrane (John) The John Coltrane Qt Plays 1965 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Dear Old Stockholm 1965 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Major Works (Ascension,Om,etc) 1965 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Transition 1965 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Sun Ship 1965 Impulse/MCA Coltrane (John) One Up One Down (Live: Half Note)(2CD)1965 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Live in Seattle 1965 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John)/Pharoah Sanders Live At The Village Van. Again 1966 Impulse/MCA Coltrane (John)/Pharoah Sanders Live in Japan (4CD) 1966 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John)/Pharoah Sanders Meditations 1966 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John)/Rashied Ali Interstellar Space 1967 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Expression 1967 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Stellar Regions 1967 Impulse/MCAColtrane (John) Olatunji Concert (Last Live) 4/1967 ImpulseColtrane (Ravi) Moving Pictures 1998 RCACrispell (Marilyn) Gaia 1987 Leo 152Crispell (Marilyn) Live in Zurich 1989 Leo 122Crispell (Marilyn) The Kitchen Concert 1991 Leo 178Crispell (Marilyn) Santuerio 1993 Leo 191Davis (Miles)/Tadd Dameron Paris Festival de Jazz 1949 CBSDavis (Miles) Birth of the Cool 1949-50 CapitolDavis (Miles) Birth of the Cool Vol.2 1950s CapitolDavis (Miles) On Blue Note Vol.I 1952/54 Blue NoteDavis (Miles) On Blue Note Vol.II 1953 Blue NoteDavis (Miles) Live @ Birdland 1950-52 CharlyDavis (Miles) And the Lighthouse All-Stars 1953 AffinityDavis (Miles) Blue Haze 1951-53 PrestigeDavis (Miles) Collectors Items 1953/56 PrestigeDavis (Miles) Walkin' 1954 PrestigeDavis (Miles) Bag's Groove 1954 PrestigeDavis (Miles) And The Modern Jazz Giants 1954/56 PrestigeDavis (Miles) Round About Midnight 1956 CBSDavis (Miles) Workin' 1956 PrestigeDavis (Miles) Steamin' 1956 PrestigeDavis (Miles) Cookin' & Relaxin' (on 1-CD) 1956 PrestigeDavis (Miles)/Gil Evans Miles Ahead 1957 CBSDavis (Miles)/Gil Evans Porgy & Bess 1958 CBSDavis (Miles) Milestones 1958 CBSDavis (Miles) + Monk @ Newport Live @ Newport (2-CD) 1958 CBSDavis (Miles) Kind of Blue 1959 CBSDavis (Miles) Live Olympia,Paris(Part 1) 20/3/60 Trema 710576Davis (Miles) Live Olympia,Paris(Part 1) 11/10/60 Trema 710578

Davis (Miles) Live in Stockholm(4CD) 22/3,13/10/60 Dragon Davis (Miles) Live in Stockholm 13/10/60? Giants of JazzDavis (Miles) Live @ the Blackhawk,Vol.1 4/61 Giants of Jazz/CBSDavis (Miles) Live @ the Blackhawk,Vol.2 4/61 Giants of Jazz/CBSDavis (Miles) Complete Live @ the Blackhawk (4CD) 4/61 CBSDavis (Miles) Someday my Prince Will Come 1961 CBSDavis (Miles) Seven Steps to Heaven 1963 CBSDavis (Miles) Cote Blues 26,28/7/63 JMY - AntibesDavis (Miles) In Europe 27/7/63 CBS - AntibesDavis (Miles) My Funny Valentine 12/2/64 CBSDavis (Miles) Live(My Funny V./4 & More) 12/2/64 Giants of Jazz/CBSDavis (Miles) Live in Tokyo 14/7/64 CBSDavis (Miles) Cookin'at the Plugged Nickel 26,27/12/65 CBSDavis (Miles) E.S.P. 1965 CBSDavis (Miles) Miles Smiles 1966 CBSDavis (Miles) Miles Davis Live in Europe 1967/60 New PlanetDavis (Miles) Nefertiti 1967 CBSDavis (Miles) No Blues (Live in Paris) 6/11/67 JMYDavis (Miles) Circle in the Round (2-CD) 1955-70 CBSDavis (Miles) Filles de Kilimanjaro 1967 CBSDavis (Miles) Water Babies (released 1976) 1967 CBSDavis (Miles) Sorcerer 1967 CBSDavis (Miles) Miles in the Sky 1968 CBSDavis (Miles) It’s About That Time 1969 Jazz Door 1294Davis (Miles) In A Silent Way Sessions(3-CD) 1969 CBSDavis (Miles) (mixed Bill Laswell) Panthalassa 1969-74 CBSDavis (Miles) Live at the Fillmore East 7/3/1969 ColumbiaDavis (Miles) Festiva de Juan Pins 25/7/1969 Sony (Japan)Davis (Miles) Gemini/Double Image 27/10/69 Jazz Door - ParisDavis (Miles) Paraphernalia 3/11/69 JMY - ParisDavis (Miles) Voodoo Down(Live Italy/NY) 1965/66/69/70 MoonDavis (Miles) Bitches Brew Sessions (4-CD) 1970 CBSDavis (Miles) Jack Johnson 1970 CBS Davis (Miles) Jack Johnson Sessions (5CD) 1970/2003 CBSDavis (Miles) Black Beauty (2-CD) 10/4/70 CBS Fillmore WestDavis (Miles) At Fillmore (2-CD) 17-20/6/70 CBS Fillmore EastDavis (Miles) Live Evil (2-CD) 1970 CBSDavis (Miles) The Cellar Door Sessions (6-CD) 1970 CBS 2005Davis (Miles) What I Say? Vol:1 5/11/70 JMYDavis (Miles) What I Say? Vol:2 5/11/7,17/10/71 JMYDavis (Miles) Another Bitches Brew (Belgrade) 71/73 JD 1284/5Davis (Miles) On The Corner 1-6/6/72,7/7/72 CBSDavis (Miles) In Concert (2-CD) 29/9/72 CBSDavis (Miles) Get Up With It (2-CD) 1973/74 CBSDavis (Miles) Big Fun (2-CD) 1970/73 CBSDavis (Miles) Live Olympia 11 July 1973 11/7/73 Trema 710574Davis (Miles) Dark Magus (2-CD) 30/3/74 CBS Carnegie HallDavis (Miles) Agharta (2-CD) 1/2/75 CBSDavis (Miles) Pangaea (2-CD) 1/2/75 CBSDavis (Miles) Man With a Horn 1981 CBSDavis (Miles) Star People 1982 CBSDavis (Miles) We Want Miles (live) 1982 CBSDavis (Miles) Decoy 1984 CBSDavis (Miles)/Marcus Miller Tutu 1986 WarnerDavis (Miles)/Marcus Miller Siesta 1987 WarnerDavis (Miles) Live in Avignon (2-CD) 1987 LaserlightDavis (Miles) Live Around the World 1988/9 WarnerDavis (Miles) Live (in Avignon again?) 1988 Delta 22823Davis (Miles)/Marcus Miller Amandla 1989 WarnerDavis (Miles) Aura 1989 CBSDavis (Miles) Doo Bop 1992 Warner Mile Davis Discography: http://www.wam.umd.edu/~losinp/music/miles_ahead.htmlDejohnette (Jack) Special Edition Album Album 1984 ECMDejohnette (Jack) Special Edition Earth Walk 1991 Blue NoteDJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid 2002 Thirsty Ear 57121Dodds (Johnny) BBC Jazz Archive 1923-29 BBCDolphy (Eric) At the Five Spot Vol.2 1961 Prestige/OJCDolphy (Eric) Iron Man 1964 Douglas/CelluloidDolphy (Eric) Out to Lunch 1964 Blue Note Dolphy (Eric) Last Date 1964 FontanaDucret (Marc) Un Certain Malaise 1997 Screwgun 70005 Ducret (Marc) L’ombra di Verdi 1999 Screwgun 70010

Ellington (Duke) BBC Jazz Archive 1927-34 BBC Ellington (Duke) 3-CD Set 1927-42 Gnts of Jazz (RCA?)Ellington (Duke) 13-CD Set 1930s/1940s Musisoft Ellington (Duke) Solos, Duets & Trios 1941-67 RCAEllington (Duke) Small Bands 1950s? CBSEllington (Duke) Presents the Soloists 1951-8 Giants of JazzEllington (Duke) Live @ Newport (2-CD) 1958? CBSEllington (Duke)/Mingus/Roach Money Jungle 1962 Blue NoteEllington (Duke) Such Sweet Thunder 1959-63 Jazz LifeEllington (Duke) And His Mother Called Him Bill 1967 RCAEstrellas de Areito Los Heroes 1979 Areito/Wld.CircuitEqual Interest(Jarman/Jenkins/Melford) Equal Interesr 1999 OmniToneEvans (Bill) Explorations RiversideEvans (Bill) New Jazz Conceptions 1956 RiversideEvans (Bill) Portrait in Jazz 1959 RiversideEvans (Bill) Sunday @ the Village Vanguard 1961 RiversideEvans (Bill) Empathy/A Simple Matter of C. 1962/6 VerveEvans (Bill) Trio 64 plus 1964/6 VerveEvans (Bill) Live at the Town Hall Vol.1 1967 VerveEvans (Gil) New Bottle Old Wine 1958 Pacific JazzEvans (Gil) Great Jazz Standards 1959 Pacific JazzEvans (Gil) + Cecil Taylor Septet Into the Hot ImpulseEvans (Gil) Out of the Cool ImpulseFarmer (Art) Modern Art 1958 Blue NoteFitzferald (Ella) The Complete Recordings 1935-39 Affinity/DeccaFour Brothers(Sims,Cohn,Steward,Chaloff) ..Together Again! 1957 RCA-VictorFreeman (Chico) + Arthur Blythe The Unspoken Word 1993 Ronnie Scott’s JazzGanelin Trio Poco-a-Poco LeoGarrett (Kenny) Standard of Language 2003 WarnerGayle (Charles) Trio Live @ Disobey 1994 Blast FirstGayle (Charles) Trio Kingdom Come 1994 Knitting FactoryGetz (Stan) The Roost Quartets 1950-51 Roost/EMIGetz (Stan) Best of the Roost Years 1950-52 Roost/EMIGetz (Stan) Live 1951 Giants of JazzGetz (Stan) Stan Getz Plays 1953/4 VerveGetz (Stan)+Dizzy Gillespie Diz & Getz 1953-54 VerveGetz (Stan) W.Coast Jazz 1955 VerveGetz (Stan) Mickey One 1956 VerveGetz (Stan) E.of the Sun(W.Coast Sess.) 1955-57 VerveGetz (Stan) The Steamer 1956 VerveGetz (Stan) Award Winner 1957 VerveGetz (Stan) Getz in Europe – Broadway 1958/9 LaserlightGetz (Stan) Getz in Europe – In Suburbia 1958-71 LaserlightGetz (Stan)+strings Focus 1961 VerveGetz (Stan)+Bob Brookmeyer Fall 1961 1961 VerveGetz (Stan)+Charlie Byrd Jazz Samba 1962 Verve Getz (Stan) Reflections 1963 VerveGetz (Stan)+Cal Tjader Cal Tjader/Stan Getz Sextet 1963 FantasyGetz (Stan)+Bill Evans Stan Getz & Bill Evans 1964 VerveGetz (Stan)+Clarke-Boland Big Band Change of Scenes 1971 VerveGetz (Stan)+Williams,Corea,Clarke Captain Marvel 1972 CBSGetz (Stan) The Lyrical(CBS compilation) 1964-77 CBSGetz (Stan)+Bob Brookmeyer Utopia 1978Getz (Stan) The Dolphin+Spring is Here(2CD) 1981 ConcordGetz (Stan)+Albert Dailey Poetry 1983 Blue NoteGetz (Stan)+Chet Baker Stockholm Concerts (3CD) 1983 VerveGetz (Stan) Anniversary (Live in Copenhagen Vol.1) 1987EmarcyGetz (Stan) Serenity (Live in Copenhagen Vol.2) 1987EmarcyGetz (Stan) Yours and Mine(Live in Glasgow) 1989 ConcordGetz (Stan) Soul Eyes (Glasgow/Amsterdam) 1989 ConcordGetz (Stan) Billy Highstreet(recorded 1981) 1981/1990 Emarcy Getz (Stan) The Lost Sessions 1989/2003 VerveGetz (Stan) Apasionado 1991 EmarcyGetz (Stan) Live ???? HallmarkGilberto (Astrud) Best Of (Verve) VerveGismonti/Haden/Garbarek Magico 1979 ECMGiuffre (Jimmy)/Hall/Brookmeyer Hollywood & Newport 1957-58 1957-8 Fresh SoundsGiuffre (Jimmy)/Ellis (Herb) Herb Ellis meets Jimmy Guiffre 1959 VerveGiuffre (Jimmy)/Konitz (Lee) Konitz meets Guiffre (2CD) 1959 Verve Giuffre (Jimmy)/Jim Hall Trio The Easy Way 1959 VerveGiuffre (Jimmy)/Jim Hall Trio The Jimmy Giuffre 3 1959 AtlanticGiuffre (Jimmy)/Jim Hall Trio Princess (Live in Italy) 1959 Fini Jazz

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Swallow/Bley Carla 1961 Giants of JazzGiuffre (Jimmy)/Swallow/Bley Free Fall 1963 CBSGiuffre (Jimmy)/Hall/Phillips etc Live Olympia 23-2-60/27-2-65 1960/5 RTE 710586Giuffre (Jimmy)/Konitz/Bley Giuffre/Konitz/Conners/Bley 1978 Imp.Artists IncGiuffre (Jimmy) 4 Quasar 1985 Soul NoteGod Loco 1991 Perm.de Con.DeutschGonzáles (Rubén) Indestructible 1997 EGREMGonzáles, Rubén Introducing... 1998 WCDGonzáles, Rubén etc Buena Vista social Club 1997 WCDGonzáles, Rubén/Afro Cuban All-Stars A Toda Cuba le Gusta 1997 WCDGordon (Dexter) Our Man in Paris 1963 Blue NoteHaden (Charlie) Liberation Music Orchestra 1969 ImpulseHaden (Charlie) The Montreal Tapes(Lib.Mus.Orch) 2001 UniversalHaden (Charlie) Nocturne 1989 VerveHall (Jim) Jim Hall Trio 1957 Pacific JazzHamilton (Chico) Spectacular & More (Pacific Jazz II)1955-56Pacific JazzHancock (Herbie) Fat Albert Rotunda 1969 WarnerHancock (Herbie) Mwandishi 1970 WarnerHancock (Herbie) Crossings 1971 WarnerHancock (Herbie) The Headhunter 1973 CBSHancock (Herbie) Thrust 1974 CBSHancock (Herbie)/Bill Laswell Future Shock 1983 ColumbiaHancock (Herbie)/Bill Laswell Future2Future 2001 TransparentHawkins (Coleman) Chronological 1929-34 1929-34 Classics 587Hawkins (Coleman) The Bebop Years(4-CD) 1939-49 ProperBoxHawkins (Coleman) Jazz Portraits 1929-40 Jazz PortraitsHawkins (Coleman) Body and Soul 1939-56 RCAHawkins (Coleman) Body and Soul 1929-43 Giants of JazzHawkins (Coleman) The Bean 1951-57 Giants of JazzHemphill (Julius) Blue Boyé 1977 Screwgun/MbariHemphill (Julius) Sextet Fat Man and the Hard Blues 1991 Black SaintHemphill (Julius) Sextet Five Chord Stud 1994 Black SaintHenderson (Fletcher) BBC Jazz Archive 1928-37 BBCHenderson (Joe) Multiple 1973 milestoneHenderson (Joe) The State of the Tenor 1985 Blue NoteHenderson (Joe) So Near,So Far (M...for Miles) 1993 VerveHerman (Woody) The Woody Herman Story (4CD) 1939-49 Properbox 15Herman (Woody) Thundering Herd Fantasy RCAHerman (Woody) 40th Anniversary Concert 1976 RCAHill (Andrew)/Eric Dolphy Point of Departure 1964 Blue NoteHodges (Johnny)/Duke Ellington Side by Side 1959 VerveHodges (Johnny)/Billy Strayhorn With Billy Strayhorn 1962 VerveHodges (Johnny) Triple Play 1967 RCA/BluebirdHolland (Dave) Jumpin' In 1984 ECMHopper (Hugh) 1984 1972 CunieformIsham (Mark) The Silent Way Project 1999 CBSJackson (Ronald Shannon) When Colours Play 1986 Caravan of DreamsJackson (Ronald Shannon) Red Warrior 1990 AxiomJarman (Joseph) As if it were the seasons 1968 DelmarkJarman (Joseph)/Don Moye Earth Passage - Density 1981 Black SaintJarrett (Keith) Expectations 1972 CBSJarrett (Keith) El Juico 1975 AtlanticJohnson (J.J.) The Total J.J.Johnson 1966 BMGJones (Quincy) This is how I feel about Jazz 1957 ImplulseJones (Quincy) Straight no Chaser (2-CD) 1961-83 UniversalJones (Spike) Musical Depreciation 1941-45 ASV Jordan (Ronny) So What (CD single) 1992 IslandJoseph (Julian) Reality 1993 EastWestKamuca (Ritchie)/Perkins/Cohn The Brothers! 1955 RCAVictorKamuca (Ritchie)/Perkins Tenors Head On 1956 Pacific JazzKeiji (Haino) I Said, This is the Son of Nihilism 1996 Table of ElementsKeiji (Haino)/Brötzmann (Peter) Evolving Bush/Driving Orig.Sin 1996 PSFD-79Keiji (Haino) The Book Of “Eternity Set Aflame” 1996 FE-036Keiji (Haino)/Cohen/Baron An Unclear Trial: More Than That 1998 Avant 074Keiji (Haino)/Laswell/Rashied Ali Purple Trap 1998 Tzadik 7221Keiji (Haino)/Musica Transonic Incubation 1999? PSF PSFD-98Keiji (Haino)/Brötzmann/Hano Shadows 2000 DIWKeiji (Haino) A Calm Before a Storm 2000 GEL CD01 Keiji (Haino) Black Blues Vol.1 2004 DSAKeiji (Haino) Black Blues Vol.2 2004 DSAKessel (Barney)/Manne/Brown Pollwinners Exploring the Scene 1960 ContemporaryKirk (Roland) Domino 1962 Verve

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(2xEPs Califone from 1998/2000) Califone Roomsound 2001 GlitterhouseCalifone Quicksand/Cradlesnakes 2003 Thrill JockeyCalifone Deceleration Two 2003 PerishableCalifone Heron King Blues 2004 Thrill JockeyCalla Scavenger 2000 Young God 15Calla Televise 2003 RykoCalla Collisions 2005 Ryko

Camel Breathless 1978 DeramCameo She's Strange 1984Cameo Single Life 1985Cameo Machismo 1988Camille Le Sac des Filles 2002 SourceCamille Le Fil 2005 VirginCampag Velocet Bon Chic Bon Genre 1999Can Monster Movie 1970 spoon sa4Can Tago Mago (2-CD) 1971 spoon 006/7Can Ege Bamyasi 1972 spoon 008Can Soundtracks 1970 spoon 005Can Future Days 1973 spoon sa9Can Monster Movie 1974 spoon sa10Can Unlimited Edition 1968-75 spoon 023/24Can Anthology 1968-93 spoon 030/31Can Peel Sessions 1973-75 Strange FruitCan Radio Waves 1970-72 Sonic PlattenCan Out of Reach 1978 Marginal TalentCan Can (later titled: Space) 1979 spoon CD 28Can Rite Time 1989 PhonogramCan Can Box (2-CD + video,book) 1971-7 spoon 041Canyon Empty Rooms 2003 WichitaCaptain Beefheart Safe as Milk/Mirror Man (2-CD) 1967Captain Beefheart Safe as Milk (remix + extras) 1967Captain Beefheart Mirror Man (remix + extras) 1967Captain Beefheart I may be hungry but I sure ain't wierdCaptain Beefheart Strictly Personal 1968Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica 1969Captain Beefheart Lick My Decals Off Baby 1970Captain Beefheart Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot 1972Captain Beefheart Live @ Drury Lane 1974 1974Captain Beefheart Blue Collar SoundtrackCaptain Beefheart I’m going to do what I wanna do(live) 1978 RhinoCaptain Beefheart Dust Sucker (Bat Chain Puller) 1975/76 MilkSafeCaptain Beefheart Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) 1979Captain Beefheart Merseytrout (Liverpool Live) 1980Captain Beefheart Doc at the Radar Station 1981Captain Beefheart Ice Cream for Crow 1982Captain Beefheart Grow Fins (5-CD) 1999Caravan In the Land of Grey and Pink 1971Case (Neko) Blacklisted 2002 MatadorCash (Johnny) Lonesome in Black (Sun recordings) 1955-58 SunCat Power You Are Free 2003 MatadorCave (Nick) The Mercy Seat (EP) 1988 MuteCave (Nick)+P.J.Harvey Henry Lee (EP) 1996 MuteCave (Nick) & The Bad Seeds Abatoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus 2004 MuteChance (James) Irrestistable Impulse (4CD) 1979-88 TigerCheap Trick Cheap Trick 1977Cheap Trick In Color 1977Cheap Trick Heaven Tonight 1978Cheap Trick Live at Budokan (2CD) 1978Cheap Trick Music For Hangovers (live 1998) 1999Cheap Trick Silver (live 1999)(2CD) 2000Chemical Brother Exit Planet Dust 1995Chemical Brothers Setting Sun (EP) 1996Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Whole 1997Cherry (Don) Home BoyCherry (Neneh) Raw Like Sushi 1989Chestnut (Vic) Drunk 1993 Texas HotelCinematic Orchestra Every Day 2002 ZenCircle Guillotine 2005 ScratchCircle Earthworm 2006 No QuarterClarke (Dave) Southside (EP) 1996Clarke (Dave) Four Seasons RMX (EP) 199?Clash The Clash 1977Clash Give ‘em enough rope 1978Clash London Calling 1979Clash Sandinista 1980Clash From Here to Eternity (Live) 1999Clem Snide The Ghost of Fashion 2001 Cooking VinylCluster (as Kluster) Klopfzeichen 1970Cluster (as Kluster) Zwei Osterei 1970

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The Modern Dance, Dub Housing, New Picnic Time, Art of WalkingSong of the Balling Man, Datapanik in the Year Zero

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Veruca Salt American Thighs 1994Vines The Vines 2002 Heavenly Waits (Tom) Closing Time 1973 Elektra Waits (Tom) Small Change 1976 Elektra Waits (Tom) Blue Valentine 1978 ElektraWaits (Tom) Swordfishtrombones 1983Waits (Tom) Rain Dogs 1985Waits (Tom) Asylum Years 1986Waits (Tom) Frank's Wild Years 1987Waits (Tom) Bone Machine 1992Waits (Tom) Mule Variations 1999Waits (Tom) Real Gone 2004 Anti-Walkmen (The) Bows & Arrows 2004 Record CollectionWas (Not Was) Walk the Dinosaur (EP) 1987Was (Not Was) What Up Doc? 1988Was (Not Was) Out Come the Freaks (EP) 1988Was (Not Was) Hello Dad...I’m in Jail (Best of) 1992Webb Brothers Beyond the Biosphere 1998 Mews5Webb Brothers Maroon 2000 Mews5We Are Scientists With Love & Squalor 2006 VirginWeird War If You can’t Beat ‘em, Bite ‘em. 2004 Drag CityWelch (Gillian) Revival 1996 AconyWelch (Gillian) Hell Among the Yearlings 1998 AconyWelch (Gillian) Time (The Revelator) 2001 AconyWelch (Gillian) Soul Journey 2003 AconyWest Coast Pop Art Exp.Band Volume One 1967 RepriseWest (Kanye) The Colledge Dropout 2004 Roc-a-FileWhiskeytown Stranger’s Almanac 1997 OutpostWhiskeytown Faithless Street 1998 OutpostWhiskeytown Pneumonia 2001 Lost HighwayWhite (Jim) Wrong Eyed Jesus 1997 Luaka BopWhite (Jim) No Such Place 2001 Luaka BopWhite (Jim) Drill a Hole 2004 Luaka BopWhite Stripes White Blood Cells 2001 XL White Stripes Elephant 2003 XLWho Killed The Zutons The Zutons 2004 DeltasonicWilco Being There (2-CD) 1997Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2002 NonesuchWilco A Ghost is Born 2004 NonesuchWilco Kicking Television – Live in Chicago (2-CD) 2005 NonesuchWillard Grant Conspiracy Everyting’s Fine 2000 RykoWilliams (Kathryn) Little Black Numbers 2000 CauWilliams (Lucinda) Rambling 1978 Smithsonian Williams (Lucinda) Happy Woman Blues 1980 Smithsonian Williams (Lucinda) Lucinda Williams 1988 KOCH Williams (Lucinda) Sweet Old World 1992 ChameleonWilliams (Lucinda) Car Wheels on a Gravel Road 1998 MercuryWilliams (Lucinda) Essence 2001 Lost HighwayWilliams (Lucinda) World Without Tears 2003 Lost HighwayWilliams (Lucinda) Shepherds Bush Empire 5/5/2003 (2CD - bootleg) 2003 Cagey 272 Williams (Lucinda) Kive @ The Fillmore 20-22/11/2003 2005 Lost HighwayWilliams (Victoria) Swing the Statue 1994 MammothWilliams (Victoria) Musings of a Creek Dipper 1998 AtlanticWilson (Brian) Smile 2004 WarnerWilt Bastinado 2000Windsor for the Derby Difference & Repetition 1999 Young God YG09Winter (Johnny) Johnny Winter And + Johnny Winter And Live 1970/71 Sony/BGO 610Wire Behind The Curtain 1977-78Wire Pink Flag 1977Wire Chairs Missing 1978Wire 154 1979Wire Kidney Bingoes (EP) 1988Wire A Bell is a Cup Until it is Struck 1988Wire Peel Sessions Album 1978Wire Peel Sessions Album 1989Wire Read & Burn 2002 Pink FlagWishbone Ash Argus 1972 MCAWolf Eyes Burned Mind 2004 Sub PopWomack (Bobby) The Poet 1981World of Skin (Gira/Jarboe) World of Skin (+ Children of God/Swans) (2CD) 1987 YG02 Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang 1993Wu-Tang Clan Wu-Tand Forever (2CD) 1997

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Various Blade soundtrack 1998 TVTVarious Blue Coller soundtrackVarious City of God soundtrack 2003 MilanVarious Cold Harbour Soundtrack 2003 DMZ/Columbia

Various Compilation 2000AD (Young God Records) 1999-2001 YG13Various Down From The Mountain (Bluegrass) MercuryVarious Garage Sounds of Deepest New YorkVarious House Sound of Chicago Vol.IVarious House Sound of Chicago Vol.III (Acid Tracks)Various Hardcore HolocaustVarious North - The Dance UndergroundVarious Nuggets (4CD Original Psychedelic Era) 1965-8Various O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Bluegrass) MercuryVarious Rebellious Jukebox Melody MakerVarious Repo Man soundtrackVarious Rough Guide to BluegrassVarious Run Lola Run – Lola Rennt (soundtrack) 1998 BMGVarious Trainspotting soundtrack 1996

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Limited Edition Young God CDs (no catalogue number)Angels of Light We Were Alive 2002 Young God YGANG02Gira (Michael) Solo Recordings at Home 2001 Young God YGSolo01Gira (Michael) Living ‘02 2002 Young God YGSolo02Swans Forever Burned 2003 Young God YG—Gira (Michael) I am Singing to You From My Room 2001 Young God YGSolo04

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Puccini Il Trittico 3CD CBS Domingo,Gobbi,Cotrubas,Scotto/LSO/MaazelPuccini Great Arias Decca Sutherland,Pavarotti,Tebaldi etc./-/-Puccini Puccini Areas Erato José Cura/Philharmonia/DomingoPurcell Dido & Aeneas BBC -/Taverner Choir/ParrottRossini Il Barbiere di Saviglia 2CD EMI Callas,Gobbi/Philharmonia/GallieraRossini Rossini Heroines Decca Cecilia Bartoli/-/-Schnittke Life with an Idiot 2CD Sony Bischoff,Ringholz/Rotterdam PO/RostropovichSchoenberg(A2) Moses & Aron/Cham.Sym.2 Sony Reich,Cassilly/BBC/BoulezShostakovich Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk2CD EMI Gedda,Vishnevskaya/LPO/RostropovichStrauss Salome 2CD RCA Caballe,Milnes,Resnik/LSO/LeinsdorfStrauss(T) Salome (finale) Decca Barstow/SNO/MauceriStrauss Ariadne auf Naxos 2CD DG Tomova-Sintow,Battle,Baltsa/Wiener PO/LevineStrauss der Rosenkavalier 3CD EMI Schwarzkopf,Ludwig,Wachter/Phil/KarajanStrauss die Frau ohne Schatten 3CD Decca Domingo,Varady,Behrens/VPO/SoltiStrauss Capriccio 2CD te Kanawa,Fassbänder,Bär/ /Stravinsky Oedipus Rex Decca Pears,Mayer/LPO/SoltiTschaikowsky Eugene Onegin 2CD DG Allen,Freni/Staats.Dresden/LevineTschaikowsky Eugene Onegin 2CD Melodya Vishnevskaya, Lemeshev/Khaikin/BolshoiVerdi Nabucco 2CD Decca Gobbi,Pevedi,Suliotis/Wien Oper/GardelliVerdi I Lombardi 2CD GDS Raimondi,Scotto,Pavarotti/Roma/GavazzeniVerdi Rigoletto 2CD EMI Callas,Gobbi,di Stefano/la Scala/SerafinVerdi Rigoletto 2CD RCA Merrill,Moffo,Kraus/Italiana/SoltiVerdi Rigoletto 2CD CFP Gedda,Grist,MacNeil/Rome Op/PradelliVerdi il Trovatore 2CD DG Domingo,Plowright/Santa cec./GiuliniVerdi la Traviata 3CD Decca Sutherland,Pavarotti/NPO/BonyngeVerdi la Traviata Live 1955 2CD EMI Callas,di Stefano,/La Scala/GiuliniVerdi Simon Boccanegra 2CD EMI Gobbi,de los Angeles,Christoff/Roma/SantiniVerdi Un Ballo in Mashiera 2CD DG Domingo,Ricciarelli/La Scala/AbbadoVerdi Un Ballo in Mashiera 2CD GDS Di Stephano/Mexico City/CelliniVerdi Don Carlo 3CD Memor. Ghiaurov,Cappuccilli,Cossotto/Roma/SchippersVerdi Don Carlo (excerpts) EMI Domingo,Caballe,Verrett,Milnes/ROH/GiuliniVerdi Aida 2CD Decca Tebaldi,Stignani,Del Monaco/Roma/EredeVerdi Aida Highlights EMI Caballe,Domingo etc./NPO,Roy.Op/MutiVerdi Otello 2CD RCA Domingo,Scotto,Milnes/NPO/LevineVerdi Otello 2CD RCA Vickers,Gobbi,Rysanek/Rome Opera/SerafinVerdi Falstaff 2CD EMI Gobbi,Moffo,Schwarzkopf/Phil.O./KarajanVerdi Falstaff 2CD RCA Valdengo,Nelli/NBC SO/ToscaniniVerdi,Donizetti etc Rarities 2CD RCA Caballe/-/-Wagner The Flying Dutchman 3CD EMI Silja//KlempererWagner Tannhauser 3CD DG Domingo,Baltsa,Studer//SinopoliWagner Tannhauser (excerpts) DG Windgassen,Nilsson,Fischer-Dieskau/Berlin OpWagner Meist.von Nurn.(excerpts) Pearl Schorr/Berlin Opera/BlechWagner Tristan & Isolde 3CD EMI Melchior,Flagstad/ROH/Beecham,ReinerWagner Tristan & Isolde (exc.) CBS Melchior,Traubel/ /Leinsdorf,KinskyWagner The Ring 14CD Philips Flagstad, Windgassen/Bayreuth/BöhmWagner das Reingold 3CD Decca Flagstad,Neidlinger,London/WPO/SoltiWagner die Walkure 3CD EMI Modl,Rysanek,Franz,Frick/WPO/FurtwanglerWagner die Walkure Acts I,II 2CD Dana. Melchior,Hotter/-/WalterWagner die Walkure Act I Decca Flagstad/WPO/KnappertsbuschWagner die Walkure Act I Scene 3 RCA Melchior,Traubel/-/ToscaniniWagner die Walkure Acts II,III Pearl Leider,Schorr/Berlin Op+LSO/Blech+BarbirolliWagner Siegfried 4CD Decca Windgassen,Nilsson,Hotter/WPo/SoltiWagner Siegfried 3CD Dana. Melchior,various/LSO,ROH,WSO/Heger,Coates...Wagner Gotterdamerung 4CD Decca Windgassen/WPO/SoltiWagner Gotterdamerung (excerpts) Pearl Leider,Melchior/ROH+Berlin/Furtwangler+BlechWagner Parsifal 3CD Virtuo Callas,Christoff/Radio Italiana Rome/GuiWagner Parsifal Act I,etc 2CD Opal Pistor,Brongeest,Hofman/Berlin,Bayreuth/MuckWagner Various 4CD EMI VariousWagner Various 2CD EMI Various/Various/FurtwänglerWagner Opera Arias EMI Melchior/LSO,Berlin Opera/Barbirolli etc.Wagner Gotterdamerung excerpts EMI Anne Evans/BBC/@PromsVarious Victoria de los Angeles EMIVarious Maria Callas - Sings Operatic Arias EMIVarious Maria Callas - The IncomparableEMIVarious Maria Callas (Live recordings)OPSVarious Jane Eaglen – Wagner & BelliniEMIVarious Lesley Garrett - A Soprano in the Movies Silva ScreenVarious Birgit Nilsson DeccaVarious Birgit Nilsson (1957/8) EMIVarious Rosa Ponselle (RCA Victor) RCAVarious Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (Bach, Handel, Mozart etc) EMIVarious Joan Sutherland - Prima Donna Assoluta Decca

Various Renata Tebaldi DeccaVarious Eva Turner EMIVarious Placido Domingo (live recordings)OPSVarious Placido Domingo (live recordings)OPSVarious Giovanni Martinelli - Prima Voce (1915-1928) NimbusVarious Lauritz Melchior - Prima VoceNimbusVarious Giuseppe di Stefano 1948-1956 (2-CD) CantabileVarious Tito Gobbi - Italian Operatic AriasEMIVarious Titta Ruffo - Prima Voce (1907-1926) NimbusVarious Feodor Chaliapin (1922-1931)PearlVarious Famous Operatc Choruses Philips

CLASSICALAlbioni (K) Adagio in G minor Virgin -/LCO/Warren-GreenBach JS Brandenburg Conc.Nos1,2 & 3 Philips -/English Chamber O/LeppardBach JS Four Violin Sonatas BBC Manze,Egarr,Linden/-/-Bach JS Cello Suites Nos2,3 & 6 EMI Tortelier/-/-Bach JS (X) Cello Suite No3 ECM Demenga/-/-Bach JS (Z) Cantatas BWV51,BWV208,BWV68 EMI Schwarzkopf/Phil.O,WPO/Karajan,SusskindBach JS Cantatas BWV199 EMI Schwarzkopf/Philharmonia/DartBach JC (B) Cello Conc Chandos Turovsky/I Musica Montreal/TurovskyBarber (A1) Piano Sonata, Excursions Collins MacGregor/-/-Barraqué Complete Works (3CD) CPO -/Klangforum Wien/-Bartok Conc.for Orch./Dance Suite Decca -/Chicago SO/SoltiBartok Conc.for Orch./4 Orch.Pieces DG -/Chicago SO/BoulezBartok (KK) Violin Conc No1 Decca Kyung Wha Chung/Chicago SO/SoltiBartok Piano Concs Nos1,2 & 3 Philips Bishop-Kovacevich/LSO/DavisBartok Strg Qts Nos1-6 (2CD) Decca -/Takács Qt/-Bartok Strg Qts Nos1-6 (2CD) Philips -/Novak Qt/-Bartok Strg Qts Nos1 & 2 Chandos -/Chilingririan Qt/-Bartok Strg Qts Nos1 & 5 Collins -/Talich Qt/-Bartok (K3) Strg Qt No3 Nonsuch -/Kronos Qt/-Beethoven Symph Nos1 & 4 DG -/WPO/BohmBeethoven(D2) Symph No1 (+ Mendelssohn) BBC -/BBC ScottishSO/VänskäBeethoven Symph Nos2 & 7 DG -/BPO/Karajan (1977))Beethoven Symph No3, Gross Fuge EMI -/Philharmonia/KlempererBeethoven Symph No3, Fidelio, etc DG -/Staatskapelle Dresden/BohmBeethoven Symph No3, Schubert No8 BBC -/BBC Philharmonic/KoacevichBeethoven Symph Nos4 & 5 CBS -/CBS SO/WalterBeethoven Symph Nos5 & 6 DG -/BPO/Karajan (1962)Beethoven Symph Nos5 & 7 DG -/WPO/KleiberBeethoven Symph No6, Egmont, etc EMI -/Philharmonia/KlempererBeethoven Symph No7, Egmont, etc DG -/WPO/BohmBeethoven Symph No7, Egmont, Coriolan EMI -/Lon.Class.Play./NorringtonBeethoven(W) Symph No8 EMI -/RPO/BeechamBeethoven Symph No9 DG Baltsa,Tomowa-S./BPO/Karajan (1977)Beethoven Symph No9 DG Norman,Domingo,Fass./VPO/Boehm (1981)Beethoven Symph No9 EMI Schwarzkopf/Bayreuth/Furtwaengler(1951)Beethoven Piano Concs Nos1-5 (3-CD) CBS Perahia/Concertgebouw/HaitinkBeethoven Piano Conc No1,Sons Nos12,22 RCA Richter/Boston/MunchBeethoven(H) Piano Conc No3 EMI Richter/Phil.O./MutiBeethoven(O) Piano Conc No3 DG Richter/Wiener Symphoniker/SanderlingBeethoven(HH) Piano Conc No3 RCA Rubinstein/NBC SO/ToscaniniBeethoven Piano Concs Nos3 & 4 DG Kempf/Berlin PO/LeitnerBeethoven Violin Conc, Romances Nos1 & 2 DG Schneid.,Oistrakh/BPO,RPO/JochumBeethoven(HH) Violin Conc RCA Heifetz/NBC SO/ToscaniniBeethoven(U) Triple Conc EMI Oborin,Oistrakh/Philharmonia/Sargent Beethoven Strg Qt No 11,12,13,14,15,16(3CD) Decca -/Takacs Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 12,13,14,15,16(3CD) HMV -/Alban Berg Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 1,2,3 (Op18/1-3) Nimbus -/Medici Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 13(Op130,133) Nimbus -/Medici Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 7,10(Op59/1,74) Calliope -/Talich Qt)/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 8,13(Op59/2,130) Calliope -/Talich Qt)/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 11,12(Op95,127,133) Calliope-/Talich Qt)/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 12,13,14,15,16(4CD) Philips -/Qt Italiano/- Beethoven Strg Qt No 1,4,6 (Op18/1,4,6) DG -/Melos Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 7,10(Op59/1,74) DG -/Amadeus Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 13,16(Op130,133,135) DG -/Amadeus Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 5,6 (Op18/5-6) Astrée -/Mosaïques Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 9,11(Op59/3,95) Virgin -/Borodin Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 13(Op130,133) ASV -/Lindsey Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 14(Op131) ASV -/Lindsey Qt/-Beethoven Strg Qt No 15,16(Op132,135) Hungar. -/Bartok Qt/-Beethoven(AB1) Strg Qt No 16(Op135) EMI -/Alban Berg Qt/-Beethoven(AS1) Strg Qt Grosse Fugue(Op133) Gramav. -/Arditti Qt/-

Beethoven Talich , , , , , ,7,8, ,10,11,12,13, , , ,GFQuartets Medici 1,2,3, , , , , , , , , ,13, , , ,GF

Alban Berg , , , , , , , , , , ,12,13,14,15,16,GF

Amadeus , , , , , ,7, , ,10, , ,13, , ,16,GFItaliano , , , , , , , , , , ,12,13,14,15,16,GFMelos 1, , ,4, ,6, , , , , , , , , ,Mosaïques , , , ,5,6, , , , , , , , , ,Borodin , , , , , , , ,9, ,11, , , , ,Lindsey , , , , , , , , , , , ,13,14, , ,GFBartok , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,15,16Alban Berg , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,16Arditti , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,GFTakacs , , , , , , , , ,11,12,13,14,15,16,GF

Beethoven Trios Op1 Nos1&2 H.Mundi Cohen,Hobarth,Coin/-/-Beethoven(B3) String Trios Op,9/1&3 BBC -/Beethoven Trio/-Beethoven Violin Sons Nos1-3 (Op12) DG Kremer,Argerich/-/-Beethoven Violin Sons Nos6-8 (Op30) DG Kremer,Argerich/-/-Beethoven Violin Sons Nos9,10(Op47,96) DG Kremer,Argerich/-/-Beethoven Cello Sons Nos1-5 2CD Philips Richter,Rostropovich/-/-Beethoven Cello Sons Nos1-5 2CD EMI Du Pre,Barenboim/-/-Beethoven Diabelli Variations Philips Bishop-KovacevichBeethoven(MM) Piano Son No2 SAGA BermanBeethoven Piano Son Nos8,14,15,24 DG KempffBeethoven Piano Son Nos15,21,26 Philips ArrauBeethoven Piano Son No11 ASdisc RichterBeethoven Piano Son Nos17,18,31 intaglio RichterBeethoven(V) Piano Son No23 RCA RichterBeethoven Piano Son Nos8,14,15,17,21,23,26 2CD Philips Brendel(old series)Beethoven Piano Son Nos27-32 2CD Philips Brendel (old series)Beethoven Piano Son Nos5,6,7 Philips Brendel (new series)Beethoven Piano Son Nos8,9,10,11 Philips Brendel (new series)Beethoven Piano Son Nos16,17,18 Philips Brendel (new series)Beethoven Piano Son Nos26,29 Philips Brendel (new series)Beethoven Piano Son Nos30,31,32 Philips Brendel (new series)Beethoven Piano Son Nos29,32 BBC VogelBeethoven Piano Son Nos1,2,3 (Vol3) Naxos Jenö Jandó/-/-Beethoven Piano Son Nos5,6,7,25 (Vol5) Naxos Jenö Jandó/-/-

Beethoven Sonatas 1-15:-Arrau , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,15Berman , 2, , , , , , , , , , , , , Brendel_1 , , , , , , , 8, , , , , ,14,15Brendel_2 , , , , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11, , , ,Kempff , , , , , , , 8, , , , , ,14,15Richter , , , , , , , , , ,11, , , , Jandó 1, 2, 3, , 5, 6, 7, , , , , , , ,

Beethoven Sonatas 16-32:-Arrau , , , , ,21, , , , ,26, , , , , ,Brendel_1 ,17, , , ,21, ,23, , ,26,27,28,29,30,31,32Brendel_2 16,17,18, , , , , , , ,26, , ,29,30,31,32 Kempff , , , , , , , ,24, , , , , , , ,Richter ,17,18, , , , ,23, , , , , , , ,31,Vogel , , , , , , , , , , , , ,29, , ,32Jandó , , , , , , , , ,25, , , , ,

Beethoven Bagatellen Op33,119,126 Philips Bishop-KovacevichBeethoven Missa Solemnis Nimbus -/Hanover Band,Oslo Choir/KvamBerg Chamber Conc etc DG Barenboim/Ens.Intercontemporian/BoulezBerg Lulu Suite,Der Wein,etc Sony Norman,Blegen/NYP/BoulezBerg Violin Conc,Chamber Conc Sony Stern/NY Phil,LSO/Bernstein,AbbadoBerg (EE) Violin Conc DG Szeryng/Bayerische Rundfunk/KubelikBerg (KK) Violin Conc Decca Kyung Wha Chung/Chicago SO/SoltiBerg Violin Conc,Lyric Suite Cont. Krasner/BBC SO/WebernBerg (AB1) String Quartet Op3 EMI -/Alban Berg Qt/-Berio Sinfonia,Canticum Novissima Philips -/Orchestre de Paris/BychkovBerio Synfonia, Eindrucke Apex -/Orch.Nat.de France/BoulezBerio Laborintus 2 H.Mundi -/En.Musique Vivante/BerioBerio Concerto II, Rendering etc RCA Lucchesini/LSO/BerioBerio Chamber Music SceneDG -/Ensemble Avantgarde/-Berio String Quartets Montagne -/Arditti Qt/-

Berlioz Complete Orchestrial Wks(6CD)Philips-/BBC,LSO,New Phil etc/Colin DavisBerlioz Complete Operas (9CD) Philips -/LSO,ROH/Colin DavisBerlioz Complete Choral Wks(9CD) Philips -/LSO,various choirs/Colin DavisBerlioz Symphonie Fantasique DG -/Chicago SO/AbbadoBerlioz Symphonie Fantasique EMI -/London Classical Players/NorringtonBerlioz Symphonie Fantasique BBC -/BBC SO/Berlioz Harold in Italy EMI -/ON de France,LSO/Bernstein,PrevinBerlioz R.et Juliet,Les Nuits d'Ete DG Morris,Langridge,von Otter/BPO/LevineBerlioz Romeo et Juliet (orig.+ rev) Philips /Monteverdi Ch, O.R.& R./GardinerBerlioz Romeo et Juliet (+arias) LSO /LSO/DavisBerlioz Les Nuits d’Ete,Cleopatre DG te Kanawa,Norman/O.de Paris/BarenboimBerlioz Les Nuits d’Ete,Te Deum Sony Minton/BBC SO,O.de Paris/Boulez,Barenb.Berlioz L’Enfance du Christ Erato Von Otter,Van Dam/Lyon Opera/GardinerBerlioz Grand Messe des Morts Sony Valletti/Philadelphia O./Ormandy

1: Waverley overt. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)2: Irlande voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)3: Les Francs Juges stage EMI LSO/Previn (overt.only)

Les Francs Juges stage Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)4: Les Roi Lear overt. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)5: Grand Messe des Morts (Requiem) voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)

Grand Messe des Morts (Requiem) voice Sony Valletti/Philadelphia O./Ormandy6: ?7: Les Nuits d’Été voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)

Les Nuits d’Été voice DG te Kanawa/O.de Paris/BarenboimLes Nuits d’Été voice DG von Otter/BPO/LevineLes Nuits d’Été voice Sony Minton/BBC SO/Boulez

8: Révérie et Caprice orch. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)9: Le Carnival Romain overt. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)10: ?11: ?12: La Captive voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)13: Le Jeune Patre Breton (No.4) voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)14: Symphonie Fantastique orch. DG -/Chicago SO/Abbado

Symphonie Fantastique orch. EMI -/London Classical Players/NorringtonSymphonie Fantastique orch. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)Symphonie Fantastique orch. BBC -/BBC SO/

14b: Lelio ou le Retour a la vie orch. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works) Lelio ou le Retour a la vie orch. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)15: Symphonie Funebre et Triomphale orch. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)16: Harold en Italie orch. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)

Harold en Italie orch. EMI -/ON de France/Bernstein17: Romeo et Juliette voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)

Romeo et Juliette voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)Romeo et Juliette voice DG Morris,Langridge,von Otter/BPO/Levine

18: Tristia orch. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)19: Zaide/Le Chasseur Danois(Nos.1,6) voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)20: ?21: Le Corsaire overt. Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)22: Te Deum voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)

Te Deum voice Sony Dupouy/Orch.de Paris/Barenboim23: Benvenuto Cellini (Overture) stage EMI LSO/Previn (overt.only)

Benvenuto Cellini (Complete 2CD) stage Philips Colin Davis (Complete Operas)Benvenuto Cellini (Overture) stage Philips Colin Davis (Complete Orch. Works)

24: La Damnation de Faust voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)La Damnation de Faust voice DG Terfel,von Otter/Philharmonia/Chung

25: L’Enfance du Christ voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)L’Enfance du Christ voice Erato Von Otter,Van Dam/Lyon Opera/GardinerLes Troyens stage Philips Colin Davis (Complete Operas)Les Troyens stage Decca Montreal SO/DutoitBéatrice et Bénédict stage Philips LSO/DavisRob Roy overt.Herminie voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)La Mort de Cleopatre voice Philips Colin Davis (Complete Vocal Works)La Mort de Cleopatre voice DG Norman/O.de Paris/Barenboim

Birtwistle Meridian,Melecolia etc NMC -/London Sinfonietta/KnussenBirtwistle Antiphonies for piano & Orch. Collins Macgregor/Radio Fil/GielenBoccherini(B) Cello Conc Chandos Turovsky/I Musica MontrealTurovsky

Borodin Symphonies 1-3, etc. CBS -/Toronto,Philadelphia/Davis,OrmandyBorodin (AA) Strg Qt No2 Teldec -/Brodsky Qt/-Brahms Symph No1, Tragic Ov.,etc. DG -/LPO/JochumBrahms Symph No1 RCA -/Chicago SO/WandBrahms Symph Nos 2 & 3 RCA -/NDR SO/WandBrahms Symph Nos 2 & 3 DG -/BPO/Karajan (1964)Brahms Symph No2 + Martinu BBC -/BBC SO/Belohlavek Brahms Symph No4 DG -/Wien PO/KleiberBrahms Symph No4 RCA -/NDR SO/WandBrahms Symph No4 + Zigeunerleider BBC -/BBC SO/Andrew DavisBrahms Piano Conc No1 Philips Arrau/Concertgebouw/Haitinck Brahms(V) Piano Conc No2 RCA Richter/Chicago SO/LeinsdorfBrahms Violin Conc, etc EMI Menuhin/Berlin PO/Kempe, -/RPO/KubelikBrahms Violin Conc (+Bach) BBC Menuhin/BBC SO/BoultBrahms(BB) Violin Conc Philips Grumiaux/Philharmonia/DavisBrahms(U) Double Conc EMI Oistrakh,Fournier/Philharmonia/SargentBrahms Strg Sextets 1 & 2 Chandos -/Acad.St.Martin cham.Ensemble/-Brahms Piano Qts Nos1,3 (Op25,60) Virgin -/Domus/-Brahms(JJ) Strg Qt No1 (Op51) DG -/Emerson SQ/-Brahms Strg Qt (Op67),P.Quin.(Op34) DG Schiff/Takacs SQ/-Brahms Cello Sons Nos1 & 2 EMI Du Pre,Barenboim/-/-Brahms Viola Sons Nos1 & 2 Virgin Tomter,Andsnes/-/-Brahms Clarinet Sons Op120/1-2 BBC Cohler,Gorden,Hodgkinson/-/-Brahms(NN) Piano Son No1 RCA Richter/-/-Brahms German Requiem DG Hendricks/BPO/Karajan (1960s)Brahms German Requiem EMI Hotter,Schwarzkopf/WPO/Karajan (1940s)Brahms German Requiem EMI F.-Dieskau,Schwarzkopf/Phil/KlempererBrahms German Requiem Philips Margiono,Gilfry/Monteverdi/GardinerBrahms German Requiem LSO -/LSO/PrevinBrahms Alt Rhapsodie,Nanie,etc DG Fassb.,Brendel/Prague,Czech/SinopoliBrahms(OO) Liebeslieder-Walzer Decca Ferrier/-/pianoBrahms Liebeslieder-Walzer plus BBC -/BBC Singers/pianoBranca (Glenn) Symph No9 “l’eve future” Point -/Polish RNO/von BarriesBritten Cello Symphany,S.da Requiem Decca Rostropovich/ECO/BrittenBritten(QQ) Sinfonia da Requiem BBC -/BBC SO/WrigglesworthBritten Simple Symph etc. Factory -/Kreisler Strg Orch/-Britten Music for Two Pianos Philips Richter,LobanovBruch(BB) Violin Conc No1 Philips Grumiaux/Philharmonia/WallbergBruch(C) Kol Nidrei Decca Harrell/Philarmonia O/AshkenazyBruckner Symph No00 (in F) Teldec -/RSO Frankfurt/InbalBruckner Symph No0 (1869 reworking Decca -/RSO Berlin/ChaillyBruckner Symph No1 (1866 Linz Orig.) Naxos -/RNSO/TintnerBruckner Symph No1 (1866 Linz),Te Deum DG Norman,Ramey/Chicago SO/BarenboimBruckner Symph No1 (1866 Linz) Orfeo -/Bayerisches Staatsorch/SawallischBruckner Symph No1 (1891 Wien) RCA -/Kolner Rundfunk/WandBruckner Symph No2 (1871-77 Unabridged Final ver.) RCA -/Kolner Rundfunk/WandBruckner Symph No2 (Final Version) Teldec -/RSO Frankfurt/InbalBruckner Symph No3 (Original 1873) Teldec -/RSO Frankfurt/InbalBruckner Symph No3 (Original 1873) Decca -/Vienna SO/HaitinkBruckner Symph No3 (1889) RCA -/Kolner Rundfunk/WandBruckner Symph No3 (1889 Nowak) EMI -/Staatskapelle Dresden/JochumBruckner Symph No3 (1889 Nowak) Decca -/Wien Phil/BohmBruckner Symph No3+8 Sony -/Cleveland/SzellBruckner Symph No4 (1880 Haas) DG -/BPO/JochumBruckner Symph No4 (1880 Haas) DG -/Wien Phil/FurtwaenglerBruckner Symph No4 (Nowak) EMI -/Staatskapelle Dresden/JochumBruckner Symph No4 (?) RCA -/Gewandhausorchester Leipzig/MasurBruckner Symph No4 (?) Decca -/Wien Phil/BohmBruckner Symph No4 (1880 Nowak) DG -/WPO/AbbadoBruckner Symph No5 (Original 1881-83) RCA -/NDR/WandBruckner Symph No5 (Original 1881-83) RCA -/BPO/WandBruckner Symph No5 (Original 1881-83) EMI -/NPO/KlempererBruckner Symph No6 RCA -/NDR/WandBruckner Symph No6 (Haas) EMI -/NPO/KlempererBruckner Symph No6 Eurodisc-/Schleswig-Holstein MFO/EschenbachBruckner Symph No6 Teldec -/RSO Frankfurt/InbalBruckner Symph No6 Orfeo -/Bayerisches Staatsorch/SawallischBruckner Symph No6 (+Wagner S.Idyll) Decca -/San Francisco/BlomstedtBruckner Symph No7 (Original 1881-83) RCA -/Kolner Rundfunk/Wand

Bruckner Symph No7 (Original 1881-83) RCA -/NDR/WandBruckner Symph No7 (Haas) DG -/WienPO/Karajan (1989)Bruckner Symph No7 (Nowak)+ motets EMI -/BPO/Jochum (1964)Bruckner Symph No7 (Nowak) EMI -/Staatskapelle Dresden/JochumBruckner Symph No7 (Novak) EMI -/LPO/Welser-MostBruckner Symph No7 Teldec -/RSO Frankfurt/InbalBruckner Symph No8 (Original Version) RCA -/Kolner Rundfunk/WandBruckner Symph No8 (Original Version) RCA -/NDR/WandBruckner Symph No8 (?) Seraphim -/BPO/KarajanBruckner Symph No8 (Nowak) DG -/BPO/JochumBruckner Symph No8 (Nowak) Decca -/Chicago/SoltiBruckner Symph No8 (Nowak?) EMI -/LPO/TennstedtBruckner Symph No9 (?) DG -/BPO/JochumBruckner Symph No9 (Nowak) EMI -/Staatskapelle Dresden/JochumBruckner Symph No9 (Original Version) RCA -/Kolner Rundfunk/WandBruckner Symph No9 (Original Version) RCA -/NDR/WandBruckner Symph No9 (Original Version) DG -/BPO/Karajan (1966)Bruckner Symph No9 (Original Version) DG -/BPO/Karajan (1976)Bruckner Symph No9 (Nowak) DG -/Rotterdam PO/TateBruckner Symph No9 BBC -/BBC/KleeBruckner Missa Solemnis,Psalms 112,150 Virgin Oelze,Hagen,Schubert/Bamberger/Rickenb.Bruckner Wand/Koln , ,1,2,3, , , ,7,8,9Symphonies Wand/NDR , , , , , ,5,6,7,8,9

Inbal 00, , ,2,3, , ,6,7, ,Jochum , , , ,3,4, , ,7,8,9 (4x2,7x2,9x2)Karajan , , , , , , , ,7,8,9 (9x2)Tintner , ,1, , , , , , , ,Sawallisch , ,1, , , , ,6, , ,Bohm , , , ,3,4, , , , ,Szell , , , ,3, , , , ,8,Klemperer , , , , , ,5,6, , ,Chailly ,0, , , , , , , , ,Barenboim , ,1, , , , , , , ,Haitink , , , ,3, , , , , ,Furtwaengler , , , , ,4, , , , ,Abbado , , , , ,4, , , , ,Masur , , , , ,4, , , , ,Blomstedt , , , , , , ,6, , ,Eschenbach , , , , , , ,6, , ,Welser-Most , , , , , , , ,7, ,Solti , , , , , , , , ,8,Tennstedt , , , , , , , , ,8,Tate , , , , , , , , , ,9Klee , , , , , , , , , ,9

Bruckner Masses Nos 1-3 in D,E,F DG -/Bayerische RF/JochumBruckner(DD) Mass No2 in E Minor Decca Hall/Schutz Chior/NorringtonBruckner Mass No3 in F Minor Philips Moser,Moll,Mattile/BayerischenRF/DavisBruckner Strg Quintet & Intermezzo CRD -/Alberni Qt/-Busoni Piano Conc Telarc Ohlsson/Cleveland Orch./von DohnanyiCage Seasons, Concert Pno/Orch ECM Tan/US Comp.Orch/HarrisonCage Concert Pno/Orch, Atlas Eclip.Wergo Kubera/SEM Ensemble/KotikCage Eight,Five,Aria,Strng Qt MDG Kammer/En.Avantgarde,Leipziger Qt/-Cage Complete String Qts Vol.2 Mode -/Arditti Qt/-Cage The Number Pieces 2: Five 3 Mode 75 -/Arditti Qt + Monique Buzzarte/-Cage(D) Strg Qt DG -/Lasalle Qt/-Cage Works for Cello (2CD) ETC Frances-Marie UittiCage 62 Mesostics re:Merce Cunningham HatART Eberhard Blum/-/-Cage Music for Prepared Piano 1 Naxos Boris BermanCage Music for Prepared Piano 2 Naxos Boris BermanCage (C1) Cheap Imitation (+Satie) Wergo Herbert Henck/-/-Canteloube Songs of the Auvergne EMI de los Angeles/Lamooureux/JacquillatCardew hatArtCardew ContiCarter Sym.No.1, Piano Concerto Naxos Wait/Nashville SO/SchermerhornCarter The Minotaur,2 Songs,P.Son. Elektra Jacobs/NY Chamber/SchwarzCarter Conc.for Orch,Violin Conc,etc Virgin Bohn/London Sinfonietta/KnussenCarter Conc.for Orch,Piano Conc,etc Arte Nova Oppens/SWF SO/GielenCarter Oboe Conc,Penthode, etc Apex Holliger/Ensemble InterCont./BoulezCarter Symphonia, Clarinet Concerto DG Collins/BBC SO/Knussen

Carter Strg Qts Nos1-4 SONY -/Juillard Qt/-Carter Strg Qts Vol.1 Nos1&4 ETCET. -/Arditti Qt/-Carter Strg Qts Vol.2 Nos2&3 ETCET. -/Arditti Qt/-Carter Chamber Works, Strg Qt No5 Montaigne -/Oppens,Arditti Qt/-Carter (B1) Cello Sonata (+Prokofiev) Tall Pop. Moore,Pereira/-/-Carter Chamber wks (inc.Cello Son.) Bridge -/-/-Carter Wind Chamber wks CPO -/-/-Carter(X) Works for Cello,Flute etc ECM Demenga,Racine,Molinari/-/WyttenbachCarter Vocal Works (1975-81) Bridge Kath.Ciesinski etc/Speculum Musicae/-Chausson Poeme de l’amour BBC Roocroft/BBC NOWales/AthertonChausson Trios H.Mundi -/Chopin Piano Conc Nos 1,2 Philips Arrau/LPO/InbalChopin(C8) Son.for Piano,Cello Op65 BBC Finckel,Han/-/-Chopin Etudes Op10 and Op25 Naxos Biret/-/-Chopin Nocturnes (Selection) DG Vasary/-/-Chopin Polonaises (Selection) DG Cherkassky/-/-Chopin 24 Preludes Op28, Imp.1-4 Philips Arrau/-/-Chopin Scherzi 1-4, Impromptu 1-4 Naxos Biret/-/-Chopin Scherzi Nos1-4, 2 Variations Hyperi. Demidenko/-/-Copland Organ Symphony etc BBC Preston/BBB SO/SlatkinCopland(A) Clarinet Conc Chandos Hilton/Scottish Natioanl O/BarnertDebussy Prelude../Clair../La Mer/etc Decca -/Suisse Romande/AnsermetDebussy Images/Printemps/Nocturnes Decca -/Suisse Romande/AnsermetDebussy Prelude./Nocturnes/La Mer/etc Naxos -/Brussels radio/RahbariDebussy(L) Strg Qt in G (Op10) Nimbus -/Medici Qt/-Debussy(P) Strg Qt in G (Op10) Naxos -/Kodaly Qt/-Debussy(PP) Premier Trio en Sol IMP -/Soloman Trio/-Debussy(B8) Violin Sonata Virgin Tetzlaff,Andsnes/-/-Debussy 12 Etudes pour piano Philips Mitsuko Uchida/-/-Debussy Preludes I,Images I & II Sony Crossley/-/-Debussy Preludes II Sony Crossley/-/-Debussy Preludes I,Images II etc ASdisc Richter/-/-Debussy Preludes II Nuo.Era Richter/-/-Debussy Images etc EMI Ousset/-/-Debussy Images I & II,Preludes I etc DG Michelangeli/-/-Debussy Piano works DG Vasáry/-/-Denisov Works for Piano & Cello H.Mundi Armenguaud,RudinDenisov (B7) Death is a long sleep RCA -/Moscow Virtuosi/SpivakovDvorak Symph Nos4 & 8 Naxos -/Slovak PO/GunzenhauserDvorak(S) Symph No8 EMI -/BBC SO/BeechamDvorak(R) Symph No9 DG -/BPO/KarajanDvorak(C) Cello Conc Decca Harrell/Philarmonia O/AshkenazyElgar Cello Conc/Enigma Variations Philips Lloyd-Webber/RPO/MenuhinElgar(VV) Cello Conc (+Lloyd) BBC Carr/BBC Phil/TortelierElgar The Spanish Lady BBC -/BBC Scottish/MansonElgar(Y) Intro.& Allegro,Serenade/etc Virgin -/LCO2/Warren-GreenFauré Requiem,Pavane,Pelleas,etc Decca Te kanawa,Milnes/Montreal/DutoitFauré Requiem,+ Wagner BBC Roocroft/Hong Kong PO/AthertonFauré/Franck Piano Quartet No.1 (+Quint.) BBC -/Schubert Ensemble/-Fauré Violin Sonatas 1,2Fauré Piano Music Nimbus Perlemuter/-/-Fauré Collection Vol II Conifer Stott/-/-Fauré(PP) Trio en RE Mineur IMP -/Soloman Trio/-Feldman Coptic Light etc Argo -/New World SO/ThomasFinnissy Piano pieces+Weir,Newman,etc NMC Finnissy/-/-Finnissy Red Earth NMC -/BBC SO/BrabbinsFinnissy Mars + Venus, WAM, Ének etc NMC Charles Mutter/IXION/FinnissyFinnissy Folklore (Piano pieces) Metier Finnissy/-/-Finnissy Plain Harmony etc (Strng.Qt) Metier -/Kreutzer Qt/-Franck Symphony in D minor BBC Roocroft/BBC NOWales/OtakaFranck(II) Piano Quintet Philips Richter/Borodin Qt/-Franck(FF) Piano Pieces Sony Perahia/-/-Gieseking(Z) Kinderlieder EMI Schwarzkopf,Gieseking/Phil./KarajanGlass(C3) Violin Concerto (+Schnittke) DG Kremer/VPO/DohnanyiGlass(K1) Company Nonsuch -/Kronos/-Gorecki Strg Qt No1,Lerchenmusik Elektra Kronos Qt/London Sinfonietta/-Gorecki Symph.No3 Elektra Upshaw/London Sinfonietta/ZinmanGrieg(C8) Son.for Piano,Cello Op36 BBC Finckel,Han/-/-Gubaidulina(A3) Rejoice! CBS Kremer,Ma/-/-

Gubaidulina(K5) String Qrt No.2 Nonsuch -/Kronos Qt/-Gubaidulina Seven Words, Silence Naxos -/-/-Handel Conc Gr.Op3 No3,Op6 Nos4-6 Naxos -/Capella Istropolitana/KopelmanHandel Messiah (2CD) BBC -/Huddersfield CS,BBC Phil/ChristophersHarvey Bhakti NMC -/Spectrum/Guy ProtheroeHartmann(GG) Concert Funebre RCA Spivakov/Moscow Virtuosi/SpivakovHaydn Cello Conc Philips Lloyd-Webber/English Cham.O/L-WHaydn Symph Nos22,104/P.Conc No2 Delos Rosenberger/Scottish CO/SchwarzHaydn Symph Nos92,104 IMP -/English Sinfonia/GrovesHaydn Strg Qts Op64 1-3 Naxos Kodaly QtHaydn Strg Qts Op76 1-3 Naxos Kodaly QtHaydn Strg Qts Op76 4-6 Naxos Kodaly QtHenze Symphonie No7,Bacarola EMI -/CBSO/RattleHenze Compasses, Violin Conc.No2 Decca Langbein,Fukai/london Sinfonietta/HenzeHindemith(A5) Symphony “Mathis der Maler” Sony -/Philadelphia 0rch/OrmandyHindemith(B6) “Die Harmonie der Welt” Melodia -/Leningrad PO/MravinskyHindemith(C3) Violin Concerto (+Penderecki) Sony Stern/New York Phil/BernsteinHindemith(B5) Cello Concerto (+Schumann) RCAHindemith(C9) Octet + Prokofiev Teldec -/Berliner Solisten/-Hindemith 2nd Piano Son/Ludus Tonalis Pyramid Sviatoslav Richter/-/-Hindemith Piano Sonatas 1,2,3 Sony Glen Gould/-/-Holst Planets Suite BBC / /Honegger Symph.1-5, Pacific231, Rugby Erato -/Bayerische RF/DutoitHonegger Symph.Nos2&3 “Liturgique” DG -/BPO/KarajanHonegger Symph.Nos2&3,Pacific231 EMI -/Oslo PO/JansonsHonneger(B6) Symph.No3 “Liturgique” Melodia -/Leningrad PO/MravinskyHuber Tempora,inwendig voller Wergo -/Nürnberg,Bayer.Rund.Chor,Hilversum/-Ives (A1) Piano Sonata No1 Collins MacGregor/-/-Janacek Diary of One../Sinfonietta DG Langridge/BPO/AbbadoJanacek Lachian Dances/Taras B./etc Naxos -/Slovak Radio/LenardJanacek Glagolitic Mass/Sinfonietta EMI Palmer,Gunson/CBSO/RattleJanacek Glagolitic Mass Chandos Kiberg,etc/Danish Nat./MackerrasJanacek(A9) Mládi,Concertino,In the Mist EMI Crowson/Melos Ensemble/-Janacek Qt Nos1,2/Piano pieces Calliope -/Talich Qt/-Janacek Qt Nos1,2 DG -/Hagen Qt/-Janacek(B8) Violin Sonata Virgin Tetzlaff,Andsnes/-/-Janacek(C2) Cello Sonata (+Prok.Shosto.) RCA Isserlis,Mustonen/-/-Janacek Piano Sons,In the Mists etc Virgin Leif Ove Andsnes/-/-Janacek Piano Sons,In the Mists etc DG /-/-Khatchaturian(TT) Cello Conc. Philips Walevska/Monte-Carlo/InbalKurtág (C7) Grabstein für Stephen,Stele DG -/Berliner Phil/Abbado,RuckLachenmann Reigen Seliger Geister, etc Montaigne Arditti/Deutshes SO Berlin/HenzoldLachenmann Madchen mit Schwefelholzen Kairos /Staatsoper Stuttgart/ZagrosekLigeti Qt Nos1 & 2 Wergo -/Arditti Qt/-Ligeti Lux Aeterna, & choral works EMI -/Group Vocal de France/-Ligeti Chamber Conc/Strg Qt.No2 etc DG -/LaSalle Qt,NRF etc/Boulez,Franz etcLigeti (A8) Chamber Concerto + Lutoslawski DG -/Ensemble InterContemporain/BoulezLigeti Cello, Piano, Chamber Conc Sony Perényi,Wiget/Ensemble Modern/EötvösLigeti Cello, Piano, Violin Conc DG Queyras,Aimard,Gawriloff/En.Int/BoulezLigeti Chamber Conc/Double Conc.etc Decca Holliger/ /Ligeti Sony1 String Quartets Sony Arditti Str.Qt./-/-Ligeti Sony3 Piano Works Sony Aimard/-/-Ligeti Sony6 Piano/Organ Works Sony Aimard etc/-/-Ligeti Sony7 Chamber Music Sony -/-/-Ligeti Tel-1 Melodien,Chamber/Piano Conc. Teldec Aimard/Schonberg,Asko Ens/De LeeuwLigeti Tel-3 Cello/Violin Conc,Clocks etc Teldec various/Schonberg,Asko Ens/De LeeuwLiszt Faust Symph EMI -/RPO/BeechamLiszt Piano Concs Nos1 & 2 Philips Richter/LSO/KondrashinLiszt Piano Conc No3,etc ASV Mayer/LSO/VasaryLiszt(MM) Son in B Minor SAGA Berman /-/-Liszt(VV) Son in B Minor M&A Richter/-/-Liszt Piano Pieces Philips Richter/Budapest Phil/FerencsikLiszt(II) Piano Pieces Philips Richter/-/-Liszt(NN) Piano Pieces RCA Richter/-/-Liszt(FF) Piano Pieces Sony Perahia/-/-Lutoslawski Symph Nos1 & 2,Symph Var. EMI -/Polish RNSO/LutoslawskiLutoslawski Conc.for Orch,etc EMI -/Polish RNSO/LutoslawskiLutoslawski Prel.&Fug.for 13,3 Poems etc EMI -/Polish RNSO/LutoslawskiLutoslawski Symph No3/Espaces/etc Philips -/Berlin PO/Lutoslawski

Lutoslawski Cello Conc/Double Conc/etc Philips Schiff,Holliger,Brunner/Bayer.R/Lutos.Lutoslawski Symph Nos3 & 4, Espaces Sony -/LA Phil/SalonenLutoslawski Symph No.4, Chain 2 etc Naxos 1 Bakowski /Polish RSO/WittLutoslawski Symph No.2, Piano Conc. etc Naxos 2 Paleczny/Polish RSO/WittLutoslawski Symph No.3, Les Espaces etc Naxos 3 Kusiewicz,Kruszewski/Polish RSO/WitLutoslawski Cello Conc, Chain 3 etc Naxos 4 -/Polish RSO/Witt Lutoslawski Conc. For Orch. etc Naxos 5 -/Polish RSO/WittLutoslawski Symph No.1. etc Naxos 6 -/Polish RSO/WittLutoslawski Partita,Chain 2/3,Novelette DG Mutter/BBC SO/LutoslawskiLutoslawski(A8) Chain 3,Novelette+Ligeti DG -/BBC SO/LutoslawskiLutoslawski(A) Dance Preludes Chandos Hilton/Scottish National O/BarnertLutoslawski Strg Qt Nonesuch-/Kronos Qt/-Lutoslawski(D) Strg Qt DG -/Lasalle Qt/-Lutoslawski(M) Strg Qt Olympia -/Varsovia Qt/-Lyatoshinsky Symphony No2, Piano Conc Russian Rzhanov/Griedash,Glushchenko/UkrainianLloyd (VV) Symphony No9 (+Elgar) BBC -/BBC Phil/LloydMaconchy Strg Qt Nos9-13 Unicorn -/Mistry Qt/-Mahler Symph No1 Decca -/LSO/SoltiMahler Symph No1 EMI -/Chicago SO/TennstedtMahler Symph No1 BBC -/BBC SO/HoneckMahler Symph No2 EMI -//KlempererMahler Symph No3 DG Norman/Wien Phil/AbbadoMahler Symph No4 IMP -/LPO/Welser-MostMahler Symph No5 Decca -/Chicago SO/SoltiMahler Symph No5 EMI -/LSO/TennstedtMahler Symph No6 Sony -/Cleveland/SzellMahler Symph No6 DG -/Wiener P./BoulezMahler Symph No7 EMI -/CBSO/RattleMahler Symph No8 EMI Lott,Wiens,etc/LPO/TennstedtMahler Symph No9 EMI -//BarbirolliMahler Symph No10 Denon -/RSO Frankfurt/InbalMahler Symph No10 BBC -/BBC Wales/WigglesworthMahler Das Klagende Lied EMI Dose,Tear,Hodgson/CBSO/RattleMahler Des Knaben Wunderhorn EMI Popp,Weikl/LPO/TennstedtMahler Das Lied von der Erde Philips Norman,Vickers/LSO/DavisMahler Das Lied von der Erde Decca Fischer-Dieskau/WPO/BernsteinMahler(OO) Kindertotenlieder Decca Ferrier/Concertgebouw/KlempererMartinu Symph Nos1 & 2 BIS -/Bamberger SO/JarviMartinu Frescoes of Piero. + Brahms BBC -/BBC SO/BelohlavekMartland Babi Yar, Drill Factory Bouwhuis,van Zeeland/Den Haag/HowarthMartland Horses of Instruction Black Box The Steve Martland BandMayuzumi(D) Prelude for Strg Qt DG -/Lasalle Qt/-Mendelssohn(D2) Symph No4 "Italian" BBC -/BBC ScottishSO/VänskäMendelssohn(W) Symph No4 "Italian" EMI -/RPO/BeechamMendelssohn(CC) Violin Conc Philips Grumiaux/Philharmonia/KrenzMendelssohn Elias Philips -/R&G Leipzig/SawallischMendelssohn (G)Strg Octet in E Flat Nimbus -/Medici,Alberni Qts/-Messaien Qt for the End of Time DG Yordanoff,Tetard,Desurmont,Barenboim/-Mozart Symphonies Nos28,30,39 Naxos -/Capella Istropolitana/KopelmanMozart Symphonies Nos35,36 EMI -/Vienna Phil/KubelikMozart(B9) Symphony No34,6 Dances K600 BBC -/London Mozart Players/BamertMozart Symphonies Nos38,39 Arts -/O.di Padova e del Veneto/MaagMozart Symphonies Nos40 & 41 EMI -/Philharmonia Orchestra/KlempererMozart Piano Conc Nos19 & 27 Decca Schiff/Salzburg Moazart/VeghMozart(O) Piano Conc No20 DG Richter/Warschau/WislockiMozart Piano Conc Nos20 & 23 Philips Bishop-Kovacevich/LSO/DavisMozart Piano Conc Nos21 & 24 IMP Shelley/City of London Sinfonia/ShelleyMozart(H) Piano Conc No22 EMI Richter/Philharmonia/MutiMozart Violin Conc Nos1-5 Philips Grumiaux/LSO/DavisMozart Wind Serenades K361 BBC -/O.of the Age of Enlightenment/-Mozart Wind Serenades K375 & K388 Philips Holliger,Brunner,Baumann etc./-/-Mozart String Quintets (3-CD) Philips Grumiaux,Gérecz,Janzer,Czako,Leseur/-/-Mozart Quartets,Quintets (3-CD) Philips Grumiaux Trio, Academy of St Martin/-/-Mozart(E) Clarinet Quintet DG Brunner/Hagen Qt/-Mozart Violin Sons K306,K378,K372 EMI Richter,Kagaan/-/-Mozart Piano Sons K282,K545,K310 Philips Richter/-/-Mozart(VV) Piano Son K283 M&A Richter/-/-Mozart Violin Sonatas K379,454,526 BBC Pauk,Frank/-/-Mozart Coronation Mass/Vesperae.. EMI Moser,Hamari,Gedda/Bayer.RF/Jochum

Mozart Great C Minor Mass EMI -/London Phil.Choir,Orch/Weber-MoestMozart Requiem Mass Telarc -/Wiener Staatsopera/HarnoncourtMussorgsky(A6) Pictures at an Exhibition BBC -/BBC Phil/TortelierMussorgsky(C5) Songs & Dances of Death EMI -/Philadelphia Orch/JansonsNancarrow(K1) String Quartet Nonsuch -/Kronos/-Nancarrow(AS1)String Quartet No2 Gramav. -/Arditti/-Nielson Symph No2, Aladdin BIS -/Gothenburg SO/ChungNielsen(SS) Symph No2 BBC -/BBC SO/DavisNielsen Symph Nos2 & 3 Decca Kromm,McMillan/San Francisco/BlomstedtNielson Symph No5, Violin Concerto BIS Kang/Gothenburg SO/ChungNielson (A4) Symph No5 SAGA -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyNielsen(A) Clarinet Conc Chandos Hilton/Scottish NO/BarnertNielsen(A9) Wind Quintet + Janacek EMI -/Melos Ensemble/-Nielsen (B8) Violin Sonata No2 Virgin Tetzlaff,Andsnes/-/-Orff Carmina Burana DG -/Chicago Sym.Choir,Orch/LevinePachelbel(K) Canon in D major Virgin -/LCO/Warren-GreenPalestine Various Maximin -/-/-Pärt(B7) Various,Denisov,Shchedrin,etcRCA -/Moscow Virtuosi/SpivakovPenderecki 1 Symph No3, Threnody Naxos -/Polish Radio NSO/WitPenderecki 2 Symph Nos 1 & 5 Naxos -/Polish Radio NSO/WitPenderecki 3 Violin Conc, Symph No2 Polskie Kulka/Polish Radio NSO/WitPenderecki 4 Cello Conc No2,Viola Conc,etc PolskieMonighetti,Kamasa/Polish Radio NSO/WitPenderecki Various (EMI Matrix 5) EMI -/Polish RSO,LSO/PendereckiPenderecki(C3)Violin Conc (+Hindemith) Sony Stern/Minnesota/SkrowaczewskiPenderecki(M) Strg Qt No2 Olympia -/Varsovia Qt/-Penderecki(D) Qtto per Archi DG -/Lasalle Qt/-Penderecki(GG)Capriccio RCA -/Moscow Virtuosi/SpivakovProkofiev Symph Nos1,4 Chandos -/SNO/JarviProkofiev Symph No5, 3 Walztes Chandos -/SNO/JarviProkofiev Symph No6, 3 Walztes Chandos -/SNO/JarviProkofiev Symph No7, Sinfonietta Chandos -/SNO/JarviProkofiev(N) Violin Concert No2 Philips Mullova/RPO/PrevinProkofiev(D1) Violin Conc.No2 + Shost.No.2 Teldec Vengerov/LSO/RostropovichProkofiev(O) Piano Conc No5 DG Richter/Warschau/RowickiProkofiev(GG) Overture on Hebrew Themes RCA -/Moscow Virtuosi/SpivakovProkofiev Romeo & Juliet (2-CD) CFP -/Bolshoi/ZuraitisProkofiev(TT) Cello Conc Philips Walevska/Monte-Carlo/InbalProkofiev(C9) Quintet + Hindemith Teldec -/Berliner Solisten/-Prokofiev Strg Qts Nos1,2,etc DG -/Emerson Qt/-Prokofiev(B1) Cello Sonata (+Carter) Tall Pop. Moore,Pereira/-/-Prokofiev(C2) Cello Sonata (+Jana.Shosto.) RCA Isserlis,Mustonen/-/-Puccini Messa di Gloria Erato Carreras,Prey/Phil.O,Ambrosian/ScimoneRachmaninov Symphony Nos1-3 / /SlatkinRachmaninov Symphony No2 BBC -/BBC Phil/DownesRachmaninov Vespers BBC -/BBC Singers/HillRachmaninov(UU)The Isle of the Dead BBC -/BBC Scottish SO/MaksymiukRachmaninov Piano Conc Nos1,4 Decca Ashkenazy/LSO/PrevinRachmaninov Piano Conc Nos2,3 Mercury Janis/LSO,Mineapolis/DoratiRachmaninov(C9)Piano Conc No3 Philips Argerich/RSO Berlin/ChaillyRachmaninov(O)Piano Conc No2 DG Richter/Warschau/WislockiRachmaninov Preludes ASdisc Richter/-/-Ravel(P) Strg Qt in F major Naxos -/Kodaly Qt/-Ravel(PP) Trio IMP -/Soloman Trio/-Ravel(B8) Violin Sonata Virgin Tetzlaff,Andsnes/-/-Ravel Miroirs,Pavane,etc Nimbus Perlemuter Rihm(WW) String Qts Vol.1 (1-4) Cal Legno -/Minguet Qt/- Rihm(WW) String Qts Vol.2 (5-6) Cal Legno -/Minguet Qt/-Rihm(WW) String Qts Vol.3 (7-9) Cal Legno -/Minguet Qt/-Rihm(WW) String Qt No4 (+Schnittke) EMI -/Alban Berg Qt/-Riley (Terry) Terry Riley In C CBS Riley/various/RileyRimsky-Korsakov(A6) Golden Cockeral etc BBC -/BBC Phil/TortelierRott Symphony in E Major Hyperion -/Cincinnati PO/SamuelRoussel Symph Nos.3 & 4 etc Chandos -/Detroit SO/JarviRuzicka Metastrofe,Stress,Bewegung,etc Wergo -/various/-Satie Piano Works Collins MacGregor/-/-Satie Piano Works Virgin QueffélecSatie (C1) Socrate (+Cage) Wergo Hellig,Richards/-/-Schnittke(A8) Conc Grosso No1 + Ligeti,etc DG Kremer/CO of Europe/SchiffSchnittke(LL) Conc Grosso RCA Kremer/LSO/Roshdestvensky

Schnittke Conc Grosso 1/etc BIS 377 Swedrup,etc/New Stockholm CO/MarkizSchnittke 4.Conc Grosso/5.Symph/etc BIS 427 -/Goteborg SO/JarviSchnittke Ritual/Faust/etc BIS 437 Blom,Bellini,Cold/Malmo SO/DePriestSchnittke In Memoriam/Viola Conc BIS 447 Nobuko Imai/Malmo SO/MarkizSchnittke Strg Qts Nos1-3 BIS 467 -/Tale Qt/-Schnittke Symph No4/Requiem BIS 497 -/Stockholm/KamuSchnittke Cello Conc No1/4 Hymns etc BIS 507 Thedéen/Danish NRSO/SegerstamSchnittke Viola Conc/Trio Son RCA Bashmet/LSO/RostropovichSchnittke(WW) String Qt No4 (+Rihm) EMI -/Alban Berg Qt/-Schnittke(GG) Suite in the Old Style RCA -/Moscow Virtuosi/SpivakovSchnittke In Memoriam/Cello Conc No2 Sony Rostropovich/-/OzawaSchnittke(C3) Concerto Grosso No5 (+Glass) DG Kremer/VPO/Von DohnanyiSchnittke(K2) Strg Qt No3 Nonsuch -/Kronos Qt/-Schnittke Psalms of Repentance ECM -/Swedish Radio Choir/KaljusteSchoenberg(F) Pelleas & Melisande Op5 Chandos -/Scottish National O/BarnertSchoenberg(RR)Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte DG -/LaSalle Qt/-Schoenberg(ZZ)A Survivor from Warsaw DG -/Vienna PO/AbbadoSchoenberg Verklaerte Nacht Op4 Calliope-/Talich Qt+2/-Schoenberg V.Nacht,Trio Op45,Phantasy Op47 Philips -/Schonberg Ensemble/-Schoenberg(C4)Verklaerte Nacht, + Schubert EMI -/Hollywood String Qt/-Schoenberg Verklaerte Nacht/Variationen DG -/Berlin PO/KarajanSchoenberg P.Lunaire Op21,Cham.Sym.1 Op9 H.Mundi Pousseur/En.Musique Oblique/HerrewegheSchoenberg(A2)Chamber Sym.No2 Op38 Sony -/BBC/BoulezSchoenberg Suite Op29,Wind Quintet Op26 Decca -/London Sinfonietta/AthertonSchoenberg(EE)Piano Conc/Violin Conc DG Brendal,Zeitlin/Bayerischen RF/KubelikSchoenberg Piano Conc + Webern/Berg Philips Uchida/-/-Schoenberg String Qts 1-4 (2-CD) Philips Evelyn Lear/New Vienna Qt/-Schoenberg String Qts 1-4 (2-CD) Bridge Dawn Upshaw/Arditti Qt/-Schoenberg(B2)String Qt No2 (+Schubert) EMI ?/Brittan Qt/-Schoenberg Piano Works DG Pollini/-/-Schoenberg Gurrelieder (2-CD) Denon Frey,etc/NDR,Bayeriscen R/InbalSchoenberg Choral Works (2-CD) Sony -/BBC SO,Chorus/BoulezSchoenberg Erwartung,Cabaret Songs Philips Norman/Metro.OO/LevineSchoenberg Erwartung,Cham.Symph,Var.Orch(Op.9,17,31) EMI Bryn-Julson/CBSO/Rattle

Schoenberg Pieces by Opus Number:1: 2 Songs - -2: 4 Songs - -3: 6 Songs - -4: La Nuit Transfiguree Calliope -/Talich Qt/-

La Nuit Transfiguree Phillips -/Schonberg Ensemble/-La Nuit Transfiguree EMI -/Hollywood String Qt/-La Nuit Transfiguree DG -/Berlin PO/KarajanLa Nuit Transfiguree Decca -/LA Phil/Mehta

5: Pelleas and Melisande Chandos -/SN)/Bambert6: 8 Songs - -7: String Quartet No.1 Montaigne -/Arditti Qt/-8: 6 Songs Decca Silja/WPO/Dohnanyi9: Chamber Symphony No.1 EMI -/CBSO/Rattle

Chamber Symphony No.1 Harm.Mundi -/Ensemble Musique ObliqueChamber Symphony No.1 Decca -/LA Phil/Mehta

10: String Quartet No.2 EMI Roocroft/Britten Qt/-String Quartet No.2 Montaigne Upshaw/Arditti Qt/-

11: 3 Piano Pieces DG Pollini12: 2 Ballads - -13: Friede auf Erden Sony -/BBC/Boulez14: 2 Songs - -15: Das Buch der Hangenden Garten (songs) - -16: 5 Orchestrial Pieces EMI -/CBSO/Rattle

5 Orchestrial Pieces Decca -/Cleveland/Dohnanyi17: Erwartung EMI Bryn-Julson/CBSO/Rattle

Erwartung Phillips Norman/Metropolitan Opera/LevineErwartung Decca Silja/WPO/Dohnanyi

18: Die Gluckliche Hand (opera) - -19: 6 Little Piano Pieces DG Pollini20: Herzgewachse (songs) - -21: Pierrot Lunaire Harmonia Mundi Pousseur/Ensemble Musique Oblique22: 4 Songs - -23: 5 Piano Pieces DG Pollini24: Serenade (chamber) - -

25: Suite for Piano DG Pollini26: Wind Quintet Decca -/London Sinfonietta/Atherton27: Vier Stuecke Sony -/BBC/Boulez28: Drei Satiren Sony -/BBC/Boulez29: Suite Decca -/London Sinfonietta/Atherton30: String Quartet No.3 Montaigne -/Arditti Qt/-31: Variations For Orchestra EMI /CBSO/Rattle

Variations For Orchestra DG -/Berlin PO/KarajanVariations For Orchestra Decca -/LA Phil/Mehta

32: Von Heute auf Morgan (opera) - -33: 2 Piano Pieces DG Pollini34: Accompaniment to a Film Scene - -35: Sechs Stuecke Sony -/BBC/Boulez36: Violin Concerto DG Zeitlin/Bayerischen Rundfunks/Kubelik37: String Quartet No.4 Montaigne -/Arditti Qt/-38: Moses and Aaron Sony -/BBC/Boulez39: Kol Nidre Sony -/BBC/Boulez40: Organ work - -41: Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte DG -/LaSalle Qt/-42: Piano Concerto DG Brendel/Bayerischen Rundfunks/Kubelik

Piano Concerto Philips Uchida/-/-43: Theme and Variations (orch) - -44: Prelude Genesis (choral) - -45: Trio Phillips -/Schonberg Ensemble/-46: A Surviver from Warsaw Sony -/BBC/Boulez

A Surviver from Warsaw DG -/Vienna PO/Abbado47: Phantasy Phillips -/Schonberg Ensemble/-48: 3 Songs - -49: Zwei Volkslieder Sony -/BBC/Boulez50: A/B/C Psalms Sony -/BBC/Boulez

Schubert(R) Symphony No8 "Unfinished" DG -/Berlin PO/KarajanSchubert(W) Symphony No8 "Unfinished" EMI -/RPO/BeechamSchubert Symphony No9 "The Great" RCA -/NDR/WandSchubert Symphony No9 "The Great" BBC -/BBC Scottish/YuasaSchubert Quint.D667"Trout",Qt.14 D810 DG -/Amadeus Qt,etc/-Schubert Strg Quintet D956 DG -/Melos Qt+Rostropovich/-Schubert String Qts 8,13 D112,D804 ASV -/Lindsay/-Schubert String Qts 12,14 D703,D810 ASV -/Lindsay/-Schubert String Qts 13,14 D804,D810 BBC -/Endellion/-Schubert(B2) String Qt.13 D804 EMI -/Britten Qt/-Schubert(C4) String Qt D956 (+Schoenberg) EMI -/Hollywood Strg Qt/-

Schubert Quartets 1-15:-Lindsay , , , , , , ,8, , , ,12,13,14,Britten , , , , , , , , , , , ,13, ,Amadeus , , , , , , , , , , , , ,14,Endellion , , , , , , , , , , , ,13,14,

1:D18 2:D32 3:D36 4:D46 5:D68, 6:D74 7:D94 8:D112 9:D173 10:D87 11:D353 12:D703 13:D804 14:D810 15:D887 ??:D956

Schubert Complete trios (2-CD) Philips -/Beaux Arts,Grumiaux/-Schubert(B3) String Trio D471 BBC -/Beethoven Trio/-Schubert Pno.Son 13,14(D664,D784)+D899 Olympia Richter/-/-Schubert(VV) Pno.Son 9(D575) M&A Richter/-/-Schubert Pno.Son 9,21(D960,D575) ASdisc Richter/-/-Schubert Pno.Son 19,20,21 + D946 Philips Brendel/-/- (1973,1975)Schubert Pno.Son 21(D960)+D760 Philips Brendel/-/-Schubert Pno.Son 15,18(D840,D894)(Vol6)Philips Brendel/-/-Schubert Pno.Son 19,20(D958,D959) Philips Uchida /-/-Schubert Pno.Son 21(D960)+ D946 Philips Uchida /-/-Schubert Impromptus Op90/142,D899/935 Philips Uchida/-/-

Schubert Sonatas 1-21:-Brendel , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,15, , ,18,19,20,21x2Richter , , , , , , , ,9, , , ,13,14, , , , , , ,21Uchida , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,19,20,21

1:D157 2:D279 3:D459 4:D537 5:D557 6:D568 7:D570 8:D575 9:D537 10:D613 11:D625 12:D655 13:D664 14:D784 15:D840 16:D845 17:D850 18:D894 19:D958 20:D959 21:D960

Schubert Winterreise EMI Fassbeander,Reimann/-/-Schubert Winterreise Philips Schreier,Richter/-/-Schubert Lieder DG Battle,Levine/-/-Schumann(O) Piano Conc DG Richter/Warschau/RowickiSchumann Piano Qt,Quintet CBS -/Juilliard Qt/-Schumann(B5) Cello Conc RCASchumann(JJ) Strg Qt Op41 DG -/Emerson Qt/-Schumann(C8) Adagio & Allegro Op.70 BBC Finckel,Han/-/-Schumann Violin Sons 1 & 2 DG Kremer,Agerich/-/-Schumann Liederkreis Op39,12 Poems BBC Partridge,Hemsley/-/pianoShostakovich Symph Nos1 & 9 Decca -/LPO/HaitinkShostakovich Symph Nos2 & 10 Decca -/LPO/HaitinkShostakovich Symph No4 Decca -/LPO/HaitinkShostakovich Symph No8 Decca -/LPO/HaitinkShostakovich Symph No13”Babi Yar” Decca Rintzler/LPO/HaitinkShostakovich Symph No14, 6 Poems Decca Varady,Fischer-Dieskau/LPO/HaitinkShostakovich Symph No15 + Jewish Poetry Decca Söderström/LPO/HaitinkShostakovich Symph No4 Chandos -/Scottish National O/JarviShostakovich Symph No5 Chandos -/Scottish National O/JarviShostakovich Symph No10/Ballet Suite No4 Chandos -/Scottish National O/JarviShostakovich Symph Nos1 & 12 Melodya -/Moscow PO/KondrashinShostakovich Symph Nos2 & 14 Melodya -/Moscow PO/KondrashinShostakovich Symph Nos3 & 5 Melodya -/Moscow PO/KondrashinShostakovich Symph No4 Melodya -/Moscow PO/KondrashinShostakovich Symph Nos6 & 10 Melodya -/Moscow PO/KondrashinShostakovich Symph No8 Melodya -/Moscow PO/KondrashinShostakovich Symph Nos9 & 15 Melodya -/Moscow PO/KondrashinShostakovich Symph No11 Melodya -/Moscow PO/KondrashinShostakovich Symph No13”Babi Yar” Melodya -/Moscow PO/KondrashinShostakovich(A4) Symph No6 Philips -/Concertgebouw/KondrashinShostakovich Symph No5 Russian -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph No5 (1954) Melodya -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph Nos6 & 10 (live 72,76) Melodya -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph Nos6 & 12 (live 55,62) Praga -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph Nos8 (Moscow 1947) Melodya -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph Nos8 (Leningrad 1982) Russian -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph Nos8 (unknown) Philips -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph No10 SAGA -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph No11 (live 1957) Russian -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph No12 (live 1984) Erato -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph No15 (live 1976) Melodya -/Leningrad Phil/MravinskyShostakovich Symph No5, Hamlet RCA -/LSO/PrevinShostakovich Symph No8 EMI -/LSO/PrevinShostakovich Symph No8 Teldec -/National SO/RostropovichShostakovich Symph No11"The Year 1905" Teldec -/National SO/RostropovichShostakovich Symph No4/Jazz Suite No1 Melodya -/USSR Min.of Culture/RozhdestvenskyShostakovich Symph No7 Melodya -/USSR Min.of Culture/RozhdestvenskyShostakovich Symph Nos2 & 15 Naxos -/Czecho-Slovak RSO/SlovakShostakovich Symph Nos4 Naxos -/Czecho-Slovak RSO/SlovakShostakovich Symph Nos6 & 12 Naxos -/Czecho-Slovak RSO/SlovakShostakovich Symph No11"The Year of 1905" Naxos -/Czecho-Slovak RSO/SlovakShostakovich Symph No13"Babi Yar" Naxos Mikulas/Czecho-Slovak RSO/SlovakShostakovich Symph No14 Naxos Mikulas,Hajossyova/Czecho-Slovak/SlovakShostakovich Symph No4 EMI -/CBSO/RattleShostakovich Symph Nos5,6 Dutton -/Philadelphia/StokowskiShostakovich Symph No11"The Year 1905" EMI -/Houston SO/StokowskiShostakovich Symph No13"Babi Yar" Teldec Leiferkus/New York Phil/MasurShostakovich(C5) Symph No10 +Mussorgsky EMI -/Philadelphia Orch/Jansons

Shostakovich Mravinsky , , , ,5,6, ,8, ,10,11,12, , ,15 (5,6,12 x 2, 8 x 3)Symphonies Kondrashin 1,2,3,4,5,6, ,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 (6 x 2)

Haitink 1,2, ,4, , , ,8,9,10, , ,13,14,15Slovak ,2, ,4, ,6, , , , ,11,12,13,14,15Jarvi , , ,4,5, , , , ,10, , , , ,Previn , , , ,5, , ,8, , , , , , ,Rozhdestvensky , , ,4, , ,7, , , , , , , ,Rostropovich , , , , , , ,8, , ,11, , , ,Stokowski , , , ,5,6, , , , ,11, , , ,Masur , , , , , , , , , , , ,13, ,

Jansons , , , , , , , , ,10, , , , ,Shostakovich Hypothetically Murdered etc United Kharitonov/Elder/CBSOShostakovich(B7) Chamber Symph.No2 RCA -/Moscow Virtuosi/SpivakovShostakovich Piano Conc Nos1 & 2 CFP Alexeev/ECO/MaksymuirShostakovich (N)Violin Concert No1 Philips Mullova/RPO/PrevinShostakovich (D1)Violin Conc.No2+Prok.2 Teldec Vengerov/LSO/RostropovichShostakovich Violin No1,Cello No1,Piano No2 BBC Oistrakh,Shakhovskata,Donohoe/variousShostakovich (I)Cello Conc No1 EMI Tortelier/Bournemouth SO/BerglundShostakovich The Gadfly, Five Days/Nights Naxos -/Nat SO Ukraine/KucharShostakovich Strg Qt Nos 1-15 London -/Fitzwilliam Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 1,3,4 Teldec -/Brodsky Qt/-Shostokovich Strg Qt Nos 4,6,7 Naxos -/Eder Qt/- Vol.1Shostokovich Strg Qt Nos 1,8,9 Naxos -/Eder Qt/- Vol.2Shostokovich Strg Qt Nos 3,5 Naxos -/Eder Qt/- Vol.3Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 2,12 Virgin -/Borodin Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 1,9,12 EMI -/Borodin Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 2,3 EMI -/Borodin Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 7,8,Piano Quin. EMI Richter/Borodin Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 1,2,4 Vol1 Consonance -/Beethoven Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 7,8,15 Vol2 Consonance -/Beethoven Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 3,6 Vol3 Consonance -/Beethoven Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 12,13,14 Vol4 Consonance -/Beethoven Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 9,10,11 Vol5 Consonance -/Beethoven Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 4,11,14 DG -/Hagen Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt Nos 5,7,9 Hyperion -/St Petersburg Qt/-Shostakovich(L)Strg Qt No8 Nimbus -/Medici Qt/-Shostakovich Strg Qt No8 BBC -/Jerusalem Qt/-Shostakovich(A3)Strg Qt No15 RCA Kremer,Ma,etc/-/-

Shostakovich Beethoven 1,2,3,4, ,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,Quartets Borodin (EMI) 1,2,3, , , ,7,8,9, , ,12, , , ,Quintet

Borodin (Vgn.) ,2, , , , , , , , , ,12, , , ,Eder 1, ,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, , , , , , ,Fitzwilliam 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,Brodsky 1, ,3,4, , , , , , , , , , , ,Hagen , , ,4, , , , , , ,11, , ,14, ,St Petersburg , , , ,5, ,7, ,9, , , , , , ,Kremer,Ma,etc , , ,4, , , , , , , , , , , ,Medici , , , , , , ,8, , , , , , , ,London Musica , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,Quintet

Shostakovich(G)2 Pieces for Qt/Octet Nimbus -/Medici,Alberni Qts/-Shostakovich(B4) Piano Quintet Conifer Kathryn Stott/London Musica Qt/-Shostakovich(C2)Cello Sonata (+Prok.Jana.)RCA Isserlis,Mustonen/-/-Shostakovich 24 Preludes & Fugues Op87 (3-CD)Shostakovich Son No2,6 Preludes Op34,etc Rodolphe Stoupel/-/-Sibelius Symph Nos1 & 3 DG -/Helsinki/KamuSibelius Symph Nos1 & 7 Decca -/Philharmonia/AshkenazySibelius Symph Nos2 & 3 EMI -/CBSO/RattleSibelius(S) Symph No2 EMI -/BBC SO/BeechamSibelius Symph Nos4 & 6 DG -/BPO/Karajan (1965/68)Sibelius Symph No5(Original), En Saga BIS -/Lahti SO/VänskäSibelius Symph No5 Decca -/Philharmonia/AshkenazySibelius(SS) Symph No5 BBC -/BBC SO/BamertSibelius Symph Nos5 & 7, etc EMI -/CBSO/RattleSibelius Symph No7, Pell.& Mel.,etc EMI -/RPO/BeechamSibelius Violin Conc (1903/4 + 1905) BIS Kavakos/Lahti SO/VanskaSibelius(LL) Violin Conc RCA Kremer/LSO/RoshdestvenskySimpson Symph No9 Hyperion-/Bournemouth/-Stockhausen 1 Chore fur Doris,etc. Stockh. various Complete Edition 1Stockhausen Piano Works Vol.1 - I-VIII Schwann Bernhard Wambach/-/-Stockhausen Piano Works Vol.2 - IX-XI Schwann Bernhard Wambach/-/-Stockhausen Mikrophonie I,II,Piano I-XI Sony Kontarsky/-/-Stockhausen(C7)Gruppen (+ Kurtág) DG -/Berliner Phil/Abbado,Creed,GoldmanStockhausen Aus den Sieben Tagen Har.Mun. -/Ensemble Musique Vivante/MassonStockhausen Kontakte (version with piano)WergoStrauss (R.) 4 Last Songs,opera excerpts EMI Schwarzkopf/Philhamonia/Ackermann(1953)Strauss (R.)(Z)4 Last Songs,Bach/Mozart EMI Schwarzkopf/Phil./Karajan (1956-live)Strauss (R.) 4 Last Songs,12 other songs EMI Schwarzkopf/LSO,RSO-Berlin/Szell (1965)

Strauss (R.) 4 Last Songs,12 other songs Chandos Lott/SNO/JarviStrauss (R.) 4 Last Songs,Ein Heldenleben Telarc Auger/VPO/PrevinStrauss (R.) 4 Last Songs, other songs Decca Te Kanawa/Solti/Strauss (R.) 4 Last Songs,Oboe C,Metamor. DG Janowitz/Koch/BPO/KarajanStrauss (R.) 4 Last Songs,Orch.Songs DG Karita Mattila/BPO/AbbadoStrauss (R.) Orchestrial Songs Philips Jerusalem/Leipzig/MasurStrauss (R.) Metamorphosen, Tod & V.,etc Chandos Lott/SNO/JarviStrauss (R.) Eine Alpensinfonie Decca -/Bayerischen Rundfunk/SoltiStrauss (R.) Eine Alpensinfonie BBC -/BBC Welsh/JansonsStrauss (R.) Hymne,Deutsche Motet Decca Cash,etc/Schutz Chior/NorringtonStravinsky Symph in C, Symph in 3 Move. Philips -/Bayerischen Rundfunks/DavisStravinsky Petruska, Le Sacre du Prin. CBS -/Columbia SO/StravinskyStravinsky(UU)Petruska BBC -/BBC Scottish SO/MaksymuikStravinsky Sampler Sony various/Columbia/Stravinsky + variousSzymanowski Stabat Mater,Symphony No3 EMI -/CBSO/RattleSzymanowski(M)Strg Qt Nos1 & 2 Olympia -/Varsovia Qt/-Takemitsu(A7) +Walton BBC -/BBC/Takemitsu Chamber Music BIS -/Ensemble Kai/-Takemitsu Cantos RCA -/BBC Welsh etc/-Takemitsu Quotation of Dream etc DG -/London Sinfonietta/KnussenTaverner Trisagion Intim -/Onyx Brass/-Telemann 12 Fantasies for Oboe Denon Holliger/-/-Tippet Symph Nos2 & 4 BBC -/BBC SO/TippetTippet Conc for Double Strg Orch/etc EMI - /Bournemouth SO/BarshaiTippet Conc for Double Strg Orch/etc Decca -/Academy St Martin/MarrinerTschaikowsky(C9)Piano Conc Philips Argerich/Bayer./KondrashinTschaikowsky(O)Piano Conc DG Richter/VPO/KarajanTschaikowsky (CC)Violin Conc Philips Grumiaux/Philharmonia/KrenzTschaikovsky Symph No1, Variation DG Rostropovich/BPO/Karajan (1979)Tschaikowsky Symph Nos2 & 4 DG -/New PO,VPO/AbbadoTschaikovsky Symph No3, Serenade DG -/BPO/Karajan (1979)Tschaikowsky Symph No5 Chandos -/Oslo/JansonsTschaikowsky Symph No6 Pathetique,etc DG -/VPO,Boston SO/AbbadoTschaikowsky(QQ)Symph No6 Pathetique BBC -/BBC SO/DavisTschaikowsky Manfred Symph Op58 Naxos -/CSR SO/LenardTschaikowsky (AA)Strg Qt No3 Teldec -/Brodsky Qt/-Turnage 3 Sc.Popes,Kai,Momentum,Dr.Out EMI Helnen/CBSO etc/RattleUstvolskaya(B4) String Octet,Symph No5,etc Conifer -/London Musica/StephensonVarèse Complete Works (2-CD) Decca -/Royal Concertgebouw/ChaillyVarèse Ionisation etc Sony -/NY Phil,En.Intercontemp/BoulezVarèse Vol.1 1920-1927 Erato -/ON de France/NaganoVaughan-WilliamsLondon Symph./Fant. EMI -/LPO/HaitinkVaughan-Williams(Y)Greensleeves/Fant./etc Virgin -/LCO2/Warren-GreenVaughan-Williams Tallis Fantasia + Walton BBC -/BBC/DavisVerdi Requem (2CD) RCA Di Stephano,Nelli/NBC SO/ToscaniniVivaldi(K) The Four Seasons Virgin -/LCO/Warren-GreenVivaldi Concs Philips -/I Musica/-Vivaldi Concs & Sinfonias DG Blau,Brandis,etc/BPO/KarajanWalton Symphony No1, Portsmouth Pt Virgin -/LPO/SlatkinWalton(A7) Symphony No1, +Takemitsu BBC -/BBC/Walton Belshazzar’s Feast +Vwilliams BBC Willard White/BBC/DavisWalton(A5) Var.on a Theme by Hindemith Sony -/Cleveland Orch/SzellWalton(I) Cello Conc EMI Tortelier/Bournemouth SO/BerglundWeber(E) Clarinet Quintet Philips Brunner/Hagen Qt/-Webern Complete Works Op1-31 (3-CD) Sony -/LSO,Juilliard Qt/BoulezWebern(F) Passacaglia for Orch. Op1 Chandos -/Scottish National O/BarnertWebern Orchestral Works DG -/Ensemble Intercontemporain/BoulezWebern(ZZ) Orchestral Works DG -/Vienna PO/AbbadoWebern (K2) Six Bagatelles Op9 Nonsuch -/Kronos Qt/-Webern (RR) Chamber pieces DG -/LaSalle Qt/-Webern Quartets Sony -/Artis Quartett/-Witt (B9) Symphony in C, ‘Jena’ BBC -/London Mozart Players/BamertWolpe Quartets, Cantata WDR -/various/-Xenakis(AS1) Tetras Gramav. -/Arditti/-Xenakis Pléïades H.Mundi -/Les Percussions de Strasbourg/-Xenakis Phlegra,Jalons,Keren, etc Erato -/Ensemble Xenakis/Kerstens

Various Cello Pieces RCA Pablo Casals/-/-Various Nabokov,Levitin,B.Tchaikovsky Intaglio Rostropovich/-/-

Various French Favourites BBC -/BBC Concert/WordsworthVarious Music for Christmas BBC -/BBC Singers/Joly,HolternVarious Beethoven,Nancarrow,Reynolds Gramav -/Arditti/-Various Prokofiev,Shostakovich,etc Decca -/Richter/-

String Quartets:-"Kronos Qt" (K1) Sculthorpe,Sallinen,Glass,Nancarrow,Hendrix 1985 Nonsuch"White Man Sleeps"(K3) Volans,Ives,Hassell,Lee,Coleman,Johnston,Bartok 1987 Nonsuch"Winter was Hard" (K2) Sallinen,Riley,Part,Webern,Zorn,Lurie,Schnittke 1988 Nonsuch"Black Angels" (K4) Crumb,Tallis,Marta,Ives,Shostakovich Qt.No8 1990 Nonsuch"Short Stories" (K5) Sharpe,Zorn,Oswald,Gubaidulina,Cowell,Mackay 1993 NonsuchArditti String Qt(AS1) Grosse Fugue,Nancarrow No3,Xenakis 1990

Gramav.Alban Berg Qt(AB1) Beethoven No16,Berg Op3, Schnittke No4 1994 EMI