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OPERA - document last updated 16/12/96

JAZZ - document last updated 29/09/06

Accoustic LadylandLast Chance Disco2005Babel

Adams (Pepper)/Jimmy KnepperThe Pepper-Knepper Quintet1958Fresh Sounds

Adderley (Cannonball)/Miles DavisSomethin' Else! 1958Blue Note

Adderley (Canonball)Qunitet in Chicago1959Verve

Adderley (Canonball)Work Song 1960-691960-69Giants of Jazz

Afro Cuban All-Stars (see Gonzles) A Toda Cuba le Gusta1997WCD

AirAir Lore1979Arista

Armstrong (Louis)Hot Fives and Sevens 1925-28Giants of Jazz

Art Ensemble of ChicagoNessa 1967/68 (5-CD)1967-68Nessa

Art Ensemble of ChicagoThe Spritual1969Black Lion

Art Ensemble of ChicagoTutankhamun1969Black Lion

Art Ensemble of ChicagoJackson in yr House/Message..1969BYG

Art Ensemble of ChicagoLive in Paris (2CD)1969BYG

Art Ensemble of ChicagoThe Pathe Sessions1969-70EMI

Art Ensemble of ChicagoLes Stances a Sophie1970Universal Sound

Art Ensemble of ChicagoWith Fontella Bass1970America

Art Ensemble of ChicagoPhase One1971America

Art Ensemble of ChicagoBap-Tizum (Ann Arbor 1972)1972Atlantic

Art Ensemble of ChicagoFanfare for the Warriors1973Atlantic

Art Ensemble of ChicagoLive at Mandel Hall1973Delmark

Art Ensemble of ChicagoLive in Berlin (2-CD)1979WW

Art Ensemble of ChicagoThe Third Decade1984ECM

Art Ensemble of ChicagoComing Home Jamaica1998Atlantic

Art Ensemble of ChicagoThe Meeting2003PI

Ayler (Albert)Witches & Devils1964Black Lion

Ayler (Albert)Spiritual Unity1964ESP

Ayler (Albert)Bells (& Prophecy)1965ESP

Ayler (Albert)Spirits Rejoice1965ESP

Ayler (Albert)Live at Slugs Saloon1/5/66LoneHill

Ayler (Albert)Black Revolt1/5/66Magic Music

Ayler (Albert)Live in Greenwich Village(2CD)1966Impulse

Ayler (Albert)Lorrach Paris 19661966Hatology

Ayler (Albert)Love Cry1968Impulse

Ayler (Albert)Music is the Healing Force of the Universe1969Impulse AS-9191

Ayler (Albert)Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, 25/07/19702005ESP

Ayler (Albert)Nuits de la Fondation Maeght1970Shandar/Water

Ayler (Albert)Holy Ghost 10 CD Box2004Revenant

Bad PlusGive2004CBS

Bailey (Derek)guitar,drums `n bass1996Avant

Bailey (Derek)/Pat MethenyThe Sign of Four (3-CD)1996Knitting Factory

Bailey (Pearl)Come On Lets Play..1962Roulette/EMI

Baker (Chet)And the Lighthouse All-Stars1953Affinity

Baker (Chet)Young Chet1954-56Pacific Jazz

Baker (Chet)Grey December1953-55Pacific Jazz

Baker (Chet)Best of Chet Baker Sings1953-56Pacific Jazz

Baker (Chet)Chet Baker/Big Band1954-56Pacific Jazz

Baker (Chet)Chet Baker (Compact Jazz)1955-64Emarcy

Baker (Chet)Chet in Paris Vol.21955Emarcy

Baptiste (Denys)Be Where You Are1999Dune

Barbieri (Gato)/Dollar BrandHamba Khale1968Affinity

Barbieri (Gato)Fenix1971Flying Dutchman

Basie (Count) OrchestraAtomic Basie1957-61Giants of Jazz

Basie (Count) OrchestraNeil Hefti/Bennie Carter1957-61Giants of Jazz

Beiderbecke (Bix)Bixology1920sGiants of Jazz

Beiderbecke (Bix)Properbox Set (4CD)1920sProperbox

Beresford (Steve)/Zorn etcSignals for Tea1995Disk Union Avan

Berne (Tim)Empire (5CD)1979-81Screwgun 70009

Berne (Tim)Mutant Variations1984Soul Note

Berne (Tim)Sanctified Dreams1987Koch

Berne (Tim)s Caos TotalePace Yourself1991JMT (W&W)

Berne (Tim)Diminutive Mysteries (Mostly Hemphill)1993JMT (W&W)

Berne (Tim)s Caos TotaleNice View1994JMT (W&W)

Berne (Tim) & BloodcountMemory Select (Paris concert)1994JMT

Berne (Tim) & BloodcountPoisoned Minds (Paris concert)1994JMT

Berne (Tim) & BloodcountLowlife (Paris concert)1995JMT (W&W)

Berne (Tim) & BloodcountBloodcount Unwound (3CD)1996Screwgun 70001

Berne (Tim) & ParaphraseVisitation Rights1996Screwgun 70002

Berne (Tim), Marc Ducret, Tom RaineyBig Satan1997W&W

Berne (Tim) & ParaphrasePlease Advise1999Screwgun 70011

Berne (Tim)/Michael FormanekOrnery People1998Little Brother

Berne (Tim)The Shell Game2001Thirsty Ear 57099.2

Berne (Tim)Science Friction2002Screwgun 70013

Berne (Tim)The Sevens2002New World

Berne (Tim)The Sublime and.2003Thirsty Ear 57139.2

Berne (Tim)s Big SatanSouls Saved Hear.2004Thirsty Ear 57151.2

Blakey (Art) & Jazz Mess.(lus Monk) ABs JM with T.Monk1958Atlantic

Blakey (Art) & Jazz Mess.Mosiac1961Blue Note

Blakey (Art) & Jazz Mess.Live @ Birdland

Giants of Jazz

Bowie (Lester)Fast Last! + Rope-A-Dope1974/5Muse

Bowie (Lester)/Philip WilsonDuet1978Imp.Artists

Bowie (Lester)The Fifth Power1978Black Saint

Bowie (Lester) Brass FantasyI Only Have Eyes For You1985ECM

Bowie (Lester) Brass FantasyAvant Pop1986ECM

Brahem (Anouar)Thimar1998ECM

Braxton/Crispell/Dresser/Hemmingway Quartet (London) 19851985Leo 200/201

Brecker (Michael)Tales From the Hudson1996Impulse

Brecker (Michael)Time is of the Essence1999Verve

Brookmeyer (Bob)Streetswingers (Pac.Jazz II)1957Pacific Jazz

Brookmeyer (Bob)/Getz/Hancock,etcBob Brookmeyer & Friends1964CBS

Brookmeyer (Bob)/Clark TerryPower of Positive Swinging1965Mainstream

Brookmeyer (Bob)/New Art Orch.New Works (Celebration)1999Challenge

Brooks (Tina)True Blue1960Blue Note

Brown (Clifford)Jazz Immortal feat. Zoot Sims1954Pacific Jazz

Brtzmann (Caspar) & MassakerAbend der Schwarzen Folklore1992RTD

Brtzmann (Caspar) & MassakerKoksofen1993RTD

Brtzmann (Caspar) & F.M.EinheitMerry Christmas1993RTD

Brtzmann (Peter)For Adolphe Sax1967FMP/Unheard

Brtzmann (Peter)Machine Gun1968FMP

Brtzmann (Peter)Fuck de Boere1968/70FMP/Unheard

Brtzmann (Peter)Nipples1969FMP/Unheard

Brtzmann (Peter)More Nipples1969FMP/Unheard

Brtzmann (Peter)Balls1970FMP/Unheard

Brtzmann (Peter)/Van Hove./BenninkFMP1301973FMP/Unheard

Brtzmann (Peter)/Mengelb./Bennink3 Points and a Mountain1979FMP CD-107

Brtzmann (Peter)Dare Devil1991DIW

Brtzmann (Peter)/Die Like a Dog QtDie Like a Dog1993FMP

Brtzmann (Peter)/Hopkins/AliSonglines1993FMP CD-53

Brtzmann (Peter) & Haino KeijiEvolving Bush/Driving Orig.Sin1996PSFD-79

Brtzmann (Peter)/Die Like a Dog QtLittle Birds Have Fast Hearts No.11998FMP CD-97

Brtzmann (Peter)/Die Like a Dog QtLittle Birds Have Fast Hearts No.21998FMP CD-101

Brtzmann (Peter) Octet/TentetChicago Octet/Tentet (3-CD)1998Okkadisk

Brtzmann (Peter)/Hano/HainoShadows2000DIW

Brtzmann (Peter)/Die Like a Dog QtAoyama Crows1998FMP CD-118

Cherry (Don)Complete Communion1965Blue Note

Cherry (Don)Symphony for Improvisers1966Blue Note

Cherry (Don)Mu1969BYG/Affinity

Cherry (Don)Orient1971/72BYG/Affinity

Cherry (Don)Orient/Eagle Eye1971Fruit Tree

Cherry (Don)Blue Lake1971?Fruit Tree

Cherry (Don)/Lowe,HadenBrown Rice1976A&M Horizon

Chicago Underground QuartetChicago Underground Quartet2001

Cole (Nat) TrioThe Vocal Classics1942-6 capitol

Coleman (Ornette)Something Else!!!!1958Contemporary

Coleman (Ornette)Tomorrow Is The Question1959Contemporary

Coleman (Ornette)The Shape of Jazz to Come1959Atlantic

Coleman (Ornette)This is Our Music1959Atlantic

Coleman (Ornette)Change of the Century1959Atlantic

Coleman (Ornette)Free Jazz1959Atlantic

Coleman (Ornette)The Art of the Improvisers1959-61Atlantic (1970)

Coleman (Ornette)Ornette on Tenor1962Atlantic

Coleman (Ornette)Ornette!1962Atlantic

Coleman (Ornette)At The Golden Circle (2-CD)1965Blue Note

Coleman (Ornette)Love Calls1968Blue Note

Coleman (Ornette)Friends & Neighbours1970Flying Dutchman/RCA

Coleman (Ornette)Science Fiction (2-CD)1971-72CBS

Coleman (Ornette)Belgrade Concert2/11/1971Jazz Door

Coleman (Ornette)Body Mehta1975Harmolodic (Verve)

Coleman (Ornette)/Charlie HadenSoapsuds,Soapsuds1978Harmolodic (Verve)

Coleman (Ornette)Of Human Feelings1982Antilles

Coleman (Ornette)/Pat MethenySong X1986Geffen

Coleman (Ornette)/Pat MethenySong X (20th Anniversary extended)2005Geffen

Coleman (Ornette)In All Languages1987Caravan of Dreams

Coleman (Ornette)Virgin Beauty1988CBS

Coleman (Ornette)Tone Dialling1995Harmolodic

Coleman (Ornette)Sound Museum I (Hidden Man)1996Harmolodic (Verve)

Coleman (Ornette)Sound Museum II (Three Women)1996Harmolodic (Verve)

Coleman (Ornette)Sound Grammar2006SG001

Coltrane (Alice)/Pharoah SandersPtah the El Daoud1970Impulse

Coltrane (Alice)Transfiguration1976Warners

Coltrane (Alice)Trancendence1976Warners

Coltrane (John)Like Sonny1958/60Roulette

Coltrane (John)/Cecil TaylorColtrane Time (ex-Stereo Drive)1959Blue Note

Coltrane (John)Blue Train1959?Blue Note

Coltrane (John)Giant Steps1960Atlantic

Coltrane (John)My Favourite Things1961Atlantic

Coltrane (John)/Eric DolphyOl Coltrane1961Atlantic

Coltrane (John)Complete Africa/Brass(2CD)1961Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Coltrane (Deluxe 2CD)1962Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Ballads (Deluxe 2CD)1962Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Complete Village Vanguard(4CD)1963Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Live at Birdland1963Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Live in Stockholm1963-

Coltrane (John)Crescent1964Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)A Love Supreme (Deluxe 2CD)1964Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John) + Archie SheppNew Thing at Newport1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Living Space1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)First Meditations1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Live in Antibes(A Love Supreme)1965Le Jazz/Charly

Coltrane (John)Impressions (Live)?Classic Jazz/Charly

Coltrane (John)The John Coltrane Qt Plays1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Dear Old Stockholm1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Major Works (Ascension,Om,etc)1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Transition1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Sun Ship1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)One Up One Down (Live: Half Note)(2CD)1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Live in Seattle1965Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)/Pharoah SandersLive At The Village Van. Again1966Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)/Pharoah SandersLive in Japan (4CD)1966Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)/Pharoah SandersMeditations1966Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)/Rashied AliInterstellar Space1967Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Expression1967Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Stellar Regions1967Impulse/MCA

Coltrane (John)Olatunji Concert (Last Live)4/1967Impulse

Coltrane (Ravi)Moving Pictures1998RCA

Crispell (Marilyn)Gaia1987Leo 152

Crispell (Marilyn)Live in Zurich1989Leo 122

Crispell (Marilyn)The Kitchen Concert1991Leo 178

Crispell (Marilyn)Santuerio1993Leo 191

Davis (Miles)/Tadd DameronParis Festival de Jazz1949CBS

Davis (Miles)Birth of the Cool1949-50Capitol

Davis (Miles)Birth of the Cool Vol.21950sCapitol

Davis (Miles)On Blue Note Vol.I1952/54Blue Note

Davis (Miles)On Blue Note Vol.II1953Blue Note

Davis (Miles)Live @ Birdland1950-52Charly

Davis (Miles)And the Lighthouse All-Stars1953Affinity

Davis (Miles)Blue Haze1951-53Prestige

Davis (Miles)Collectors Items1953/56Prestige

Davis (Miles)Walkin'1954Prestige

Davis (Miles)Bag's Groove1954Prestige

Davis (Miles)And The Modern Jazz Giants1954/56Prestige

Davis (Miles)Round About Midnight1956CBS

Davis (Miles)Workin'1956Prestige

Davis (Miles)Steamin'1956Prestige

Davis (Miles)Cookin' & Relaxin' (on 1-CD)1956Prestige

Davis (Miles)/Gil EvansMiles Ahead1957CBS

Davis (Miles)/Gil EvansPorgy & Bess1958CBS

Davis (Miles)Milestones1958CBS

Davis (Miles) + Monk @ NewportLive @ Newport (2-CD)1958CBS

Davis (Miles)Kind of Blue1959CBS

Davis (Miles)Live Olympia,Paris(Part 1)20/3/60Trema 710576

Davis (Miles)Live Olympia,Paris(Part 1)11/10/60Trema 710578

Davis (Miles)Live in Stockholm(4CD)22/3,13/10/60Dragon

Davis (Miles)Live in Stockholm13/10/60?Giants of Jazz

Davis (Miles)Live @ the Blackhawk,Vol.14/61Giants of Jazz/CBS

Davis (Miles)Live @ the Blackhawk,Vol.24/61Giants of Jazz/CBS

Davis (Miles)Complete Live @ the Blackhawk (4CD)4/61CBS

Davis (Miles)Someday my Prince Will Come1961CBS

Davis (Miles)Seven Steps to Heaven1963CBS

Davis (Miles)Cote Blues26,28/7/63JMY - Antibes

Davis (Miles)In Europe 27/7/63CBS - Antibes

Davis (Miles)My Funny Valentine12/2/64CBS

Davis (Miles)Live(My Funny V./4 & More)12/2/64Giants of Jazz/CBS

Davis (Miles)Live in Tokyo14/7/64CBS

Davis (Miles)Cookin'at the Plugged Nickel 26,27/12/65 CBS

Davis (Miles)E.S.P.1965CBS

Davis (Miles)Miles Smiles1966CBS

Davis (Miles)Miles Davis Live in Europe1967/60New Planet

Davis (Miles)Nefertiti1967CBS

Davis (Miles)No Blues (Live in Paris)6/11/67JMY

Davis (Miles)Circle in the Round (2-CD)1955-70CBS

Davis (Miles)Filles de Kilimanjaro1967CBS

Davis (Miles)Water Babies (released 1976)1967CBS

Davis (Miles)Sorcerer1967CBS

Davis (Miles)Miles in the Sky1968CBS

Davis (Miles)Its About That Time1969Jazz Door 1294

Davis (Miles)In A Silent Way Sessions(3-CD)1969CBS

Davis (Miles) (mixed Bill Laswell)Panthalassa1969-74CBS

Davis (Miles)Live at the Fillmore East7/3/1969Columbia

Davis (Miles)Festiva de Juan Pins 25/7/1969Sony (Japan)

Davis (Miles)Gemini/Double Image 27/10/69Jazz Door - Paris

Davis (Miles)Paraphernalia3/11/69JMY - Paris

Davis (Miles)Voodoo Down(Live Italy/NY) 1965/66/69/70 Moon

Davis (Miles)Bitches Brew Sessions (4-CD)1970CBS

Davis (Miles)Jack Johnson1970CBS

Davis (Miles)Jack Johnson Sessions (5CD)1970/2003CBS

Davis (Miles)Black Beauty (2-CD)10/4/70CBS Fillmore West

Davis (Miles)At Fillmore (2-CD)17-20/6/70CBS Fillmore East

Davis (Miles)Live Evil (2-CD)1970CBS

Davis (Miles)The Cellar Door Sessions (6-CD)1970CBS 2005

Davis (Miles)What I Say? Vol:15/11/70JMY

Davis (Miles)What I Say? Vol:25/11/7,17/10/71JMY

Davis (Miles)Another Bitches Brew (Belgrade)71/73JD 1284/5

Davis (Miles)On The Corner1-6/6/72,7/7/72CBS

Davis (Miles)In Concert (2-CD)29/9/72CBS

Davis (Miles)Get Up With It (2-CD)1973/74CBS

Davis (Miles)Big Fun (2-CD)1970/73CBS

Davis (Miles)Live Olympia 11 July 197311/7/73Trema 710574

Davis (Miles)Dark Magus (2-CD)30/3/74CBS Carnegie Hall

Davis (Miles)Agharta (2-CD)1/2/75CBS

Davis (Miles)Pangaea (2-CD)1/2/75CBS

Davis (Miles)Man With a Horn1981CBS

Davis (Miles)Star People1982CBS

Davis (Miles)We Want Miles (live)1982CBS

Davis (Miles)Decoy1984CBS

Davis (Miles)/Marcus MillerTutu1986Warner

Davis (Miles)/Marcus MillerSiesta1987Warner

Davis (Miles)Live in Avignon (2-CD)1987Laserlight

Davis (Miles)Live Around the World1988/9Warner

Davis (Miles)Live (in Avignon again?)1988Delta 22823

Davis (Miles)/Marcus MillerAmandla1989Warner

Davis (Miles)Aura1989CBS

Davis (Miles)Doo Bop1992Warner

Mile Davis Discography: http://www.wam.umd.edu/~losinp/music/miles_ahead.html

Dejohnette (Jack) Special Edition Album Album1984ECM

Dejohnette (Jack) Special EditionEarth Walk1991Blue Note

DJ SpookyThat Subliminal Kid2002Thirsty Ear 57121

Dodds (Johnny)BBC Jazz Archive1923-29BBC

Dolphy (Eric)At the Five Spot Vol.21961Prestige/OJC

Dolphy (Eric)Iron Man1964Douglas/Celluloid

Dolphy (Eric)Out to Lunch1964Blue Note

Dolphy (Eric)Last Date1964Fontana

Ducret (Marc)Un Certain Malaise1997Screwgun 70005

Ducret (Marc)Lombra di Verdi1999Screwgun 70010

Ellington (Duke)BBC Jazz Archive1927-34BBC

Ellington (Duke)3-CD Set 1927-42Gnts of Jazz (RCA?)

Ellington (Duke)13-CD Set 1930s/1940sMusisoft

Ellington (Duke)Solos, Duets & Trios1941-67RCA

Ellington (Duke)Small Bands1950s?CBS

Ellington (Duke)Presents the Soloists1951-8Giants of Jazz

Ellington (Duke)Live @ Newport (2-CD)1958?CBS

Ellington (Duke)/Mingus/RoachMoney Jungle1962Blue Note

Ellington (Duke)Such Sweet Thunder 1959-63Jazz Life

Ellington (Duke)And His Mother Called Him Bill1967RCA

Estrellas de AreitoLos Heroes1979Areito/Wld.Circuit

Equal Interest(Jarman/Jenkins/Melford) Equal Interesr1999OmniTone

Evans (Bill)Explorations


Evans (Bill)New Jazz Conceptions 1956Riverside

Evans (Bill)Portrait in Jazz1959Riverside

Evans (Bill)Sunday @ the Village Vanguard1961Riverside

Evans (Bill)Empathy/A Simple Matter of C.1962/6Verve

Evans (Bill)Trio 64 plus1964/6Verve

Evans (Bill)Live at the Town Hall Vol.11967Verve

Evans (Gil)New Bottle Old Wine1958Pacific Jazz

Evans (Gil)Great Jazz Standards1959Pacific Jazz

Evans (Gil) + Cecil Taylor SeptetInto the Hot


Evans (Gil) Out of the Cool


Farmer (Art)Modern Art1958Blue Note

Fitzferald (Ella)The Complete Recordings 1935-39Affinity/Decca

Four Brothers(Sims,Cohn,Steward,Chaloff) ..Together Again!1957RCA-Victor

Freeman (Chico) + Arthur BlytheThe Unspoken Word1993Ronnie Scotts Jazz

Ganelin TrioPoco-a-Poco


Garrett (Kenny)Standard of Language2003Warner

Gayle (Charles) TrioLive @ Disobey1994Blast First

Gayle (Charles) TrioKingdom Come1994Knitting Factory

Getz (Stan)The Roost Quartets1950-51Roost/EMI

Getz (Stan)Best of the Roost Years1950-52Roost/EMI

Getz (Stan)Live1951Giants of Jazz

Getz (Stan)Stan Getz Plays1953/4Verve

Getz (Stan)+Dizzy GillespieDiz & Getz1953-54Verve

Getz (Stan)W.Coast Jazz1955Verve

Getz (Stan)Mickey One1956Verve

Getz (Stan)E.of the Sun(W.Coast Sess.)1955-57Verve

Getz (Stan)The Steamer1956Verve

Getz (Stan)Award Winner1957Verve

Getz (Stan)Getz in Europe Broadway1958/9Laserlight

Getz (Stan)Getz in Europe In Suburbia1958-71Laserlight

Getz (Stan)+stringsFocus1961Verve

Getz (Stan)+Bob BrookmeyerFall 19611961Verve

Getz (Stan)+Charlie ByrdJazz Samba1962Verve

Getz (Stan)Reflections1963Verve

Getz (Stan)+Cal TjaderCal Tjader/Stan Getz Sextet1963Fantasy

Getz (Stan)+Bill EvansStan Getz & Bill Evans1964Verve

Getz (Stan)+Clarke-Boland Big BandChange of Scenes1971Verve

Getz (Stan)+Williams,Corea,ClarkeCaptain Marvel1972CBS

Getz (Stan) The Lyrical(CBS compilation)1964-77CBS

Getz (Stan)+Bob BrookmeyerUtopia1978

Getz (Stan)The Dolphin+Spring is Here(2CD)1981Concord

Getz (Stan)+Albert DaileyPoetry1983Blue Note

Getz (Stan)+Chet BakerStockholm Concerts (3CD)1983Verve

Getz (Stan)Anniversary (Live in Copenhagen Vol.1) 1987Emarcy

Getz (Stan)Serenity (Live in Copenhagen Vol.2) 1987Emarcy

Getz (Stan)Yours and Mine(Live in Glasgow)1989Concord

Getz (Stan)Soul Eyes (Glasgow/Amsterdam)1989Concord

Getz (Stan)Billy Highstreet(recorded 1981)1981/1990Emarcy

Getz (Stan)The Lost Sessions1989/2003Verve

Getz (Stan)Apasionado1991Emarcy

Getz (Stan)Live????Hallmark

Gilberto (Astrud)Best Of (Verve)



Giuffre (Jimmy)/Hall/BrookmeyerHollywood & Newport 1957-581957-8Fresh Sounds

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Ellis (Herb)Herb Ellis meets Jimmy Guiffre1959Verve

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Konitz (Lee)Konitz meets Guiffre (2CD)1959Verve

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Jim Hall TrioThe Easy Way1959Verve

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Jim Hall TrioThe Jimmy Giuffre 31959Atlantic

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Jim Hall TrioPrincess (Live in Italy)1959Fini Jazz

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Swallow/BleyCarla1961Giants of Jazz

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Swallow/BleyFree Fall1963CBS

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Hall/Phillips etcLive Olympia 23-2-60/27-2-651960/5RTE 710586

Giuffre (Jimmy)/Konitz/BleyGiuffre/Konitz/Conners/Bley1978Imp.Artists Inc

Giuffre (Jimmy) 4Quasar1985Soul Note

GodLoco1991Perm.de Con.Deutsch

Gonzles (Rubn)Indestructible1997EGREM

Gonzles, RubnIntroducing...1998WCD

Gonzles, Rubn etcBuena Vista social Club1997WCD

Gonzles, Rubn/Afro Cuban All-Stars A Toda Cuba le Gusta1997WCD

Gordon (Dexter)Our Man in Paris1963Blue Note

Haden (Charlie)Liberation Music Orchestra1969Impulse

Haden (Charlie)The Montreal Tapes(Lib.Mus.Orch)2001Universal

Haden (Charlie)Nocturne1989Verve

Hall (Jim)Jim Hall Trio1957Pacific Jazz

Hamilton (Chico)Spectacular & More (Pacific Jazz II)1955-56Pacific Jazz

Hancock (Herbie)Fat Albert Rotunda1969Warner

Hancock (Herbie)Mwandishi1970Warner

Hancock (Herbie)Crossings1971Warner

Hancock (Herbie)The Headhunter1973CBS

Hancock (Herbie)Thrust1974CBS

Hancock (Herbie)/Bill LaswellFuture Shock1983Columbia

Hancock (Herbie)/Bill LaswellFuture2Future2001Transparent

Hawkins (Coleman)Chronological 1929-341929-34Classics 587

Hawkins (Coleman)The Bebop Years(4-CD)1939-49ProperBox

Hawkins (Coleman)Jazz Portraits1929-40Jazz Portraits

Hawkins (Coleman)Body and Soul1939-56RCA

Hawkins (Coleman)Body and Soul1929-43Giants of Jazz

Hawkins (Coleman)The Bean1951-57Giants of Jazz

Hemphill (Julius)Blue Boy1977Screwgun/Mbari

Hemphill (Julius) SextetFat Man and the Hard Blues1991Black Saint

Hemphill (Julius) SextetFive Chord Stud1994Black Saint

Henderson (Fletcher)BBC Jazz Archive 1928-37BBC

Henderson (Joe)Multiple1973milestone

Henderson (Joe)The State of the Tenor1985Blue Note

Henderson (Joe)So Near,So Far (M...for Miles)1993Verve

Herman (Woody)The Woody Herman Story (4CD)1939-49Properbox 15

Herman (Woody)Thundering HerdFantasyRCA

Herman (Woody)40th Anniversary Concert1976RCA

Hill (Andrew)/Eric DolphyPoint of Departure1964Blue Note

Hodges (Johnny)/Duke EllingtonSide by Side1959Verve

Hodges (Johnny)/Billy StrayhornWith Billy Strayhorn1962Verve

Hodges (Johnny)Triple Play1967RCA/Bluebird

Holland (Dave)Jumpin' In1984ECM

Hopper (Hugh)19841972Cunieform

Isham (Mark)The Silent Way Project1999CBS

Jackson (Ronald Shannon)When Colours Play1986Caravan of Dreams

Jackson (Ronald Shannon)Red Warrior1990Axiom

Jarman (Joseph)As if it were the seasons1968Delmark

Jarman (Joseph)/Don MoyeEarth Passage - Density1981Black Saint

Jarrett (Keith)Expectations1972CBS

Jarrett (Keith)El Juico1975Atlantic

Johnson (J.J.)The Total J.J.Johnson1966BMG

Jones (Quincy)This is how I feel about Jazz1957Implulse

Jones (Quincy)Straight no Chaser (2-CD)1961-83Universal

Jones (Spike)Musical Depreciation1941-45ASV

Jordan (Ronny)So What (CD single)1992Island

Joseph (Julian)Reality1993EastWest

Kamuca (Ritchie)/Perkins/CohnThe Brothers!1955RCAVictor

Kamuca (Ritchie)/PerkinsTenors Head On1956Pacific Jazz

Keiji (Haino) I Said, This is the Son of Nihilism1996Table of Elements

Keiji (Haino)/Brtzmann (Peter)Evolving Bush/Driving Orig.Sin1996PSFD-79

Keiji (Haino) The Book Of Eternity Set Aflame1996FE-036

Keiji (Haino)/Cohen/BaronAn Unclear Trial: More Than That1998Avant 074

Keiji (Haino)/Laswell/Rashied AliPurple Trap1998Tzadik 7221

Keiji (Haino)/Musica TransonicIncubation1999?PSF PSFD-98

Keiji (Haino)/Brtzmann/HanoShadows2000DIW

Keiji (Haino) A Calm Before a Storm2000GEL CD01

Keiji (Haino) Black Blues Vol.12004DSA

Keiji (Haino) Black Blues Vol.22004DSA

Kessel (Barney)/Manne/BrownPollwinners Exploring the Scene1960Contemporary

Kirk (Roland)Domino1962Verve

Konitz (Lee)Palo Alto1949Proper

Konitz (Lee)/Tristano/MarshIntuition1949Capital

Konitz (Lee)/Jimmy GuiffreKonitz meets Guiffre (2CD)1951-58Verve

Konitz (Lee)With Tristano, Marsh & Bauer1949-50Prestige

Konitz (Lee)Live at Storyville1953Black Lion

Konitz (Lee)/Gerry MulliganKonitz Meets Mulligan1953Pacific Jazz

Konitz (Lee)/Warne MarshLee Konitz with Warne Marsh1956Atlantic 1217

Konitz (Lee)Inside Hi-Fi1956Atlantic 1258

Konitz (Lee)/Warne MarshLive at the Half Note (2CD)1959Verve

Konitz (Lee)Motion1961Verve

Konitz (Lee)/Enrico RavaStereokonitz1968RCA/BMG

Konitz (Lee)Sartori1974Milestone

Konitz (Lee)/Warne MarshLive at Monmartre Vol.11975Storyville

Konitz (Lee)/Warne MarshLondon Concert1976Wave

Konitz (Lee)/Michel PetruccianiToot Sweet1982Universal

Konitz (Lee)Ideal Scene1986Soul Note

Konitz (Lee)The New York Album1988Soul Note

Konitz (Lee)/Mario RuscaWheres The Blues1997Giants of Jazz

Konitz (Lee)/Paul BleyOut of Nowhere1997Steeplechase

Konitz (Lee)/Keiko LeeDig Dug Dog1997Columbia

Konitz (Lee)/Mehldau/HadenAnother Shade of Blue1999Blue Note

Konitz (Lee)The Sound of Surprise1999RCAVictor

Konitz (Lee)Parallels2001Chesky

Konitz (Lee)From Newport to Nice1953-80Musica Jazz

Kopinski (Jan)Ghost Music1997ASC

Lacy (Steve)Momentum1987Novus

Lacy (Steve)The Door1989Novus

Lake (Oliver)/Workman/Waits/MillerTrio Transition1988DIW

Lake (Oliver)/Barefield/CyrilleLive at Leverkusener Jazztage1989Sound Aspects

Last ExitIron Path1989Virgin Venture

Lloyd (Charles)/Higgins,HollandVoice in the Night1999ECM

London Improvisers OrchestraProceedings1999Emanem

Lounge LizardsVoice of Chunk1989P & C

Lovano (Joe)/Gonzalo RubalcabaFlying Colors1997Blue Note

Lovano (Joe)/Holland/Elvin JonesTrio Fascination1998Blue Note

Lovano (Joe)/Greg OsbyFriendly Fire1999Blue Note

Lovano (Joe)Flights of Fancy (Trio Fasc.2)2001Blue Note

Lowe (Frank)/Lester & Joe BowieFresh1975Black Lion

Lowe (Frank)/Leo Smith, Joe BowieThe Flam1976Black Saint

Lowe (Frank)/Butch Morris, Amina MyersExotic Heartbreak1982Black Saint

Lowe (Frank)/Butch Morris, Amina MyersDecision in Paradise1986Black Saint

Lowe (Frank)/Billy BangOne For Jazz2001?No More

Lyons (Jimmy)The Box Set (5CD) (released 2003)1972-85Ayler 36-40

Lyons (Jimmy)Jump Up1980Hat Art

Lyons (Jimmy)/Andrew CyrilleSomething in Return1981Black Saint

Lyons (Jimmy)/Andrew CyrilleBurnt Offering1982Black Saint

Lyons (Jimmy) QuintetWee Sneezawee1983Black Saint

Mahavishnu OrchestraInner Mounting Flame1970CBS

Mahavishnu OrchestraBirds of Fire1973CBS

Mahavishnu OrchestraLost Trident Sessions1973CBS

Mahavishnu OrchestraInner Worlds1976CBS

Manne (Shelly)/Russo/GuiffreDeep People1951/2Savoy

Manne (Shelly)/Mariano/FreemanSwinging Sounds1956Contemporary

Manne (Shelly)/Mariano/FreemanMore Swinging Sounds1956Contemporary

Manne (Shelly)/Mariano/FreemanVol.7 The Gambit1957Contemporary

Manne (Shelly)/Gordon/KamucaAt the Blackhawk Vol.11959Contemporary

Manne (Shelly)/Gordon/KamucaAt the Blackhawk Vol.21959Contemporary

Manne (Shelly)/Candoli/KamucaAt the Manne-Hole Vol.11961Contemporary

Marsalis (Bradford)Royal Garden Blues1986CBS

Marsalis (Wynton)Wynton Marsalis1982CBS

Marsalis (Wynton)Think of One...1983CBS

Marsalis (Wynton)J Moods1986CBS

Marsh (Warne)/Konitz/TristanoIntuition + Winds of Marsh1949/56Capital

Marsh (Warne)/Lee KonitzLive at the Half Note (2CD)1959Verve

Marsh (Warne)/Lee KonitzLive at Monmartre Vol.11975Storyville

Marsh (Warne)/Pete ChristliebApogee1978/2003Warner/Rhino

McKinney's Cotton PickersJazz Archive No261928-30Jazz Archive

McKinney's Cotton Pickers Vol.1Put it There1928-29Frog DGF25

McKinney's Cotton Pickers Vol.2Cotton Pickers Scat1929-30Frog DGF26

Mclaughlin (John)Extrapolation1969Polydor

Medeski, Martin & WoodCombustication1998Blue Note

Melford (Myra)/Han BenninkEleven Ghosts1994HAT Hut

Metheny (Pat)Zero Tolerance for Silence1994Geffen

Miller (Marcus)Silver Rain2005Sony

Mingus (Charles)The Young Rebel (4CD)1945-53Proper

Mingus (Charles)Pithecanthropus Erectus1956Atlantic

Mingus (Charles)The Clown1957Atlantic

Mingus (Charles)Blues & Roots1959/61Atlantic

Mingus (Charles)Mingus at Antibes1960Atlantic

Mingus (Charles)Tonight at Noon1959Atlantic

Mingus (Charles)Oh Yeah!1961Atlantic

Mingus (Charles)New Tijuana Moods1957RCA

Mingus (Charles)Dynasty + Ah-Um1959Columbia

Mingus (Charles)Let My Children Hear Music1971Columbia

Mingus (Charles)Live in Paris 17/4/641964BYG/Charly

Mitchell (Roscoe) SextetSound1966Delmark

Mitchell (Roscoe)/Sound Ensemble3x4 Eye

Mitchell (Roscoe)/QuartetThe Flow of Things1987Black Saint

Mitchell (Roscoe)/Note FactoryThis Dance is for Steve McCall1996Black Saint

Mitchell (Roscoe)/Note FactoryNine to Get Ready1998ECM

Modern Jazz QtLa Ronde (An Introduction.. )1952-55Proper

Modern Jazz QtLive in Scandinavia1960Giants of Jazz

Modern Jazz QtLonely Woman1962Atlantic

Moncur (Grachan)+Morgan,McLean,etcEvolution1963CBS

Monheit (Jane)Come Dream With Me2001NCoded

Monk (Thelonious)The Composer1947-59Giants of Jazz

Monk (Thelonious)The Complete Blue Note 4-CD1947-58Blue Note

Monk (Thelonious)Plays Duke Ellington1956Riverside

Monk (Thelonious)Brilliant Corners1956Riverside

Monk (Thelonious)Monks Music1957Riverside

Monk (Thelonious)T.Monk with John Coltrane1957Riverside

Monk (Thelonious)Alone in San Francisco1959Riverside

Monk (Thelonious)Live at the IT Club 1964CBS

Monk (Thelonious)Complete CBS Solo Works(2CD)1965-68CBS

Monk (Thelonious)The London Collection Vol.I1971Black Lion

Morton (Jelly Roll)Complete 1925-1930 (5-CD)1925-30JSP

Moten (Benny)Kansas City Orchestra1923-27Classics

Moten (Benny)Kansas City Orchestra1926-29Bluebird

Moten (Benny)Kansas City Orchestra1929-34Bluebird

Mulligan (Gerry)Mullenium

Mulligan (Gerry)+ Chubby JacksonGerry Mulligan1952-53Fantasy

Mulligan (Gerry)/Chet BakerMulligan-Baker (P.Jazz II)1952-53Pacific Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)/Chet BakerFatasy + Pacific Jazz 1952-53Pacific Jazz/G.ofJ.

Mulligan (Gerry)Pleyel Concerts 19541954Vogue

Mulligan (Gerry)Immortal Concerts,Paris 1/6/541954Vogue/G.of Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)California Concerts - Vol.11954Pacific Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)California Concerts - Vol.21954Pacific Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)Gerry Mulligan (Compact Jazz)1955-64 Mercury

Mulligan (Gerry)Sextet 1955-56Giants of Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)At Storyville1956Pacific Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)Mulligan-Volume I (Pacific Jazz II)1957 Pacific Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)The Gerry Mulligan Songbook1957Pacific Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)/Chet BakerReunion1957Pacific Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)/Annie Ross/Chet BakerAnnie Ross & Gerry Mulligan1957Pacific Jazz

Mulligan (Gerry)Mulligan1958-76Denon

Mulligan (Gerry)What is There to Say1958-59CBS

Mulligan (Gerry)GM63 The Concert Jazz Band1960-62!Verve

Mulligan (Gerry)GM Concert Jazz Band1960Verve

Mulligan (Gerry)Meets Johnny Hodges1960Verve

Mulligan (Gerry)Quartets in Concert1959/62Pablo

Mulligan (Gerry)Live Olympia 19-11-60 (part 1)1960RTE 710593

Mulligan (Gerry)Live Olympia 19-11-60 (part 2)1960RTE 710594

Mulligan (Gerry)Live Olympia 06-10-621962RTE 710595

Mulligan (Gerry)New York 19601960Jazz Anthology

Mulligan (Gerry)The Age of Steam1971A&M Horizon

Mulligan (Gerry)/Hampton HawesThe Sound of Jazz


Mulligan (Gerry)/Chet BakerCarnegie Hall Concert1974Epic

Murray (David)Flowers for Albert (2-CD)1976India Navigation

Murray (David)Live at Ocean Club1976India Navigation

Murray (David)Morning Song1984Black Saint

Murray (David)Ballads1988DIW

Murray (David)Spirituals1988DIW

Murray (David)Ming's Samba1989CBS

Murray (David)Dark Star (Grateful Dead)1996Astor Place

Murray (David)/Fontella BassSpeaking in Tongues1997Justin Time

Murray (David) OctetOctet Plays Trane2000Justin Time

Murray (David)/Pharoah SandersGwotet2004Justin Time

MushroomFoxy Music2001Clearspot

Navarro (Fats)Fats Navarro Story (4-CD)1945-50Properbox

Nelson (Oliver)/Gato BarbieriSwiss Suite1972Flying Dutchman

Nichols (Herbie)Complete Blue Note (3-CD)1955-56Blue Note

Nichols (Red)Strike Up The Band (2-CD)1927-31History

Osby (Greg)Art Forum1996Blue Note

Osby (Greg)/Joe Lovano Friendly Fire1999Blue Note

Paich (Marty)Arranger, Conductor, Piano1954-59Giants of Jazz

Parker (Charlie)Bird - The Savoy Master Takes1944-48Savoy

Parker (Charlie)Masterworks (Dial)1946-47 Giants of Jazz

Parker (Charlie)Dial Masters (2CD)1946-47 Spotlite

Parker (Charlie)1945-53 (Verve/Savoy)1945-53 Giants of Jazz

Parker (Charlie)1949 Concert + All Stars(50/51)1949-51 Forlane

Parker (Charlie)The Cole Porter Songbook1950-54 Verve

Parker (Evan)Electro-Accoustic Endemble1997ECM

Pastorius (Jaco)Jaco Pastorius

Pepper (Art)Those Kenton Days 1943-511943-51Definitive

Pepper (Art)Complete Small Groups 1947-511947-51Definitive

Pepper (Art)Complete Lighthouse sessions1951Jazz Factory

Pepper (Art)Complete Surf Club (2CD)1952Jazz Factory

Pepper (Art)A night at the Surf Club Vol.11952Xanadu

Pepper (Art)Surf Ride1953Savoy

Pepper (Art)/Sonny ReddArt Pepper + Sonny Redd1953Savoy(Regent)

Pepper (Art)Straight Life (Surf Ride+)1953Savoy

Pepper (Art)..the Way it Was1956/60Contemporary

Pepper (Art)/Chet BakerPlayboys1956Pacific Jazz

Pepper (Art)/Chet BakerThe Route1956Pacific Jazz

Pepper (Art)/Hoagy CarmichaelHoagy sings Carmichael1956Pacific Jazz

Pepper (Art)The Artistry of Pepper1956-57Pacific Jazz

Pepper (Art)Return of Art P.(Aladdin Vol.I)1956Aladdin/B.Note

Pepper (Art)Modern Art (Aladdin Vol.II)1956-57Aladdin/Blue Note

Pepper (Art)The Art of P.Aladdin Vol.III)1957Aladdin/Blue Note

Pepper (Art)The Rhythm Section1957Contemporary

Pepper (Art)Art in L.A.1957/8West Wind

Pepper (Art)+11Modern Jazz Classics1959Contemporary

Pepper (Art)Smack Up1960Contemporary

Pepper (Art)Gettin Together!2/1960Contemporary

Pepper (Art)Intensity11/1960Contemporary

Pepper (Art)In San Francisco1964Fresh Sound

Pepper (Art)Live at Dontes Vol.12/1968Fresh Sound

Pepper (Art)Ill Remember April2/1975Storyville

Pepper (Art)Living Legend8/1975Contemporary

Pepper (Art)The Trip9/1976Contemporary

Pepper (Art)No Limit1977Contemporary

Pepper (Art)Complete Village Vanguard(9CD)1977Contemporary

Pepper (Art)A Night in Tunisia1/1977Storyville

Pepper (Art)San Francisco Samba8/1977Contemporary

Pepper (Art)Tokyo Debut4/1977Galaxy

Pepper (Art)Ofelia, Live in Japan11978Storyville

Pepper (Art)The Summer Knows,Live in Japan21978Storyville

Pepper (Art)Art Pepper Today1978Galaxy

Pepper (Art)Straight Life1979Galaxy

Pepper (Art)Tokyo Encore1979Dreyfus

Pepper (Art)Blues for the Fisherman1980Mole Jazz

Pepper (Art)+ StringsWinter Moon1980Galaxy

Pepper (Art)September Afternoon9/1980Galaxy

Pepper (Art)+ Duke Jordan in Copenhagen(2CD)7/81Galaxy

Pepper (Art)Roadgame8/1981Galaxy

Pepper (Art)Arthers Blues8/1981Galaxy

Pepper (Art)Lauries Choice1978,11/1981Laserlight

Pepper (Art)+George CablesTte--Tte1982Galaxy

Pepper (Art)5-CD Set Japanese Recordings198?Galaxy

Perkins (Bill)/Cohn/KamucaThe Brothers!1955RCAVictor

Perkins (Bill)/KamucaTenors Head On1956Pacific Jazz

Petrucciani (Michel) +Shorter/HallPower of Three (Montreux)1987Blue Note

Polar Bearheld on the Tips of Fingers2005Babel

Powell (Bud)Properbox (4CD)1947-49Properbox

Powell (Bud)The Bud Powell Trio Plays1947Roulette

Powell (Bud)The Amazing BP Vol.11949/51Blue Note

Powell (Bud)Time Waits (Amazing BP Vol.4)1958Blue Note

Power ToolsStrange Meeting1988Antilles

Purple Trap (Keiji/Laswell/Ali)Decided..Already the...1999Tzadik

Redman (Don)Don Redman & His Orchestra1932-33Archives of Jazz

Redman (Joshua)/Metheny/Haden/Higgins Wish1993Warner

Redman (Joshua)MoodSwing1994Warner

Redman (Joshua)Passage of Time2001Warner

Redman (Joshua) Elastic BandMomentum2005Nonesuch

Reinhardt (Django)

1935-39Jazz Portraits

Ribot (Marc)/Los Cubanos PostizosY Los Cubanos Postizos1998Atlantic

Ribot (Marc) + Akchot,ChadbourneLust Corner1998

Ribot (Marc)/Los Cubanos PostizosVery Entertaining2000Atlantic

Ribot (Marc)Spiritual Unity2005Pi

Rivers (Sam)/Rivbea All-Star OrchInspiration1999RCA

Rogers (Shorty)Short Steps1953RCA

Rogers (Shorty)West Coast Jazz (4-CD)1950-54Proper

Rollins (Sonny)Airegin (Mainly Prestige)1951-53Giants of Jazz

Rollins (Sonny)Tenor Madness/Saxo.Colossus1956Prestige

Rollins (Sonny)Freedom Suite (Plus)1956-58Giants of Jazz

Rollins (Sonny)Way Out West (Plus)1957Contemporary

Rollins (Sonny)And the Contemporary Leaders1958Contemporary

Rollins (Sonny)Live at the Village Vanguard II1958Blue Note

Rollins (Sonny)Blue Note Vol.II1958Blue Note

Rollins (Sonny)Newk's Time

Blue Note

Rollins (Sonny)The Bridge1962RCA

Rollins (Sonny)Whats New1962RCA

Rollins (Sonny) + Coleman HawkinsAll The Things You Are1963-64RCA

Rudd (Roswell)/Cecil TaylorMixed (was Everywhere)1966Impulse

Rushing (Jimmy)Rushing Lullabies + Big Brass1958-60 Columbia

Russell (George) SextetEzz-thetics1961Riverside

Rutherford (Paul)/Iskra 1912Sequences 72 & 731972-74Emanem

Sanborn (Dave)Close-up1988Reprise

Sanders (Pharoah)Pharoahs First1964ESP 1003

Sanders (Pharoah)Black Unity1967Impulse

Sanders (Pharoah)Jewels of Thought1968Impulse

Sanders (Pharoah)Karma1969Impulse

Sanders (Pharoah)Summun,Bukmun, Umyun1970Impulse

Sanders (Pharoah)Save Our Children1998Verve

Shank (Bud)Bud Shank Plays Tenor(P.J.II)1957Pacific Jazz

Shaw (Artie)Original Big Band Recordings1938-39Hindsight

Shepp (Archie)New York Contemporary Five1963Storyville

Shepp (Archie)Four for Trane1964Impulse

Shepp (Archie) + John ColtraneNew Thing at Newport1965Impulse/MCA

Shepp (Archie)Fire Music1965Impulse

Shepp (Archie)Mama Too Tight1966Impulse

Shepp (Archie)Live in San Francisco(+)1966Impulse

Shepp (Archie)The Magic of Ju-Ju1967Impulse

Shepp (Archie)The Way Ahead(+)1968/9Impulse

Shepp (Archie)Blas1969BYG/Charly

Shepp (Archie)Attica Blues1972Impulse AS-9222

Shepp (Archie)The Cry of the People1972Impulse AS-9231

Shepp (Archie)Steam (Live @ Montreux)1975JHR

Shipp (Matthew)/Joe MorrisThesis1997HAT Hut

Shipp (Matthew)/Maneri/ParkerBy the Law of Music1997HAT Hut

Shipp (Matthew)/Carter/Parker/Brown Nu Bop2002Thirsty Ear

Shorter (Wayne)Ju-Ju1964Blue Note

Shorter (Wayne)Adam's Apple1964Blue Note

Smith (Leo)/Henry KaiserYo Miles!1998Shanachie

Spontaneous Music EnsembleWithdrawal1966-7Emanem

Spontaneous Music EnsembleQuintessence1973-4Emanem

Spring Heel JackMasses2001Thirsty Ear

Spring Heel JackAmassed2002Thirsty Ear 57123

Sun Ra (Saturn)The Singles (2-CD)1954-82Evidence 22164-2

Sun Ra (Saturn 205)Jazz in Silhouette1958Evidence 22012

Sun Ra (Saturn 206)The Magic City 1964Evidence 22069

Sun Ra (Saturn 403)Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow1961-62Evidence 22036

Sun Ra (Saturn 404)Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow 1961-62Evidence 22036

Sun Ra (Saturn 408) 2-CD with 404Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy 1963Evidence 22036

Sun Ra Heliocentric Worlds I&II (2CD)1965ESP14 & 17

Sun Ra (Saturn ???)When Angels Speak of Love 1966Evidence 22216

Sun Ra (Saturn 507)Atlantis 1967-69Evidence 22067

Sun RaOut There a MinuteLate 1960sBlast First

Sun RaSolar-Myth Approach (2-CD)1969BYG

Sun RaBlack Myth/Out I Space (2-CD)1970MPS

Sun RaCalling Planet Earth1971Freedom

Sun RaSpace is the Place1972Blue Thumb/Impulse

Sun Ra (Impulse ASD9296/7)Cymbals/Crystal Spears (2-CD) 1973Evidence 22217

Sun Ra (Impulse ASD9298)Pathways to Unknown Worlds/Friendly Love 1973Evidence 22218

Sun RaBlue Delight1989A&M

Sun RaPurple1990A&M

Sun RaLive in London1990Blast First

Tacuma (Jamaaladeen)Renaissence Man1983-4Gramavision

Taylor (Billy)/Mulligan/Jones etcMy Fair Lady


Taylor (Cecil)Jazz Advance1956Blue Note

Taylor (Cecil)Love for Sale1959Blue Note

Taylor (Cecil)Looking Ahead!1959Contemporary

Taylor (Cecil)World Of Cecil Taylor1960Candid

Taylor (Cecil)/NeidlingerNew York City R&B1961Candid

Taylor (Cecil)/Roswell RuddMixed (was Into the Hot)1961Impulse

Taylor (Cecil)Trance (Live in Copenhagen)1962Black Lion

Taylor (Cecil)Crossing1963-JHR

Taylor (Cecil)Conquistador1964Blue Note

Taylor (Cecil)Unit Structures1966Blue Note

Taylor (Cecil)Fondation Maeght 3-CD1969Shandar

Taylor (Cecil)Dark to Themselves1975ENJA

Taylor (Cecil)Air Above Mountains1977ENJA

Taylor (Cecil)One Too Many Salty Swift...1978Hat Art

Taylor (Cecil)Cecil Taylor Unit1978New World

Taylor (Cecil)3 Pasis1979New World

Taylor (Cecil)It is in the Brewing Luminous1980Hatology

Taylor (Cecil)Live in Bologna1987Leo

Taylor (Cecil)Live in Vienna 7/11/19871991Leo 174

Taylor (Cecil)Olu Iwa, Berlin 11-12/04/19861994Soul Note

Taylor (Cecil)Momentum Space1998Verve

Taylor (Cecil)Incantation, Berlin 4/11/19992003FMP 123

Taylor (James)Wait a Minute1988Polydor

Threadgill (Henry)Easily Slip into Another World1987Novus

Threadgill (Henry) & Make a MoveWheres Your Cap?1997Columbia

Threadgill (Henry) & Make a MoveEverybodys Mouths a Book2001Pi 01

Threadgill (Henry) & ZooidUp Popped The Two Lips2001Pi 02


Tristano (Lennie)Live in New York1945-49Jazz Door

Tristano (Lennie)Lennie Tristano 3/4/5/6tets1946-49Giants of Jazz

Tristano (Lennie)Lennie Tristano+Lee Konitz1955-62Giants of Jazz

Tristano (Lennie)Lennie Tristano/The New...1955-62Atlantic

Tristano (Lennie)/Marsh/KonitzIntuition1949Capital

Twardzik (Richard)/Russ FreemanThe RT & RF Trios (P.Jazz II)1953Pacific Jazz

Ulmer (James)/Music Rev. EnsembleKnights of Power1996DIW

Ulmer (James)Blue2001Innerhythmic

Vandermark 5Free Jazz Classics (2CD)2001Atavistic

Vieja Trova SantiagueraLa Manigua1998Virgin

Ware (David S.)Flight of i1992DIW

Ware (David S.)Earthquation1994DIW

Ware (David S.)Dao1995Homestead

Ware (David S.)Go See the World1998Columbia

Ware (David S.)Surrendered2001Columbia

Weather ReportHeavy Weather


Weather ReportLive in Tokyo1972CBS

Weather ReportLive & Unissued(release:2002)1977-83CBS

Webb (Chick)Stomping aat the Savoy (4CD)1931-39Proper

Wheeler (Ken) + Lee KonitzAngel Song1996ECM

Wheeler (Ken) + BrassA Long Time Ago1999ECM

Williams (Tony)Lifetime1964Blue Note

Williams (Tony) + LifetimeSpectrum (Polydor compil.)1969-73Verve/Polydor

Albums: Emergency(1969), Turn it Over(1970), Ego(1971), The Old Bums Rush(1973)

Williams (Tony) + LifetimeCollection (CBS compil.)1975-76CBS

Albums: Believe It(1975), Million Dollar Legs(1976)

Wilson (Abram)Jazz Warrior2004Dune

Wilson (Cassandra)Blue Dawn1993Blue Note

Wilson (Cassandra)Traveling Miles1999Blue Note

Woods (Phil)Song for Sisyphus1977Century

Woods (Phil)All Birds Children1990Concord

Woods (Phil)Full House1991ZYX

Workman (Reggie)/Lake/Crispell/Cyrille Synthesis1986Leo

World Saxophone QtRevue1982Black Saint

Young (Lester)The Lester Young Story (4CD)1936-49Properbox8

Young (Lester)Small Group Studio Vol:2 (4CD)1936-51Blue Moon

Young (Lester)Lester Leaps Again1936-44Jazz Portraits

Young (Lester)The Kansas City Sessions1938Commodore

Zorn (John)Filmworks 1986-90Elektra

Zorn (John)/Yamata Eye/Fred Frith50-10 2003Tzadik

VariousAffinity Jazz Sampler -Affinity

VariousBlue Brazil-Blue Note

VariousNew Orleans1918-29Jazz Roots

VariousBebop Spoken Here (4CD)1943-49Properbox10

VariousBebop Compilation1940sGiants of Jazz

Various Soviet GroupsDocument (8-CD)1980sLeo

VariousNu Yorica (Latin 1970-77)1970-77Soul Jazz

VariousNu Yorica 2 (Latin 1976-85)1976-85Soul Jazz

VariousPulp Fusion

VariousMade in Havana



Add N to XAvant Hard1999Mute

Abbc (Burns/Convertino)Tte Tte2001Cargo

Acid Mothers TempleAcid Mothers Temple (AMT-1)1997PSF 93

Acid Mothers TemplePataphisical Freak Out Mu!!! (AMT-2)1999PSF 106

Acid Mothers TempleTrb.Fr.Another Heavenly World (AMT-3)2000PSF 123

Acid Mothers TempleLa Novia2000Swordfish CD2

Acid Mothers TempleNew Geocentric World2001Squealer 034

Acid Mothers TempleAbsolutely Feak Out (Zap Your Mind)2001Resonant 84

Acid Mothers TempleIn C2002Squealer 037

Acid Mothers Temple41st Century Splendid Man LP2002Tumult

Acid Mothers TempleFamily Compilation (Do Whatever..)3CD2002Worm79

Acid Mothers TempleBorn To Be Wild In The USA 2000 LP2002Wabana

Acid Mothers TempleFather Moo & The Black Sheep 2002Swordfish SFAM CD1

Acid Mothers TempleElectric Heavyland 2002Alien8 34

Acid Mothers TempleUnivers Zen ou de Zro Zro 2002Fractal 020

Acid Mothers TempleMagical Power From Mars Vol:2 2003Imprec 010

Acid Mothers TempleMagical Power From Mars - Complete 2003Imprec 017

Acid Mothers TempleLast Concert in Tokyo: February 1999 (AMTCD-12)2003AMTCD-12

Acid Mothers TempleMantra of Love 2004Alien8 44

Acid Mothers TempleBorn To Be Wild In The USA 2000 2004

Acid Mothers TemplePenutimate Galactic Bordello Also The World You Made 4CD2004

Acid Mothers TempleDoes the Cosmic Shepherd Dream of Electric Tapirs?2004Space Age

Acid Mothers TempleMinstel in the Galaxy2004Riot Seaeson CD7

Acid Mothers Temple (+Cosmic Inf.)Just Another Band from the Cosmic Inferno2005Imprec058

Acid Mothers Temple+KinskiKinski+Acid Mothers Temple 2003Sub Pop

Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto)Hot Rattlesnakes2002Paratactile

Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto)Private Tapes 6 CD 2002Acid MothersAcid Mothers Temple (Makoto)Private Tapes 7 CD 2002Acid MothersAcid Mothers Temple (Makoto)Infinite Love CD 2002Ochre Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto)I Wished You Were Here Once Again LP2002Swordfish

Acid Mothers Temple (Makoto)Im Here Still Now2003Ochre 041

Acid Mothers Temple (Tsurubami)Kaina2003Last Visible Dog

Acid Mothers Temple (Tsurubami)Tsukuyomi2003Riot Season

Adams (Ryan)Heartbreaker2000Cooking Vinyl

Adams (Ryan)Gold2001Lost Highway

Adams (Ryan)Demolition2002Lost Highway

Adams (Ryan)Rock N Roll2003Mercury

Adams (Ryan)Love is Hell Part 12003Lost Highway

Adams (Ryan)Love is Hell Part 22003Lost Highway



AfrirampoKoe G Mayaku Da2005Tzadik

Agitation Free2nd1973Spalax

Agitation FreeLast1973Spalax

Agitation FreeThe Other Sides of Agitation Free1974Garden of Delights

Air10000 Hz Legend2001Source/Virgin

Akron/Family Akron/Family2005Young God YG28

Akron/Family & Angels of LightAngels of Light & Akron/Family2005Young God YG30

Alien Ant FarmAntology2001New Noize

Allman Brothers BandAllman Brothers Band/Idlewild South1969/70Capricorn

Allman Brothers BandEat a Peach1972Capricorn


AmenWe Have Come for your Parents2000Virgin

AmenDeath Before Musick2004eatURmusic

Amon DlPsychedelic Underground1969

Amon DlDisaster (recorded 1969)1971

Amon Dl IIYeti1970

Amon Dl IITanz der Lemminge1971

Amon Dl IIWolf City1973UA/Bellmusic GRR83803

Amon Dl IIVive La Trance1973UA/Bellmusic GRR83804

Amon Dl IILemmingmania (Best of)1974UA/Bellmusic GRR83805

Amon Dl IILive In Tokyo1996

Angels of LightNew Mother1999Young God YG08

Angels of LightHow I Loved You2001Young God YG16

Angels of LightWe Were Alive2002Young God

Angels of LightEverything is Good Here/Please Come2003Young God YG22

Angels of LightAngels of Light sing Other People2005Young God YG27

Angels of Light & Akron/FamilyAkron/Family & Angels of Light2005Young God YG30

Animal CollectiveSpirit Theyve Gone/Danse Manatee2000/2001Fatcat

Aphex TwinRichard D.Jones Album1994

Aphex TwinI Care Because You Do1995

Arcade FireThe Arcade Fire (EP)2003

Arcade FireFuneral2004

Ash Ra TempelAsh Ra Tempel1971Tempel/SPALAX

Ash Ra TempelSchwingungen1972Cleopatra

Ash Ra TempelSeven-Up1972Cleopatra

Ash Ra TempelJoin Inn1973Cleopatra

Ash Ra TempelStarring Rosi1973Cleopatra

Ash Ra TempelLe Berceau de Cristal1975Tempel/SPALAX

AshraNew Age of Earth1977Virgin


[email protected] (Live in Tokyo)1998Think Progressive


Asian Dub FoundationRafis Revenge1998

At The Drive-InAcrobatic Tenement1996Restart

At The Drive-InEl Gran Orgo1997Onefoot/Offtime

At The Drive-InIn/Casino/Out1998Fearless

At The Drive-InVaya1999Fearless

At The Drive-InRelationship of Command2000Virgin


Ayrers (Kevin)Joy of a Toy1969Harvest

Ayrers (Kevin)Compilation1989

Back DoorBack Door1973Warner

Back Door8th Street Nites1974Warner

Back Street BoysAs Long As You Love Me (EP)1997

Balanescu QuartetLuminitza

Ballistic BrothersRude System1997

Banhart (Davendra)Oh me oh my2002Young God YG20

Basement JaxxRooty2001

Bennett (Tony)San Francisco/I Wanna be Around1962/3

Beach BoysPet Sounds1966

Beastie BoysPauls Boutique1989

Beastie BoysHello Nasty1998

Beachwood SparksBeachwood Sparks2000Sub Pop

Beachwood SparksMake the Robot Cowboys Cry2002Rough Trade

BeckDevils Haircut (EP)1996


Beta BandThe Three Eps1998

Beta BandThe Beta Band1999

Beta BandHeroes to Zeroes2004 Regal

Big BlackRich Man's 8-Track Tape1986

Big BlackSongs About Fucking1987

Big BlackIts Toasted/Pigpile (Live)1992

Birds (Cotton Casino)Birds in the World2005imprec059


BjrkPlay Dead (EP)1994

BjrkDebut Remixes1994


BjrkIts oh so quiet (2 EPs)1995

Black FlagThe First 4 YearsReleased>1984SST 021

Black FlagDamaged1981SST 007

Black FlagMy War1983SST 023

Black FlagSlip It In1984SST 029

Black FlagLive 841984SST 030

Black FlagIn My Head1985SST 045

Black FlagWhos Got The 10.51985SST 060

Black (Frank)Frank Black1993

Black (Frank) & CatholicsDog in the Sand2001COOKCD200

Black GrapeFat Neck (EP)1996

Black KeysRubber Factory2004Fat Possum

Black Rebel M/C ClubB.R.M.C.2001Virgin

Blige (Mary J.)No More Drama2001MCA

Blind Idiot GodBlind Idiot God1987SST

BloPhases 1972-821972-82AfroStrut

BlondieGreatest Hits2005EMI

Blue CheerOutsideinside1968Mercury

Blue CheerVincebus Eruptum1968Mercury

Blue NileHats1989

Blue NilePeace at Last1996

Blue NileHigh2004Sanctuary/Epstein

Blue Oyster CultBest of1983CBS

BlurtBest of Blurt Vol.1 The Fish Needs a Bike2003Salamander

Boards of CanadaGeogaddi2002Warp

Bonnie Prince BillyGreatest Palace Music2004Domino

BoredomsSoul Discharge1990Shimmy Disk

BoredomsPop Tatari1992Reprise

BoredomsWow21993Avant 026

BoredomsChocolate Sythesizer1994Reprise

BoredomsVision Creation Newsun2000Birdman 028

BoredomsSuper Are2001Birdman 019

BoredomsSeadream/House of Sun2004Warner


BreedersDivine Hammer(EP)1993

BreedersTitle TK20024AD

British Sea Powerdecline of British Sea Power2003Rough Trade

British Sea PowerOpen Season2005Rough Trade

Brooklyn Funk EssentialsIn the BuzzBag1998Shanachie 5050

Brooklyn Funk EssentialsMake Them Like it2000Dorado 076

Broughton (Edgar) BandOut Demons Out! (Best of)1969-73EMI

Broughton (Edgar) BandSing Brother Sing?1969?

Brown (Pete)Living Life Backwards (Best Of 1969-70)2006Harvest

Buckley (Tim)Goodbye and HelloElektra 1967

Buckley (Tim)Live at The TroubadourEdsel/Straight 1969

Buffalo SpringfieldComplete (4-CD)2001Rhino

Bush (Kate)Hounds of Love1985 EMI

Bush (Kate)The Red Shoes1993 EMI

Bush (Kate)Aerial2005EMI

Butthole SurfersPiouhgd1991

BuzzcocksAnother Music in a Diff.Kitchen/Love Bites 1978

BuzzcocksSingles/Going Steady1981

ByrdsMr Tamborine Man1965CBS

ByrdsFifth Dimension1966CBS

ByrdsYounger Than Yesterday1967CBS

ByrdsNotorious Byrd Brothers1968CBS

ByrdsSweetheart of the Rodeo1968CBS

Byrne (David)David Byrne1994

Caberet VoltaireThe Crackdown1983Virgin

Caberet VoltaireMicro-phonies1984Virgin

Caberet VoltaireThe Original Sound of Sheffield 78/821978-82Mute

CalexicoHot Rail1997City Slang

CalexicoThe Black Light1998Quarterstick


CalexicoFeast of Wire2003Coty Slang

CalifoneSometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People2002Glitterhouse

(2xEPs Califone from 1998/2000)


CalifoneQuicksand/Cradlesnakes2003Thrill Jockey

CalifoneDeceleration Two2003Perishable

CalifoneHeron King Blues2004Thrill Jockey

CallaScavenger2000Young God 15




CameoShe's Strange1984

CameoSingle Life1985


CamilleLe Sac des Filles2002Source

CamilleLe Fil2005Virgin

Campag VelocetBon Chic Bon Genre1999

CanMonster Movie1970spoon sa4

CanTago Mago (2-CD)1971spoon 006/7

CanEge Bamyasi1972spoon 008

CanSoundtracks1970spoon 005

CanFuture Days1973spoon sa9

CanMonster Movie1974spoon sa10

CanUnlimited Edition1968-75spoon 023/24

CanAnthology1968-93spoon 030/31

CanPeel Sessions1973-75Strange Fruit

CanRadio Waves1970-72Sonic Platten

CanOut of Reach1978Marginal Talent

CanCan (later titled: Space)1979spoon CD 28

CanRite Time1989Phonogram

CanCan Box (2-CD + video,book)1971-7spoon 041

CanyonEmpty Rooms2003Wichita

Captain BeefheartSafe as Milk/Mirror Man (2-CD)1967

Captain BeefheartSafe as Milk (remix + extras)1967

Captain BeefheartMirror Man (remix + extras)1967

Captain BeefheartI may be hungry but I sure ain't wierd

Captain BeefheartStrictly Personal1968

Captain BeefheartTrout Mask Replica1969

Captain BeefheartLick My Decals Off Baby1970

Captain BeefheartSpotlight Kid/Clear Spot1972

Captain BeefheartLive @ Drury Lane 19741974

Captain BeefheartBlue Collar Soundtrack

Captain BeefheartIm going to do what I wanna do(live)1978Rhino

Captain BeefheartDust Sucker (Bat Chain Puller) 1975/76MilkSafe

Captain BeefheartShiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) 1979

Captain BeefheartMerseytrout (Liverpool Live) 1980

Captain BeefheartDoc at the Radar Station1981

Captain BeefheartIce Cream for Crow1982

Captain BeefheartGrow Fins (5-CD)1999

CaravanIn the Land of Grey and Pink1971

Case (Neko)Blacklisted2002Matador

Cash (Johnny)Lonesome in Black (Sun recordings)1955-58Sun

Cat PowerYou Are Free2003Matador

Cave (Nick)The Mercy Seat (EP)1988Mute

Cave (Nick)+P.J.HarveyHenry Lee (EP)1996Mute

Cave (Nick) & The Bad SeedsAbatoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus2004Mute

Chance (James)Irrestistable Impulse (4CD)1979-88Tiger

Cheap TrickCheap Trick1977

Cheap TrickIn Color1977

Cheap TrickHeaven Tonight1978

Cheap TrickLive at Budokan (2CD)1978

Cheap TrickMusic For Hangovers (live 1998)1999

Cheap TrickSilver (live 1999)(2CD)2000

Chemical BrotherExit Planet Dust1995

Chemical BrothersSetting Sun (EP)1996

Chemical BrothersDig Your Own Whole1997

Cherry (Don)Home Boy

Cherry (Neneh)Raw Like Sushi1989

Chestnut (Vic)Drunk1993Texas Hotel

Cinematic OrchestraEvery Day2002Zen


CircleEarthworm2006No Quarter

Clarke (Dave)Southside (EP)1996

Clarke (Dave)Four Seasons RMX (EP)199?

ClashThe Clash1977

ClashGive em enough rope1978

ClashLondon Calling1979


ClashFrom Here to Eternity (Live)1999

Clem SnideThe Ghost of Fashion2001Cooking Vinyl

Cluster (as Kluster)Klopfzeichen1970

Cluster (as Kluster)Zwei Osterei1970

Cluster (as Kluster)Eruption1971

ClusterCluster II1992Brain

ClusterZuckerzeit (ex-Brain, reissued 1994)1974Tempel/Spalax

ClusterOne Hour1994

Cocteau TwinsGarlands19824AD

Cocteau TwinsHead over Heels19834AD

Cocteau TwinsTreasure19844AD

Cocteau TwinsHeaven or Las Vegas1990 4AD

Cocteau TwinsLullabies to Violaine (singles etc) (2-CD)20054AD

Cohen (Leonard)The Songs of Leonard Cohen1968

Cohen (Leonard)I'm Your Man1988

Cohen (Leonard)The Future1992

CoilHow to Destroy Angels1992Threshold

ColdcutLet Us Play (2-CD/CD-ROM)1997

Cole (Nat King)Sings for Two in Love1954Capitol

Cole (Nat King)Love is the Thing1957Capitol

Cole (Lloyd)Rattlesnakes1984

Cole (Lloyd)Mainstream1988

Cole (Lloyd)Dont Get Weird on Me1991

ColosseumDaughter of Time1970Sanctuary

Comets on FireBlue Cathedral2004Sub Pop

ConcretesChosen One2006EMI

Cooder (Ry)Boomers Story1972Reprise

Cooder (Ry)Paradise & Lunch1974Reprise

Cooder (Ry)Chicken Skin Music1976Reprise

Cooder (Ry)Bop till You Drop1979Reprise

Cooder (Ry) + Cuban musosBuena Vista Social Club1997

Cooder (Ry)Chavez Ravine2005Nonesuch

CoolioGangstas Paradise1995

Cooper Temple ClauseSee This Through & Leave2002Morning

Cope (Julian)Peggy Suicide1991Island


Cosmic Jokers (Goettsching/Schulze)Cosmic Jokers1973Ohr/Tempel/Spalax

Cosmic Rough RidersEnjoy The Melodic Sunshine2000Poptones

Coulter (David)Intervention1999Young God YG10

Country Joe & The FishElectric Music For the Mind & Body1967Vanguard

Country Joe & The FishI Feel Like Im Fixin to Die1967Vanguard

Country Joe & The FishTogether1968Vanguard


CreamDisreali Gears1967Polydor

CreamLive Cream1970Polydor

CreamRoyal Albert Hall May 20052005Reprise

Creedence Clearwater Revival Bayou Country1969

Creedence Clearwater Revival Willy & the Poor Boys1969

Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmos Factory1970

CrescentNow1996Atavistic ALP80

CurlewLive From Berlin1986Cuneiform

CurlewFabulous Drop1998Cuneiform

Czukay (Holger)Canaxis1968spoon CD15

Czukay (Holger)Moving Pictures1993 stumm 125

Czukay (Holger)Good Morning Story1999 Tone Casualties

Czukay (Holger)La Luna2000 Tone Casualties

Czukay (Holger)The New Millennium2003 Funfundvierzig

DamnedMachine Gun Etiquette1979

DamnedPleasure & the Pain (Best of 1982-91)2000

Dead Kennedysfresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables1980

DeftonesWhite Pony2000Maverick

DefunktIn America1988

De La Soul3ft High and Rising1989

DelakotaOne Love1998

Denny (Sandy)Listen Listen Best Of1978Island

DesaparecidosRead Music Speak Spanish2002Wichita

Desert SessionsDesert Sessions Vols.7 & 82001Rekords

DEUSThe Ideal Crash1999

DevoQ: Are We Not Men? + Devo Live1978-83Virgin

Dinosaur JnrDinosaur1985 Sweet Nothing

Dinosaur JnrYour Living All Over Me1987Sweet Nothing

Dinosaur JnrBug1988

Dinosaur JnrWhere You Been1997

Disco InfernoD.I. go Pop1994

DistillersCoral Fang2003Sire

DJ ShadowEntroducing....DJ Shadow1996

DJ ShadowHigh Noon (EP)1997

Dr JohnThe Very Best Of Dr John1968-92

DoorsLA Woman1971Elektra

DovesLost Souls2000Heavenly

Dowd (Johnny)Pictures From Lifes Other Side1999Munich

Dowd (Johnny)Temporary Shelter2000Munich

Dowd (Johnny)The Pawnbrokers Wife2002Munich

Drake (Nick)Five Leaves Left1969

Drake (Nick)Bryter Layter1970

Drake (Nick)Pink Moon1972

Durutti ColumnLC1980

Dury (Ian)Very Best Of1999EMI

Dust Junkys(Nonstopoperation) (EP)1997

Dust JunkysDone And... Dusted1998

Dylan (Bob)The Freewheelin Bob Dylan1963CBS

Dylan (Bob)Another Side of Bob Dylan1964CBS

Dylan (Bob)Bringing It All back Home1965CBS

Dylan (Bob)Highway 61 Revisited1965CBS

Dylan (Bob)Blonde on Blonde1966 CBS

Dylan (Bob)John Wesley Harding1967 CBS

Dylan (Bob)Nashville Skyline1969 CBS

Dylan (Bob)Self Portrait1970 CBS

Dylan (Bob)Blood on the Tracks1974CBS

Dylan (Bob)Desire1975CBS

Dylan (Bob)Time Out of Mind1997CBS

Dylan (Bob)Love and Theft2001CBS

Dylan (Bob)Rare & Unreleased 1961-1991: Bootleg Series: 1-31991CBS

Dylan (Bob)Albert Hall Concert: Bootleg Series: 41998CBS

Dylan (Bob)No Direction Home: Bootleg Series: 72005CBS

Echo & the BunnymenPorcupine1983Warner

Echo & the BunnymenOcean Rain1984Warner

Echo & the BunnymenSongs to Learn & Sing (best of)1985

Edwards (Terry) Large Door (18 Tracks from Vinyl)1983-94

EelsBeautiful Freak1997

EelsLast Stop: This Town (EP)1998

EelsElectro-shock Blues1998

EelsDaisies of the Galaxy2000


EelsBlinking Lights2005Vagrant

EggCivil Surface1974

808 State901989ZTT

Einstuerzende Neubauten(LP)Strats.Against Achitecture I1980-83STUMM 14

Einstuerzende Neubauten(2CD)Strats.Against Achitecture II1984-91Mute

Einstuerzende Neubauten(2CD)Strats.Against Achitecture III 1991-01CDSTUMM 201

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)2x4 (originally released on tape)1980-83ROIR RUSCD8235

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Kollaps1981ZickZack ZZ65

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Drawings of Patient O.T.1982SBVART 2/Potomak

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Halber Mensch1983-85BART 331/Potomak

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Funf auf der Nach Oben Offenen Richter.1987BART 332

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Haus der Luege1989BART 333

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Tabula Rasa1992BETON 106

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Faust1994Mute 9021-2

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Ende Neu1996

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Silence is Sexy2000CDSTUMM 182

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)9-15-2000 Brussels2002Underground

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Perpetuum Mobile2004CDSTUMM 221

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Kalte Sterne (Early Recordings 1980-82)2004CDSTUMM 137

Einstuerzende Neubauten(CD)Anarchitktur2005USTERHAUS-1


ElasticaThe Menace2000

Eleventh Dream DayUrsa Major1994Atavistic

Eleventh Dream DayStalled Parade2000Thrill Jockey

Elliott (Missy)Da Real World1999Gold Mind

Elliott (Missy)So Addictive2001Gold Mind

EmbryoFather, Son & Holy Ghosts1972Disconforme

EmbryoSteig Aus1972Brain


EmbryoBad Heads & Bad Cats1976BASF/Disconforme


EmbryoLive in Berlin1989United One

EminemThe Marshall Mathers LP2000

EminemThe Eminem Show2002Aftermath

Empire (Alec)Squeeze The Trigger1997DHR

Empire (Alec)Adicted to You (EP)2002DHR

Empire (Alec)Intelligence & Sacrifice (2-CD)2002DHR

Eno (Brian)Here Comes the Warm Jets1973Virgin

Eno (Brian)Another Green World1975Virgin

Eno (Brian)Music for Airports (Ambient 1)1978Virgin

Eno (Brian)My Life in the Bush of Ghosts1981Virgin

Eitzel (Mark)West1997


EspersEspers II2006Wichita


Ex-GirlBack to the Mono Kero!2001Ipecat

Fagen (Donald)The Nightfly1982

Fairport ConventionFairport Convention1968Polydor

Fairport ConventionWhat We Did on Our Holidays1969Island

Fairport ConventionUnhalfbricking1969Island

Fairport ConventionLiege & Leif1970Island

Fairport ConventionFull House1970Island

FaithlessDont Leave (EP)1997

FaithlessGod is a DJ (EP)1998

FaithlessSunday 8pm1998

Fall (The)Hex Inductment Hour

Fall (The)The Rough Trade Years (2CD)2002Rough Trade

Fall (The)The Infotainment Scam1993

Farrar (Jay)Sebastopol2001Artemis

FaustThe Clear Album1971

FaustSo Far1972

Faust + Tony ConradOutside the Dream Syndicate1972

FaustBBC Sessions +1972ReR

FaustFaust Tapes1973

FaustFaust IV (2CD remixed 2006)1974

FaustMunic & Elsewhere/Faust Party Three1971-5


FaustYou Know1996

FaustNosferatu - Wakes1997

FaustLive Edinburgh1997


FaustRavvivando Remix2001

FaustIn the Land of Ukko & Rauni2001


FaustPatchwork 1971-20022002Staubgold

Faust + DalekDerbe Respect Alder2004

Ferguson (Jay)Thunder Island1978Asylum

Ferry (Brian)Taxi1993

Fiery FurnacesGallowsbirds Bark2003Rough Trade


Fischer (Wild Man)The Fischer King (3CD Compilation)1999

Flaming LipsFinally punks are taking Acid (3CD)1983-88Restless

Flaming LipsShot a hole in the Jesus Egg (2CD)1989-91Restless

Flaming LipsThe Soft Bulletin1999Warner

Flaming LipsAt war With the Mystics2006Warner

Fleetwood MacLooking Back (Blues years)c1968

Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac1968CBS

Fleetwood MacMr Wonderful1968CBS

Fleetwood Macthen Play On1970CBS

FlockDinosaur Swamps1971CBS

Flux Information SciencesPrivate/Public2000Young God YG14

Flying Burrito BrothersOut of the Blue (2CD)1968-73A&M

FoetusSink (compilation)1984,etc

Foo FightersFoo Fighters1995

Foo FightersThe Colour and the Shape1997

Foo FightersThere is Nothing Else to Lose1999

Fonda 5008 Track Sound System1999Village

Fonda 500Autumn:Winter Collection2000Village

Four TetRounds2003Domino

FreakwaterDancing Under Water1991Thrill Jockey

FreakwaterSpringtime1998Thrill Jockey

FreakwaterEnd Time1999Thrill Jockey

Friends of Dean MartinezRetrograde1997Sub Pop

Friends of Dean MartinezWhichita Lineman?Glitterhouse

Friends of Dean MartinezRetrograde2005Glitterhouse


Fripp (Robert)Exposure1981

Fruit BatsEcholocation2001Perishable

Fruit BatsMouthfuls2003Sub Pop


Fugazi13 Songs1988Dischord

FugaziRepeater/3 Songs1990Dischord

FugaziSteady Diet of Nothing1991Dischord

FugaziIn on the Kill Taker1993Dischord

FugaziRed Medicine1995Dischord

FugaziThe Argument2001Dischord

FunkadelicThe Original Cosmic Funk Crew 1978-81Metro

FunkadelicThe Funkadelic Collection 2-CD1978-81Dressed to Kill


FushitsushaFushitsusha (1st CD,live 1989) (2CD)1989PSF 003/004

FushitsushaFushitsusha (2nd CD,live 1991) (2CD)1991PSF 015/016

FushitsushaAllegorical Misunderstanding (3rd CD)1993Avant 008

FushitsushaFushitsusha (4th CD,live 1994)1994PSF 050

FushitsushaThe Caution Appears1995CDSA 54039

FushitsushaWithdrawe, this sable disclosure ere devot'd1997Victo

FushitsushaGold Blood1998Charnel CHCD-30

FushitsushaOriginis Hesitation2001PSFD-8010

FutureheadsThe Futureheads2004

Future Sound of LondonLifeforms (2-CD)1994

Future Sound of LondonWe Have Exploisive (EP)1997

Galaxy 500On Fire1989

Galaxy 500Copenhagen (Live)1990

Gang of FourThats Entertainment1979

Gang of FourSolid Gold+Another Day/Another Dollar1981

Gang of FourShrinkwrapped1995

GarbageVersion 2.01998

Gastr del SolCamoufleur1998

Gaye (Marvin)What's Goin' On + Let's Get It On1971/73

Gentle GiantGentle Giant1970

George (Lowell)Thanks Ill Eat it Here1979Warner

Germano (Lisa)Happiness/Inconsiderate Bitch19934AD

Germano (Lisa)Excerpts From a Love Circus19964AD

GhostGhost1990Drag City 127

GhostSecond Time Around1992Drag City 128

GhostTemple Stone1994Drag City 129

GhostLami Rabi Rabi1996Drag City 113

GhostSnuff Box Immanence1999Drag City 148

GhostTune In, Turn On, Free Tibet1999Drag City 165

GhostHypnotic Underworld2004Drag City 249

GhostMetamorphosis (CD+DVD)2005Drag City279

Ghostface KillahSupreme Clientele2000Epic/Razor Sharp

Gelb (Howe)Dreaded Brown Recluse1991Restless/Black Sand

Gelb (Howe)Down Home2000Ow Om #3

Gelb (Howe)Confluence2001Loose

Gelb (Howe)Lull (Some Piano)2001Ow Om #4

Gelb (Howe)The Listener2003Thrill 124

Gelb (Howe)Down Home 20022003Ow Om #5 (???)

Gelb (Howe)Upside Down Home 20042004Ow Om

Gelb (Howe)/Arizona A & AArizona Amp & Alternator2005Thrill 166

Gelb (Howe)Sno Angel2006Thrill 167

Giant SandValley of Rain/Thin Line Man1985/6Diablo/Black Sand

Giant SandStorm (LP)1987Homestead

Giant SandThe Love Songs (tape)1988Homestead

Giant SandGiant Sandwich (tape)1989Homestead

Giant SandLong Stem Rant1989Homestead HMS148

Giant SandSwerve1990Restless/Black Sand

Giant Sand/Blacky RanchetteSage Advice1990Restless/Black Sand

Giant SandRamp1991Restless/Black Sand

Giant SandCenter of the Universe1992Restless/Black Sand

Giant SandPurge & Slouch1993Restless

Giant SandGlum1994Imago

Giant SandGoods & Services1995Enemy

Giant Sand/OP8Slush1997Thirsty Ear

Giant Sand/OP8Sand (EP)1997Thirsty Ear

Giant SandChore of Enchantment2000Loose VJCD113

Giant SandSelections Circa 1990-20002000Loose VJCD121

Giant SandCover Magazine2002Thrill Jockey

Giant Sand/Blacky RanchetteStill Lookin Good to Me2003Thrill Jockey

Giant SandIs all Over The Map2004Thrill Jockey 142

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #1)Epiphany1997Off.Bootleg #1

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #2)The Rock Opera Years2000OwOm #1

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #3)Unsungglum2001OwOm #5

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #4)Infiltration of Dreams2002Il Mucchio

Giant Sand (Off.Bootleg #5)Too Many Spare Parts2003OwOm #9

Giant Sand (Sandman #2)Juxtaposition (Live 1995-2000)2000Sandman #2

Giant Sand (Sandman #3)Make it Sound Like Hendrix (Live 1989)2000Sandman #3

Giant Sand (Sandman #4)Atlantic Sessions (Live 1991)2001Sandman #4

Gilmore (Thea)Avalanche2003Hungry Dog

Gira (Michael)The Somniloquist1994-96Young God YG04

Gira (Michael)Drainland1995Virus 188

Gira (Michael)/Body LoversNumber One of Three1998Young God YG05

Gira (Michael)/Body Haters34.131999Young God YG07

Gira (Michael)/D.MatzWhat We Did2001/2Young God YG17

Gira (Michael)Solo Recordings at Home2001Young God YGSolo01

Gira (Michael)Living 022002Young God YGSolo02

Gira (Michael)I am Singing to You From My Room2004Young God YGSolo04


GoldbugWhole Lotta Love (EP)1996

GoldfrappFelt Mountain2000Mute

GoldfrappBlack Cherry2003Mute




GrandaddyThe Broken Down Comforter Collection1999ABB

Grand DriveTrue Love & High Adventure2000RCAVictor

Grateful DeadLive Dead1969

GravediggazThe Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel1997

Gray (Macy)On How Life Is1999

Green (Al)Best of (2CD)1968-75Music Club

Green DaySmooth/Slappy/1000 Hours1990

Green DayKerplunk1991Lookout 46CD

Green DayDookie1994

Green on RedHere Come The Snakes1989Restless

Gris GrisThe Gris Gris2004Birdman

GroundhogsScratching the Surface1968Liberty

GroundhogsBlues Obituary1969Liberty

GroundhogsThank Christ for the Bomb1970Liberty


Ground ZeroPlays Standards1997/2002ReR

Grubbs (David)Rickets & Scurvy2002Fat Cat

Guitar WolfPlanet of the Wolves1997Matador

Guitar WolfJet Generation1999Matador

Gun ClubMiami1982

Gun ClubThe Las Vegas Story1984

Gun ClubMother Juno1987

Gun ClubPastoral Hide & Seek/Divinity1990/91

Guru GuruUFO1970Spalax 14296

Guru GuruHinten1971Spalax 14295

Guru GuruKnguru1972Brain 511737-2

Guru GuruGuru Guru (4th LP)1973Brain

Guthries (The)The Guthries2002Circus

Guy Called Gerald (A)Black Secret Technology1995Juicebox

Hamell on TrialChoochtown2000Evangeline

Hamell on TrialEds Not Dead Hamell Comes Alive2001Evangeline

Hamnett (Martin)Zero 1977-19911977-1991Big Beat

Handsome FamilyIn The Air2000Loose

Handsome FamilyTwilight2001Loose

Happy MondaysWrote for Luck (EP)1989Elektra

Happy MondaysMadchester (EP)1989Factory

Happy MondaysSquirrel & G-Man 24hr Party1987 Factory

Happy MondaysBummed1988 Elektra

Happy MondaysPills and Thrills1990 Elektra

Hardy (Francoise)


Harris (Emmylou)Anthology Warner/Reprise (2-CD)1975-90Warner

Harris (Emmylou)Elite Hotel1975Warner

Harris (Emmylou)Pieces of the Sky1975Warner

Harris (Emmylou)Luxury Liner1977Warner

Harris (Emmylou)Quarter Moon in a 10 Cent Town1978Warner

Harris (Emmylou)Roses in the Snow1980Warner

Harris (Emmylou)Cowgirls Prayer1994Grapevine

Harris (Emmylou)Wrecking Ball1995Grapevine

Harris (Emmylou)Spyboy1998Grapevine

Harris (Emmylou)Red Dirt Girl2000Grapevine

Harris (Emmylou)Stumble into Grace2003Nonesuch

Hatfield (Juliana)Become What You Are1993

Hart (Grant)Ecce Homo1995

Harvey (PJ)Dry1992

Harvey (PJ)Rid of Me1993

Harvey (PJ)4-track demos1994

Harvey (PJ)Down By The Water (EP)1995

Harvey (PJ)To Bring You My Love1995

Harvey (PJ)A Perfect Day Elize (EP)1998

Harvey (PJ)Is This Desire?1998

Harvey (PJ)Uh Huh Her2004Island

Heaven 17Best of Heaven 171981-87Virgin

Hendrix (Jimi)Are You Experienced (plus singles)1967

Hendrix (Jimi)Jimi Plays Monterey1967

Hendrix (Jimi)Electric Ladyland (2-CD)1968

Hendrix (Jimi)Live at Fillmore East1969/70

Henry CowLeg End1973

Henry CowUnrest1973

Henry (Joe)Scar2001mammoth

Hersh (Kristen)Hips and Makers1994Sire/Reprise

Hersh (Kristen)Sky Motel19994AD

Hersh (Kristen)Sunny Border Blue20014AD

Hersh (Kristen)The Grotto20034AD

High LlamasHawaii1996Alpaca Park

High LlamasCold & Bouncy1998V2

High LlamasSnowbug1999V2

High RisePsychedelic Speed Freaks 1984-851999Tme Bomb CD-48

High RiseSpeed Free Sonic1994paratactile 1104-2

High RiseHigh Rise II (2nd High Rise)1999SQLR1000 (PSF2)

High RiseDispersion (3rd High Rise)1999SQLR1001 (PSF26)

High RiseLive (4th High Rise)1999SQLR1002 (PSF48)

High RiseDisallow (5th High Rise)1999PSF78

High RiseDisallow (5th High Rise)1999SQLR1003

High RiseDesperado (6th High Rise)1998PSFD-099

High RiseDurophet (8th High Rise)11/1998Fractal 005

Hitchcock (Robyn)Moss Elixier1996

HivesVeni Vidi Vicious2000Burning Heart

HivesYour Favourite New Band2001Poptones

HolePretty on the Inside1991

HoleCelebrity Skin (EP)1998

Hollis (Mark)Mark Hollis1998

Holmes (David)Lets Get Killed1997

Hukkelberg (Hanne)Little Things2005Leaf

Hundred ReasonsIdeas Above Our Station2002Columbia

Hsker DLand Speed Record1981SST 195

Hsker DEverything Falls Apart & More1982

Hsker DMetal Circus1983SST 020

Hsker D8 Miles High/Makes No Sense At All (EP)1985SST 025/051 (270)

Hsker DZen Arcade1984SST 027

Hsker DNew Day Rising1985SST 031

Hsker DFlip Your Wig1985SST 055

Hsker DLyndales Burning (Live) 1985

Hsker DCandy Apple Grey1986

Hsker DWarehouse: Songs and Stories1987

Hsker DThe Living End (Live) 1987

Icarus LinePenance Soiree2004V2


Incredible String BandIncredible String Band1966Elektra

Incredible String BandThe 5000 Spirits or Layers of the Onion1967Elektra

Incredible String BandThe Hangmans Beautiful Daughter1968Elektra


IncubusMake Yourself1999Epic/Immortal

IncubusMorning View2001Epic/Immortal

Inner CityParadise (Big Fun - US title)1989Virgin

Inner CityParadise (remixes)2000Virgin

Inspiral CarpetsThe Singles1995Mute

Iron ButterflyIn-A-Gadda-Da-Vida1968Atlantic

I-RoyPresenting I-Roy/Hell & Sorrow1973Trojan

Jackie O MotherfuckerFig.51999Road Cone 024

Jackie O MotherfuckerLiberation2001Road Cone 031

Jackson (Janet)Control - Remixes1986

Jackson (Janet)Janet1993

Jackson (Janet)Any Time, Any Place (2-EP)1994

Jackson (Joe)Big World1986

Jackson (Michael)Thriller1982

Jaga JazzistWhat We Want2005Ninjatune

JamiroquaiEmergency On Planet Earth1993


Jayhawks (The)Sounds of Lies1997

Jayhawks (The)Smile2000Columbia

Jefferson AirplaneAfter Bathing at Baxters1968

Jefferson AirplaneCrown of Creation1968

Jennifer GentleEctoplasmic Garden Party2003Lexicon Devil

Jesus & Mary ChainDarklands1987

Jesus & Mary Chain21 (Singles Collection)2002

Jesus JonesChemical#1 (2-EP)1997

John Doe ThingFreedom is..2000twah!

Jo Jo GunneJo Jo Gunne/Bite Down Hard1972/3Asylum

Jo Jo GunneJumpin the Gun/So..Wheres the Show1973/4Asylum

Jones (Quincy)Back On The Block

Jordan (Louis)The Very Best of Louis Jordanc1940s

Joy DivisionPeel Sessions (EP)1990Strange Fruit

Joy DivisionUnknown Pleasures1979Factory

Joy DivisionCloser1980Factory

Keys (Alicia)Diary of Alicia Keys2003

Killers (The)Hot Fuss2004Island

Kills (The)Keep on Your Mean Side2003Domino

King CrimsonIn the Court of the Crimson King1969 Island

King CrimsonLizard1970 Island

King CrimsonLarks Tongues in Aspic1973 Island

King CrimsonStarless and Bible Black1974 Island

King CrimsonRed1974

King CrimsonThree of a Perfect Pair1984Warner

King CrimsonAbsent Lovers (Live in Montreal 1984)1998

King CrimsonThe ConstruKction of Light2000

Kingsbury ManxThe Kingsbury Manx2000City Slang

Kings of LeonYouth and Young Manhood2002RCA

Kinski+ Acid Mothers TempleKinski+Acid Mothers Temple 2003Sub Pop

KinskiAlpine Static2005Sub Pop

Kluster (also see Cluster)Klopfzeichen1970

Kluster (also see Cluster)Zwei Osterei1970

Kluster (also see Cluster)Eruption1971

KornFollow the Leader1999Immortal/Epic


KraftwerkKraftwerk 1 & 2 (2xLP)1971/72Vertigo

Krall (Diana)The Look of Love2001Verve

Krauss (Alison)Ive Got That Old Feeling1990Rounder

Kular SkakerK1996

KYUSSBlues for the Red Sun1992Dali

KYUSSWelcome to Sky Valley1994

KYUSS/Queens o.t.Stone AgeKYUSS/Queens of the Stone Age199?

KYUSSMuchas Gracias The Best Of2000

La DusseldorfLa Dusseldorf + Viva1976/78Radar

Las (The)The Las1990London

LambchopThriller1997City Slang

LambchopWhat Another Man Spills1998City Slang

LambchopNixon2000City Slang

LambchopAw Comon No you Comon (2-CD)2004City Slang

Lang (k.d.)Ingnue1992

LarsenRever2001Young God YG19

LCD SoundsystemLCD Soundsystem2005EMI

Lennon (John) & Plastic Ono Band1970

Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1969

Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin II1969

Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin III1970

Led ZeppelinHouses of the Holy1973

Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti (2CD)1975

Led ZeppelinPresence1976

Led ZeppelinIn Through the Out Door1979

Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions1969/71

Led ZeppelinHow the West Was Won (3-CD)1972


LemonheadsIts a shame about Ray1992Atlantic

Les Rallizes DenudesLe 12 Mars 1977 Tachikawa (2CD)1977001

Les Rallizes DenudesBlind Baby Has Its Mothers Eyes????????

Les Rallizes DenudesHeavier than a Death in the Family????Group Sounds AGS1

Les Rallizes DenudesDecembers Black Children (Live 13/12/1980) (2CD)1980????

Less than JakeHello Rockview (2CD)1996

Le TigreThise Island2004Universal

Lewis (Jenny)/Watson TwinsRabbit Fur Coat2005Rough Trade

Liarsthey Were Wrong, So We Drowned2004Mute

Libertines (The)The Libertines2004Rough Trade

Liebezeit (Jaki)/Burnt Friedman Secret Rhythms2002Nonplace

Linkin ParkHybrid Theory2000

LionrockCity Delirious1998

Little AxeSlow Fuse1996

Little FeatLittle Feat1971

Little FeatSailin' Shoes1972

Little FeatDixie Chicken1973

Little FeatLate Night Truck Stop(Live 1973)(2CD)1973Pilot 110

Little FeatFeats Dont Fail Me Now 1974

Little FeatThe Last Record Album 1975

Little FeatTime Loves a Hero1977

Little FeatWaiting For Columbus (live)1978

Little FeatDown on the Farm1979

Little FeatHotcakes & Outtakes (4CD)2000

LoopA Gilded Eternity1990


LoveForever Changes1967

LowThings We Lost in the Fire2001

Lowrider + NebulaDouble EP2001Prison 995

Lucas (Gary)Evangeline1997

Lucas (Gary)Busy Being Born1998Tzadik

LunaRomantica2002Beggars Banquet


Luscious JacksonFever In Fever Out1997

Lynn (Shelby)I am Shelby Lynn1999Mercury

M PeopleBizarre Fruit II1996

Mady Gula (Cotton Casino)Blue Heaven1997Gyuune

MagazineWhere the Power is (Best of)2000

Magic NumbersThe Magic Numbers2005EMI

MagmaMekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh1973Seventh

Mahavishnu OrchestraBirds of Fire1973

Mahavishnu OrchestraThe Lost Trident Sessions1973

MainlinerMellow Out1996Riot/Charnel CHCD19

MainlinerMainliner Sonic1997Charnel CHCD25

MainlinerImaginative Plan2002PDFD-125

MainlinerPsychedelic Polyhedron (original LP: 1997)2004Fractal 030

Malkmus (Stephen)Stephen Malkmus2001

Malkmus (Stephen)Pig Lib2003Domino

Martyn (John & Beverley)Stormbringer1970Island

Martyn (John)Live in Leeds1975Island

Martyn (John)Grace & Danger1980Island

Mars VoltaTremulant EP2002GSL/Universal

Mars VoltaDe-loused in the Crematorium2003GSL/Universal

Mars VoltaFrancis the Mute2005GSL/Universal

Mars VoltaScabdates2005GSL/Universal

Mars VoltaAmputechture2006GSL/Universal

Massive AttackBlue Lines1991

Massive AttackProtection1994

Massive AttackMezzanine1998

Masters of RealityDeep in the Hole2001Brownhouse

Matching MoleMatching Mole1972SMM

Matching MoleMarch (live) released 20021972Cuneiform

MaterialHalucination Engine1994

Mayall (John) & ClaptonBlues Breakers1966

Mayall (John) Blues BreakersA Hard Road1967

Mayall (John) Blues BreakersBare Wires1968Deram

MazarinA Tell-tale Storyline2001Rocket Girl

Meat PuppetsMeat Puppets II1984SST

Meat PuppetsOut My Way1986SST

Meat PuppetsHuevos1987SST

Meat PuppetsNo Joke!1995

Mel & KimMel & Kim

Mercury RevYerself is Steam1991

Mercury RevBoces1993

Mercury RevSee You on the Other Side1995

Mercury RevDeseters Songs1998

Mercury RevAll Is Dream2001

Mercury RevThe Secret Migration2005V2

MetalheadzPlatinum Breakz (2-CD)c1990?

Method ManTical1994Def Jam

Method ManTical 2000: Judgement Day1998Def Jam

Mi & LAuMi & Lau2005Young God YG31

Miller (Steve Miller Band)Fly Like an Eagle1976

MinutemenPunch Line + Man Start Fires(P.M.1)1981/2SST CD 138

MinutemenBuzz or Howl + Project Mersh(P.M.2)1983/5SST CD 139

MinutemenThe Politics of Time + EPs (P.M.3)1980-4SST CD 165

MinutemenDouble Nickels on the Dime1984SST CD 028

Mitchell, JoniClouds1969Reprise

Mitchell, JoniBlue1971Reprise

Mitchell, JoniCourt and Spark1974 Electra/Asylum

Mitchell, JoniThe Hissing of Summer Lawns1975 Electra/Asylum

Mitchell, JoniHejira1976 Electra/Asylum

Mitchell, JoniDon Juans Reckless Daughter (2CD)1977Electra/Asylum

Mitchell, JoniMingus1979Electra/Asylum

MogwaiCome on Die Young1999Chemikat

Moldy PeachesThe Moldy Peaches2001Rough Trade

MolokoDo You Like my Tight Sweater1995

MonoUnder the Pipal Tree2002Tzadik

MoondogMoondog + Moondog 21969/70CBS

Mooney SuzukiElectric Sweat2001CBS

Moorer (Alison)The Duel2004Sugar Hill


MorphineLike Swimming1997Ryko

Morrison (Van)Astral Weeks1968

Mould (Bob)Black Sheets of Rain1990Virgin

Mould (Bob)The Last Dog and Pony Show1998Creation

Mouse on MarsFolds and Rhizomes1995

Music (The)The Music2002Hut

Musica TransonicMusica Transonic 2nd1996PSF PSFD-76

Musica Transonic/Haino Keiji Incubation (4th album)1999?PSF PSFD-98

Musica TransonicSwing Strong Mod (5th album)2002PSF PSFD-108

My Bloody ValentineLoveless1991

My Bloody ValentineIsnt Anything1996Creation

My VitriolFinelines2001Infect96cd

Napalm DeathScum1987Earache

Nas (Nasir Jones)Streets Disciple (2-CD)2004Sony

NebulaSun Creature EP1998Mans Ruin

Nebula + LowriderDouble EP1998Prison 995

NebulaCharged2001Sweet Nothing

Nebulados eps (recorded 1998)2002Sweet Nothing

N.E.R.DFly or Die2004Virgin

Nesmith (Mike)Magnetic South + Loose Salute1970

Nesmith (Mike)And the Hits + Standard Ranch Stash1970


NeuNeu 21973Brain/EMI

NeuNeu 751975Brain/EMI

New OrderTouched by the Hand of God (EP)1987

New OrderSubstance (2-CD)1987

New OrderPeel Sessions (EP)1990

New Order(the rest of) New Order (remixes)1995

New OrderSingles 2-CD2005London

New RadicalsMaybe Youve Been Brainwashed Too1999

New York DollsRock n Roll (compilation) 1973/4

Niblett (Scout)I Am2003Too Pure

Nickel CreekNickel Creek2001Sugar Hill

NicoletteLet No-one Live Rent Free in your Heart (2-CD)

Nine Inch NailsPretty Hate Machine1989

Nine Inch NailsBroken (EP)1992

Nine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiral1994

Nine Inch NailsThe Perfect Drug (EP)1997

Nine Inch NailsHalo 141999



NirvanaIncesticide (earlier material)1992

NirvanaIn Utero1993

NishinihonNishinihon (2LP)2002Resonant

Nishinihon/Hiroshi NarHiroshi Nar with Nishinihon (15/12/2001)2004Lexicon Devil

NoahjohnHad A Burning2001Loose

No Doubt

No Doubt

North Mississippi All StarsShake Hands With Shorty2000Blano y Negro

Notwist (The)Neon Golden2002City Slang

Nouvelle VagueNouvelle Vague2004Peacefrog

Nurse With WoundAutomating Volume 11986United Dairies 053

Nurse With WoundLarge Ladies With cake in the Oven1993United Dairies 038

Nuyorican SoulTalkin Loud1997

N.W.A.Straight Outta Compton1988Priority

OasisDefinitely Maybe1994

OConnor (Sinad)I Do Not Want What I Havent Got1989

Oh SusannaSleepy Little Sailor2001Didgeridoo

Ole Dirty BastardNigga Please1999Electra

Ole Dirty BastardThe Definitive Story2005Electra/Rhino

Olsen (Mark) & the CreekdippersMystic Theatre2004Glitterhouse

OneidaEnemy Hogs1999Turnbuckle

OneidaAnthem of the Moon2001Jagjaguwar

OneidaSecret Wars2004Rough Trade

O'Neal (Alexander)All Mixed Up1988

Only OnesThe Only Ones1978

Only OnesThe CBS Recordings (2-CD)1978-82CBS

Only OnesPeel Sessions1989

Orange CanHome Burns2001Regal

ORourke (Jim)Insignificance2001Drag City

OrbitalSnivilisation 1994

OrbitalThe Box (EP)1996

OutkastSpeakerboxxx/The Love Below (2-CD)2003Arista

Palestine (Charlemagne)Maximin2002Young God YG21

Page (Jimmy)/Black CrowesLive at the Greek (2-CD)2000Musicmaker

Papa-MPapa-M Sings2001Rock Action

Papa-MWhatever, Mortal2002Domino

Parks (Van Dyke)Song Cycle1969

Parsons (Gram)GP + Grievous Angel1973-74Reprise

Parton (Dolly)Halos & Horns2002Sugarhill

Portuondo (Omara)Early Stuff


PavementSlanted & Enchanted1992

PavementWesting (by musket and sextant)(early)1993

PavementCrooked Rain, Crooked Rain1994

PavementWowie Zowie1995

PavementBrighten The Corners1997

PavementTerror Twilight1999