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  • OpenText ConnectivityMigration Wizard Guide

  • Migration Wizard Guide

    Published in Canada February 2014

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    ManualsAll OpenText Connectivity manuals are available as PDF file, in the Open Text Knowledge Center.

    HelpThe online Help provides comprehensive, context-sensitive information regarding your OpenText product. It contains conceptual and reference information and detailed, step-by-step procedures to assist you in completing your tasks.

    Release NotesThe Release Notes contain descriptions of new features and details on release-time issues for your OpenText product and its components. It is recommended that you read the sections that apply to your product before installing it.

    Online CommunityThe Connectivity Community on OpenText Online provides customers and partners with a variety of resources on products from usage tips, help files, information on product releases, and best practices. As a member you can visit users groups and special interest places, participate in forums to find information and ask questions of peer experts. While designed for end users, these communities are of interest to anyone who works with OpenText Connectivity products.

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    About migration to OpenText Connectivity Version 15.0 ..................................... 7Tasks performed by OpenText Connectivity Migration Wizard ..............7Legacy products for migration ......................................................................7Products included in Version 15 ...................................................................8

    Migrating OpenText Exceed PowerSuite or OpenText NFS Client .................10


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    OpenText Connectivity Installation Guide

  • OpenText Connectivity Migration Wizard Guide

    About migration to OpenText Connectivity Version 15.0

    This section describes the OpenText Connectivity Migration Wizard. The wizard enables migration of OpenText Connectivity Version 14.0 products to OpenText Connectivity Version 15 products.

    This section contains the following topics:

    Tasks performed by OpenText Connectivity Migration Wizard on page 7

    Legacy products for migration on page 7 Products distributed with Version 15.0 on page 8For additional installation documents, visit the Open Text Knowledge Center. For specific information on individual products, refer to the Help files available with each product.

    Tasks performed by OpenText Connectivity Migration Wizard During migration, the following tasks will be completed:

    Examine the current machine to determine if OpenText Exceed PowerSuite or OpenText NFS Client products are installed

    Back up the existing legacy settings and uninstall the existing product Install the relevant OpenText Connectivity 15 package, using the

    legacy settings that were backed up.

    Note: Migration Wizzard installs each sub-product with Typical options. If you have installed any sub-products, you need to install updates for these individual products.

    Legacy products for migrationThis section lists the products that may be migrated to OpenText Connectivity Version 15.0:

    OpenText Exceed PowerSuite 14.0 OpenText Exceed PowerSuite 14.0 x64



  • OpenText NFS Client 14.0 OpenText NFS Client 14.0 x64

    Products distributed with Version 15.0

    The following products are included in OpenText Connectivity Version 15.0:

    Product Details Version

    OpenText Exceed Exceed transforms your computer into a fully functional X Window terminal. It lets you run and display UNIX applications (X clients ) from a Microsoft Windows environment.

    Exceed integrates your Windows desktop with environments such as UNIX, Linux, VMS, X Window System, IBM mainframes, and the Internet.

    Use Exceed on your local computer to:

    Access powerful applications and information running on networked hosts.

    Establish simultaneous connections to different computers running X clients.

    Use an X window manager to display the visual interface you are familiar with from your X environment.


    OpenText Exceed 3D This product enables users to access complex 3D applications on Microsoft Windows desktops. It provides support for the OpenGL-API to ensure that those complex applications are rendered and displayed with the best possible accuracy and performance. It leverages the accelerated capabilities of modern graphics cards, and reduces operational costs by replacing expensive, high-end UNIX workstations with cost-effect Windows PCs.


    OpenText Exceed XDK

    This X Window System Development Kit for Exceed enables developers to port existing X applications from UNIX or Linux systems to Windows platforms with minimum re-programming requirements. Use of Exceed XDK reduces software development costs and shortens development cycles.


    OpenText HostExplorer

    This PC-to-host terminal emulator provides secure connections from a desktop to enterprise hosts, including IBM mainframes, AS/400s, UNIX and Linux systems.



  • OpenText Connectivity Migration Wizard Guide

    Note: For successful migration of OpenText Exceed PowerSuite and OpenText NFS Client, you require and the Migration Wizard will provide the following Target Folders:

    OpenText Secure Shell This client implementation of the Secure Shell protcol (SSH2) provides additional security for the existing suite of Open Text connectivity products.


    OpenText NFS Solo This client implementation on Windows platforms allows Windows users to access Network File System (NFS) storage devices, including UNIX hosts and NAS storage solutions, throughout the corporate IT landscape from their desktop machines.

    OpenText NFS Solo is a PC-NFS product that supports the NFSv4 protocol and meets many storage and workflow requirements, including High Definition (HD) data streaming.


    Product Details (Continued) Version


    \Exceed 3D

    \Host Explorer

    \NFS Solo v14


  • Migrating OpenText Exceed PowerSuite or OpenText NFS Client

    This section describes how to migrate OpenText Exceed PowerSuite Version 14.0 or OpenText NFS Client to OpenText Connectivity Version 15.

    To complete the migration of the legacy products to OpenText Connectivity Version 15.0: