opening a mobile business different regulations for food trucks and vendors. make sure your builder

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    Opening a Mobile Business

    This infograhic explains the process of opening a mobile truck business.

    #1 Offer products customerscan’t get anywhere else Research the mobile businesses in your area and see what they offer.

    #2 order enough stock to keep up with your customers If your customer base is growing, it is important to have enough inventory for your customers. This will create a strong following for your business.

    More quantity is not always better quality


    Get your truck

    $$$> Watch out for pop-upbuilders, there are many! The lowest price is not going to be the best choice of builder.

    Don’t waste your money! Cheaper builds can end up costing you more in the future.

    #4know what your state and county requires Every state and county has different regulations for food trucks and vendors. Make sure your builder knows the regulations you need to meet!

    Hire your staff#5 Depending on what type of business,

    you may need a bigger staff.

    If you have a food truck, you may need close to 20 employees.

    Other businesses may only need a few employees.

    It depends on your needs!

    #6 think year-round Summer is peak-season,

    but you can still do well in the winter by having strong

    customer loyalty.

    Change up your menu to fit the season and run seasonal sales to attract customers!


    #7 CHOOSE A GOOD LOCATION Park in popular areas in your city.

    Look for places with many businesses, places with a heavy nightlife, or sporting events.

    #8 Spread the word Make sure you, or someone you hire, is knowledgable with marketing to help your company be recognized!

    #9 don’t over look social media Using social media is a huge asset to a mobile business. You can tell your loyal customers where you are and any specials for the day. It is also a great way to attract new customers!

    #10 use new technology New technology can be used in your mobile business to help it run smoother. Technology like televisions on the outside of the truck, a digital menu, and anything else you need can be in your custom build. You just need a quality builder!

    Don’t forget to have your builder calculate the proper size of your generator! Not only

    does your custom build need new technology added to it, make sure your builder has great

    technology to support your truck.

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