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Open Grid Computing Environment Summary. Marlon Pierce Indiana University. Funding and Participants. NSF NMI: 2003-2007 NSF OCI SDCI: 2007-2010 Current consortium: Indiana University: Marlon Pierce, Dennis Gannon RENCI: Gopi Kandaswami Rochester: Gregor von Laszewski - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Open Grid Computing Environment SummaryMarlon PierceIndiana University

  • Funding and ParticipantsNSF NMI: 2003-2007NSF OCI SDCI: 2007-2010Current consortium: Indiana University: Marlon Pierce, Dennis GannonRENCI: Gopi KandaswamiRochester: Gregor von LaszewskiSDSC: Nancy Wilkins-DiehrSDSU: Mary Thomas, Rob EdwardsTACC: Maytal Dahan

  • OGCE SoftwarePortlets: pluggable server-side Java componentsNow: GridFTP, GRAM, GPIR, Condor, Condor-G, Proxy ManagementSC07: Queue Prediction, PURSE, Xbaya workflow, GFAC Portlets Future: Experiment BuilderSupported Portlet Containers: GridSphere, SakaiSakai 2.4 supports portlets via OGCE 1 fundingWeb servicesNow: GPIR, CFT (deprecated)SC07: GFAC (Application Wrapping), XRegistryFuture: Metadata catalog

  • OGCE Software, ContinuedGrid Client LibrariesNow: Java COG Kit and Abstraction LayerSC07: Grid Tag Libraries and Beans (GTLAB)JSF XML libraries built with the COGFuture: JavaScript Grid libraries and related Web 2.0 services. Develop alternative (PHP, RoR) Web developer libraries for these.Gateway support software (future)Auditing, logging, and reporting servicesBuild processSC07: Streamlined, Maven 2-based Future: Maven 2 component-based. Build your own download, just get the pieces that you want.

  • Community SupportWe are also interested in directly helping other funded gateway projects.Ex: Weve worked with the CIMA project to build portlets and integrate authorization.In addition to the OGCE, IUs TeraGrid team is refocusing on Gateway development. Dr. Sangmi Lee Pallickara (LEAD) and Dr. Yu (Marie) Ma (CIMA) are on this team.They both have extensive experience with data services and metadata management.We are very interested in collaborating with data grid groups to build portal interfaces and services.


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