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Opd regn Tender Document 2013


No.F(21)/CMP/513/DHS/SHIB/2013 Dated: 13.3.2013

GOVT OF N.C.T. OF DELHI HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE DEPARTMENT DIRECTORATE OF HEALTH SERVICES F-17, Karkardooma, Delhi 110032 No.F(21)/CMP/513/DHS/SHIB/2013/ NOTICE INVITING TENDER COMPUTERISATION OF OPD, CASUALTY AND INDOOR PATIENT REGISTRATION AND LAB REPORTING SERVICES IN HOSPITALS OF DELHI GOVERNMENT Online tenders are invited under Two-Bid system from reputed bidders, either individually or as a joint venture/consortium/partnership for outsourcing of Computerised OPD, Casualty and Indoor Patient Registration and Lab Reporting services in various Hospitals of Delhi Government for a period of Two year through e-tendering. Eligible bidders are requested to submit their offers online through eprocurement platform https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in on terms and conditions given in the prescribed Tender Document. Date Time Activity Downloading of tender document 13/03/2013 10.00 HRS through e- Procurement portal Prebid Conference of prospective 02/04/2013 bidders Last date of submitting online bid and 18/04/2013 EMD Opening of Technical bids 18/04/2013 16.00 HRS 15.00 HRS Dated: 13.3.2013

15.00 HRS

The EMD with requisite documents as per tender document shall be required to be dropped in the tender box placed at DHS(HQ) and will be opened by the Tender Committee in the presence of tenderers or their authorized representatives who wish to remain present on the same day at 15.00 Hrs. in the Office of Directorate of Health Services, Conference Room, Government of NCT of Delhi. A copy of the tender document is available on website https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in. The detailed advertisement & all subsequent updates, amendments, Corrigenda etc. related to this tender will appear on this web site.



No.F(21)/CMP/513/DHS/SHIB/2013 Dated: 13.3.2013


TENDER DOCUMENT FOR COMPUTERISATION OF OPD, CASUALTY AND INDOOR PATIENT REGISTRATION AND LAB REPORTING SERVICES IN HOSPITALS OF DELHI GOVERNMENT INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS 1. GENERAL:1.1. The present tender is being invited for Computerisation of OPD, Casualty and Indoor Patient Registration and Lab Reporting Services in Hospitals of Delhi Government Allopathic hospitals under which the contractor shall provide the Equipment, material, trained personnel and will use its services for as specified in the scope of work (Annexure II). Eligible bidders are requested to submit their online bids as per terms and conditions given in the prescribed Tender Document as per following schedule. Date Time Venue Activity Downloading of tender 13/03/2013 10.00 HRS https://govtprocure document through ement.delhi. gov.in Procurement portal Prebid Conference 02/04/2013 16.00 HRS Office of the Director Health Last date of submitting 18/04/2013 15.00 HRS Services, F-17, online bid and EMD Karkardooma, offline Opening of Technical 18/04/2013 15.00 HRS Delhi-32 bids Opening of financial bids 1.2. to be communicated later

All subsequent updates, amendments & corrigenda etc. clarifications of the prebid conference, related to this tender will only appear on this Delhi Govt. etender portal https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in. The complete bids should be submitted before the due date and time of submission as mentioned in clause 1.1. The bids shall be opened in Conference Room, 1st Floor, Directorate of Health Services, F-17 Karkardooma, Delhi 32 in presence of Bidders or their authorised representatives who opt to be present as per schedule mentioned in clause 1.1 above.



No.F(21)/CMP/513/DHS/SHIB/2013 Dated: 13.3.2013


In the event of any of the above mentioned date of opening of bids being declared as a holiday/closed day in the office of the Govt., the Bids will be opened on the next working day at the same time. Furnished counters (with tables and Chairs) along with electricity connection shall be provided by the Hospital. The cost of electricity shall be borne by the hospital. The space and electricity so provided shall be free of charge. It is expected that the bidder shall take this into account while quoting the rates. The bids are invited for 6 clusters as described in the scope of work (Annexure II). A bidder the bidder may submit bids upto maximum of 3 clusters as per his capacity and eligibility, however the award shall be limited to best two offers.



2. ELIGIBLE BIDDERS:2.1. The bidder for qualification may be a single entity or a combination of entities (i.e. the Consortium), coming together to implement the Project. However, no bidder applying individually or as a member of a Consortium, as the case may be, can join hands with another bidder. The bidder may be i. a single business entity under the Companies Act 1956 or an incorporated entity under equivalent acts of the parent country (in case of foreign entities) or ii. an organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 or any relevant Act of a State or Union Territory in India or iii. a Public Trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 or any other equivalent act of a state or union territory in India or iv. a Charitable Company registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act,1956 or v. a partnership firm or vi. a proprietorship firm or vii. A trust registered under viii. any combination of (i),(ii),(iii),(iv),(v) or (vi) with a formal intent to enter into an agreement or under an existing agreement to form a Consortium. A Consortium shall be eligible for consideration subject to the conditions set out in Clause 2.1. The bidder must have at least one branch office in Delhi TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL CAPACITY : 2.4.1. The bidder should have the experience of at least five years in the development and operation of relevant medical/hospital application/similar project (in Computerisation and operation of hospital OPD/IPD /Lab/Diagnostic registration/MIS etc.) in Government hospitals or registered hospitals (200 bedded or above). The bidder should have minimum five year experience in successful implementation of similar minimum two projects /Hospital


2.3. 2.4.


No.F(21)/CMP/513/DHS/SHIB/2013 Dated: 13.3.2013

Management System (complete or part) in a minimum 200 bedded hospital. 2.4.2. The bidder should have adequate human, managerial, technical and financial resources to undertake the contract. 2.4.3. The bidding firm/company must have adequate skilled and trained manpower (in software development cycle/hardware and networking/project management) and requisite experience. The bidder should have at least two inhouse (onboard) software development teams. 2.4.4. The firm should be ISO 9001:2000 certified or similar standard. 2.4.5. The bidder shall also provide valid attested copies of all the documents/certificates/registration required under the scope of this tender. 2.4.6. The bidder should also meet the following conditions of experience and financial capacity for bidding for the clusters: Cluster Estimated Eligibility condition of experience and financial Cost in capacity to be fulfilled by bidders for the Lakh cluster Rupees (per year) BSA Hospital 92 Three completed works (as per clause 2.4.1) (BSAH) costing not less than Rupees 34 Lakh or two similar completed works costing not less than Rupees 42 Lakh or one such completed works costing not less than Rupees 68 Lakh. DDU Hospital 92 -do(DDUH) BJRM Hospital (BJRMH) Directorate of Health Services (DHS) GTB Hospital (GTBH) LN Hospital (LNH) 77 -do-








No.F(21)/CMP/513/DHS/SHIB/2013 Dated: 13.3.2013


The bidding entity should also have an average financial turnover equal to or more than the mentioned amount against each cluster during the last three financial years viz. 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 to bid for the cluster: Cluster Turnover in Lakh Rupees BSA Hospital (BSAH) 25 BJRM Hospital (BJRM) 25 DDU Hospital (DDUH) 25 Directorate of Health Services (DHS) 25 GTB Hospital (GTBH) 25 LN Hospital (LNH) 25 The eligibility criteria in case of a consortium shall have to be met by the lead member of the consortium. A copy of the certificate from the statutory auditor in fulfilment of the criteria mentioned in clause 2.4 and 2.5 shall require to be submitted in support of eligibility along with copies of certified audited balance sheets.



3. QUALIFICATION OF THE BIDDERS:3.1. The Bidder, to qualify for award of contract, shall submit a power of attorney authorizing the signatories of the bid to commit each member of the Partnership/Company/Society/Consortium/Joint venture. 3.1.1. Memorandum of Understanding shall be provided in case the Bidder comprises of Joint venture/ Consortium/Partnership. 3.1.2. Nomination of one of the members of the partnership, consortium or joint venture to be in charge and this authorization shall be covered in the power of attorney signed by the legally authorized signatories of all members of consortium/joint venture/partnership firm; 3.1.3. Details of the intended participation by each member shall be furnished with complete details of the proposed division of responsibilities and corporate relationships among the individual members. 3.1.4. Resolution of the board of directors authorising the signatories in this regards is to be furnished in case of company 3.2. The bidder shall submit full details of his ownership and control or, if the Bidder is a partnership, joint venture or consortium, full details of ownership and control of each member thereof. The bidder should submit online i. a partnership deed in case of a partners


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