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  • 1. Blog in media industry Kanako Ishino z3321172
  • 2. Introduction media audience is tired of one-way communication credibility of massages from traditional media is decreasing
  • 3. Introduction blog mass media participatory ownership networked top-down collaborative
  • 4. Introduction blog participatory networked ? mass media ownership top-down collaborative
  • 5. QuestionDo you think one-way communication is becoming less attractive?
  • 6. Blogpublic&private public private under personal observation blog voice share
  • 7. Blogrecordability all movement & expression are monitored and stored by not authorities but bloggers themselves
  • 8. Effect one-many many-many
  • 9. Question Which communication style is appropriate for news industry? one-many many-many
  • 10. Effect valuable information is... mass media blog attracting providing place public attention to discuss
  • 11. Blogconnectivity
  • 12. Blogconnectivity amateur reporteramateur reporter amateur reporter
  • 13. Effect credible information is... given shared
  • 14. Question Which information do you think is valuable for you? given shared
  • 15. ConclusionBlog realized... democratization normalization banalization
  • 16. Conclusion change the format of valuable information news are transformed into conversation change the format of credible information credibility of story reported by citizen is increasing blog blurs lines between mediasphere and blogosphere
  • 17. Thank you