online/citizen journalism a workshop for “habitual” and “accidental” journalists

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  • Online/Citizen Journalism a workshop for habitual and accidental journalists
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  • scope: concepts well cover the use of multimedia in todays news case studies organizational techniques working with digital audio/video reference tools ethics, copyright, payment, and censorship what the future holds
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  • preview: introducing ourselves comfort with English familiarity with the Internet experience in journalism
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  • the situation: everyday we can do something different, something better, and often something free
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  • the situation: examples were seeing today multimedia journalism/media interactive journalism/media citizen journalism/media grassroots journalism/media activist journalism/media independent journalism/media participatory journalism/media distributed journalism/media open-source journalism/media hyperlocal journalism/media
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  • online journalism experts are observing a reorganization of the news production process driven by the webs flexibility and potential for immediacy. source: http://onlinejournalismblog.wordpress.com the situation: the future of news production
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  • the situation: the future of news production, continued audience-oriented production based on the article/package works well for larger stories flexibility of media speed depth and scope interactivity source:
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  • the situation: the new journalism job source:
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  • the situation: the new journalist moves above the content keeps a blog identifies bloggers with a voice, remembers those without a voice subscribes to RSS feeds and automates organization source: http://onlinejournalismblog.wordpress.com
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  • the situation: the new journalist, continued cultivates accidental journalists with network brand and resources on the lookout for value- adders collaborates with able technicians leverages the crowd source: http://onlinejournalismblog.wordpress.com
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  • The news diamond illustrates the change from a 19th-century product (the article) to a 21st-century process, the iterative journalism of new media, the story that is forever unfinished Paul Bradshaw, model-for-the-21st-century-newsroom-pt1-the-news-diamond/ model-for-the-21st-century-newsroom-pt1-the-news-diamond/
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  • example: how the Wichita Eagle covered a Kansas murder trial source:;;;
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  • trend: multimedia slideshows still images, usually all in the same style audio tracks consisting of music, the reporters observations, ambient sound, and/or interviews high production value source: world/asia/choking_on_growth_5.html#story2 world/asia/choking_on_growth_5.html#story2
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  • trend: multimedia slideshows source:
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  • trend: multimedia slideshows source:
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  • trend: encouraging contributions from non-professionals source:
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  • trend: incorporating multimedia into advocacy source: http://hub.witness.org
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  • trend: incorporating multimedia into advocacy
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  • source:
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  • trend: outsourcing the reporting
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  • trend: going hyperlocal
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  • acts of journalism J.D. Lasica More and more frequently committed by the people formerly known as the audience. Jay Rosen
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  • convergence