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2. 3. 4. 5. Online video: In 2010, online video will keep growing, keeping pace with the good trends of this year. Online video is interactive, memorable, widely accessible, cheap to create and highly shareable, that is why entrepreneurs and business owners are willing to invest even more on video.
Online video advertising: Pre-roll ads will continue to dominate online video advertising. No innovation from Hulu, YouTube or Vivaki will prove as effective as a 0:15 or 0:30 coupled with a companion ad. YouTube only gains massive market share with its abundance of pre-roll and unless a brand new alternative is developed in the coming months, expect pre-roll to stay.
Content nesting: In 2010 your own content will spread on multiple locations more rapidly than you can imagine. That is why your website content needs to be nested in as many content aggregation sites as possible. Why is this really important? Picture this: If you have a video on your website that is not on YouTube, people on YouTube will not bother searching for your website, because they simply do not need to go elsewhere. For them, YouTube already represents the total number of videos available on their topic of interest. Got it?
6. Google introduceert Google TV in mei 2010
CNN onderzochtdatadvertentiesrondgedeeldnieuwsleidentot 19- 27% meer brand recommendation.
55% van de mobiel video gebruikers in de VS is tussen25-49, en geentienerzoalsiedereendenkt
2 miljard videos bekeken op YouTube per dag. Elke minuut wordt er 24 uur aan video toegevoegd
52% van de gebruikers tussen de 18-34 deelt video's met vrienden en collega'
In 2013 is meerdan 25 procent van bekeken content door werknemersgedomineerd door audio, afbeeldingen en video
7. YouTube 2 miljard videos per dag
8. 9. trend #1: video is verkeer
trend #3: video als traffic
10. 118.441 views voor de Consumentenbond
11. Unboxing iPhone4 627.398 views
12. trend #2: video is sociaal
13. trend #3: video is mobiel
14. BooneOakley OnlyonYouTube
15. trend #4: video is leerzaam
16. How to KissPassionately 7 miljoen views
17. 18. TV meets Internet
20. FlipIt
21. FlipIt
22. Dos en Donts
#1 Hou het kort
#2Maak het authentiek
#3Deel (embed, Hyves, YouTube)
#4 Vindbaarheid films vereist extra werk
#5Denk aan de uiterste houdbaarheid
23. The best way to predict the future is to create it.
- Peter Drucker.