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<p>Online Therapy with an Online Therapist</p> <p>Online Therapy with an Online TherapistTalk to a therapist online via Skype for effective help with anxiety, depression, stress and PTSD and addictions.Visit: http://www.counselingtherapyonline.comWhy Choose Online Therapy?Convenience no commute!Access It may be hard to find a therapist if you live in a rural area or if you are working abroadChoice You may wish to find a therapist who specializes in a particular approach which you like, such as CBT or Mindfulness TherapyAnonymity - You may not want to see a local therapist in your communityComfort People feel more at ease when they can have their sessions at homeSocial Anxiety If you suffer from agoraphobia or social anxiety or driving anxiety, leaving home may be very difficult for youIs Online Therapy Effective?There are many studies showing that online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy, especially if you use Skype so you can see each other.From my experience, Skype therapy sessions can be more effective because the client feels more at ease.What happens during an Online Skype Therapy Session?Sessions are usually 60-90mins, once a week.During sessions I will teach you practical, mindfulness-based methods for working with difficult emotions.You will practice the methods, including Basic Mindfulness Meditation (vipassana) and Focused Mindfulness Meditation where you work on specific emotions.In each subsequent session we refine and perfect your mindfulness tools and I will guide you throughout.What is Mindfulness Therapy?Mindfulness is a specific awareness skill originally taught by the Buddha, 2600 years ago It is a very powerful way of working with reactive thinking and painful emotions.Mindfulness is the combination of awareness + compassion. We learn how to be present with our thoughts and emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them and without becoming reactive.Mindfulness is best described by the term loving presence awareness+compassionWhen you bring mindfulness to an emotion, the emotion will automatically begin to change, transform and heal. It is equivalent to the natural healing in the body that occurs by itself. Emotional suffering will heal if, and only if you stop reacting against your emotions with aversion and avoidance.When you learn to face your emotions and make friends with them, everything changes! This is the truth behind statements like, love heals.During Mindfulness Therapy, you also learn how to be present with your emotions without becoming reactive. This is called the protective function of mindfulness and the more mindful you are, the freer you become; the freer you become, the more the emotional suffering is able to heal.Online Mindfulness Therapy for AnxietyAnxiety is formed when we become lost in a complex series of cognitive, emotional and behavioral reactions. In Buddhist psychology this is called samsara, literally the wheel of becoming where we repeat habitual patterns of emotional reactivity and suffer.During Online Therapy sessions we learn to become aware of our anxiety reactions. This is a big step the more aware you become, the less reactive you are. The less reactive you are, the more emotions can heal and resolve themselves.We then learn to sit with our anxiety emotions, becoming a friend to them, learning how to care for them. This mindfulness response allows healing to occur; avoidance and aversion and other reactivity prevents healing.We also learn how to be present with our thoughts without becoming identified with them. We start to see them as objects within our mind and NOT who we are we refrain from taking on their identity. This promotes the protective function of mindfulness.Mindfulness Therapy is one of the most effective and direct ways of overcoming anxiety and panic attacks currently. Online Therapy for DepressionDepression describes a process of emotional withdrawal and contraction and hardening of the mind in reaction to prolonged emotional stress and anxiety.Depression is usually accompanied by fatigue and apathy signs of the contraction process.Mindfulness Therapy involves bringing that quality of awareness and compassion to that contracted emotional state. Awareness and compassion are spacious by nature. It is like bringing the dark emotions of depression into the sunlight. That natural warmth of the sun (mindfulness) melts the frozen parts of the mind and they become malleable, This allows transformation and healing to occur the transformational function of mindfulness.When you hold depression within mindful awareness, it cannot resist changing and healing. REMEMBER, IT IS REACTIVITY THAT SUSTAINS DEPRESSION and mindfulness is non-reactive awareness and so facilitates natural healing.Please watch this video to learn more about Online Mindfulness Therapy for Anxiety &amp; Depression</p> <p>Contact Me Today and Schedule a Skype Online Therapy Session</p> <p>The Boulder Center for Mindfulness Therapy Online</p>