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1. Online Social community the emerging trends among UMS students? 2. Objectives The survival of LMS among the popular social networking websites in UMS. The challenges on both LMS and others popular social networking websites in UMS. Improvements that can be made on LMS of UMS. 3. Social networking websites A virtual community platform where people get to connected with each others from different places. Medium for multiples fields such as business, education, information sharing and social-interaction. Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, and etc 4. Learning Management System (LMS) An example of social networking websites for education and knowledge sharing. An alternatives for students and lecturers to communicate besides the class environment. Case Study on UMS Learning Management System. 5. Analysis 1.The average percentage of LMS being used toconduct learning in UMS 6. Analysis 2.Online social networking websites (including LMS)that are used to conduct learning in UMS. 7. Analysis 3.Preferable sites to be used to conduct learning process.(between LMS and other social networking websites ). 8. Analysis 4.Preferable social networking websites among UMSstudents 9. The challenges General The acceptability to the new platform of learning. The lack of supporting tools and facilities to access Internet. LMS A stiff competition from other social networking websites. Less attractive in the learning application provided. Other Social Networking Websites Less funding to focus in education fields. Non-authorization 10. Improvements on LMS Features Chat-box or messaging tools. Learning applications. Advertisement. Usages E-Learning E-Lecturing E-Commerce E-Submission Policies Mandatory use by all lecturers. Participation a part of evaluation scheme. 11. Conclusion In conclusion, there is an increment in the usage of online social community sites and Learning Management System among UMS students. It also shown a good sign of acceptance by the students in using virtual platform not only for leisure purposes but also to learn.