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presentation from the International Symposium on public health and social work


<ul><li> 1. Online professional networks:Expanding your knowledge resourcesDragos Nechita Center for Health Policy and Public Health,Institute for Social Research Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences,Babe-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca</li></ul> <p> 2. Content: Computer Mediated Communication Social Networking Services Facebook LinkedIn Researchgate 3. Main themes: Why is computer mediated communication advantageous for developing a researchnetwork or promoting a programme? Why are social network services more than what they appear at first glance and howto use that in our advantage? Facebook popularity matters! LinkedIn how proffesional networks help you create a network of researchproffesionals Researchgate the benefits of a research-based web community The more, the merrier!PS: Online social networks have a lot more in common with research than one mightthink 4. Computer Mediated Communication Communication has always been an important aspect in research. 5. Computer Mediated Communication ARPAnet 6. CMC Cost, Speed No matter the number of instances No matter the destination No matter the size No matter the shape No matter the number of recipients 7. CMC recordability, mass communication and medium No need to send the message over and over again Mailing lists Mail archive IM log Pictures, audio and video files 8. Social Networks 9. Social Networking Services Asynchronous communication Mass communication Connecting people with similar interests Lets you create your own avatar Keep track of your network! Makes social relations rather uniform 10. The largest SNS, with over 850 million usersworldwide. Entertainment Weekly: How on earth did we stalk ourexes, remember our co-workers birthdays, bug ourfriends, and play a rousing game of Scrabulous beforeFacebook? In April 2010 an estimated 41.6% of the U.S.population had a Facebook account Search engine indexation 11. Created by a Harvard student 12. Focuses on the professional aspect More importance to similar interests More than 135 million registered users in morethan 200 countries and territories 13. over 1.4 million researchers from 192 countries search for other researchers using topics connect with researchers with similar interests 14. Integrated approach 15. Thank You!</p>