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10 Essential Online Portfolio Design Elements


<ul><li><p>HOW PRINT MYDESIGNSHOP HOW DESIGN UNIVERSITY HOW DESIGN EVENTS HOW U Video</p><p>Register Log In</p><p>Download HOW's Best of Interactive Design Awardsto see the best of all past winners from HOW'srenowned Interactive Design Awards competition.</p><p>10 Essential Online Portfolio Design ElementsBy: Jessica Farris | March 23, 2015</p><p>Special Advertising Note: The following sponsored content is brought to you courtesy of Squares-</p><p>pace, one of HOWs trusted partners.</p><p>Ive said before that your online portfolio design is an essential aspect of your hunt for a job or</p><p>new clients. But building a portfolio site can be challenging for new designers and creatives look-</p><p>ing to rebrand themselves or establish a stronger online presence.</p><p>What all should go into your portfolio design? Check out our recommendations for these portfolio</p><p>design essentials:</p><p>Only Your Best Work</p><p>It might sound obvious, but simply assembling a gallery images of all of your design work wont</p><p>help potential employers or clients determine what precisely you have to offer.</p><p>I once had a photography professor who said, Your portfolio is only as strong as your weakest</p><p>photo. That advice applies to design work too. If you arent 100% confident that every piece in</p><p>your portfolio represents your absolute best work, it may be time to pare down your gallery.</p><p>Jason Tselentis recommends featuring 8-18 pieces in your design portfolio. Opinions vary widely</p><p>about the right number to showcase online, he says, but keep in mind that you dont want to</p><p>put everything and the kitchen sink there. This would leave you with nothing new to show come in-</p><p>terview time.</p><p>Variety</p><p>While you certainly want to feature your best work, you also want that collection of exceptional</p><p>work to capture the breadth of your skill set. Are you a logo designer who also dabbles in editorial</p><p>design? Maybe youre a web designer who has also launched a product line. In any case, showcase</p><p>work that reflects the same level of variety youd include in the job descriptions on your resume.</p><p>Even if you only work in one mediume.g., web designyou probably incorporate branding, ty-</p><p>pography, and layout design expertise into your work. Its important to showcase your craftsman-</p><p>ship in all of these elements.</p><p>Unity</p><p>Theres plenty of debate over whether personal style trumps diversity in a designers body of work,</p><p>but when presenting your work in your design portfolio, you want to ensure that your portfolio</p><p>website has a sense of unity to it. Your work and your presentation method must flow nicely and</p><p>Home Design News Design Firm Interactive In-House Freelance Online Learning Events Competitions FREE Jobs Subscribe Shop</p><p>Enter Email</p><p>10 Essential Online Portfolio Design Elements</p><p>1 of 6 18/04/2015 9:02 pm</p></li><li><p>complement one another, or you might wind up compromising the overall quality of the website.</p><p>When the appearance of your designs is enhanced by the polished presentation of your work, the</p><p>results can elevate your potential clients and employers perception of your work.</p><p> clued us into Jeremy Richies in-progress portfolio site. This design really pops,</p><p>thanks to the bright colors that complement his vivid work.</p><p>The Perfect Platform</p><p>As Jason Tselentis explains, you might choose to create your website using a WYSIWYG editor such</p><p>as Dreamweaver, or you might select an online content management system. Thanks to easy-to-use</p><p>interfaces and responsive templates, a CMS is often the most practical choice for designers who</p><p>arent as adept at the intricacies of web design. Squarespace, for example, offers some great op-</p><p>tions and simple drag-and-drop functionality.</p><p>Responsiveness</p><p>As I mentioned above, responsiveness can make a CMS an attractive option for online portfolio de-</p><p>sign, but a responsive web design is actually a vital aspect of your website. These days, up to 70%</p><p>of all web traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets, so you want to ensure that youre meet-</p><p>ing the needs of all of your site visitors by ensuring that the site adapts to every device.</p><p>Its not just about the overall website design eitheryour images need to adapt as well. Save your</p><p>work as high-resolution images that have not been downsized to older standards for web images.</p><p>You can use various approachesHTML 5, JavaScript, CSS3, or the simple functionality in your</p><p>CMSthat help you incorporate responsive images that seamlessly scale up to large screens and</p><p>down to small screens.Learn more about responsive website design from Chris Converse.</p><p>Personal Branding</p><p>While it may be easier to slap together a portfolio design that looks like everyone elses, youll</p><p>stand out from the millions of other designers if your website reflects your personal brand.</p><p>Whether thats a cohesive web design that reflects the essence of your work, or a unique logo de-</p><p>sign in your header, personal branding ensure that potential employers and clients remember your</p><p>website among the thousands of others they will encounter when looking for talent.</p><p>Weve mentioned his work before, but Garrett Shaw really shows off his design work with a per-</p><p>sonal logo design that both shows off his design style and complements the presentation of the</p><p>logo design work hes done for clients.</p><p>10 Essential Online Portfolio Design Elements</p><p>2 of 6 18/04/2015 9:02 pm</p></li><li><p>Custom Domain Name</p><p>Its not generally a huge issue if the URL of your site is something like</p><p>name, but a custom domain (e.g., offers a sense of credibility and autonomy to</p><p>your website that you might not earn otherwise. You can get your own domain name for about</p><p>$20/yearor for free with your purchase on platforms like Squarespace.</p><p>Social Media Buttons</p><p>With its ever-increasing ubiquity, social media is a crucial element of your portfolio design. By in-</p><p>corporating social media buttons, you not only show that youve established a strong online pres-</p><p>ence, but you also enable your visitors to share your work and explore your online presence and</p><p>voice more thoroughly. Keep in mind that your social media accounts reflect your voice and your</p><p>brand, so its also important to ensure that you dont put anything out via social media that you</p><p>wouldnt want an employer or a client to see.</p><p>Blog</p><p>A design blog is one of the simplest ways to add more informa-</p><p>tion and character to your design portfolio site. Not only does it</p><p>provide potential clients and employers with more in-depth infor-</p><p>mation about your design process and values, but it can also</p><p>make your website more discoverable. Try your hand at some blog</p><p>posts that are optimized for the web and provide the design com-</p><p>munity with helpful tips in your area of expertise. The trick, how-</p><p>ever, is keeping up with your blog so that search engines can find</p><p>your blog posts. Googles search function is more likely to list</p><p>your site higher in its search rankings if your website has fresh,</p><p>optimized content. Most content management systems enable</p><p>blogging, so find a platform you like and utilize this feature as of-</p><p>ten as possible.</p><p>Blogging can also improve your credibility as a designer, according to Roberto Blake:</p><p>Creating a design blog is a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert. While you</p><p>may not feel that you are an expert in your field, you may know something that clients and</p><p>non-designers dont. Sharing your expertise can help you establish your credibility both</p><p>with clients and with your peers in the design industry. Creating value for other people and</p><p>passing on your knowledge and skills is the fastest ways to build credibility and to differen-</p><p>tiate yourself as a graphic designer.</p><p>Read more thoughts on blogging for designers from Roberto Blake.</p><p>That Extra Something</p><p>There are quite literally hundreds of thousands of portfolio websites on the web these days. In or-</p><p>10 Essential Online Portfolio Design Elements</p><p>3 of 6 18/04/2015 9:02 pm</p></li><li><p>der avoid that sense that youre talking to yourself in a crowded room, I advise adding a little</p><p>something extra to set your portfolio design apart and increase engagement.</p><p>For example, Alyssa Potters portfolio site includes a few brief but highly professional case studies</p><p>that provide a unique and thorough look at what she offers.</p><p>ZSO, aka Sara Blake, created a gorgeous site for her illustration and design work that also includes</p><p>an extensive shop where visitors can purchase items featured in her portfolio.</p><p>There are endless ways you set your portfolio design apart from the multitude of others on the</p><p>web, but your approach is up to you. You might like to incorporate a unique animation, video ele-</p><p>ments or an interesting scrolling feature. In any case, the more you can do to differentiate your</p><p>work and your online presence, the more successful your portfolio design will be.</p><p>Still hunting for the perfect platform for your design portfolio? All of the sites above were</p><p>created using Squarespace:</p><p>While there are many web platforms that enable you to create a design portfolio, were particularly</p><p>fond of Squarespace, both for its versatility and its beginner-friendly usability. After all, even if</p><p>youre not a web designer, you still need a great portfolio website where you can display your work</p><p>and demonstrate the breadth of your abilities.</p><p>Squarespace is a publishing platform that allows users to create stunning portfolios, online stores</p><p>and blogsor all three in one. With dozens of gorgeous, customizable templates to choose from,</p><p>you can create a website that demonstrates your abilities and impresses employers and visitors</p><p>alike, all without writing code.</p><p>Once you create your site, Squarespaces super simple drag-and-drop functionality helps you cus-</p><p>tomize the design and upload your work in no time at all. You also get a ton of handy perks, like</p><p>all-in-one service provides content management, hosting, domains, social integrations, e-com-</p><p>merce and 24-hour customer support.</p><p>The new Squarespace 7 update offers even more awesome features, including a redesigned inter-</p><p>face, new templates, a partnership with Getty images, Google Apps integration, and the Cover</p><p>Pages feature, which lets you put up a one-page website in minutes. Give it a shot with a 14-day</p><p>free trial, and use the exclusive offer code HOWMAG10 to take 10% off.</p><p>Online Course: Preparing Your Portfolio with Denise Bosler</p><p>Is it time to create or refresh your portfolio? Are you ready to switch jobs or attract a freelance fol-</p><p>lowing? Then whip your portfolio into shape in this intensive portfolio design course. During the</p><p>10 Essential Online Portfolio Design Elements</p><p>4 of 6 18/04/2015 9:02 pm</p></li><li><p>REGISTER</p><p>FEATURED WORKSHOP</p><p>How to Create GreatInfographicsWhen: Apr. 20 - 26This workshop offers astep-by-step guide to</p><p>creating graphs in Adobe Illustrator. 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See an excerpt from this course here.</p><p>CATEGORIESContent Management Systems, Design Careers: Industry Advice &amp; Job Search Tips, Design ResumeSkills &amp; Portfolio Tips, Featured, HOW Interactive: Web Design &amp; Interactive Web Design Tips, Uncat-egorized</p><p>TAGSportfolio design</p><p>RELATED POSTS5 Ways to Present Your Online Design Portfolio []August/September Graphic Design News []Design Trends: Case Studies in Online Portfolio Websites []Portfolio Design Trends: Demonstrating Left + Right-Brained Work []Design Trends: Matching Your Digital Portfolio Design to Your Personal Style []</p><p>10 Essential Online Portfolio Design Elements</p><p>5 of 6 18/04/2015 9:02 pm</p></li><li><p>$595.00</p><p>$499.00</p><p>BUY NOW!</p><p>PANTONE ColorSpecifier and GuideSetIdeal for non-fabricmaterials, Color Specifierand Color Guide havebeen redesigned for theultimate ...</p><p>COMPETITIONS</p><p>More Competitions</p><p>GOOGLE SPONSORED LINKS SPONSORED LINKS FEATURED LINKS</p><p>How to make a</p><p>Spotlight: Company Folders' Pocket FoldersBroad selection of quality products sold by ateam of friendly, skilled experts.</p><p>Save Up to 60% on Graphic Design BooksWeb, Logo, Packaging Design &amp; More!</p><p>Online Graphic Design Training @ HOW UGet the skills needed to compete in today'sgraphic &amp; web design careers</p><p>Become a Design Rockstar!Subscriptions, DesignCasts and Much More</p><p>10 Essential Online Portfolio Design Elements</p><p>6 of 6 18/04/2015 9:02 pm</p></li></ul>