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Online Licensure Jennifer Kangas· March 21, 2014

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Online Licensure. Jennifer Kangas· March 21, 2014. Recent Enhancements for eSigner (“My Approvals”). Online Signature Request Search – can search, sort, and filter all past and current license requests. Recent Enhancements for eSigner (“My Approvals”). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Online LicensureJennifer Kangas March 21, 2014

Recent Enhancements for eSigner (My Approvals)Online Signature Request Search can search, sort, and filter all past and current license requests.

Recent Enhancements for eSigner (My Approvals)Ability to Edit a License Request eSigner may change Teaching Fields, Endorsements, Effective Year, and the Mail To.Recent Enhancements for eSigner (My Approvals)On Experience question, if someone is still working, they may select To Present, and this will display for the eSigner.Recent Enhancements for eSigner (My Approvals)Allow Reviewer to change the Mail To Org.

Stop sending emails to signers who are no longer enrolled in CORE as an eSigner. Recent Enhancements GeneralNew My Documents screen allows applicant to view and upload required documents at any time, even after application submission.

Recent Enhancements GeneralEducator Profile changed status reason for applications On Hold to avoid confusion, and identify possible reasons for being on hold.Future EnhancementsFor eSigners Export Online Request Search.

Allows eSigners to export a complete or filtered list of any online licensure requests

Future EnhancementsThis includes the name, state ID, date and status.

This should avoid the duplicate effort of entering these requests into a spreadsheet or other system.

Future EnhancementsPrint your own license will allow the applicant the ability to print their own license via a .pdf file. Schools will also be able to access and print these licenses.

Future EnhancementsNew payment system which will allow for additional credit cards and eCheck payments.

E-Signers enrolled = 3,577Deans = 22Dean Designee = 71E-Signer average wait time = 11.4 daysStatisticsE-Signers enrolled = 1,257Coordinator Designee-LPDC198Coordinator-LPDC298Credential e-Signer 61Dean Designee-College of Education 14Dean-College of Education 8Superintendent494Superintendent Designee184E-Signer average wait time = 15.8 days

12Online Applications Requested since 1/1/2014 = 7570Online Applications Issued since 1/1/2014 = 5439StatisticsOnline Applications Issued = 654Online Payments Processed = 1321


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