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DESCRIPTION ...The online business model you choose will dictate how you manage and grow you business going forward so make sure and choose the business model best suited to your vision


  • 1. BUSINESS MODELS A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value

2. Types of Business Models... Advertising ModelAffiliates Model Brokerage ModelMerchant Model Subscription ModelInformation Model Community Model 3. Advertising Model Most widely used model onlineCost per impressionCost per click Fixed cost ad placement 4. Affiliates Model Sell other people's products Get paid when actual sale is made You concentrate 100% on product sales Product owner handles refunds and support 5. Brokerage Model Brings sellers and buyers together Usually these are transaction brokers Charge a fee for transactions processed Control only technology and not products sold 6. Merchant Model Online wholesalers and retailers Control over the prices and margins Keep the biggest portion of profits Provides product support and delivery 7. Subscription Model Charge a weekly, monthly or annual fee Used to deliver web content and applications Common: membership sites, blogs and forums Owner earns ongoing---Customer can cancel 8. Information Model Earn money by charging for information Most popular are digital products---eBooks Delivered to the buyer with a download Expenses involved are virtually non-existent 9. Community Model Users interacting with each other Donations to help pay expenses Fee for certain premium featuresUsers invest a high level of time and emotion 10. Learn Advanced Online Business Building Skills - Latest Internet Marketing Strategies...and Much More!


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