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    Installation and Care GuideOne-Piece Toilet


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    Thank You For Choosing Kohler Company

    Thank you for choosing Kohler. Kohler craftsmanship offers you a rare combination of proven performance and graceful sophistication that will satisfy you for years to come. The dependability and beauty of your Kohler product will surpass your highest expectations. Were very proud of our products here at Kohler and we know you will be too.

    Please take a few minutes to review this manual before you start installation. If you encounter any installation or performance problems, please dont hesitate to contact us. Our phone numbers and website are listed on back cover.

    All information in this manual is based upon the latest product information available at the time of publication. At Kohler, we constantly strive to improve the quality of our products. We reserve the right to make changes in product characteristics, packaging or availability at any time without notice.

    Thank you for choosing Kohler Company.

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    Before You Begin

    CAUTION:Risk of personal injury or product damage. Handle with care. Product can break, chip, or cause injury if handled carelessly.

    Important Information

    IMPORTANT NOTICE TO INSTALLERS!: Please leave these instructions for the consumer. They contain important information.

    In addition to installation procedures, this manual contains important care and cleaning. Please retain for future reference.

    NOTE:Some installation parts might not be provided.

    NOTE:The toilet pictured in the installation steps may differ from the model being installed.



    Observe all local plumbing and building codes. Prior to installation, unpack the new product and inspect it for damage.

    Return the product to its protective carton until you are ready to install it. Use the template supplied with the product. Failure to follow these precautions may result in a poor installation. If the existing toilet does not have a supply shut-off valve below the tank,

    install one before installing the new toilet. Fixture dimensions are nominal and conform to tolerances established by

    Standards TIS.

    CAUTION:Risk of property or product damage. Turn on the water and allow water to flow through the supply pipe to flush the system of any debris before connecting fill valve.

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    Position the template.2





    Install or relocate the supply and outlet as necessary to comform to the roughing-in dimensions.

    Important: Toilet must have 305 mm rough-in for S-trap to install properly.

    Tape in place and drill holes.

    3/8" D. Mounting Holes

    1/2" NPT Supply




    174305 178






    : 305 .

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    1/2" NPT Supply



    Position brackets as shown on the template and install.

    For thick floors, greater than 1-1/2" (38 mm)thick, insert the anchors. For thin floors, less than 1-1/2" (38 mm)thick, do not insert the anchors.

    1-1/2" (38 .), 1-1/2" (38 .),

    Hose Guide

    Thread the supply hose onto the fill valve shank. Take hose guide apart and slide onto the supply hose, with the flared end last. Slide the two inserts into the flared end of the hose guide. Insert into toilet wall.

    Adapter15/16" to1/2"(OptionalPart)

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    Cap/ Screw/

    Sleeve/ Silicone

    Install the new toilet with sleeves, screw and attach the caps.

    Apply silicone around base.

    Connect the connector on the bowl, position between outlet and waste pipe. Ensure outlet is properly engaged to connector.

    S-trap Connector


    P-trap Connector

    Connector to Wall Connector to Floor

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    1/2"1/2" Supply


    12 13 Pull out and remove the large button.

    14Pull out and remove the small button.

    Press down on the large button.

    10 Connect supply and turn on the water.

    Tank Cover

    Remove the tape and protective pad.

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    16 17



    Insert the push buttons with rods into the holes of the push button housing until they click into place.

    Insert green rod into small hole. Insert black rod into large hole. Mark the position on both rods along the top of the housing.


    Green Rod Black Rod

    Small Button

    Cutting position

    Top of housingPosition

    Large Button

    Cut both rods, ensure that they are equal the top of push button housing.

    Press the large button onto the black rod. Press the small button onto the green rod.

    Green rod Black rod



    19 Flush several timesand check for leaks.Do not overtighten!

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    Replace the Seal/

    43 Squeeze the tabs and pull straight up on the canister.

    Note the position of the colored buttons for reinstallation.


    21Replace the Seal

    Shut off the water supply. Remove the tank cover.

    Turn here to adjust the water level.




    Adjust the water level.20

    Install the tank lid and the seat.


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    65 Reinstall the canister so it snaps into place.

    8 Reinstall the tank cover.

    7Rotate the canister so that the colored buttons are in their original positions.

    Remove and replace the seal.

    10 Flush several times and check for leaks.

    9 Turn on the water supply.


    Replace the Seal/

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    Care and Cleaning

    For best results, keep the following in mind when caring for your product: Carefully read the cleaner product label to ensure the cleaner is safe for use

    on the material. Always test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area before applying

    to the entire surface. Wipe surfaces clean and rinse completely with water immediately after

    cleaner application. Rinse and dry any overspray that lands on nearby surfaces.

    Do not allow cleaners to sit or soak on the surface. Use a soft, dampened sponge or cloth. Never use an abrasive material such as

    a brush or scouring pad to clean surfaces. Be careful not to leave staining materials in contact with the surface for

    extended periods of time. The ideal cleaning technique is to rinse thoroughly and blot dry any water

    from the surface after each use.

    WARNING:Risk of property or product damage. Do not use in-tankcleaners in your toilet. Products containing chlorine (calcium hypochlorite)can seriously damage fittings in the tank. This damage can cause leakage and property damage.

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    Symptoms Recommended Action

    1. Poor flush. A. Adjust the tank water level to match the waterline.B. Fully open the water supply shut-off valve.C. Clear obstructions from the trapway, jet, or bowl rim

    holes.D. Clear obstructions from the waste line.

    2. No flush. A. Reconnect the flapper chain to the trip lever or flush valve.

    B. Adjust the flapper chain assembly to remove excessive slack.

    3. The fill valve turns on/off by itself without the toilet being flushed, or it runs, allowing water to enter the tank.

    A. Adjust the flapper chain for proper slack so the flapper closes.B. Clean or replace the flapper if it is worn, dirty, or

    misaligned with the opening.C. Clean the area around the opening to allow the flapper to seal.D. Adjust the tank water level if it is too high.E. Replace the fill valve if the valve float sinks.

    4. Tank takes excessive time

    to fill.

    A. Fully open the water supply shut-off valve.B. Check the flexible supply line (if applicable) for a kink. Remove the kink.C. Clean the valve inlet, valve head, or supply line.

    Flush the lines.

    5. There is excessive noise when the tank is filling.

    A. Partially close the water supply shut-off valve if the waterpressure to the toilet is too high. Check the toilet performance following any such adjustment.

    B. Remove dirt or obstructions from the valve head. Flush the lines.

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