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  • 8/6/2019 One Piece Tanks


    WRAS Approved July 2000These productscomply with therequirements ofthe DHSS and


    GRPWater StorageTanks Standard Insulated-

    Quality Systems Certificate No: 135Assessed to IS0 9002

    Association of Tankand Cistern Manufacturers

  • 8/6/2019 One Piece Tanks


    GRPWater StorageTanks

    Standard Insulated- -The Best Range-The Best Options- Backed by over

    30 years experience.


    Dewey Waters tanks are moulded inONE PIECE using top quality G.R.P.All but the smallest sizes have an integralsteel reinforcement encapsulated within thelaminate, thus preventing corrosion.Deflection of these tanks is less than 1% ofthe side wall length. The tanks have asmooth, pale grey interior and darkturquoise blue textured exterior-nonstandard colours are available at extra cost.


    Tanks and lids can be integrallyinsulated with 25mm, 50mm or75mm foam (giving values of0.85, 0.40 and 0.27w/m

    2/C as

    required). The foam is over-laminated with GRP which

    both protects and preventsfuture removal of theinsulation.


    The tanks are designed to besupported over the whole ofthe base. An optionalreinforced base is availablewhich allows installation onsupports of not less than 75mmwide at 600mm centres.Any other form of supportshould be specifically drawn toour attention and a specialquotation obtained.

    If a drain connection in the bottom of the tank is needed,where a reinforced base isselected, we must be advisedso that provision for it can bemade.


    As many specifiers prefer us tosupply connections to the tank,a full range of fittings isavailable.See our Data Sheet-YourOptions for Tank Connectionsfor information on tankconnections, sockets, spigotsfull faced flanges etc.Where we are not asked tosupply fittings, standard fittingscan be used.

    Standard un-insulated tankscan have holes cut withordinary drills or plumbershole saws, however, where thelocation of fittings is critical asketch should be attached tothe order allowing us to checkthat the steel reinforcementdoes not conflict.

    With all pre-insulatedFORMAT 30 Tanks. standardconnection points will besupplied unless we get specificdetails before manufacture(see page 4). An additionalcharge will be made for extrasand variations.

    It is vitally important that weare informed of any non-standard connection points, asfitters cannot cut through theinsulation and GRP laminate



    Our tanks are designed for thestorage of water up to 55C butwill stand occasional highertemperatures. They aretherefore suitable for Feed andExpansion tanks. However, ifhigher heat resistance is

    required we can quote forcontinuous operation at up to100C.

    Standard tanks are suitable formany mild and someaggressive chemicals, but wewill only accept responsibilityif we quote against specificdetail.

    Enquiries should state:

    Exact chemical makeupincluding trace elements,water treatment and dosing

    additives. Maximum concentration.

    Operating and maximumtemperatures.

    We can then quote for themanufacture using specialresins appropriate to yourneeds.

    without exposing the foam core.

    Under Water Regulations/Byelaws,insulation materials which permitabsorption of water, breeding of

    bacteria etc, and entry of insectsand vermin are no longer permitted - with the DeweyWaters Insulation Systemyou are safe.

  • 8/6/2019 One Piece Tanks



    A choice of lids is available:-1. FORMAT 30 lids -

    insulated and withaccessories (see pages 4& 5).

    2. Sealed and bolted HEAVYDUTY lids.

    3. Bonded-On HEAVY

    DUTY lids (as these lidscannot be removed, amanway is included asstandard - tank sizes C3and above).

    Except where sealed and bolted and bonded-onHeavy Duty Lids are called for,all tanks of over 1000 litreshave covers in sections - sothat one part can be removedfor access without uncoveringthe whole tank (as called for inthe Water Regulations/Byelaws)

    Optional Extras1. INSPECTION HATCH in

    any tank over 200 litres.(These are not needed tocomply with Water Regulations/Byelaws butmay be advisable forquicker or additionalaccess).

    2. STANDARD MANWAYS intanks of over 1000 litres.


    [On some tanks the lid detailwill be varied to accommodatethe latter items.)

    Standard Manway.(710mm x 710mm aperture)

    Optional Inspection Hatch.

    (350mm x 350mm aperture)

    Raised Ball Valve Chamber.(These con incorporate a WRAS approved

    Special overlapping seal detail of

    Type A Air Gap designed and calculated

    multipart lids.

    in strict accordance with BS 6281).


  • 8/6/2019 One Piece Tanks


    Your easy wayto comply with

    WaterRegulations/ByelawsAll Dewey Waters one piece GRP tanks arenow available in FORMAT 30 - i.e. completewith all details to enable you to readilycomply with Water Regulations/Byelaws.

    One of the major importances of current watersupply regulations is that all water, hot or cold, in anypremises that may be used for human consumption

    has to be potable quality. The word domestic nowhas a much wider meaning. Details of constructionand materials used have always been importantnow proper insulation, lid design, the screeningvents, breathers, overflows and warning pipes(telltales) are now subject to rigorous rules. Thedifficulty of getting together all the elements of the

    tank and its peripherals can be time consuming andexpensive and not all users yet understand theproblems involved.

    Dewey Waters have therefore put togethera package to make it easier for you.






    5 .

    6 .



    Integral encapsulated INSULATION in bothtank and lid (at .8w/m

    2C standard - higher

    values available for exposed sites).Approved and listed by WRAS.

    Close fitting mechanically fixed rigid COVERwith built in screened breather (.65mm mesh)the cover is opaque, edge sealed and has aturned down edge of double skin GRP inWRAS approved material.

    Two part cover giving access on all tanksover 1000 litres nom.

    An additional inspection hatch is availableif required (not mandatory).

    Close laminated prepared [but not drilled)CONNECTION POINTS as per diagram,allowing penetration of the tank withoutexposing the insulation core materials (ascalled for in draft British Standard).

    Vent point ready to drill in cover.

    22mm micro screened overflow/telltalewhere this size is adequate(i.e. up to 1000 litres) or as a

    telltale or warning pipe where this isneeded in addition to a larger overflow.

    INTERSECT Micro Screened OverflowProtector - available in various sizes[see page 5) which must relate to your choiceof inlet size. Up to 1000 litres, telltale only.Over 1000 litres screened, overflow andtelltale.


    Float ValveB - up to 3 Flanged Connector*

    - up to 3 Flanged Connector*E Separate Telltale/Warning Pipe - 22mm fitting (only over

    1000 litres) Note: The size of Connection Points will permit the inlet to be fitted

    2 inlets.

    *up to 2 on tanks E1 and smaller.


    Mains Cold Water Service


    C&D Cold Water Down Supply

    above the overflow to conform to TYPE B airgaps on up to

    - up to 2 Tank Connector/

  • 8/6/2019 One Piece Tanks


    Keep Insects and Vermin Out -

    Comply with the Byelaws -

    Fit theNew Patented...




    A . Full faced flanges, (bolts and gaskets not supplied).

    B . Any debris is automatically washedinto corners and does not blockscreen. (Which is why it works

    This simple but effective idea is better fitted vertically.)patented and the patent will be C. Angle increases area of mesh by 2.5defended vigourously. times so that total area of minuteINTERSECT is a reg. trademark. holes exceeds pipe crass section.

    0.65mm mesh. WRAS Approved Materials. Required by Water Regulations/Byelaws for tanks of

    over 1000 litres.

    Incorporate in your overflow pipework to provide protectionagainst insects and vermin-as Byelaws require.

    Fit vertically where possible and not immediately adjacent totank overflow connection.Special mesh design means full free area equal to pipe crosssection and is practically unblockable.Easily unbolted for cleaning.Full faced flanges table E (See Note).Sizes.20mm 0.75 36mm 1.50 76mm 3

    25mm 1 51mm 2 102mm 4

    32mm 1.25 64mm 2.5 152mm 6

    Larger sizes to order. Carriage free if ordered with tanks.

    0.75 to 2 can be supplied withBSP female threads as opposed to flanges.Note: We do not supply hacking flanges because the INTERSECT unit is

    designed to fit into non-pressurised single overflow systems and normal

    bolts with washers (not supplied) are quite sufficient.

    .65 Micro-Mesh Screened Breather

    22mm "telltale"/warning pipe assembly

    - can be used as overflow on tanksunder 1000 litres. .65 Micro-Mesh.


  • 8/6/2019 One Piece Tanks




    Choose here from the best and mostcomprehensive range of One Piece GRPstorage tanks.Options to suit your every need.


    Uninsulated tanks - steel reinforced.


    Tanks and lids - U value options:-25mm - 0.85w/m2/C50mm - 0.40w/m


    75mm - 0.27w/m2/C

    Your certain way of meeting theWater Regulations/Byelaws. (See page 4)

    Suggested Specification

    A1. 4500 Litre tank to FORMAT 30 as

    manufactured by Dewey Waters Limited.Wrington, Bristol BS40 5QS.

    SPECIALSIf you cannot find the tank you need or have arestricted space for your tank-we will make youa SPECIAL, custom built to your design.


    Discuss your requirements with our TechnicalSales Office.


    For larger tanks see our Sectional Tank leaflet.

    01934 862601

    Fax: 01934 862604

    E Mail: [email protected]


    *Contact Sales Office for details.


  • 8/6/2019 One Piece Tanks


  • 8/6/2019 One Piece Tanks