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Michelle Johnson, Associate Professor of the Practice, Journalism, Boston University, offers some takeaways from the Online News Association 2012 conference that may be of interest to journalism educators.


  • 1. Tools, Trends & StuffThat Caught Michelle Johnsons Eye at #ONA12 Suitable for Classroom (and other) Use!

2. What is This?As one of the co-chairs of the ONA Student Newsroomand a volunteer on lots of other convention studentprojects, I learn as much as I teach.This is:1) A look at some of the tools we used to producenewsroom.journalists.org that Ill be taking back tomy multimedia journalism classes at BostonUniversity.2) Trends and issues worthy of discussing in class. Me. In a convention student project newsroom.Enjoy! Working. As usual. Official: Michelle Johnson is Assoc. Prof. of the Practice, Journalism, Boston University. 3. Student Newsroom Puts ONA On the Map ONA12 Attendee map produced with GoogleFusion Tables. Started life as a csv. Nice way tovisualize the more than 1,400 registrants. 4. Student Newsroom: InfographicsNeed an infographic but youre not a designer?No problem. With these web-based tools you, too,can do this. In minutes. ONA12 by the Numbers Is Diversity ONAs Destiny?Pre-designed, customizable templates. Embed code.Here: easel.ly and infogr.am 5. Newsroom: Interactive Graphics Session Map Anatomy of New Journalist Produced with: http://www.thinglink.com/ Student drew this image, too. Showoff! 6. Student NewsroomVideo/Coding Mashup Interactive:Eliminate Your Fearof CodeTwo clever studentscollaborated on thisclever little interactive. 7. ONA Conference Curated ONA12 As Seen on InstaGram Whats Trending at ONA 8. Misc. Other Stuff The newsroom co-chairs used GroupMe to stay in touch. Our ownbackchannel. I felt so special. Chartbeat delivered metrics for the student and official ONA conventionsites. Meograph, but we didnt get to use it. Tool for creating multimedia stories. 12 Stopped by their table at the ONA Midway. Hasnt launched yet. Sharedreading app, strictly for iPad. And yes, you create a group of just 12 peopleyou trust to curate your reading experience. Tout Atctually saw this at another conference over the summer. Post videostatus updates. Jour Edu use: live blogging? Burst.it Saw this in the Globe this morning. Another private sharing app.Create a Bubble to view everyones stuff coming in from one event. Oncethey add a way to easily make this public Ill use it for a class project. 9. Wait! One More Misc.NewsArt* High quality editorialart. Tell your students they get itfor free!From their web site:J-SCHOOL STUDENTSIf your school wants to participateon our NewsArt Journalism SchoolProgram, contact us and well setup a password. After that youmay use your schools UserID andpassword to download art at nocharge for use in your schoolwork, campus newspapers, etc.*Not ONA-Related. I met one of the artistsbriefly at an editorial writers conference inOrlando where I flew from ONA12 to pickup an award. 10. New Tool for JournosSpundge Curation, collaboration tool for journalists Beta launched at ONA. Still trying to figure out how it works.Possible use for group projects? 11. Gannett, Nice use of Tumblr!ONA12 world, according to Gannett employees.This Tumblr is jam-packed with good stuff. 12. Top Tech Trends to Gawk at, Discuss Amy Webb The news was that she shared the secret sauce that they use to forecast The Next Big Thing(s). However, there was an actual Top Ten list, list, too! Click Amys name to see it. 13. Trend: Predictive AssistanceAmy Webb: Google Now "isgoing to make Siri look likesomeones high school scienceproject.Perhaps theyll beat Apple atmapping, too. Oh, wait 14. Trend: VerificationVerify, verify, verify.Example: Shazam-like app checks whosbehind political advertising.Ad comes on, hold phone up to listen, getthe backstory.Superpac App:http://www.superpacapp.org/Claims to offer:Objective, third-party information. Ratings. They show up on a map! Yay! 15. Wearable TechThis purse charges your cell phone.Does it come in red? I just got these red shoes 16. Crystal Ball Gazing: Future of News?Storytelling thru virtual reality 17. ONA Award Winners to Show in ClassInnovative use of data: The Guardian : Gay Rights, State by State (and Beyond), Explanatory Reporting, Large Site Homicide Watch D.C.: Knight Award for Public ServiceComprehensive Project The Reckoning -- America and the World a Decade After 9/11, The NewYork Timeshttp://www.nytimes.com/thereckoningInspiration for your students: DePaul University, The Red Line Project NATO Coverage, The Red Line Project: News and Online Borderzine.com (Mexico / U.S.), Mexodus: Non-English Projects,Small/Medium Site (An ONA Student Newsroom reporter worked on this!)


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