On the occasion of the 80th birthday of Vladimir Peshekhonov

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  • ISSN 20751087, Gyroscopy and Navigation, 2014, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 129130. Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2014.


    Vladimir Peshekhonov is General Director of theState Research Center Concern Central ScientificResearch Institute Elektropribor, JSC, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, and Academician of the RussianAcademy of Sciences. He is the winner of the LeninPrize, the State Prize of the Russian Federation, andthe Russian Federation Government Prize in Scienceand Technology. Peshekhonov has received the Ordersfor Merit to the Fatherland, Ranks III and IV, andmany other honorary awards.

    Peshekhonov is a prominent scientist in the field ofnavigation and motion control systems and an outstanding science manager.

    He is the author of over 300 scientific publications.Vladimir Peshekhonov was born in Leningrad on

    June 14, 1934. In 1958, he graduated with honors from the Radio

    physical Department of Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. He has been with the Central Scientific Research

    Institute (CSRI) Elektropribor since 1958, where hestarted as an engineer and eventually became GeneralDirector.

    At Elektropribor, Peshekhonov initiated pioneerresearches on fundamentally new navigation aids. Hesolved the problem of spatial filtering of weak noncoherent signals against strong background noise withundistinguishable spectrum in the development of aradioastrooptical sextant; he designed a stabilizedantenna post for spacecraft tracking as part of shipboard equipment of space navigation and communication systems; he supervised various projects onstudying prospects for developing gyros on new physical principles.

    In 1973, Peshekhonov was appointed the ChiefDesigner of navigation complexes (integrated navigation systems) developed at Elektropribor. He formulatedthe design principles and supervised the development ofthe navigation complexes of the second and third gener

    On the Occasion of the 80th Birthday of Vladimir PeshekhonovDOI: 10.1134/S2075108714030092

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    ations. Radically new navigation aids were created suchas precision inertial navigation systems, gravimetric systems, and the rhotheta channel of the shipboard satellite navigation system. Integration of these systems intoa navigation complex with optimal (Kalman) data filtering provided unprecedented accuracy of navigation.Peshekhonov supervised the projects at all stages,including the tests of the navigation complex duringthe first winter cruise of the Russian nuclear submarine to the Geographic North Pole in March 1980.

    In 1991, which was a hard time for Russian industry,Peshekhonov became the Director of CSRI Elektropribor. He has preserved the core creative team of the institute, extended the research area, modernized the majorproducts to meet the requirements of the world market,and organized export of the Elektropribor products.Peshekhonovs concept of designing an optimal rangeof marine inertial systems and navigation complexesfor submarines and surface ships of all classes for theRussian Navy, exported and foreign ships has beenrealized.

    Nowadays, Vladimir Peshekhonov, the GeneralDirector of CSRI Elektropribor, supervises researchand development projects in marine navigation,gravimetry, periscope systems, marine radiocommunication, and marine hydroacoustics.

    Consistently following the line of creating horizontally integrated interindustry research and productionstructure around the institute, Peshekhonov launchesprojects that go beyond marine instrument engineering and technology. Among the others, the developedand marketed products include attitude determinationand microacceleration measurement systems for spacevehicles, airborne gravimeters, and MWD systems fordirectional drilling.

    Peshekhonov is engaged in multiple research,managerial, and academic activities: he is a Boardmember of a Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Chairman of the Scientific Coordinationand Expert Council of the Federal Target ProgramDevelopment of Commercial Shipbuilding andMarine Technology, the Chairman of St. Petersburggroup of the National Committee on Automatic Control, the Deputy Chairman of Scientific TechnicalCouncil under St. Petersburg Government, and amember of various governmental and nongovernmental scientific councils and committees.

    Peshekhonov holds the position of Chair for theDepartment of Information and Navigation Systemsof St. Petersburg National Research University ofInformation Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics.He is EditorinChief of the Russian journal Giroskopiya i Navigatsiya and its English version Gyroscopyand Navigation. He is also a member of editorialboards of some other scientific journals. He is theChairman of the Program Committees of two scientific conferences on navigation and motion controlheld by Elektropribor.

    Peshekhonov is the President of the Academy ofNavigation and Motion Control, the InternationalPublic Association, uniting over 400 researchers fromRussia, Ukraine, the USA, Germany, France, SouthKorea, China, India, Turkey, and Belarus.

    Academician Peshekhonov maintains scientificand creative relations with leading Russian and foreignscientists and researchers. Nowadays he is a recognized authority in precision navigation and marineinstrument engineering.